Giant Cursed Skull

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Giant Cursed Skull
Giant Cursed Skull.png
TypeUndead Enemy – Flying Enemy
AI TypeCursed Skull AI
Damage60 / 120 Desktop VersionConsole Version (melee)
50 / 100 Desktop VersionConsole Version (ranged)
Max Life400 / 800 Desktop VersionConsole Version
KB Resist80% / 82% Desktop VersionConsole Version
Immune toConfused.pngPoisoned.pngVenom.pngOn Fire!.pngCursed Inferno.pngShadowflame.png
BannerGiant Cursed Skull Banner.pngGiant Cursed Skull BannerDesktop VersionConsole Version3DS version
CoinsSilver Coin 50 Copper Coin

The Giant Cursed Skull is a Hardmode, post-Plantera enemy found in the Dungeon, most commonly in areas with Tiled or Slab Walls. It acts similarly to the Cursed Skull in flight pattern, except it is much larger and will occasionally shoot high-velocity blasts that pass through tiles.

It is immune to On Fire!, Venom, Shadowflame, Poisoned, and Cursed Inferno debuffs.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It will not usually cast bolts through walls until it has passed into open space or been damaged by the player (Using weapons that can pass through walls, such as Nettle Burst). After being damaged or going into open space, it can fire bolts even if inside walls.
  • It will open its mouth prior to attacking, and its attack can be interrupted.
  • It is likely a larger, post-Plantera counterpart of the Cursed Skull, but it does not drop the Nazar and other exclusive items.

History[edit | edit source]

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