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Guide:Crafting an Ankh Shield

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This Guide does not meet certain quality standards and may be heavily outdated.

Ankh Shield
  • Ankh Shield item sprite
  • Ankh Shield equipped
Stack digit 1.png
TooltipGrants immunity to knockback and fire blocks
Grants immunity to most debuffs
RarityRarity Level: 7
Sell5 Gold Coin

This is a guide to the materials required to craft the Ankh Shield. Scroll down below the image to see tips on acquiring them.


Item tree[edit | edit source]

In the table below, the top rows contain items you are likely to acquire first, and items below them are the result of crafting them. An item with no other item directly above it is acquired from the environment or from an enemy drop.

Obsidian Cobalt Shield Vitamins Armor Polish Adhesive Bandage Bezoar Megaphone Nazar Fast Clock Trifold Map Blindfold
Obsidian Skull Armor Bracing Medicated Bandage Countercurse Mantra The Plan
Obsidian Shield Ankh Charm
Ankh Shield

Description[edit | edit source]

The Ankh Shield is a Hardmode accessory which grants immunity to knockback and blocks that inflict the Burning debuff on contact, as well as immunity to the debuffs Weak, Broken Armor, Poisoned, Bleeding, Slow, Confused, Silenced, Cursed and Darkness. It is crafted at a Tinkerer's Workshop by combining the Obsidian Shield and the Ankh Charm.

Despite being an end-game accessory, you can find most of the items used to craft the Ankh Shield just by trying to obtain other endgame equipment. Farming will help you get this item very quickly although it is not necessary, but in some cases recommended. This guide is a tutorial for finding all the individual items used to craft the accesory.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

System[edit | edit source]

In this guide, there will be a leveled system approach which is not to be confused with any other tier system on the Terraria Wiki.

The system works like this:

  • There are four levels of crafting.
  • Level 1 is the "Result Level." This level contains the Ankh Shield.
  • Level 2 is the "Result Ingredient Level." This level contains the Obsidian Shield and Ankh Charm used to craft the Ankh Shield.
  • Level 3 contains the accessories crafted from the accessories in Level 4 used to craft the accessories in Level 2.
  • Level 4 contains the accessories used to craft the accessories in Level 3.

Level Four[edit | edit source]

This level contains the Armor Polish, Vitamins, Adhesive Bandage, Bezoar, Trifold Map, Fast Clock, Megaphone, Nazar, and Blindfold.

The Blindfold is not used to craft any Level 3 accesories, so it can be classified in Level 3 as well.

Armor PolishArmor Polish[edit | edit source]

Detailed Example

The Armor Polish is a hardmode accesory which has a 1% chance of being dropped by Blue Armored Bones and Armored Skeletons, which grants immunity to Broken Armor. Blue Armored Bones spawn in a hardmode dungeon, however, in early hardmode it is recommended to flatten out an area of the Cavern and make a farm with Water Candles to increase the amount of Armored Skeleton spawns, as they spawn in a less dangerous area. In late hardmode, it is faster to use the dungeon to farm for polish. If your Dungeon has a Brick Wall area, use the image on the right to create a farm in the Dungeon.

A basic Dungeon farm should include various Jungle Temple traps. The player should have their own protected area to prevent monsters from spawning inside the farm or enemies from being able to attack the player.

VitaminsVitamins[edit | edit source]

This item is a 1% drop from Corruptors and Floaty Grosses, which provides immunity to the Weak debuff. Your world will either have one or the other, but never both (unless you manually generate the Crimson or Corruption).

BezoarBezoar[edit | edit source]

Farm Example
Chlorophyte Farm

This item is a 1% drop from Toxic Sludge, Hornets and Moss Hornets, which gives immunity to the Poisoned debuff. Since all of the enemies can be found in the Jungle, the farm should be set up there.

The farm here will be a simple underground large room. It sounds like it wouldn't be the most efficient method, but it spawns quite a few mobs. For that reason, it's a good idea to bring a lot of Healing Potions. If you're really geared up, you might want to bring Battle Potions and place down Water Candles for increased spawning. In any case, it is vital to place down Campfires and Heart lanterns for quick healing.

Your farm should be larger than your screen, so that, if you're standing in the middle, you won't be able to see any walls. It sounds like a huge task, but if you use a powerful pickaxe such as the Pickaxe Axe, it shouldn't be too time consuming.

  • This farm serves as a great Plantera arena.
  • This can be an appropriate place for growing Chlorophyte.
  • An un-intended, but not discouraged side-effect of this farm is the spawning of Mimics, ultimately resulting in a large quantity of expensive and rare accessories.
  • It also commonly spawns Armored Skeletons, making it a far less efficient, but usable, Armor Polish farm.

Adhesive BandageAdhesive Bandage[edit | edit source]

This item is a 1% drop from variations of Rusty Armored Bones, Werewolves and Angler Fish, which gives immunity to the Bleeding debuff. The Adhesive Bandage is a tricky item. There are essentially two ways of approaching this. Rusty Armored Bones only spawn in Dungeons with a Slab Wall, so there is a good chance that you'll never come across one. If your dungeon does have slab wall, however, then you should find an Adhesive Bandage in your dungeon farm (see Armor Polish).

