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Frost Moon

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Not to be confused with the Frost Legion, another summoned event.
See also: Guide:Frost Moon strategies

The Frost Moon is a post-Plantera Christmas-themed event summoned with the Naughty Present at night, and ending at dawn (4:30 a.m.). It can be summoned any time of year, and does not require the actual Christmas season. During the event, unique and highly difficult enemies spawn at high rates and attack the player. It is similar to the Pumpkin Moon event, but has more variety and difficulty. Visually, the moon turns into a snowman head, though remaining in its current phase. Unique music also plays.

The entire event consists of 15 waves, plus 5 "bonus waves". Waves progress as you reach certain kill scores (though kill scores are not displayed to the player before wave 20). After a wave's required score is met, the next wave begins, and the kill score is reset to 0. Chat messages will indicate when the wave has advanced, and which wave has been achieved. See the table below (Waves) for the points awarded for each enemy and the score required for each wave.

The Naughty Present that summons the Frost Moon requires materials only available in Hardmode worlds where the player has already defeated Plantera (though it can still be summoned in Pre-Hardmode worlds). As such, it is intended to present a challenge even to players with the best possible equipment. In the final waves, multiple boss-level enemies are fought at once.

Frost Moon enemies drop powerful weapons, as well as pet and vanity items. Most drop with extreme rarity, and even players who manage to complete the event will find they need to do so several times before obtaining them. Drop chances for items dropped by bosses increase as waves are completed. At wave 15 there is a 25% chance each Ice Queen, Santa-NK1 and Everscream killed will drop their respective trophies. This increases to 33% at Wave 17 and 50% at Wave 19.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Waves[edit | edit source]

Points per kill[edit | edit source]

Wave scores & enemies[edit | edit source]

Wave Points Required Enemies
1 0 Zombie Elf, and Gingerbread Man
2 25 Zombie Elf, and Elf Archer
3 40 Zombie Elf, Elf Archer, Gingerbread Man and Nutcracker
4 50 Everscream, Zombie Elf, Elf Archer, and Gingerbread Man
5 80 Everscream, Zombie Elf, Elf Archer, and Nutcracker
6 100 Everscream, Elf Archer, Nutcracker, and Elf Copter
7 160 Santa-NK1, Gingerbread Man, Elf Archer, and Zombie Elf
8 180 Santa-NK1, Elf Copter, Elf Archer, Nutcracker, and Krampus
9 200 Santa-NK1, Everscream, Nutcracker, Elf Copter, and Gingerbread Man
10 250 Santa-NK1, Everscream, Krampus, Zombie Elf, and Elf Copter
11 300 Ice Queen, Flocko, Zombie Elf, and Gingerbread Man
12 375 Ice Queen, Everscream, Gingerbread Man, Yeti, and Zombie Elf
13 450 Ice Queen, Santa-NK1, Elf Copter, Gingerbread Man, and Flocko
14 525 Ice Queen, Santa-NK1, Everscream, Yeti, and Krampus
15 675 Ice Queen, Santa-NK1, Everscream, Yeti, and Elf Copter
16 850 Ice Queen, Santa-NK1, Everscream, Yeti, and Flocko
17 1025 Ice Queen, Santa-NK1, Everscream, Yeti, Krampus, and Elf Copter
18 1325 Ice Queen, Santa-NK1, Everscream, Yeti, Nutcracker and Krampus
19 1550 Ice Queen, Santa-NK1, Everscream, and Yeti
20 2000 Ice Queen, Santa-NK1, and Everscream
  • Total points required to reach Wave 15: 13555, Wave 20: 47130
  • Present Mimics may spawn at any wave, instead of wave-appropriate enemies, if there are currently less than four Present Mimics around.
  • The maximum number of bosses at once depends on the wave. While this number is reached (or possibly exceeded, for example if the player manages to somehow reach Wave 9 without killing two Everscreams from Wave 6), no more of this type of boss will spawn.
Wave EverscreamEverscream Santa-NK1Santa-NK1 Ice QueenIce Queen
4 1 - -
5 1 - -
6 2 - -
7 - 1 -
8 - 1 -
9 1 1 -
10 1 2 -
11 - - 1
12 1 - 1
13 - 1 1
14 1 1 1
15 3 2 1
16 4 2 2
17 5 3 2
18 6 4 3
19 7 5 4
20 Unlimited

Achievement[edit | edit source]

Achievement Ice Scream.png
Ice Scream • "Reach the 15th wave of a frost moon, where the festive season quickly degrades into madness."
Reach the 15th wave of a Frost Moon. Desktop VersionConsole Version

Tips[edit | edit source]

For more elaborate strategies on defeating Frost Moon, including Weapon and Arena recommendations, see Guide:Frost Moon strategies.

  • Water Candles, Battle Potions and Calming Potions have no effect during the invasion, as the same with some other events.
  • If the player is killed during the event, the event is not cancelled. The player will keep re-spawning and can continue fighting its enemies as the event continues until dawn. In single-player games, exiting the world and reloading it will cancel the event.
  • The Frost Moon does not stack with the Blood Moon. Summoning the Frost Moon while a Blood Moon is active will result in a regular Frost Moon.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Spawn rates for areas where Frost Moon enemies cannot spawn are also increased. For example, many Sharks and Crabs will spawn in the Ocean, allowing the player to farm for Pirate Maps.
  • The Frost Moon event will sometimes end after leaving and then reentering the world.
  • The event can be triggered in pre-Hardmode worlds if its summoning item is brought there.
  • The Frost Moon was the hardest event in the game until, after which it was beaten by the Lunar Events.
  • Everscream, Santa-NK1 and Ice Queen can drop their trophies before wave 15 in Expert mode.
  • This is one of the few post-1.2 features available on the 3DS version.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop
    • Made it slightly easier to advance in frostmoon waves.
    • Made several frostmoon monsters shoot slower and do less damage.
  • Desktop 1.2.3:
    • Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon can now be started when using a Snowman pet.
    • All waves in Frost Moon correctly use "Flocko" in the warning.
    • Flocko & Elf Copter now both correctly run away at dawn.
    • Fixed frost moon wave display text (Elf Zombie to Zombie Elf).