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Flasks are a type of consumable item crafted at the Imbuing Station. Each provides the player with a buff that causes their melee attacks to inflict an additional debuff. Any weapon classified as melee according to its tooltip will benefit, including Swords, Spears, Tools, Boomerangs, Flails, the Scourge of the Corruptor, and the Vampire Knives, among others.

Only one Flask can be used at a time, and activating a second will cancel the first. On the desktop version, flasks will stay active after death, unlike other potions.

Flasks are all crafted at an Imbuing Station, and all flasks will last 20 (Desktop Version) or 15 (Console Version Mobile only.png) minutes

Types[edit | edit source]

Flask Ingredients Imbue Melee Attacks Inflict
Flask of Poison.png Flask of Poison Bottled Water.png Bottled Water
Stinger.png Stinger (1) Desktop Version (5) Console Version Mobile only.png
Weapon Imbue Poison.png Weapon Imbue Poison Poisoned.png Poisoned
Flask of Fire.png Flask of Fire Bottled Water.png Bottled Water
Hellstone.png Hellstone (3) Desktop Version (5) Console Version Mobile only.png
Weapon Imbue Fire.png Weapon Imbue Fire On Fire!.png On Fire!
Flask of Venom.png Flask of Venom Bottled Water.png Bottled Water
Vial of Venom.png Vial of Venom (5)
Weapon Imbue Venom.png Weapon Imbue Venom Venom.png Venom
Flask of Gold.png Flask of Gold Bottled Water.png Bottled Water
Gold Dust.png Gold Dust (5)
Weapon Imbue Gold.png Weapon Imbue Gold Midas.png Midas
Flask of Ichor.png Flask of Ichor Bottled Water.png Bottled Water
Ichor.png Ichor (2) Desktop Version (5) Console Version Mobile only.png
Weapon Imbue Ichor.png Weapon Imbue Ichor Ichor (debuff).png Ichor (debuff)
Flask of Cursed Flames.png
Bottled Water.png Bottled Water
Cursed Flame.png Cursed Flame (2) Desktop Version (5) Console Version Mobile only.png
Weapon Imbue Cursed Flames.png Weapon Imbue
Cursed Flames
Cursed Inferno.png Cursed Inferno
Flask of Nanites.png Flask of Nanites Bottled Water.png Bottled Water
Nanites.png Nanites (5)
Weapon Imbue Nanites.png Weapon Imbue Nanites Confused.png Confused
Flask of Party.png Flask of Party Bottled Water.png Bottled Water
Confetti.png Confetti (5)
Weapon Imbue Confetti.png Weapon Imbue Confetti Confetti.png Confetti explosions
Flask of Poison.png Poison • Flask of Fire.png Fire • Flask of Venom.png Venom • Flask of Gold.png Gold • Flask of Ichor.png Ichor • Flask of Cursed Flames.png Cursed Flames • Flask of Nanites.png Nanites • Flask of Party.png Party
Consumables: Healing Potion.png Potions ( Inferno Potion.png Buff Potions) • Shuriken.png Thrown Weapons

High Velocity Bullet.png Ammunition • Jungle Grass Seeds.png Seeds • Fallen Star.png Materials ( Feather.png Drops • Copper Ore.png Ores • Iron Bar.png Bars) • Silver Coin.png Other