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Death by falling.
It's a good day to die!

The Demolitionist

Death is what happens when a player's health reaches zero. A Death Message is displayed dependent on how the player died. For example, "<PlayerName> tried to swim in lava" is one that is displayed if the player died from lava damage.

When a player dies, a Tombstone is dropped at the location of their death. When it finds a suitable space, it will become a 2x2 tile. It stores text, much in the way the sign functions, with the player's Death Message. Being affected by physics, a Tombstone will fall after the player's death if they were moving at the time. If there is no flat 2-block space for a Tombstone, it will get stuck before it despawns.

Desktop VersionConsole Version If the player holds more than 10 Gold Coin when they die, the spawned tombstone will be golden. Golden Tombstone.png Golden Headstone.png Golden Gravestone.png Golden Grave Marker.png Golden Cross Grave Marker.png

Mobile Version3DS Version If the Worm PetWorm Pet is active at death, it will say "bye bye" and the Strange Looking TombstoneStrange Looking Tombstone will be dropped.

Desktop VersionConsole Version There will be red text saying “You were slain...” upon death. The amount of coins dropped upon death will be shown underneath.

Causes of Death[edit | edit source]

Death may occur from:

Difficulty Differences[edit | edit source]

A Softcore character will drop half of the amount (three-quarters in expert mode, both rounded up) of each type of Coins a player is carrying at the moment of death. To avoid heavy losses upon death, be sure to often stash coins in a Piggy Bank (or in a Chest, or other storage containers).

A Mediumcore Desktop VersionConsole Version character will drop all carried items, including money and ammo. Any additional max health or mana is not lost.

Hardcore Desktop VersionConsole Version characters will drop all of their items upon death. The character is deleted upon death and the player turns into a ghost, unable to interact with the environment, but still able to observe, move about, and chat with other players.

Death Messages[edit | edit source]

Default Death Messages[edit | edit source]

  • "<PlayerName> was slain."
  • "<PlayerName> was eviscerated."
  • "<PlayerName> was murdered."
  • "<PlayerName>'s face was torn off."
  • "<PlayerName>'s entrails were ripped out."
  • "<PlayerName> was destroyed."
  • "<PlayerName>'s skull was crushed."
  • "<PlayerName> got massacred."
  • "<PlayerName> got impaled."
  • "<PlayerName> lost his/her head." (Console version)
  • "<PlayerName> was torn in half."
  • "<PlayerName> was decapitated."
  • "<PlayerName> let their arms get torn off."
  • "<PlayerName> watched their innards become outards."
  • "<PlayerName> was brutally dissected."
  • "<PlayerName>'s extremities were detached."
  • "<PlayerName>'s body was mangled."
  • "<PlayerName>'s vital organs were ruptured."
  • "<PlayerName> was turned into a pile of flesh."
  • "<PlayerName> was removed from <World name>."
  • "<PlayerName> got snapped in half."
  • "<PlayerName> was cut down the middle."
  • "<PlayerName> was chopped up."
  • "<PlayerName>'s plead for death was answered."
  • "<PlayerName>'s meat was ripped off the bone."
  • "<PlayerName>'s flailing about was finally stopped."
  • "<PlayerName> had their head removed."

PvP Death Messages[edit | edit source]

PvP death messages will use the 'default' death messages, but will additionally state the name of the player's killer along with the weapon or projectile with which the killing blow was landed. For example: "<PlayerName1>'s face was torn off by <PlayerName2>'s Ball O' Hurt."

Enemy Death Messages[edit | edit source]

Enemy death messages work like PvP death messages. For example: "<PlayerName> was removed from <WorldName> by Hellbat." or "<PlayerName>'s entrails were ripped out by Phantasmal Deathray."

Falling Death Messages[edit | edit source]

  • "<PlayerName> fell to their death."
  • "<PlayerName> didn't bounce."
  • "<PlayerName> fell victim of gravity." (Console version)
  • "<PlayerName> faceplanted the ground." (Console version)
  • "<PlayerName> left a small crater." (Console version)

Drowning Death Messages[edit | edit source]

  • "<PlayerName> forgot to breathe."
  • "<PlayerName> is sleeping with the fish."
  • "<PlayerName> drowned."
  • "<PlayerName> is shark food."

