Corrupt Goldfish

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Corrupt Goldfish
Corrupt Goldfish.png
TypeFish Enemy
EnvironmentBlood MoonWater
AI TypeSwimming AI
Damage30 / 60 (54) Desktop VersionConsole Version
Max Life100 / 200 (220) Desktop VersionConsole Version
KB Resist0% / 10% Desktop VersionConsole Version
Immune toConfused.png
Corrupt Goldfish Banner.png
CoinsSilver Coin (only if naturally spawned)
This article is about the enemy. For the Goldfish item, see Goldfish (item). For the critter, see Goldfish.

The Corrupt Goldfish is an enemy that results from a Goldfish that has been corrupted, either by the player using Vile Powder, or by a Blood Moon event. Corrupt Goldfish can also spawn naturally in the waters of the The Corruption. The Corrupt Goldfish is the Corruption counterpart to the Crimtane Goldfish.

Notes[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop 1.2: No longer generates coins when spawned from statues or when a Goldfish becomes corrupted during a Blood Moon.
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