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Information.svg Note: Most of the arena designs that are listed below have to be edited in their respective Terrain Preparation sections of their guide, as they are transcluded from these pages.

An Arena is generally an area that the player builds where they can face a Boss or other significant challenge more easily. Each arena can be different for each boss, some consisting of a flat area or multiple layers of Platforms supported with Statues.

General Arenas[edit | edit source]

  • An arena is better built away from Bases so NPCs won't get hurt or killed. It's better built near the ground, far from Space so there won't be any unwanted HarpyHarpy or Wyvern spawns during an important fight.
  • A typical arena usually consists of multiple long rows of Wood PlatformsWood Platforms, or a flat surface on the ground or the air made out of Asphalt BlocksAsphalt Blocks to greatly increase running speed.
  • Sometimes, the shape of the arena depends on the Boss or Event and how the player decides to fight it. TrapsTraps and LavaLava can be used to easily kill enemies from Events, while certain bosses like King Slime and Golem lack the ability to attack through solid blocks.
  • Placing CampfiresCampfires, Heart LanternsHeart Lanterns, HoneyHoney placed in BubblesBubblesDesktop VersionConsole VersionMobile Version and Heart StatuesHeart Statues will greatly increase Health regeneration in battle. A Mage may also want to place Stars in a BottleStars in a Bottle and Star StatuesStar Statues to regain Mana more easily.
  • Peace CandlesPeace CandlesDesktop VersionConsole VersionMobile Version reduce enemy spawn rate, which may help on bigger arenas.
  • You can build a house for your NurseNurse NPC near your arena. The House should have a BedBed, so in the middle of the battle you can use a Magic MirrorMagic Mirror or Recall PotionsRecall Potions to visit the Nurse and get instant healing. The house is better built away from the arena to prevent the Nurse from being killed.
  • Once you have killed a Mechanical Boss and had the SteampunkerSteampunker move in, you can buy and use TeleportersTeleporters to devastating effect. When wired to a Pressure PlatePressure Plate placed above them, you can instantly transport across the arena as soon as you walk on them, greatly increasing mobility. They could also, alternatively, be used to teleport to the Nurse, heal up, and quickly return to the arena.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

King Slime[edit | edit source]

See also: Guide:King Slime strategies

This content is transcluded from Guide:King Slime strategies.King Slime is one of the few bosses in the game that lack the ability to go through blocks. This can be exploited in multiple ways:

  • Climbing on a RopeRope 35 blocks above the ground allows you to attack him at range safely without him teleporting onto you. Add extra rope to give yourself a margin of error, or to retreat and heal if need be. Using this method makes potions, higher damaging weapons, armor, and movement accessories optional, as the player will not need to dodge attacks or mitigate damage.
  • Make one or two platforms above the ground; King Slime will eventually teleport to ground level and you can easily hit him from the platforms.
  • A flat area with small room below it with Platforms as roof for the player. King Slime can't enter small rooms and thus cannot reach the players in it.

It is no longer possible to exploit the King Slime's large size in Desktop version Desktop, Console version Console, and Mobile version Mobile versions, as he can teleport to unreachable areas.

Eye of Cthulhu[edit | edit source]

See also: Guide:Eye of Cthulhu strategies

This content is transcluded from Guide:Eye of Cthulhu strategies.

A basic arena made for the Eye of Cthulhu.

An arena for the Eye of Cthulhu should be large enough to dodge and maneuver around in. The recommended size is just about the size of the screen, as the boss does not require a lot of mobility.

The simplest arena design consists of multiple rows of wooden platforms to have more room to jump and dodge. As the fight will be at night, add torches to improve visibility.

Another design is a long, completely flat surface. This allows you to dodge the Eye by running to the left or the right with Swiftness Potions or Hermes Boots.

Eater of Worlds[edit | edit source]

See also: Guide:Eater of Worlds strategies

This content is transcluded from Guide:Eater of Worlds strategies.

Multiple platforms made for the Eater of Worlds fight.

The player must be in The Corruption to summon the Eater of Worlds; moving too far away from the biome during the battle will cause it to flee.

