Green Cap

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Green Cap
Stack digit 1.png
inventory icon   when equipped
Type Vanity
Body slot Social Helmet
Rarity Rarity Level: 1
Sell No Value
Internal Item ID: 867

The Green Cap is a vanity item equipped in the social helmet slot.
Desktop VersionMobile only.pngIt is dropped by the Guide but only when his name is “Andrew”. (Guide names are chosen at random upon their spawn).
In the Console Version Console version, the Green Cap may be dropped by Guides with other names.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name “Andrew” is a reference to the lead programmer of Terraria, Andrew Spinks.
  • Desktop VersionWearing the Green Cap with Red's Breastplate and Red's Leggings still trigger the visual effect as if you were wearing Red's Helmet.
  • It's similar to Luigi's cap from the Super Mario Bros. video games.
  • In earlier versions of the Mobile only.pngMobile version, the Green Cap was dropped by Fire Imps.

History[edit | edit source]

Desktop VersionDesktop version

  • Desktop 1.2: Introduced.
  • Unknown Mobile Version: No longer dropped by Fire Imps.
Equipable Items: Adamantite Breastplate.png Armor • Anklet of the Wind.png Accessories ( Cobalt Shield.png Combat) • Pharaoh's Robe.png Vanity ( Diamond Ring.png Accessories • Purple Dye.png Dyes)
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