Fungi Bulb

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Fungi Bulb
Fungi Bulb.png
EnvironmentMushroom biome
AI TypePlant AI
Damage24 / 48 (42) (86)
Max Life90 / 180 (198) (396)
Defense4 / 4 (8)
KB Resist100%
BannerFungi Bulb BannerFungi Bulb Banner
Immune toPoisonedConfusedVenom
Coins350*3 Silver Coin.png 50 Copper Coin.png

Fungi Bulbs are uncommon enemies found in Mushroom biomes above the surface. During Hardmode, they can also appear in Underground Mushroom biomes.

A Fungi Bulb follows the plant behavior akin to the Man Eater, but is less aggressive. Unlike its tougher Hardmode variant, the Giant Fungi Bulb, it does not fire spore projectiles.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Giant Fungi Bulbs and Fungi Bulbs are both immune to lava.

History[edit | edit source]