The Eater of Worlds is a very large Worm enemy, so dodging it may prove to be difficult. You may want to try fighting it on the surface instead of underground. If summoning this boss via breaking shadow orbs, be sure to provide yourself a quick and safe escape back to the surface where your arena will be. A room with a Bed next to your arena can let you teleport there easily, but be careful that the path from orb to arena does not go through any non-Corrupted areas (lest the boss despawn). When making your arena on the surface, you have some options:

  • In Normal mode, make it fairly tall, thin, and easily climbable with many Platforms. That way, not only you can see it coming, but this will force it to climb in a relatively straight line, leaving large portions of its body exposed, and vulnerable to piercing attacks.
  • In Expert mode, due to the frequency of the Vile Spit attack, the Eater of Worlds will become much harder to dodge. You need to make an arena to compensate for this new attack. Build a regular row of platforms (your choice of length) in the sky. After this, build a long row of blocks (at least 50 blocks long) next to it. While you fight the boss, all of the Vile Spit projectiles will be blocked by this block barrier. If you built the arena low enough, the boss will be able to travel on your defense platform-- Watch out for this, but also utilize it to attack it when it's vulnerable.
  • Whichever option you choose, make sure the arena doesn't go too high. If it goes too high and the Corruption background disappears, the Eater of Worlds will start despawning.
  • It's also not recommended to build your surface arena above a valley. While it's still above the ground, the hills on either side will provide higher ground for the Eater of Worlds to get to you and make your arena less effective.

If you don't want to fight it on the surface, it's alright to fight it underground instead. If you are breaking Shadow Orbs, hollowing out an entire arena every third orb or escaping to a surface arena may not be practical; you should modify the terrain around you to have a quick path of escape to a space with good horizontal clearance and any hazardous terrain smoothed out or boarded over. Consider placing platforms periodically to provide extra maneuverability.

Alternatively, if one has a Space Gun and a full set of Meteor Armor (which makes the former cost 0 Mana to fire) in a Normal mode world, it's possible to disregard building a traditional arena altogether and simply use the natural terrain to one's advantage. Should a player manage to get the Eater of Worlds to charge at them horizontally (easily done by standing near a sharp incline in the terrain such as a mountain), holding down the attack button while aiming at the Head will kill each segment faster than the Eater of Worlds can approach the player, effectively winning the fight on the spot.

Brain of Cthulhu[edit | edit source]

See also: Guide:Brain of Cthulhu strategies

This content is transcluded from Guide:Brain of Cthulhu strategies.

Standard 5 layer arena.

Your arena will have to be built in The Crimson, because it can only be summoned there. Since the Brain of Cthulhu spawns as soon as you smash a third Crimson Heart, you're likely to be in a very enclosed area when the fight begins. This can lead to you to being swarmed by the Creepers and get overwhelmed. This can be avoided by preparing the chasm's main chamber as an arena beforehand, and choosing which Hearts to break first:

  • For the first two, pick the least convenient hearts (distant, above the main chamber, underwater, etc).
  • For the third, pick the closest to the main chamber, toss a Bomb or another explosive and quickly go to your arena while it falls.

If summoned with a Bloody Spine, then the arena can simply be made in the Surface, however do not make it very tall, as jumping too far above it will be considered exiting the Crimson, causing the Brain of Cthulhu to despawn.

Queen Bee[edit | edit source]

See also:Guide:Queen Bee strategies

This content is transcluded from Guide:Queen Bee strategies.Even if you summon the Queen Bee by breaking a Larva, you do not need to stay in the hive to fight it - you can get out of the hive and fight it in the wide-open areas of the Underground Jungle if you'd prefer. However, most Hives offer an easy arena: a decent amount of space is already carved out, and the pool of Honey at the bottom provides a health-regenerating buff which stacks with other buffs.

As with most bosses, Wooden Platforms are vital. Having them every 5 blocks is an optimal height but if your jump height is boosted in some way, you can increase the number of spaces between platforms which can save you materials.

Skeletron[edit | edit source]

See also: Guide:Skeletron strategies

This content is transcluded from Guide:Skeletron strategies.

The entrance to the Dungeon can be easily adapted into an arena.

Warning: Don't make significant edits to the dungeon floor. Doing so can stop the Endgame Cultists from spawning, potentially blocking progression. Plan your arena above the Dungeon roof instead.

The entrance area to most dungeons can often be modified into a more desirable arena if needed. Most important is that you have room to dodge the hands, as well as enough vertical space to avoid getting trapped when Skeletron's head begins to spin.

A simple, effective, but time-consuming approach is to build a Sky Bridge with Minecart Tracks. Then spawn Skeletron, hop in your Minecart, and speed away. Skeletron will chase after you but will not catch you, making it easy to kill with ranged attacks.

