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Crab.png Console, Mobile, 3DS version
Type Enemy
Environment Ocean
AI Type Fighter
Damage 20 / 40 (72) Desktop Version
Max Life 40 / 80 (176) Desktop Version
Defense 10
KB Resist 0% / 10 Desktop Version
Immune to: Confused.png
Crab Banner.png
Coins 60 Copper Coin
Internal NPC ID: 67

Crabs are weak enemies found in Oceans. They walk along the bottom and occasionally jump, making them a little bit harder to hit with a ranged attack. They may also walk on land, and whether or not they're in water has absolutely no effect on their behavior. A player can get them to travel across the entire screen.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Crabs can also be spawned with a Crab Statue. Such crabs will drop no money, but are a good source of the Crab Banner.
    • The Crabs spawned by a Crab Statue can furthermore be used to make a so-called "Crab Engine".
  • Crabs are very light creatures and suffer from considerable knockback. This can make fighting them a bit irritating, as players have to continually run after them.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Can now drop its own respective banner.
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