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El Césped permite a varias plantas crecer en el. La mayor parte del paisaje en la superficie se cubre por césped. Existen seis tipos de césped: Normal, Corrupto, Carmesí, Hongos, Selva y Bendito.

Tipos de césped[edit | edit source]

El 'Césped Normal se esparce sobre Bloques de Tierra. Encima del césped de la tierra crecerán Hongos, Daybloom, flores y hierbas, todas ellas pueden ser cortadas con cualquier herramienta o arma. Sí el bloque con césped tiene espació por debajo de este, vides crecerán por debajo de este. El césped es necesario si se pretende plantar Árboles. El césped no se esparce por debajo de elevaciones de nivel, pero puede ser colocado en capas inferiores bloque por bloque utilizando el Báculo de Reverdecimiento o Semillas de Césped. En este césped no crecerán flores ni césped alto, y los árboles plantados en este nunca madurarán. El césped se da de manera natural encima de la tierra, sin embargo también puede ser plantado usando semillas de césped compradas con Dryad.

El Cesped Corrupto se esparce sobre Bloques de tierra y césped normal. Encima de los bloques de césped corrupto crecerán Hongos Viles, Hierba de la Muerte, flores y hierbas corruptas, todas ellas pueden ser cortadas con cualquier herramienta o arma. Adicionalmente, espinas corruptas crecerán del césped corrupto en cualquier condición. No crecen vides del césped corrupto. Así cómo el césped normal, este no se esparce por debajo de elevaciones de nivel. Este tipo de césped ocurre de manera natural en áreas corruptas y puede también ser plantado con las Semillas Corruptas que suelta el Ojo de Cthulhu. Una gran cantidad de césped corrupto convertirá el área en un bioma de Corrupción. En modo difícil, el césped corrupto convertirá bloques que estén hasta tres bloques separados en sus variantes corruptas. Esto incluye convertir césped de selva y césped normal por debajo de elevaciones de nivel en césped corrupto. Este también suelta partículas.

El Césped de Hongos se esparce sobre Bloques de Fango y permitirá el crecimiento de Hongos Resplandecientes y Hongos Resplandecientes Gigantes y pueden ser encontrados y se pueden encontrar subterráneamente a una profundidad de 0 pies o por debajo. Patches of mud seeded with mushroom grass can be found in some caverns underground, generally with several tall giant glowing mushrooms. Mushroom Grass Seeds are an uncommon drop from glowing mushrooms and giant glowing mushrooms. Mushroom grass glows faintly and can be used as a natural light source. Mushroom grass blocks are unaffected by corruption. When above ground, Mushroom Grass appears to actually grow faster. (More testing needed.)

Jungle grass spreads over Mud Blocks at any depth, and will grow vines, jungle thorns, Moonglow, Jungle Spores, Jungle Roses, and Nature's Gift. Jungle grass occurs naturally in the Jungle and Underground Jungle area but can also be planted from Jungle Grass Seeds which are a rare drop from jungle grass weeds and glowing flowers. From version 1.0.4 jungle plants grow underwater in contrast to other plants.

Crimson grass spreads over Dirt Blocks and normal grass. It acts similar to corrupt grass, but instead of growing thorny bushes, red, flesh-like vines will grow from the bottom of crimson grass and also spread the crimson. It can be grown with Crimson Seeds, and can be spread with the Clentaminator or crimson blocks.

Hallowed grass spreads over Dirt Blocks and normal grass. Above ground hallowed grass blocks will grow Mushroom, Daybloom, and flowers, similar to normal grass. Like corrupt grass, hallowed grass does not spread below 0 feet elevation. Hallowed grass does not occur naturally until a world enters hardmode, and may be created with Hallowed Seeds sold by the Dryad in hardmode or with Holy Water. A large enough amount of hallowed grass will turn the area into a Hallow biome. At hardmode hallowed grass will convert blocks that are up to three squares away into their hallowed variants, although it does not turn jungle grass into hallowed grass. It gives off a sparkle particle effect.

Image Name Color Soil Type Location Plants
Grass.png Grass Green Dirt Block Dirt Block Surface of Forests, Floating Islands Trees, Regular Mushrooms, wild grass, Daybloom, Yellow Marigold
Corrupt grass.png Corrupt grass Purple Dirt Block Dirt Block Surface of The Corruption Corrupt Trees, Vile Mushrooms, wild corrupt grass, Deathweed, Thorny Bushes
Crimson grass.png Crimson Grass Red Dirt Block Dirt Block Surface of Crimson Crimson Trees, wild crimson grass, Deathweed
Mushroom grass.png Mushroom grass Blue Mud Block Mud Block Mushroom Biome Glowing Mushrooms, Giant Glowing Mushrooms
Jungle grass.png Jungle grass Lime green Mud Block Mud Block Jungle, Underground Jungle Jungle Trees, wild jungle grass, Moonglow
Underground Jungle: Thorny Bushes, Jungle Spores, Jungle Rose, Moonglow, Nature's Gift
Hallowed grass.png Hallowed grass Light blue Dirt Block Dirt Block Surface of The Hallow Hallowed Trees, Regular Mushrooms, flowery grass, Daybloom

Grass growth[edit | edit source]

Grass of any type spreads from existing blocks to other blocks of the correct soil type. The block to receive grass must be within 2 blocks of another grass block, and exposed on at least one side or corner. If it is surrounded by solid blocks, grass cannot spread there, although normal grass can be placed on unexposed blocks on world creation. The Corruption's thorny bushes count as grass for purposes of spreading. The bushes can grow up to 4 blocks in height and width, as long as there is open space. If painted grass spreads to adjacent dirt/mud blocks, it will spread the paint too.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Top half of grass tile occupying same space as sand
Grass growing through glass