Wall of Flesh[edit | edit source]

See also: Guide:Wall of Flesh strategies

This content is transcluded from Guide:Wall of Flesh strategies.The Wall of Flesh benefits from having an arena prepared more than other bosses.

The simplest arena is a long bridge of about 750 blocks with some space above it for the player to maneuver. Placing the player out of danger from falling into lava and ensuring that they can keep a steady pace of progression allows the fight to go quickly and smoothly. Players may also wish to place lights and make holes to drain Lava from Lava Slimes along the bridge.

Note that Underworld map generation tends to place Ruined Houses towards the middle third of the map, leaving the eastern and western wings mostly clean.

The Wall of Flesh begins its attack from whichever side of the Underworld's map edge you're closest to. This allows you to control its direction of approach. Fight in the direction you're most comfortable with.

Killing the Wall of Flesh will generate a bricked-in treasure box above your bridge. The bricks can serve as kill-markers, but they may interfere with movement if your next fight runs close to that spot.

Alternatively, you can build the arena with Minecart TracksMinecart Tracks, because you can keep a safe distance with a MinecartMinecart with decent speed.

The Destroyer[edit | edit source]

See also: Guide:Destroyer strategies

Using a Daedalus Stormbow with holy arrows can be extremely effective due to the destroyer's length making it easy to hit

This content is transcluded from Guide:The Destroyer strategies.Like with the Eater of Worlds, a tall, wide arena with multiple rows of Platforms can make dodging its main body easier.

Alternatively, standing on a rectangular box around 150 blocks into the air will make the Destroyer unable to reach the player while also protecting them from its lasers, leaving only the Probes as a threat.

Additionally, running along a long platform with plenty of campfires and sunflowers is a viable strategy, as all off screen air blocks are treated like aground blocks to the Destroyer. This also allows you to more easily dodge his lasers if they are behind you, and using the mini map can help you see where he may pop up next.

The Twins[edit | edit source]

See also: Guide:The Twins strategies

This content is transcluded from Guide:The Twins strategies.The Sky above the surface is highly recommended for the Twins arena, as vertical movement is required to dodge most of the attacks.

  • A very long Sky Bridge (if possible made out of AsphaltAsphalt or Frozen Slime BlocksFrozen Slime Blocks) is optimal. Continuously running with SpectreSpectre/LightningLightning/Frostspark BootsFrostspark Boots causes both to miss you with their projectiles very often, and keeps each Twin at a stationary horizontal position most of the time, allowing you to fire continuously at it without switching your aim. Wings will help dodge each of the Twins' second phases. Using Asphalt can negate the need for Boots, while using them can allow you to avoid taking damage completely. However, try not to run too fast if you use Boots and Asphalt, as Retinazer may fall behind and despawn. Spazmatism, however, is fast enough to keep up. Regular stone blocks can be used too if you have obtained the Blessed AppleBlessed AppleDesktop VersionConsole VersionMobile Version.
  • The standard Boss arena of several layers of Platforms may be of use, as it allows firing and maneuvering in any direction. A solid ceiling just above your top platform will block Retinazer's beam attacks, as Retinazer always flanks from above.
    • Also, a wall on both sides of a small area can block Spazmatism's cursed fire, but be careful not to run out of time from covering behind the wall. It is helpful to have a one block hole one block up to shoot through. This is more useful if you want to try tanking the boss with the above tip of heart statues. If you can tank the hits with the help of heart statues, you can gun down Retinazer while Spazmatism is only able to charge at you.
  • A safety box in the ground isn't bad either, if you acquired the Daedalus StormbowDaedalus StormbowDesktop VersionConsole VersionMobile Version. That way you could attack Retinazer while its laser can't hurt you in the box. In order to attack Spazmatism make the box one block from the surface and bring Holy ArrowsHoly Arrows, the impact from the stars could hurt it. Stay close to the edge so the Cursed flames can't hurt you.

Skeletron Prime[edit | edit source]

See also: Guide:Skeletron Prime strategies

This content is transcluded from Guide:Skeletron Prime strategies.As with all bosses, an arena made out of Wooden Platform or Minecart Track greatly increases your mobility, and it will also moot the Prime Cannon. You will want several rows of Platforms, each around 50 or so blocks long. The platforms should be suspended off the ground to prevent the Prime Cannon's grenades from detonating too close to you. A solid ceiling should be avoided since Skeletron Prime will often retreat a fair distance when not using his spinning attack.

