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Fruits are a subcategory of food introduced in 1.4. Except as noted below, all fruits and their crafts give the Well Fed buff for various durations, but fruits from The Hallow gives you a Plenty Satisfied buff.

AppleApple ApricotApricot GrapefruitGrapefruit
LemonLemon PeachPeach CherryCherry
PlumPlum MangoMango PineapplePineapple
BananaBanana CoconutCoconut BlackcurrantBlackcurrant
ElderberryElderberry Blood OrangeBlood Orange RambutanRambutan
Dragon FruitDragon Fruit Star FruitStar Fruit

All fruits drop from trees in various Biomes. All upgrades are at the Cooking Pot, and most require a BottleBottle.

  • A few fruits (AppleApple, LemonLemon, PeachPeach) can be juiced individually (Apple JuiceLemonadePeach Sangria), doubling their duration to 10 minutes. BananaBananas can be combined with a Snow Block to extend its duration to 15 minutes (Frozen Banana Daiquiri).
  • Any two fruits (same or different) can be juiced together to yield Fruit JuiceFruit Juice lasting 15 minutes.
  • The two fruits apiece from Crimson (Blood OrangeRambutan), Corruption (BlackcurrantElderberry), Hallow (Dragon FruitStar Fruit), or Jungle (MangoPineapple), or PineapplePineapple with CoconutCoconut, can be juiced together to produce a named "punch" Bloody MoscatoSmoothie of DarknessPrismatic PunchTropical SmoothiePiña Colada, lasting 20 minutes.
  • Any three fruits (same or different) can be combined with a BowlBowl instead of a Bottle, for a Fruit SaladFruit Salad lasting 25 minutes.
  • All the fruits sell for 20. All their crafts sell for the same as the fruits that went into them: Named Juices 20, general Fruit Juice and punches for 40, Fruit Salad for 60.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike the other food items, all fruits require 5 units to research in Journey Mode.
  • While grapes in the real world are certainly fruits, in Terraria, GrapesGrapes do not fit into this grouping at all -- they drop from enemies instead of trees, do not participate in the "Any Fruit" recipes, and give much more powerful buffs. Grapes also require 10 units to research in Journey Mode instead of 5.

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