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Frog Leg

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Frog Leg
  • Frog Leg item sprite
  • Frog Leg equipped
Stack digit 1.png
TooltipIncreases jump speed and allows auto-jump
Increases fall resistance
Rarity1*Rarity level: 1
Research1 required

The Frog Leg is an accessory that aids jumping in several ways. It is caught randomly during Fishing. Chance to catch it is 1:500 (0.2%) with 50% Fishing power and 1:250 (0.4%) with 100% Fishing Power. Available in all bodies of water.

Its effects include:

  • Doubles jump height.
  • Enables auto-jump by holding the Jump key. This effect also works with Climbing Claws and other climbing accessories.
  • Increases allowed Falling distance by 15 blocks: Normally the player can fall 25 blocks before they start receiving damage; with the Frog Leg, the player can fall 40 blocks without taking damage.

With Wings:

  • Increases ascent speed by 48%.
  • The player auto-flies when landing while holding the Jump key.

Note: The double jump effect of the Cloud in a Bottle and all similar items are treated as wings by the Frog Leg, increasing by only 48%, not doubling. Frog Leg paired with Shiny Red Balloon raises the jump height up to 32 blocks. Combining all three of these items increases jump height up to a whopping 70 blocks.

The jump boost of the Frog Leg does stack with that of Amphibian Boots but does not stack with other accessories crafted using a Frog Leg such as the Frog Flipper or Frog Gear.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is completely unrelated to the Frog critter or the Sauteed Frog Legs, despite the similarities in name.

History[edit | edit source]