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Engineering Helmet

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Desktop versionConsole version Desktop/Console-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop and Console versions of Terraria.
Engineering Helmet
  • Engineering Helmet item sprite
  • Engineering Helmet equipped
  • Engineering Helmet equipped (female)
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Body slotSocial Helmet
Rarity0*Rarity level: 0
Research1 required

The Engineering Helmet is a vanity item equipped on the Social Helmet Slot. It is purchased from the Mechanic for 10000*1.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This helmet resembles a real-life hard hat, which is a piece of safety gear worn by workers on a job site to protect themselves from falling objects and frayed wiring. Engineers working on a job site are, in most countries, required to wear a hard hat.
  • The Engineering Helmet is most likely a reference to the Engineer from Valve's Team Fortress 2, due to their extreme visual similarities and usage of similar clothing in the 1.3.1 spoilers.

History[edit | edit source]