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Ecto Mist

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Desktop version Desktop-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop version of Terraria.
Not to be confused with Ectoplasm.
Ecto Mist in a graveyard.

Ecto Mist is a visual effect produced by the Graveyard mini-biome. It is translucent and floats along the ground. The mist will appear on top of solid blocks in an unknown radius. Occasional wisps will appear in the air. As more gravestones are placed, the mist gets thicker and the background gets darker.

Ecto Mist can, in conjunction with a crafting station, be utilized to craft certain unique items; most notably blocks and walls that are generated naturally and do not drop as items when destroyed. The player does not need to be in direct contact with the mist for that; being in a Graveyard is sufficient.

Ecto Mist cannot be used to craft the following naturally-generated objects:

It is also worth noting that walls crafted via Ecto Mist are different from their natural counterparts in ID; notably the Spider Wall will not spawn cobweb blocks nor allow for the creation of artificial Spider Cave biomes. It is also not possible to create an artificial Underground Desert biome using crafted sandstone walls, as these too have a separate ID.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used to craft[edit | edit source]

  • Work BenchWork Bench and Ecto MistDesktop version
    Amber Stone BlockAmber Stone Block (Desktop version)
    Amber Stone WallAmber Stone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Amethyst Stone BlockAmethyst Stone Block (Desktop version)
    Amethyst Stone WallAmethyst Stone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Blue MossBlue Moss (Desktop version)
    Blue Mossy WallBlue Mossy Wall (4)
    Brown MossBrown Moss (Desktop version)
    Brown Mossy WallBrown Mossy Wall (4)
    Cave Dirt WallCave Dirt Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Cinder WallCinder Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    CobwebCobweb (Desktop version)
    Corrupt Growth WallCorrupt Growth Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Corrupt Mass WallCorrupt Mass Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Corrupt Pustule WallCorrupt Pustule Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Corrupt Tendril WallCorrupt Tendril Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Cracked Dirt WallCracked Dirt Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Craggy Stone WallCraggy Stone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Crimsandstone BlockCrimsandstone Block (Desktop version)
    Crimsandstone WallCrimsandstone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Crimson Blister WallCrimson Blister Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Crimson Crust WallCrimson Crust Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Crimson Scab WallCrimson Scab Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Crimson Teeth WallCrimson Teeth Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Crimstone BlockCrimstone Block (Desktop version)
    Crimstone WallCrimstone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Crumbling Dirt WallCrumbling Dirt Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Desert FossilDesert Fossil (Desktop version)
    Desert Fossil WallDesert Fossil Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Diamond Stone BlockDiamond Stone Block (Desktop version)
    Diamond Stone WallDiamond Stone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Dirt BlockDirt Block (Desktop version)
    Ebonsandstone BlockEbonsandstone Block (Desktop version)
    Ebonsandstone WallEbonsandstone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Ebonstone BlockEbonstone Block (Desktop version)
    Ebonstone WallEbonstone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Ember WallEmber Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Emerald Stone BlockEmerald Stone Block (Desktop version)
    Emerald Stone WallEmerald Stone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Fractured Stone WallFractured Stone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Grass SeedsGrass Seeds (Desktop version)
    Green MossGreen Moss (Desktop version)
    Green Mossy WallGreen Mossy Wall (4)
    Hallowed Cavern WallHallowed Cavern Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Hallowed Crystalline WallHallowed Crystalline Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Hallowed Prism WallHallowed Prism Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Hallowed Shard WallHallowed Shard Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Hardened Crimsand BlockHardened Crimsand Block (Desktop version)
    Hardened Crimsand WallHardened Crimsand Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Hardened Ebonsand BlockHardened Ebonsand Block (Desktop version)
    Hardened Ebonsand WallHardened Ebonsand Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Hardened Pearlsand BlockHardened Pearlsand Block (Desktop version)
    Hardened Pearlsand WallHardened Pearlsand Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Hardened Sand BlockHardened Sand Block (Desktop version)
    Hardened Sand WallHardened Sand Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    HellstoneHellstone (Desktop version)
    Ice BlockIce Block (Desktop version)
    Ice WallIce Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Ivy Stone WallIvy Stone WallDesktop version (4)
    Jungle Grass SeedsJungle Grass Seeds (Desktop version)
    Jungle Vine WallJungle Vine Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Layered Dirt WallLayered Dirt Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Leafy Jungle WallLeafy Jungle Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Lichen Stone WallLichen Stone WallDesktop version (4)
    Magma WallMagma Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Mottled Stone WallMottled Stone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Mud BlockMud Block (Desktop version)
    Mud WallMud Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    ObsidianObsidian (Desktop version)
    Obsidian WallObsidian Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Old Stone WallOld Stone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Pearlsandstone BlockPearlsandstone Block (Desktop version)
    Pearlsandstone WallPearlsandstone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Pearlstone BlockPearlstone Block (Desktop version)
    Pearlstone WallPearlstone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Purple MossPurple Moss (Desktop version)
    Purple Mossy WallPurple Mossy Wall (4)
    Red MossRed Moss (Desktop version)
    Red Mossy WallRed Mossy Wall (4)
    Rocky Dirt WallRocky Dirt Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Rough Dirt WallRough Dirt Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Ruby Stone BlockRuby Stone Block (Desktop version)
    Ruby Stone WallRuby Stone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Sandstone BlockSandstone Block (Desktop version)
    Sandstone WallSandstone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Sapphire Stone BlockSapphire Stone Block (Desktop version)
    Sapphire Stone WallSapphire Stone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Smouldering Stone WallSmouldering Stone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Snow BlockSnow Block (Desktop version)
    Snow WallSnow Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Spider WallSpider Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Stalactite Stone WallStalactite Stone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Stone BlockStone Block (Desktop version)
    Tattered Wood SignTattered Wood SignDesktop version
    Topaz Stone BlockTopaz Stone Block (Desktop version)
    Topaz Stone WallTopaz Stone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Wavy Dirt WallWavy Dirt Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    Worn Stone WallWorn Stone Wall (4) (Desktop version)
    total: 125 row(s)
  • Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • Ecto-mist is the name given to light, swirling gray mist that marks the presence of paranormal activity. This is a visual effect often used in horror movies to give the atmosphere a more ominous feel.

    History[edit | edit source]