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  • Goggles inventory sprite
  • Goggles equipped
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Body slotHelmet
RarityRarity Level: 1
SellSilver Coin

Goggles are a piece of armor placed in the helmet slot. Unlike most helmets, Goggles do not cover the player's hair. Since they only provide 1 defense, they are often used as vanity items.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Goggles.pngGoggles (Desktop versionConsole versionOld-gen console version)
Work Bench.pngWork Bench and Wooden Chair.pngChair
Goggles.pngGoggles (Mobile version3DS version)
Work Bench.pngWork Bench

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History[edit | edit source]

Equipable Items: Adamantite Breastplate.png Armor • Anklet of the Wind.png Accessories ( Cobalt Shield.png Combat) • Pharaoh's Robe.png Vanity ( Diamond Ring.png Accessories • Purple Dye.png Dyes)
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