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Defending your base against monsters is unnecessary in a Normal mode world, as the presence of NPCs will reduce enemy spawn rates to zero. However, it may be worth setting up a few precautions if you are playing on Expert mode or during Events, where enemies will still spawn. This guide covers suggestions for keeping your base safe.

Possible Methods[edit | edit source]

  • By far the easiest way to defend your NPCs is to build a floating base above the ground, with Ropes or flight as the only means of access. This will not prevent NPCs from living at your base, as they can teleport to houses they cannot otherwise reach (while offscreen).
    • Flying enemies like Demon Eyes can still reach floating bases, but cannot open Doors. They are not a threat if your base is sealed off.
    • This is the only way to defend your base against enemies that can pass through walls, such as Wraiths. Wraiths can move upwards while passing through blocks, but cannot float upwards through empty space.
  • Enemies cannot break open doors if they are unable to stand in front of them. Elevating a door at least two blocks above the ground will grant absolute protection against enemies that can open doors. You may additionally line the entrance with a Lava pit, but that comes with equal danger to yourself and is not recommended.
    • Enemies also cannot force open doors if a piece of furniture, like a Chest or platform, is directly against the inside of the door. Players will have to face away from the house to open the door from the outside.
  • You can place platforms in the floor or ceiling instead of using Doors. This will stop NPCs from moving outside their houses and endangering themselves.
  • To defend against Meteorites, either build a Sky Bridge across the entire world, place Chests in your base at most 50 blocks apart horizontally, or leave a large amount of Meteorite undisturbed on the surface to prevent Meteorites from landing ever again.

Offensive traps[edit | edit source]

Generally, placing lava and wired traps near the area where your NPCs are housed is a bad idea. Offensive traps can provide a bit of aid during Invasions, but generally, the best practice in the event of an invasion is to fight somewhere other than your base. Nevertheless, the following tips may be useful if you want to set up a structure that can automatically kill enemies with little to no danger.

  • Pits can be lined with a thin layer of lava. Lava will not destroy valuable items of any Rarity higher than white, but if the idea of coins being burnt up in lava bothers you, simply spread a single Lava Bucket across a long enough distance so that coins dropped in will float above the lava without touching it. This should equate to around one bucket per eight blocks.

After rescuing the Mechanic from the Dungeon, you can wire traps to deal extra damage in more versatile ways:

  • A very simple mechanism is a buried Geyser wired to a single Pressure Plate.
  • Dart Traps can be wired to a Timer to fire continuously without further input.
    • Fire rate can be staggered by using a "rainstick" mechanism, as shown on the side. The mechanism is activated by manually falling through the platforms with the pressure plates on them. Note that the Traps have to be moved into the background with Actuators, and must be removed after doing so. 28 Dart Traps are required for continuous fire if the rainstick is set up in a Γ shape, and 21 if set up in an L shape.
    • Super Dart Traps, Spear Traps, and Flame Traps can replace the Dart Traps in the above mechanism once you have access to the Jungle Temple. Use a hammer to rotate them as you see fit.
  • Spiky Ball Traps are the easiest to set up; they need only be attached to a 1 Second Timer to work. Dropping the Spiky balls from a great height is not necessarily advantageous, as you want to maximize the time the balls spend bouncing near the ground to damage groups of enemies. Instead, embed the traps in the ground and hammer them twice so they roll out the spiky balls more gently.

Multiplayer security[edit | edit source]

Nothing you do will prevent a hostile player from damaging or destroying your base if they have the means to do so. No base can ever be completely safe, even from a griefer armed with only a Copper Pickaxe and some Wood. The following realistic tips can help protect your base by reducing your likelihood of encountering a griefer, or reverting the damage that they might cause.

  • Only play with people that you trust, or have known for a long time.
  • Otherwise, if hosting, save a backup copy of your world and character files, so you can restore them to their previous versions if something unexpected happens.
  • Another method for hosts is to turn Autosave off, and if your base is damaged, exit Terraria directly by closing the window. All progress since the world was last loaded will be lost, but the damage will also be reverted.
  • If you are playing on a public server, protect your structures using the server's built-in TShock commands if available. Most populated public servers run TShock.