If you do not have a Slab Wall Dungeon, then your options are reduced. The first option is to generate a new world, make sure it has a Slab Wall Dungeon, defeat Skeletron, the Wall of Flesh and Plantera, then set up the Armor Polish Farm in said Dungeon. Another option is to attain the Adhesive Bandage from Angler Fish and Werewolves, which can be done by taking advantage of Full Moons. Using only regular Full Moons, it is possible to acquire the Adhesive Bandage in 1-3 Full Moons, using Water Candles and Battle Potions. If ever there is a Full Moon on a Blood Moon night, take Water Candles and Battle Potions to an open area, above ground and far away from your town. Werewolves will come in like a flood, and you are almost guaranteed to find an Adhesive Bandage. One thing is for sure, you will receive more than a few Moon Charms, one of which, you may want to keep, and the others to sell at high price. When focusing on getting the Adhesive Bandage, make sure to talk to your Painter on a regular basis. By watching which paintings he has for sale, you can track Moon Phases.

NazarNazar[edit | edit source]

The Nazar is a 1% drop from Cursed Hammers, Cursed Skulls, Enchanted Swords, and Crimson Axes, which give immunity to the Cursed debuff.

The Nazar is one of the items that cannot be attained methodically. Cursed Hammers, Enchanted Swords and Crimson Axes do not spawn often enough to be even slightly convenient to farm. An easy way to acquire the Nazar is to generate a new world, kill Skeletron, then get into the non-Hardmode Dungeon where Cursed Skulls are very common. If you don't already have one, you could pick up a Cobalt Shield, which will almost always spawn in one of the Dungeon Chests inside the Dungeon, so, if you don't already have one, now is a perfect time to get it. Water Candles, Battle Potions, Turtle Armor and Blood Moons are recommended to speed up the process, as it may take a long time.

Pre-Hardmode dungeon farm for acquiring the Nazar

Optionally if the player has armor sufficient to withstand a few pre-hardmode skeleton mages it is possible to anchor oneself mostly out of reach or behind a barricade and allow automated systems to kill the enemies. After 10-15 minutes the loot can be collected manually. A number of automated systems are possible candidates including the Chlorophyte armor's leaf crystal, a Flower Pow, traps, summons, or whatever combination of available options generates enough damage to keep the player safe while unattended. Since these are pre-hardmode enemies it doesn't take as much as one might think. A simple farm (pictured at right) may be used to acquire the Nazar, fully AFK with 20 defense. Spider armor, Spider Staff, Battle Potion, Water Candle, and one block in the middle for grappling to are being used. A bit below the farm lies a simple house to allow easy access to the arena in case of death.

Alternately, if you choose to attempt to acquire the Nazar through grinding in a hardmode world, here is a little math that might give supportive insight. After experimentation, it has been found that the spawn rate for Cursed Hammers, Cursed Skulls, Enchanted Swords, and Crimson Axes in their respective biomes, with the aid of a water candle and active battle potion, is around 1 appearance per 2.5 minutes. With a 1% drop probability, you essentially have a 99/100 chance to get nothing per kill. In order to reach the point of a roughly mathematical guarantee that you will get a Nazar (99%), you will need to make 458.2105…. kills X 2.5 minutes (on average). That comes out to 19.1 hours of grinding. Or, maybe you'll get lucky. Do yourself a favor and grind it on a pre-hardmode dungeon.

Fast Clock, Trifold Map, Megaphone and Blindfold[edit | edit source]

Fast ClockFast Clock[edit | edit source]

The Fast Clock and Megaphone can be obtained by killing Pixies that appear in the Hallow. As an alternative, Fast Clocks can also be obtained by killing regular Mummies and Wraiths. Wraiths can be found in the night, or when you just smashed an Altar, but Wraiths are dangerous with a melee setup, whilst Mummies, being less harmful, appear in a normal hardmode desert.

MegaphoneMegaphone[edit | edit source]

See Fast Clock. Megaphones can also be obtained by killing Dark Mummies, Pixies and Green Jellyfish.

BlindfoldBlindfold[edit | edit source]

A Blindfold can be obtained by killing Corrupt Slimes, Slimelings or Dark Mummies. Dark Mummies can be found in a Corrupt/Crimson Desert, and also yields Dark Shards, which is a key component in the Dao of Pow. For more efficient farming focused completely on obtaining Blindfolds, Corrupt Slimes, found in the Corruption, split into 3 Slimelings when killed, and all yield a 1% chance of dropping a Blindfold, effectively increasing efficiency by 4-fold.

Post-Mechanical Boss stage is a good time to farm for both the Blindfold and Vitamins. At this stage in the game, unless monitored, the corruption has likely affected a section of the desert. With a Battle Potion and a Water Candle, spawn rate will be dramatically increased allowing for both ingredients to be farmed at the same time. The Battle Potion and Water candle stack with a blood moon as well.

Trifold MapTrifold Map[edit | edit source]

The Trifold Map can be obtained by killing Clowns, Light Mummies and Giant Bats. Trying to look for Clowns is not recommended, as they are rare enemies that occur during a Hardmode Blood Moon, and do lots of damage themselves. Light Mummies are found in a Hallowed Desert, while Giant Bats appear in the Cavern layer during Hardmode.

With a little help from some choice holy/unholy water or a clentaminator, one can create a spot where all 3 types of mummy will spawn and attack you, allowing you to farm the above 4 ingredients at once.