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Guide:Base defense

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See also: Guide:Bases.

Among other things, a good base needs protection against enemies. This guide covers suggestions for keeping yours safe.

Possible Methods[edit | edit source]

  • Pits dug in front of doors works very well, as the enemy will try to jump over them, hit the door and fall in. The depth of the pit should be 4 or 5 blocks deep. Deeper pits will also work, but take care not to fall in yourself.
    • You can also place Lava inside this pit. Make sure to not make it thick enough to destroy the drops that enemies drop.
    • Futhermore, you can create a drawbridge by using Active Stone Blocks. Cover your pit with these blocks, then connect them with wires to a switch.
  • It is also effective to make the walls out of Dart Traps and hook up a Timer to them. Make sure to place your dart traps in a staircase pattern, as enemies have a brief period of invincibility, so if they are stacked vertically, only one dart will actually deal damage.
  • You can use Platforms placed in floor or ceiling instead of Doors. This will stop NPCs from moving outside their house, increasing their safety.
A trap built using the reinforced wall method
  • The reinforced wall method: construct a small structure with an open entrance facing away from your house and a solid wall on the other side. Add platforms in an alternating manner with a one tile gap against the wall. Make sure the structure is at least 7 blocks high and at least three blocks wide inside. Monsters will enter and jump to try and reach the player, only to be trapped in the platforms. Advanced versions can contain traps or other methods of auto-killing monsters.
An example of a floating house, protected by switchable stone block entrances and reachable only by flying.
  • If you have any item/accessory that will let you go higher in the air or a Rope, you can build a floating house. Unless you built your home in Space, this means to never worry about enemies. This will not prevent NPCs from living at your base, because they are able to teleport to a home they otherwise can't reach.
    • Enemies like the Demon Eye can still be a threat. They can be dealt with by making roofing structures that can damage the enemies.
  • A Medium-sized corridor (10-25 blocks in length) and only three blocks high in front of your door will funnel the enemies towards you in a straight line, allowing you to hit them as you please. Jester or Unholy Arrows are useful as they pierce, shortswords are generally preferred against low knockback broadswords or arrows. High knockback swords or autoswing weapons are extremely useful.
  • To prevent enemies breaking down your door is to place a furniture, such as a chest or wooden platform, on the inside of the door. This will prevent enemies from opening it but will require the player to face away from the house to open the door.
  • In hardmode, some enemies have the ability to phase through walls, such as Wraiths. However, they can only move upwards if they are inside. With this in mind, you can build traps on the ground floor, and furnish your house only in upper floors.

Use of lava[edit | edit source]

  • Ideally you want the lava to be high enough to burn copper Coins, but nothing else. Indeed it is the smallest object in the game, and the less valuable one. You do not want it to stay as it clogs your world, possibly making other drops to despawn, because of the world limit for items on the ground. To check if your lava pit has the exact depth required, you can toss one Copper coin and one Silver coin in.Verify
  • In practice this amount to the equivalent of 1 Bucket of lava for 6 to 8 Blocks. it means a moat of 8 block wide should have one bucket thrown in. a moat of 12 should have 2. When filling a very large moat, it is advised to spread the lava over the width of the moat, and not throw it on the same spot.

Multiplayer Base Security[edit | edit source]

  • Use the strongest block or ore possible, Lihzahrd Brick is recommended to keep out most players, even if they can mine it, it usually takes a while longer.
  • Use Wooden Spikes from the Lihzahrd Temple. Covering your base results in an untouchable barrier. Adding another layer of every other block being a spike helps, just the same layout as in the temples. They should not be underestimated.
  • Then use Lihzahrd traps such as super darts, spiky balls or flamethrowers to secure your base further- place them on a 1 second timer. Spiky balls in a hallway are extremely deadly to any players.
  • You can also use actuators to actuate blocks in a hallway with spiky balls down a thin line to manually eliminate invaders.
  • Use actuator doors, or, if you have it, a Rod of Discord. the hardest base to enter is one with a secret entrance.

Now, 1.3 added announcement Boxes, which, when triggered, say something in the chat, and Logic Gates- Use a Player Sensing logic gate, they detect players within a radius above them. Hook them up with wires to an Announcement Box and set the box to say "Warning, Warning, your base is being attacked!!" or something like that to alert you of their presence. Try using a Bed to set your spawn point, some more announcement boxes to tell EXACTLY where in the base they are, so you can activate manual traps.

You can also use the sensors in another way. Use a 3 block tall hallway, the minimum possible, and put actuator blocks as the floor, with lava below. Then put the sensors as far down as possible, so they sense the players, trigger the actuators, and cause a sudden fall into the lava. If you want it to auto-close, use 2 3 second timers, both triggered at the same time, and they turn each other off and turn the actuators solid for a complex but deadly pit traps. Actuated doors to stop escape or the floor auto closing prevents escape.

If you're a host of a server, or staff, then try this.

Use any of the methods above plus Rods of Discord, as they will be undoubtedly in your hands, to teleport in and out. Try using a floating island. Place your small server maintenance room- I have such a room to detect things like day and night with logic gates, or you can use complex wiring to tell you whenever a teleporter is used or an area is entered. Player detecting gates are best for this, as they can be hidden under the ground. Use the teleporter wiring to your advantage and use announcement boxes to announce "Teleporter (A) has been used to go to teleporter (B)!" or something of the kind. Try using a zone system, with unbreakable boxes for builds and such with single sensors in tunnels, which are connecting them, connected to announcement boxes to announce it has been passed through.

For regular announcements, wire a day or night sensor to an Announcement box to say "It's daytime!" or "It's nighttime!" or use large amounts of 5 second timers to have a looping, delayed announcement. "Hey, just a friendly reminder."

Try them out on a singleplayer world first, and install them into your MP server world with TEdit during server downtime. Make sure to be skilled in the area of announcement boxes and sensors before going off and doing something insane.

Enemy Tactics[edit | edit source]

Knowing about common enemies is extremely important. Here are a few and efficient tactics that can be used against them.

  • Zombies: Zombies are the easiest enemy to deal with, being relatively slow moving and with neither an excess of health, movement speed or attack. A simple trapped pit, pit or even a thin lava lake will be enough to kill them quickly.
  • Possessed Armor: Possessed Armor behave exactly like Zombies, only faster, tougher and can break down doors outside of a Blood Moon.
  • Unicorns: Unicorns jump frighteningly high and fast, so a 22-10 pit should work for containing Unicorns. Be sure to make an overhang on each edge, so that Pixies and Gastropods can't get out either. In fact, a well built example of these traps keeps anything that spawns in the Hallow besides Wraiths, Eyes and Angry Nimbuses contained.
  • Clowns: Clowns can easily be avoided as it has a very simple AI and when it falls into a deep pit, it will just jump over and over again. Therefore, it is very easy to trap them. A simple deep pit will do.