The following tips will slightly slow down griefers at best, and may also be insulting towards friends who had no intention of misbehaving on your world. Do not rely on them.

  • Use the strongest block or ore possible, Lihzahrd Brick is recommended to keep out most players, even if they can mine it, it usually takes a while longer.
  • Use Wooden Spikes from the Lihzahrd Temple. Covering your base results in an untouchable barrier. Adding another layer of every other block being a spike helps, just the same layout as in the temples. They should not be underestimated.
  • Then use Lihzahrd traps such as super darts, spiky balls or flamethrowers to secure your base further- place them on a 1 second timer. Spiky balls in a hallway are extremely deadly to any players.
  • You can also use actuators to actuate blocks in a hallway with spiky balls down a thin line to manually eliminate invaders.
  • Use actuator doors, or, if you have it, a Rod of Discord. the hardest base to enter is one with a secret entrance.

Now, 1.3 added announcement Boxes, which, when triggered, say something in the chat, and Logic Gates- Use a Player Sensing logic gate, they detect players within a radius above them. Hook them up with wires to an Announcement Box and set the box to say "Warning, Warning, your base is being attacked!!" or something like that to alert you of their presence. Try using a Bed to set your spawn point, some more announcement boxes to tell EXACTLY where in the base they are, so you can activate manual traps.

You can also use the sensors in another way. Use a 3 block tall hallway, the minimum possible, and put actuator blocks as the floor, with lava below. Then put the sensors as far down as possible, so they sense the players, trigger the actuators, and cause a sudden fall into the lava. If you want it to auto-close, use 2 3 second timers, both triggered at the same time, and they turn each other off and turn the actuators solid for a complex but deadly pit traps. Actuated doors to stop escape or the floor auto closing prevents escape.

If you're a host of a server, or staff, then try this.

Use any of the methods above plus Rods of Discord, as they will be undoubtedly in your hands, to teleport in and out. Try using a floating island. Place your small server maintenance room- I have such a room to detect things like day and night with logic gates, or you can use complex wiring to tell you whenever a teleporter is used or an area is entered. Player detecting gates are best for this, as they can be hidden under the ground. Use the teleporter wiring to your advantage and use announcement boxes to announce "Teleporter (A) has been used to go to teleporter (B)!" or something of the kind. Try using a zone system, with unbreakable boxes for builds and such with single sensors in tunnels, which are connecting them, connected to announcement boxes to announce it has been passed through.

For regular announcements, wire a day or night sensor to an Announcement box to say "It's daytime!" or "It's nighttime!" or use large amounts of 5 second timers to have a looping, delayed announcement. "Hey, just a friendly reminder."

Try them out on a singleplayer world first, and install them into your MP server world with TEdit during server downtime. Make sure to be skilled in the area of announcement boxes and sensors before going off and doing something insane.

Enemy Tactics[edit | edit source]

Knowing about common enemies is extremely important. Here are a few and efficient tactics that can be used against them.

  • Zombies: Zombies are the easiest enemy to deal with, being relatively slow moving and with neither an excess of health, movement speed or attack. A simple trapped pit, pit or even a thin lava lake will be enough to kill them quickly.
  • Possessed Armor: Possessed Armor behave exactly like Zombies, only faster, tougher and can break down doors outside of a Blood Moon.
  • Unicorns: Unicorns jump frighteningly high and fast, so a 22-10 pit should work for containing Unicorns. Be sure to make an overhang on each edge, so that Pixies and Gastropods can't get out either. In fact, a well built example of these traps keeps anything that spawns in the Hallow besides Wraiths, Eyes and Angry Nimbuses contained.
  • Clowns: Clowns can easily be avoided as it has a very simple AI and when it falls into a deep pit, it will just jump over and over again. Therefore, it is very easy to trap them. A simple deep pit will do.