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Goodie Bag

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Goodie Bag
  • Goodie Bag item sprite
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
TypeGrab bag
TooltipDesktop VersionConsole VersionRight click to open/Mobile Version3DS versionTry to open the present!
RarityRarity Level: 3
Sell1 Gold Coin
Not to be confused with the Treasure Bag, a similar, Expert mode-exclusive item.

The Goodie Bag is a grab bag-type item available during the Halloween seasonal event (October 20th - November 1st). Each contains one random reward from the list below. Goodie Bags are opened by right-clicking them from within the player's inventory, similar to Presents, Crates, Treasure Bags, Herb Bags, and Golden Lock Boxes. They are dropped by any enemy except statue-spawned enemies and Meteor Heads, with a 1/80 (1.25%) chance, during Halloween only.

Most Goodie Bag rewards are vanity item sets (56%) or Rotten Eggs (25%), with occasional paintings (7%). Rarely, the bags can include a Bat Hook or Unlucky Yarn. Costumes are mostly two or three pieces received together, and sell for 60 Silver Coin per piece. However, Cat Ears do come alone (and are not connected with the three-piece Cat costume). The paintings sell for 10 Silver Coin each.

Possible items[edit | edit source]

Item % Chance
Unlucky YarnUnlucky Yarn 0.67% 1/150
Bat HookBat Hook 0.67% 1/150
Rotten EggRotten Egg (10-40) 25% 1/4
Bitter HarvestBitter Harvest 1.48% 1/67
Blood Moon CountessBlood Moon Countess 1.48% 1/67
Hallow's EveHallow's Eve 1.48% 1/67
Jacking SkeletronJacking Skeletron 1.48% 1/67
Morbid CuriosityMorbid Curiosity 1.48% 1/67
Cat EarsCat Ears 3.5% 1/28
Creeper costumeCreeper costume 3.5% 1/28
Pumpkin costumePumpkin costume 3.5% 1/28
Space Creature costumeSpace Creature costume 3.5% 1/28
Cat costumeCat costume 3.5% 1/28
Karate Tortoise costumeKarate Tortoise costume 3.5% 1/28
Fox costumeFox costume 3.5% 1/28
Item % Chance
Witch costumeWitch costume 3.5% 1/28
Vampire costumeVampire costume 3.5% 1/28
Leprechaun costumeLeprechaun costume 3.5% 1/28
Robot costumeRobot costume 3.5% 1/28
Princess costumePrincess costume 3.5% 1/28
Treasure Hunter costumeTreasure Hunter costume 3.5% 1/28
Wolf costumeWolf costume 3.5% 1/28
Unicorn costumeUnicorn costume 3.5% 1/28
Reaper costumeReaper costume 3.5% 1/28
Pixie costumePixie costume 3.5% 1/28
Bride of Frankenstein costumeBride of Frankenstein costume 3.5% 1/28
Ghost costumeGhost costume 3.5% 1/28

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