Lava Death Messages[edit | edit source]

  • "<PlayerName> got melted."
  • "<PlayerName> was incinerated."
  • "<PlayerName> tried to swim in lava."
  • "<PlayerName> likes to play in magma."

Debuff Death Messages[edit | edit source]

  • (When killed by On Fire!, Burning, Cursed Inferno, or Frostburn debuffs)
    • "<PlayerName> couldn't put the fire out."
  • (When killed by Poisoned, or Venom debuffs)
    • "<PlayerName> couldn't find the antidote."
  • (When killed by Suffocation debuff)
    • "<PlayerName> couldn't breathe."
  • (When killed by Electrified debuff)
    • "<PlayerName> couldn't handle the volts."
    • "<PlayerName> couldn't contain the watts."
  • (When killed by fall damage while Stoned)
    • "<PlayerName> shattered into pieces"
    • "<PlayerName> cant be put back together again." [sic]
    • "<PlayerName> needs to be swept up."
    • "<PlayerName> just became another dirt pile."
  • (Dying from using the Rod of Discord with Chaos State debuff)
    • "<PlayerName>'s legs appeared where his/her head should be."
    • "<PlayerName> didn't materialize."

Other Death Messages[edit | edit source]

  • (When the Wall of Flesh reaches the far boundary of the world and the player is in front)
    • "<PlayerName> was licked."
  • (When killed by Paladin's Shield)
    • <PlayerName>
  • (When attempting to teleport away from the Wall of Flesh with a Magic Mirror, Recall Potion, Teleportation Potion or Teleporter)
    • "<PlayerName> tried to escape."
  • (When killed by the Wall of Flesh's body, or a Jellyfish's shock attack)
    • "<PlayerName> was slain..."
  • (When killed by trying to destroy a Demon/Crimson Altar before Hardmode)
    • "<PlayerName> was slain."
  • (When killed by Companion Cube's stab)
    • "<PlayerName> was stabbed."

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If a player is killed by a ranged attack, it won't say the name of the entity that launched the projectile, but instead say the name of the projectile. For example: "<PlayerName> was slain by death laser."
  • There is a delay between death and respawn, which increases in duration in Expert mode boss fights (30 seconds).
  • PvP deaths will cause the player to respawn in full health. This also applies to self-inflicted deaths with items such as explosives.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The tombstone mechanic can be very useful for locating items/coins dropped after death, since the tombstone will usually fall within the vicinity of where the player died.
  • Using the tombstones as replacements for signs can be useful early in the game.
  • During multiplayer boss fights, the last surviving player should play defensively until the other players can return to the fight after respawning. The boss may despawn if all players are too far away from the fight.
  • Desktop VersionConsole Version On the Map, a Map Death.png will display where the player died most recently, allowing the player to quickly find the location again.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mobile Version3DS Version When a player dies with a Worm Pet buff on, it will say, "Bye bye!", and will drop a different type of tombstone. Strange Looking Tombstone.png
  • The text that appears after death saying "You were slain..." does not appear in the Old-gen console version Old-gen console version, Mobile version Mobile version, and 3DS version 3DS version of the game.
  • On the Console version Console version, the "You were slain..." message will have a faded & translucent version of itself behind the opaque text that flickers around in an eerie twitching motion.
  • On the Console version Console version, before an unspecified patch, any profanity/sexual wording on the tombstone will simply say "(Censored)".
  • Several death messages from 1.3 entities don't explicitly mention the cause.
  • The death message from dying from the Stoned debuff '<PlayerName> can't be put back together again' is a reference to the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty which has a verse: "All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again".
  • The death message displayed when the player is killed by a Paladin's Shield used to be displayed when the player attempted to destroy a Demon or Crimson Altar pre-Hardmode instead.
  • The death message "<Player Name> tried to swim in lava" may be a reference to a death message in "Minecraft" which says the same thing.

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History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop 1.3.5: Fixed petrification death messages being broken for a long while now.
  • Desktop 1.2.4: Fixed a bug where you would die on entering the world from fall damage.
  • Desktop Fixed bug where Hardcore characters couldn't open the menu after death.
  • Desktop 1.2.3: Players have a longer respawn delay after a non-PVP death with a boss alive in multiplayer. Fixed dying by demon altar having no message.