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This page lists enemy names along with their graphics for easy identification. To compare statistics like damage, defense, health, etc, see the sortable enemy list.

Enemies are characters that attempt to inflict damage on players. This page lists all enemies that can be encountered in Terraria.

Enemies do not take fall damage. See NPC spawning and NPC despawning for details on how the game determines where and when enemies spawn.

There are a total of 348 enemies: 81 pre-Hardmode, 92 Hardmode, 112 Event, 18 Bosses, 14 Event Bosses, 14 Boss's servants, 14 Old-gen console version Old-gen console, Mobile version Mobile, and 3DS version3DS-exclusive, 93 Desktop version Desktop-exclusive, and 4 Unspawnable.

Pre-Hardmode Enemies[edit | edit source]

Angry BonesAngry Bones Anomura FungusAnomura Fungus AntlionAntlion
Antlion ChargerAntlion ChargerDesktop VersionConsole Version Antlion SwarmerAntlion SwarmerDesktop VersionConsole Version Baby SlimeBaby Slime
BeeBee Black SlimeBlack Slime Blazing WheelBlazing Wheel
Blood CrawlerBlood Crawler Blue JellyfishBlue Jellyfish Blue SlimeBlue Slime
Bone SerpentBone Serpent Cave BatCave Bat Cochineal BeetleCochineal Beetle
CrabCrab CrawdadCrawdadDesktop VersionConsole Version CrimeraCrimera
Cursed SkullCursed Skull Cyan BeetleCyan Beetle Dark CasterDark Caster
DemonDemon Demon EyeDemon Eye DevourerDevourer
Doctor BonesDoctor Bones Dungeon GuardianDungeon Guardian Dungeon SlimeDungeon Slime
Eater of SoulsEater of Souls Face MonsterFace Monster Fire ImpFire Imp
Fungi BulbFungi Bulb Giant ShellyGiant ShellyDesktop VersionConsole Version Giant WormGiant Worm
Goblin ScoutGoblin Scout Granite ElementalGranite ElementalDesktop VersionConsole Version Granite GolemGranite GolemDesktop VersionConsole Version
Green SlimeGreen Slime HarpyHarpy HellbatHellbat
HopliteHopliteDesktop VersionConsole Version HornetHornet Ice BatIce Bat
Ice SlimeIce Slime Jungle BatJungle Bat Jungle SlimeJungle Slime
Lac BeetleLac Beetle Lava SlimeLava Slime Man EaterMan Eater
Meteor HeadMeteor Head Mother SlimeMother Slime Mushi LadybugMushi Ladybug
Mushroom ZombieMushroom Zombie NymphNymph PinkyPinky
Pink JellyfishPink Jellyfish PiranhaPiranha Purple SlimePurple Slime
RavenRaven Red SlimeRed Slime SalamanderSalamanderDesktop VersionConsole Version
Sand SlimeSand SlimeDesktop VersionConsole Version Sea SnailSea Snail SharkShark
SkeletonSkeleton SnatcherSnatcher Snow FlinxSnow Flinx
Spike BallSpike Ball Spiked Ice SlimeSpiked Ice Slime Spiked Jungle SlimeSpiked Jungle Slime
Spore ZombieSpore Zombie SquidSquid TimTim
Tomb CrawlerTomb CrawlerDesktop VersionConsole Version Undead MinerUndead Miner Undead VikingUndead Viking
Voodoo DemonVoodoo Demon VultureVulture Wall CreeperWall Creeper
Yellow SlimeYellow Slime ZombieZombie Zombie EskimoZombie Eskimo

Hardmode Enemies[edit | edit source]