Plantera[edit | edit source]

See also: Guide:Plantera strategies

This content is transcluded from Guide:Plantera strategies.The actual shape of your arena depends on how you want to fight. For a player who wants to have plenty of evasive space, excavating around a screen's worth of space inside the Underground Jungle and filling it with rows of Platforms can work well. For more aggressive players, a smaller space excavated right next to a bulb can work too. Others will just use a stack of bombs to excavate a large area for flying and grappling. Mobility is generally key during her battle, but enough of a damage output can kill her fast enough to make evasion less important. Plantera's spike balls do significant damage and are used frequently during Plantera's first phase, however, they can only bounce off solid surfaces. If you do not mind taking the extra time, consider digging a hole at least 2 times deeper than you would use for the fight and stick to the top half of your arena, without the added threat of Plantera's spike balls, she is much easier to defeat. Make sure the arena is not too big, as taking out too many Mud blocks might turn the Underground Jungle into just regular caverns, enraging Plantera and making the fight much more difficult.

Honey can be used for its regeneration, so you can make little pools for the regeneration benefit. If you have the party girl, you can buy Bubble Blocks, and make a small pocket to put honey in.

Bring a Hammer to remove the jungle walls so that in Plantera's second phase, the hooks can only grapple on to the blocks so she cannot reach you with her hooks, and thus you will not take damage from them.

Golem[edit | edit source]

See also: Guide:Golem strategies

This content is transcluded from Guide:Golem strategies.If this is your first encounter with Golem, then you will not possess the PicksawPicksaw capable of shaping the Lihzahrd Temple's blocksLihzahrd Temple's blocks, so your customization is limited, unless you use actuatorsactuators to disable the blocks under the altar. The arena that the fight occurs in is also varied in width/height. There are a few ways you can customize the default arena to make the fight much easier.

  • Create a small wall dividing the entrance and the arena, leaving an opening for your projectiles to get through. This becomes difficult to build if your default layout has the entrance in the ceiling.
  • Create a much larger wall that divides the arena on either side of the altar leaving an opening at the top for you to leap through post-spawn and a spot for your weapons.
  • An assortment of small walls scattered throughout the arena.
  • A small pit that you can leap into while Golem stomps and punches. This will allow you to deal heavy damage, but you have to be cautious about his eye lasers and fireballs. A heart statue in the pit with you can be useful in keeping you alive.
  • TeleportersTeleporters can be used for dodging the attacks and move safely and instantly from side to side.
  • If you decided to fight Golem in the temple, then LihzahrdLihzahrd and Flying Snake BannersFlying Snake Banners would be useful because they will still keep spawning during the fight. It'll be much easier to get rid of them.

For safety reasons, you should use a Pickaxe or Wire Cutter and remove/disarm all of the traps, as these can be hazardous in the fight.

Duke Fishron[edit | edit source]

See also: Guide:Duke Fishron strategies

This content is transcluded from Guide:Duke Fishron strategies.The Arena must be located in the Ocean, unless you're very confident that you can beat an enraged Fishron, which is usually not recommended.

  • Make an arena out of Asphalt BlocksAsphalt Blocks. It should stretch at least across the ocean. Make it 3-5 platforms high; each row should be at least 20 blocks away from each other. Leave a gap at either side for maneuver, however.
  • The Arena must be very tall: the Tornadoes are very tall, and thus, it requires significant amount of flight time to go to the other side of it.

Lunatic Cultist[edit | edit source]

See also: Guide:Lunatic Cultist strategies

This content is transcluded from Guide:Lunatic Cultist strategies.A basic arena with some rows of platforms will suffice. If the player made an arena for Skeletron, they can reuse it here.

Moon Lord[edit | edit source]

See also Guide:Moon Lord strategies

This content is transcluded from Guide:Moon Lord strategies.If one is having problems fighting the Moon Lord, a skybridge can be built to make the fight significantly easier. Ideally, it should extend quite far from either side of your spawn point (700-1000 platform blocks should suffice). The Moon Lord will not despawn unless all players are dead, meaning you can outrun him and heal for a while if need be. However, straying too far will cause the Moon Lord to teleport on top of you, so careful spacing is required. This is of less concern in multiplayer, as the Moon Lord will only chase one player at a time, giving the others time to retreat and heal up if necessary. A long straight Minecart Track paired with the Mechanical Minecart will help you avoid most of his attacks. Make sure to hammer the ends for bumpers or make a loop to return to the straight track.

