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Crystal Heart

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Crystal Heart
  • Crystal Heart (placed)

The item(s) described on this page exist as functional game items, but are only naturally generated and cannot be collected.
Not to be confused with Heart or Life Crystal.

Crystal Hearts are background objects that drop one Life Crystal each when broken with a pickaxe, drill, or explosive. They can be found naturally placed in any area in the Underground layer and below, though they are fairly uncommon. Crystal Hearts cannot be found in the The Underworld or the Dungeon. In very rare cases, Crystal Hearts can also be found on the surface.

Life Crystals are used to increase a player's health capacity by 1 red heart, or 20 health. It also heals by the same amount upon use. Health capacity cannot be increased using Life Crystals once the player already has a capacity of 400 health, at which point only Life Fruit can further increase it to 500. Life Crystals can still be used thereafter in crafting Heart Lanterns, or can perhaps be sold for coins.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement Heart Breaker.png
Heart Breaker • "Discover and smash your first heart crystal underground."
Find and break a Crystal Heart. Desktop, Console, and Mobile Versions

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History[edit | edit source]