Goodie Bag

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Goodie Bag
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Goodie Bag inventory icon
Type Grab bag
Tooltip Right click to open
Rarity Rarity Level: 3
Sell 1 Gold Coin
Internal Item ID: 1774
Not to be confused with the Desktop only.pngTreasure Bag

The Goodie Bag is a grab bag-type item available during the Halloween seasonal event (October 20th - November 1st). Each contains one random reward from the list below. Goodie Bags are opened by right-clicking them from within the player's inventory, similar to Presents, Crates, Herb Bags, and Golden Lock Boxes. They are dropped by any enemy except statue-spawned enemies and Meteor Heads, with a 1/80 (1.25%) chance, during Halloween only.

Most Goodie Bag rewards are vanity items and decorative furniture, with the exception of the Bat Hook, Rotten Eggs, and Unlucky Yarn. The most common reward is a costume (56.25%).

All pieces of the vanity sets will be received together with the exception of Cat Ears.

Possible items[edit | edit source]

Item  % Chance
Unlucky Yarn.png Unlucky Yarn 0.67% 1/150
Bat Hook.png Bat Hook 0.66% 1/151
Rotten Egg.png Rotten Egg (10-40) 24.67% 1/4
Bitter Harvest.png Bitter Harvest 1.48% 1/67
Blood Moon Countess.png Blood Moon Countess 1.48% 1/67
Hallow's Eve.png Hallow's Eve 1.48% 1/67
Jacking Skeletron.png Jacking Skeletron 1.48% 1/67
Morbid Curiosity.png Morbid Curiosity 1.48% 1/67
Cat Ears.png Cat Ears 3.5% 1/28
Creeper costume.png Creeper costume 3.5% 1/28
Pumpkin costume.png Pumpkin costume 3.5% 1/28
Space Creature costume.png Space Creature costume 3.5% 1/28
Cat costume.png Cat costume 3.5% 1/28
Karate Tortoise costume.png Karate Tortoise costume 3.5% 1/28
Fox costume.png Fox costume 3.5% 1/28
Item  % Chance
Witch costume.png Witch costume 3.5% 1/28
Vampire costume.png Vampire costume 3.5% 1/28
Leprechaun costume.png Leprechaun costume 3.5% 1/28
Robot costume.png Robot costume 3.5% 1/28
Princess costume.png Princess costume 3.5% 1/28
Treasure Hunter costume.png Treasure Hunter costume 3.5% 1/28
Wolf costume.png Wolf costume 3.5% 1/28
Unicorn costume.png Unicorn costume 3.5% 1/28
Reaper costume.png Reaper costume 3.5% 1/28
Pixie costume.png Pixie costume 3.5% 1/28
Bride of Frankenstein costume.png Bride of Frankenstein costume 3.5% 1/28
Ghost costume.png Ghost costume 3.5% 1/28

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