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Large mushroom farm.

A Farm is any structure that a player can build, in the sole goal of harvesting (or gardening) materials or enemy drops. Examples include Glowing Mushroom farms, Tree farms, Goldfish farms, Truffle Worm Farms, and many more. Many farms require a medium to great deal of time to harvest materials for advanced players. Farms also can be used to help fight events such as the Pumpkin Moon and the Frost Moon.

See Also[edit | edit source]

  • Statue: Some statues will spawn a mob when a signal is sent to it with wire.
  • Seeds: An indispensable item to start a Farm.
  • Guide:Gardening: A Guide on how to create Farms and Garden materials.
  • Guide:Frost Moon strategies: A Guide to help you defeat the Frost Moon. Also contains a how-to build of an arena.