A simple roof made of solid blocks is useful for blocking the Phantasmal Deathray. Thickening the roof will also mitigate the explosions of the Phantasmal Eyes. You can open up holes in the roof to shoot through when the Deathray isn't active, or you can leave the roof without any holes and damage the Moon Lord exclusively with weapons that can phase through walls.

Asphalt can still be used to dodge the tongue if you value the ability to use Vampire Knives. When the Moon Lord teleports with his tongue already chasing you, the tip of the tongue will not teleport with him. This allows you to completely outrun the tongue, avoiding Moon Bite and allowing Vampire Knives/Spectre armor to work normally.

Dungeon Guardian[edit | edit source]

See also: Guide:Dungeon Guardian strategies

This content is transcluded from Guide:Dungeon Guardian strategies.You need to be in a world where Skeletron has NOT been defeated. Otherwise, it will not spawn.

As it will instantly kill you when it touches you, the only way to defeat it is to outrun it. Therefore you have four good options for terrain:

  • The first option is simply use the whole map, by using Gravitation Potions to move around. You will fall faster than it and you can move diagonally to go even faster.
  • The second option is a very long Skybridge. You will be equally fast as the Dungeon Guardian when running horizontally and jumping with wings. If you want to outrun it make a diagonal skybridge or build the skybridge out of Asphalt.
  • The third option is to simply use a good pair of Wings or a flying mount such as the Cosmic Car Key or Shrimpy Truffle with a clear, open space.
  • The fourth option requires a rail system that goes in a circle, using a fast Minecart or Booster Tracks. This can also be automated with Traps, such as Spike Ball or Spear Traps within the rail circle of with summons and a Star Wrath.

To reliably "summon" the Dungeon Guardian, it is recommended to dig a straight shaft down from outside the dungeon. The Depth Meter is recommended for this.

If the player has access to the Mechanic and Steampunker it is possible to build a Teleporter arena (example). This can make the fight dramatically easier, especially if the Teleporters are automated with Timers. As the Mechanic is found in the Dungeon it is required for the player to bring materials from a world where Skeletron has already been defeated.

Invasions[edit | edit source]

Most enemies from Invasions lack the ability to attack or go through blocks.

General Invasions[edit | edit source]

See also:Guide:Defending against events

Invasion events such as the Goblin Army, Pirate Invasion and Martian Madness can only be fought near the Spawn, or somewhere close to an NPC.

Before starting an event, make sure NPCs are protected, otherwise they will be attacked and possibly killed during the fight. Placing a block in front of a Door will prevent enemies from forcing them open and killing the NPCs.

If defended properly, the events can then be easily fought on a player's Base, using the Houses built as cover. Since most enemies from invasions lack the ability to attack through walls, they can be easily killed while standing above them in an enclosed room. However, make sure to have an exit ready for when the enemies that can attack through blocks spawn.

Old One's Army[edit | edit source]

See also: Guide:Old One's Army strategies

This content is transcluded from Guide:Old One's Army strategies.

An example of an Old One's Army arena.

Before facing the event, making a completely flat arena works very well. If an enemy's path to the Eternia Crystal is blocked it will phase through obstacles, so trying to stop their progress with blocks won't be very effective. Building the floor with Asphalt BlocksAsphalt Blocks will greatly increase movement speed. Using Potions is always a good idea, while it is also good to place CampfiresCampfires, Heart LanternsHeart Lanterns, HoneyHoney and Heart StatuesHeart Statues to survive for longer. When fighting Tier 2 and 3, building a ceiling above the Eternia Crystal will protect it from Kobold Gliders, since they explode on contact with blocks.

Moon Events[edit | edit source]

See also:Guide:Pumpkin Moon strategies and Guide:Frost Moon strategies.
Example of an arena made for the Moon Events, making heavy use of Traps.

The Pumpkin and Frost Moons are much easier to handle with the proper arena.

A flat surface about 168 blocks wide (See NPC spawning) will focus all spawns on the arena. Above it there should be a long platform of the same width, high above the ground in order to keep the enemies out of Melee reach. Since the player will mostly focus on the Bosses on the later waves, it's a very good idea to support the arena with a Lava pit and Traps to take out the weaker enemies more easily.

Spiky Ball TrapsSpiky Ball Traps and Super Dart TrapsSuper Dart Traps can potentially cover the entire arena, while Spear TrapsSpear Traps and Flame TrapsFlame Traps should be placed at the Lava pits to make full use of their limited reach but high damage.

It's also a good idea to make a room with a BedBed near the Arena, so in case of death you can quickly get back to it.