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Guide:Frost Moon strategies

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The enemies during a Frost Moon are very dangerous, being essentially stronger versions of the Pumpkin Moon enemies. The player has to craft a Naughty Present to start a Frost Moon. A large arena is extremely useful in the fight. It is suggested to fight the invasion on multiplayer, because the enemies are tough.

This event is extremely hard, it is highly recommended (if not outright mandatory) to wear top-notch end-game equipment. It is furthermore highly advised to build an arena with traps (Lihzahrd-type ones) and lava to help deal with the waves of monsters, though it might burn some items. In the same manner as with the Pumpkin Moon. The arena should also feature a nearby house serving as a spawn-point for dead players. Wounded monsters will regain full life if the house is too far away. The event lasts throughout the night (7:30pm) only and will end on dawn (4:30am), making high damage a must to properly advance and obtain loot.

Magic Approach[edit | edit source]

Spectre Robe.png Magic set:

The mage set, with a properly prepared arena featuring Spiky Ball, Super Dart, Flame and Spear Traps, can deal a lot of damage with the high damage boost of the mask. Keep Mana Potion usage to an absolute minimum, as the Mana Sickness debuff will harm your DPS. Using the Razorpine with Spectre armor (with mask) allows you to deal high DPS and deal damage quickly without dying. When using Magic Cuffs, you could potentially have unlimited mana and health. Additionally, one could bombard enemies with Blizzard Staff icicles alongside the constant fire from traps. The primary dangers are the Ice Queen and the present bombs and Santa-NK1 rockets and present bombs. The first five or so waves or should flick by in a few seconds.

Ranged Approach[edit | edit source]

Shroomite Breastplate.png Ranged set:

The ranged set is likely capable of lashing out the most damage. With the proper gear and a suitable positioning (to trigger/keep the armor's ability), chances are good the player can utterly destroy any incoming enemies near instantly. The ranged set does however not supply any sort of healing, and is thus more dependent on multiplayer support or an arena designed to prevent enemies from being able to deal contact damage, along with blocking enemy attacks. Crystal Bullets are recommended, as each shard can damage nearby enemies, and boss enemies can run into them, taking more damage. The Tsunami can easily take out most enemies quickly, and Holy Arrows can be used to take out groups of enemies quickly, as each shot spawns 10 stars, and Ichor arrows can easily take out boss enemies very quickly, but the lack of velocity can make hitting Ice Queens difficult.

Melee Approach(Damage)[edit | edit source]

Beetle Scale Mail.png Melee damage set:

For soloing purposes, there appears to be two approaches with a melee damage set:

  • Vampire Knives: This method aims to sustain the player's life through the Vampire Knives. Though it is weaker than the mage set, it is powerful enough (thanks to the high armor) to survive several waves of the Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon events, and can thus be used as a stepping stone to obtain weapons for other sets (such as Razorpine or the Blizzard Staff).
  • The Horseman's Blade: This method relies of the The Horseman's Blade's ability to spawn homing pumpkins. It is dependent on a cluster of statues to spawn weak monsters, much like an ordinary statue farm.
  • Another method is to use The Horseman's Blade initially against the weaker monsters, as the pumpkin heads will often kill other monsters that would otherwise have been missed. The Flairon can then be used to great effect against the Everscreams and Santa NK1, and also the Ice queen if you can keep up with her (Fishron Wings will help with this). If the velocity of the Flairon bubbles proves too slow to catch up with the Ice Queen, the Possessed Hatchet can deal reliable damage in the meantime, while waiting for the Ice Queen to start a stationary spinning attack. Vampire Knives can be used in reserve in case the player needs to heal up. The North Pole can be used to fight the Ice Queens, as if the projectile is fired straight upwards, the queen will fly through the snowflakes left by it, and these will also fall to the ground and damage any monsters on the ground too. A melee approach has the advantage of the high defense offered by Beetle Armor, which greatly increases survivability.

Melee Approach 2(Tanking)[edit | edit source]

Beetle Shell.png Tanking set:

The tanking set is, like the ranged set, aimed at multi-player. Its purpose is to direct monsters' attention so that more fragile characters can butcher them all. For this reason the set has a high value of defense, and consequently lesser damage than the other sets. If, during multi-player, the overall healing is good enough, some defense-granting accessories may arguably be replaced by damaging-increasing ones, such as those used by the melee-damage set. The weapon can similarly be something else than the Vampire Knives. Though the player probably won't die that often, this set is unlikely to perform well in single-player due to how the low damage won't allow for much wave advancement. You’re going to be wanting however to make all your equippables warding, as it will increase your survivability

Summoner Approach[edit | edit source]

Summoner Set

When using the summoner approach, first create an invincibility machine, and put yourself in it. This will prevent death. It will also help if all the accessories are reforged to Warding to have a less of a chance of dying.

Notes[edit | edit source]

 ¹ As the honey buff is obtained by touching honey, its uptime may be tricky to maintain. It may be easier to suspend the liquid in the air using Bubble blocks, purchased from the Party Girl.  ² These items help you see monsters, but can likely be omitted without much consequence.

  • In addition to buff potions, players should also bring Greater Healing Potions and mages Super Mana Potions. As the latter is likely to be consumed in extreme quantity, the mage should bring vast amounts.
  • Please note that all the mentioned accessories above are recommended to have good modifiers, if not the best.
    • The mage, ranged, and melee damage sets should have Menacing (4%+ damage) or Lucky (4%+ critical strike chance) and the tanking set should have Warding (4+ Defense).
  • The Star Veil's (and the Cross Necklace's) ability to increase the player's invincibility after taking damage is crucial to this fight. Without it, the player is unlikely to survive for long.
  • A Wings accessory (or flying mount) is not mandatory, but can be of help. They will not see much use until Ice Queen shows up, at which point they can be used for chasing her and dodging her attacks.
  • The Vampire Knives will not work properly on targets under constant damage, such as when standing in lava or below a Nimbus Rod-cloud. A way to solve this is by making an arena in which the player is partly surrounded by a large rectangle of blocks. The Everscreams and Santa-NK1s will be able to pass through the wall and rise to the "floor" of it, (thus getting above the lava) at which point the Knives can hurt them, while the other monsters are kept outside/below the rectangle and have to remain in the lava.
  • It is useful to summon at least one minion for the fight. The Tempest Staff, Deadly Sphere Staff, Raven Staff, Xeno Staff, or a combination will work well. Using the Bewitching Table and Summoning Potion, it is possible to have three minions at once with little investment. Minion damage is maximized if the minions are summoned while wearing summoning armor, ideally Spooky Armor. The armor can be removed without penalizing the damage of those minions already summoned.
  • if you have defeated the Celestial Towers, you can drink a Flask of Ichor, and use the Daybreak.