Dryad's Blessing (Buff)

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Dryad's Bane
Dryad's Bane.png
Type Debuff
Buffed by Dryad (Enemies only)
Effects Up to -16 life per second
(Damage increases with each boss defeated), No health regeneration
Duration While inside the Dryad's leaf shield
Tooltip 'The power of nature compels you'
Internal Buff ID: 186
Dryad's Blessing
Dryad's Blessing.png
Type Buff
Buffed by Dryad (Players and NPCs only)
Effects +8 defense, thorns effect, increased regen
Duration While inside the Dryad's leaf shield
Tooltip 'The power of nature protects you'
Internal Buff ID: 165
Desktop Version Desktop-Only Content: This information applies only to the desktop version of Terraria.
The Dryad in the midst of her blessing

Dryad's Blessing is a buff granted through the Dryad's NPC action. Rather than attacking nearby enemies, the Dryad casts a shield of leaves while enemies are near. All players and NPCs will gain the following effects whilst within the range of the Dryad's ability; 8 extra defense, a thorns effect (20% damage reflect and strong knockback) and increased life regeneration (about 3 HP/s). This is accompanied by a visual effect of a trail of green sparkles while moving.

Enemies touching the circle of leaves will instead be afflicted with the Dryad's Bane debuff, taking 2 life per second with no boss down, and up to 16 life per second on expert mode after every boss is defeated.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The life draining effect will increase if you defeat more bosses in the world, each pre-hardmode boss (except King Slime) will increase its damage by 10%, the Wall of Flesh will increase it by 40% and each Hardmode boss (except the Moon Lord and event bosses) will increase it by 15%. In addition, its damage will also be increased by 50% if in expert mode (as well as the damage caused by the buff being multiplied with the damage increase from newly defeated bosses instead of added). So, if you have all bosses defeated, the damage will be increase to about 10 HP/s (or 16 HP/s in expert mode).

History[edit | edit source]

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