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Flails are weapons that can be used in a limited ranged manner, but inflict melee damage. A Flail consists of an object linked to the player by a chain, and is automatically reeled back in after being thrown.

The best modifier for all flails is Godly.

Types[edit | edit source]

There are two styles of Flails: thrown and launched.

Thrown[edit | edit source]

Thrown flails have special physics that allow you to swing them around continuously without refiring, efficiently attacking enemies on both sides of the player. To do this, simply throw the flail without letting go of the attack button, and when the ball reaches its maximum distance and is about to return, head in the opposite direction, and the flail will go to the other side, where you repeat this process. You can also hold the left click button and not move to let the ball part of the flail fall to the ground, where it will damage enemies who walk, fly, or burrow into it.

Thrown flail in use.
Thrown flail in use.

When single clicked, thrown flails are heavily influenced by gravity, making them good weapon to attack from above with. However, by holding down the mouse button when throwing, the player can execute a more powerful throw, making the flail fly farther. Thrown flails will ricochet off walls, but pierce through multiple enemies on both its forward and return trips. They work exceptionally well against Worms, as holding the attack button will repeatedly damage anything that comes up from the ground.

Weapon Damage Speed Attributes
Ball O' HurtBall O' Hurt 15 Very Slow n/a
The MeatballThe Meatball 16 Very Slow n/a
Blue MoonBlue Moon 23 Very Slow n/a
SunfurySunfury 35 Desktop VersionConsole VersionMobile Version / 33 Old-gen console version3DS Version Very Slow Inflicts On Fire!
Dao of PowDao of Pow 63 Very Slow Inflicts Confused
Flower PowFlower Pow 65 Very Slow Shoots Flower Petals

Launched[edit | edit source]

Launched flails lack the physics of thrown flails, cannot pierce, and cannot be swung around by holding the attack button. However, they make up for this by firing rapidly and being unaffected by gravity (except for the Anchor). This generally makes it easier to aim launched flails, particularly upwards, and grants them higher damage potential. Rather than smoothly stretching and then swinging back, a launched flail will extend at a fixed speed until it strikes a block or reaches its maximum length, and then retract at a slightly faster fixed speed.

Launched flail in use.
Launched flail in use.

Most launched flails can auto-fire — this makes them extremely effective at short ranges. Enemies that are vulnerable to knockback can be pushed away easily, and enemies that are immune to knockback, like bosses, can be quickly dealt a large amount of damage by the rapidly-firing flail.

Weapon Damage Speed Auto-fire Attributes
Chain KnifeChain Knife 11 Very Fast No n/a
AnchorAnchor 30 Average No Affected by gravity
KO CannonKO Cannon 40 Average Yes n/a
Chain GuillotinesChain GuillotinesDesktop VersionConsole VersionMobile Version 43 Very Fast Yes Throws multiple chains
Golem FistGolem Fist 76 Fast Yes n/a
FlaironFlairon 66 Very Fast Yes Shoots homing bubbles

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Piranha Gun and the Harpoon are similar to launched flails, but inflict ranged damage.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop Added the Solar Eruption and the Chain Guillotines. Damage of Golem Fist increased (from 60 to 76).
  • Desktop 1.2.3: Damage of the Golem Fist increased (from 50 to 60).
  • Desktop 1.2: Added the Chain Knife, The Meatball, the KO Cannon, the Flower Pow and the Golem Fist.