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Desktop versionConsole version Desktop/Console-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop and Console versions of Terraria.
  • Geyser item sprite
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PlaceableYes 2 wide × 1 high
Use time15 Very Fast
RarityRarity level: 0
Sell2000*20 Silver Coin.png

Geysers are traps that spew a vertical stream of fire when triggered with wire. They consume no ammunition, their output being limited only by a cooldown period of ~3.33 (3 1/3) seconds. Geyser streams extend approximately 20 tiles up or down, depending on placement. They are found naturally-placed in random areas that are deep enough to generate lava, including the Underworld and deeper Cavern areas, wired to Pressure Plates.

Geysers can be placed on the top or bottom of blocks, facing upward or downward respectively, but not sideways.

A naturally placed Geyser.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike Flame Traps, Geysers do not inflict the On Fire! debuff.
  • If a Geyser is blocked by less than 29 other solid blocks, of at least 4 vertical blocks and 2 horizontal blocks, including liquids, it will pass through them signaled by puffs of smoke moving through the blocks, beginning the wall of fire at the first opening. The smoke will still inflict damage on players if touched.
  • Activated Geysers will not free any placed objects, including Torches.

History[edit | edit source]