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Goodie Bag
  • Goodie Bag item sprite
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TooltipDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions Right click to open / Old-gen console version3DS version Try to open the present!
Rarity03*Rarity level: 3
Research10 required
Not to be confused with the Treasure BagDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions, a similar, Expert Mode-exclusive item.

The Goodie Bag is a grab bag-type item available during the Halloween seasonal event (October 20th Desktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions / October 1st 3DS version until November 1st Desktop and Mobile versions / November 10th Console VersionOld-gen console version3DS version). Each contains one random reward from the list below. Goodie Bags are opened by pressing Open / Activate from within the player's inventory, similar to all other grab bags. They are dropped by any enemy except statue-spawned enemies and Meteor Heads, with a 1/80 (1.25%) chance, during Halloween or a Pumpkin Moon only. Additionally, if wave 15 is reached in the Pumpkin Moon event, the enemies listed above can also drop Goodie Bags for the following day until 4:30 am.

Most Goodie Bag rewards are vanity item sets (56%) or Rotten Eggs (25%), with occasional paintings (7%). Costumes are mostly two or three pieces received together, and sell for 60 per piece. However, Cat Ears do come alone (and are not connected with the three-piece Cat set). The paintings sell for 10 each.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Item Chance
Unlucky YarnUnlucky Yarn 0.67% (1/150)
Bat HookBat Hook 0.67% (1/150)
Bitter HarvestBitter Harvest 2% (1/50)
Blood Moon CountessBlood Moon Countess 2% (1/50)
Hallow's EveHallow's Eve 2% (1/50)
Jacking SkeletronJacking Skeletron 2% (1/50)
Morbid CuriosityMorbid Curiosity 2% (1/50)
Cat EarsCat Ears 5.26% (1/19)
Creeper setCreeper set 5.26% (1/19)
Pumpkin setPumpkin set 5.26% (1/19)
Space Creature setSpace Creature set 5.26% (1/19)
Cat setCat set 5.26% (1/19)
Karate Tortoise setKarate Tortoise set 5.26% (1/19)
Fox setFox set 5.26% (1/19)
Rotten EggRotten Egg (10-40) 25% (1/4)
Item Chance
Witch setWitch set 5.26% (1/19)
Vampire setVampire set 5.26% (1/19)
Leprechaun setLeprechaun set 5.26% (1/19)
Robot setRobot set 5.26% (1/19)
Princess setPrincess set 5.26% (1/19)
Treasure Hunter setTreasure Hunter set 5.26% (1/19)
Wolf setWolf set 5.26% (1/19)
Unicorn setUnicorn set 5.26% (1/19)
Reaper setReaper set 5.26% (1/19)
Pixie setPixie set 5.26% (1/19)
Bride of Frankenstein setBride of Frankenstein set 5.26% (1/19)
Ghost setGhost set 5.26% (1/19)

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Many of the vanity sets are references to popular culture:
  • The "Jacking Skeletron" painting is a reference to the 1993 American stop-motion animated musical dark fantasy Halloween-Christmas movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, in which the main character is Jack Skellington. The scene depicted in the painting is of Skeletron at an iconic location from the movie.
    • Additionally, "Jacking" is slang for stealing, and the main plot of The Nightmare Before Christmas was Jack Skellington attempting to steal Christmas so he could handle the holiday, instead of Santa.

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