Angler FishAngler Fish Angry TrapperAngry Trapper ArapaimaArapaima
Armored SkeletonArmored Skeleton Armored VikingArmored Viking BasiliskBasiliskDesktop VersionConsole Version
Black RecluseBlack Recluse Blood FeederBlood Feeder Blood JellyBlood Jelly
Blue Cultist ArcherBlue Cultist ArcherDesktop VersionConsole Version Blue Armored BonesBlue Armored Bones Bone LeeBone Lee
Chaos ElementalChaos Elemental ClingerClinger Corrupt MimicCorrupt MimicDesktop VersionConsole Version
Corrupt SlimeCorrupt Slime CorruptorCorruptor CrimslimeCrimslime
Crimson AxeCrimson Axe Crimson MimicCrimson MimicDesktop VersionConsole Version Cursed HammerCursed Hammer
Dark MummyDark Mummy DerplingDerpling Desert SpiritDesert SpiritDesktop VersionConsole Version
DiabolistDiabolist DiggerDigger Dreamer GhoulDreamer GhoulDesktop VersionConsole Version
Dune SplicerDune SplicerDesktop VersionConsole Version Dungeon SpiritDungeon Spirit Enchanted SwordEnchanted Sword
Floaty GrossFloaty Gross Flying SnakeFlying Snake Fungo FishFungo Fish
GastropodGastropod GhostGhost GhoulGhoulDesktop VersionConsole Version
Giant BatGiant Bat Giant Cursed SkullGiant Cursed Skull Giant Flying FoxGiant Flying Fox
Giant Fungi BulbGiant Fungi Bulb Giant TortoiseGiant Tortoise Green JellyfishGreen Jellyfish
Hallowed MimicHallowed MimicDesktop VersionConsole Version Hell Armored BonesHell Armored Bones HerplingHerpling
Hoppin' JackHoppin' Jack Ice ElementalIce Elemental Ice MimicIce Mimic
Ice TortoiseIce Tortoise Ichor StickerIchor Sticker Icy MermanIcy Merman
Illuminant BatIlluminant Bat Illuminant SlimeIlluminant Slime Jungle CreeperJungle Creeper
LamiaLamiaDesktop VersionConsole Version Lava BatLava Bat Light MummyLight Mummy
LihzahrdLihzahrd Lunatic DevoteLunatic DevoteDesktop VersionConsole Version Martian ProbeMartian ProbeDesktop VersionConsole Version
MedusaMedusaDesktop VersionConsole Version MimicMimic Moss HornetMoss Hornet
MothMoth MummyMummy NecromancerNecromancer
PaladinPaladin PigronPigron PixiePixie
Possessed ArmorPossessed Armor Ragged CasterRagged Caster Red DevilRed Devil
Rune WizardRune Wizard Rusty Armored BonesRusty Armored Bones Sand PoacherSand PoacherDesktop VersionConsole Version
Skeleton ArcherSkeleton Archer Skeleton CommandoSkeleton Commando Skeleton SniperSkeleton Sniper
SlimelingSlimeling SlimerSlimer Tactical SkeletonTactical Skeleton
Tainted GhoulTainted GhoulDesktop VersionConsole Version Tortured SoulTortured SoulDesktop VersionConsole Version Toxic SludgeToxic Sludge
UnicornUnicorn Vile GhoulVile GhoulDesktop VersionConsole Version Wandering EyeWandering Eye
WerewolfWerewolf WolfWolf World FeederWorld Feeder
WraithWraith WyvernWyvern

Event Enemies[edit | edit source]

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Brain of CthulhuBrain of Cthulhu Duke FishronDuke Fishron Eater of WorldsEater of Worlds
Eye of CthulhuEye of Cthulhu GolemGolem King SlimeKing Slime
LepusLepusMobile Version3DS version Lunatic CultistLunatic CultistDesktop VersionConsole Version Moon LordMoon LordDesktop VersionConsole Version
OcramOcramOld-gen console versionMobile Version3DS version PlanteraPlantera Queen BeeQueen Bee
Skeletron Hand (NPC).png Skeletron Head.png Skeletron Hand (NPC).png Skeletron Prime Cannon.png Prime Saw.png Skeletron Prime.png Prime Vice.png Prime Laser.png Skeletron Prime The DestroyerThe Destroyer
Retinazer.png Spazmatism.png The Twins Turkor the UngratefulTurkor the UngratefulMobile Version3DS version Wall of FleshWall of Flesh

Event Bosses[edit | edit source]

Old One's ArmyDesktop Version
Dark MageDark Mage OgreOgre BetsyBetsy
Pirate Invasion Desktop Version
Flying DutchmanFlying Dutchman
Pumpkin Moon
Mourning WoodMourning Wood PumpkingPumpking
Frost Moon
EverscreamEverscream Ice QueenIce Queen Santa-NK1Santa-NK1
Martian Madness Desktop Version
Martian SaucerMartian Saucer
Lunar Event Desktop Version
Nebula PillarNebula Pillar Solar PillarSolar Pillar Stardust PillarStardust Pillar
Vortex PillarVortex Pillar

Bosses' Servants[edit | edit source]

Ancient DoomAncient DoomDesktop VersionConsole Version Ancient VisionAncient VisionDesktop VersionConsole Version CreeperCreeper
Diseaster BunnyDiseaster BunnyMobile Version3DS version LeechLeech Phantasm DragonPhantasm DragonDesktop VersionConsole Version
Plantera's TentaclePlantera's Tentacle ProbeProbe Servant of CthulhuServant of Cthulhu
Servant of OcramServant of OcramOld-gen console versionMobile Version3DS version Spiked SlimeSpiked SlimeDesktop VersionConsole Version SharkronSharkron
The HungryThe Hungry True Eye of CthulhuTrue Eye of CthulhuDesktop VersionConsole Version

Console Console version, Mobile Mobile Version, and 3DS 3DS version exclusive Enemies[edit | edit source]

Albino AntlionAlbino Antlion Arch DemonArch Demon Arch WyvernArch Wyvern
Dragon HornetDragon Hornet Dragon SnatcherDragon Snatcher Dragon SkullDragon Skull
OrcaOrca Shadow HammerShadow Hammer Shadow MummyShadow Mummy
Shadow SlimeShadow Slime Spectral ElementalSpectral Elemental Spectral GastropodSpectral Gastropod
Spectral MummySpectral Mummy Vampire MinerVampire Miner

Unspawnable[edit | edit source]

White Cultist Archer.png
White Cultist Archer.png
The character(s) described in this section will not spawn without hacks.
White Cultist ArcherWhite Cultist ArcherDesktop VersionConsole Version Chattering Teeth BombChattering Teeth BombDesktop VersionConsole Version Jungle MimicJungle MimicDesktop VersionConsole Version
Mythical WyvernMythical WyvernMobile Version