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This Guide is revised as of 9 May 2019!

Gardening is the practice of intentionally spawning resources in a convenient area for harvest. There are several Plants that can be successfully grown in gardens in Terraria.

To grow many items, you'll first need to collect seeds.

Grass fields[edit | edit source]

Seeds Grows Obtained by
Grass Grass Grass (Hay)
Pumpkins during Halloween
Sold by Dryad, except during a Blood Moon
Corrupt Corrupt Corruption
Vile Mushrooms
Dropped by Eye of Cthulhu in a Corruption world.
Sold by Dryad during Blood Moon
Crimson CrimsonDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version Crimson
Vicious Mushrooms
Dropped by Eye of Cthulhu in a Crimson world.
Sold by Dryad during Blood Moon.
Jungle Grass Jungle Grass Jungle
Rich Mahogany
Rarely dropped when clearing Jungle Grass.
Mushroom Grass Mushroom Grass Mushroom Biome
Glowing Mushrooms
Giant Glowing Mushrooms
Dryad while in a Mushroom Biome
Rarely dropped when clearing Glowing Mushrooms.
Hallowed Seeds Hallowed Seeds Hallow,
Sold by Dryad during Hardmode, except during a Blood Moon

The main use of artificial grass fields is to create small, contained biomes to grow certain resources, such as the different types of Mushrooms or certain Trees.

All types of Grass will spread to other suitable soil blocks, which must be within 2 blocks and exposed on at least one side or corner. When growing large grass fields with limited seeds, it is better to plant them spread throughout the farm, as then the grass will spread over it faster.

The collection of Jungle Grass Seeds can be sped up through the use of Flower Boots, while a Queen Statue can easily teleport the Dryad to an underground Mushroom Biome for Mushroom Grass Seeds.

Contain Corruption, Crimson and Hallowed grass safely, as they will spread their respective biome if left unprotected (by converting grass in pre-Hardmode, and any corruptible block in Hardmode).

An Acorn planted on plain Grass, Corruption grass, Hallowed grass, Jungle grass, and Crimson grass will respectively grow plain Wood, Ebonwood, Pearlwood, Rich Mahogany, and Shadewood trees. They cannot be planted on Mushroom grass, and there is currently no way to plant Giant Glowing Mushrooms. They will, however, grow naturally if given enough space.

Pumpkin Seeds can only be planted on regular and hallowed Grass.

Herb[edit | edit source]

Herb Seed Planted In Bloom condition
BlinkrootBlinkroot Blinkroot SeedsBlinkroot Seeds Dirt or Mud None
DaybloomDaybloom Daybloom SeedsDaybloom Seeds Grass, Hallowed Grass During daytime (4:30 AM to 7:30 PM)
DeathweedDeathweed Deathweed SeedsDeathweed Seeds Corruption or Crimson grass During a Blood Moon Desktop VersionConsole Version or Full Moon
FireblossomFireblossom Fireblossom SeedsFireblossom Seeds Ash From 3:45pm to 7:30pm, if not raining, or when submerged in Lava Old-gen console versionMobile Version3DS Version
MoonglowMoonglow Moonglow SeedsMoonglow Seeds Jungle Grass During nighttime (7:30 PM to 4:30 AM)
WaterleafWaterleaf Waterleaf SeedsWaterleaf Seeds Sand During Rain, or when submerged in Water Old-gen console versionMobile Version3DS Version.
ShiverthornShiverthornDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version Shiverthorn SeedsShiverthorn Seeds Snow None

A well planned herb garden will provide most of the materials needed to create almost every buff Potion.

Herbs can be planted in soil, Pots or Planter Boxes. Pots and Planter Boxes do not have terrain limitations and allow every herb to grow on them, while also protecting them from being accidentally destroyed by a Player or enemy's attacks or projectiles. Herbs on soil however can be automatically harvested with Dart Traps or Actuator mechanisms.

The Staff of Regrowth will greatly increase the amount of herbs and seeds harvested. It will also work on fully grown but not yet bloomed plants at a lower efficiency, making it very useful when harvesting natural Deathweed or Waterleaf.

Trees[edit | edit source]

Layered tree farm.
Wood type Grows In
WoodWood DirtDirt with regular Grass
Boreal WoodBoreal WoodDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version SnowSnow
EbonwoodEbonwood DirtDirt with Corrupt Grass
ShadewoodShadewood DirtDirt with Crimson Grass
Rich MahoganyRich Mahogany MudMud with Jungle Grass
Palm WoodPalm WoodDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version SandSand
PearlwoodPearlwood DirtDirt with Hallowed Grass
Giant Glowing MushroomGiant Glowing Mushroom MudMud with Mushroom Grass
CactusCactus SandSand

While Trees grown by a player are significantly shorter than those generated naturally, building a farm for them provides a very simple way to obtain all different Wood types in one place.

A typical Wood farm consists of a flat surface made with the block required to grow the respective tree. If building multiple layers, all layers will need to have the correct vertical spacing in order for the Trees to grow properly.

In order to grow into a Tree, Acorns require one tile of empty space on either side of it, as well as 16 tiles of free vertical space. Jungle and Palm trees will respectively require 24 and 30 free vertical tiles instead. Note that Trees will not grow Underground (below 0 depth) or in front of a Wall.

Cacti and Giant Glowing Mushrooms cannot be manually planted, but they will automatically grow on their respective surfaces if all conditions are met. Rich Mahogany Trees will grow automatically as well.

Mushrooms[edit | edit source]

Mushroom Grows in
MushroomMushroom GrassGrass
Vile MushroomVile Mushroom Corrupted GrassCorrupted Grass
Vicious MushroomVicious MushroomDesktop VersionConsole Version Crimson GrassCrimson GrassDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version
Glowing MushroomGlowing Mushroom Mushroom GrassMushroom Grass

All Mushroom types will grow naturally in their respective Grass surface. Usual Mushroom farms consist of several layers of dirt with 3 block tall gaps in between.

Note that vines will grow down from strips of grassy dirt, preventing the growth of other layers below them. A layer of Wooden platforms below the dirt layers will prevent their growth while allowing the player to walk through them, allowing layers to be packed more tightly.

Regular Mushrooms are used for Lesser Healing and Regeneration Potions, however their sell price is significantly higher than the other two, giving it the small use of a limited money farm as well.

Vile or Vicious Mushroom farms are used for Vile Powder, which is required to summon the Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu, depending on the natural evil biome. Make sure to contain the farm properly, otherwise the Corruption/Crimson may spread out of the farm.

Glowing Mushrooms are much more useful in comparison, being used for Furniture and Shroomite Bars in Hardmode. They also grow at a faster rate than usual, and Giant Glowing Mushrooms may grow if given enough space (See above).

Mushrooms can be automatically harvested with Dart Traps or Actuators. Glowing Mushrooms have the unique ability grow on actuated Mushroom Grass: they will be immediately harvested as soon as they spawn, having a chance to drop as an item and/or seeds. This can be taken advantage of by building a large mushroom farm in the surface layer and having it produce and harvest Glowing Mushrooms without player intervention.

Bait Farm[edit | edit source]

A player standing in a jungle bait farm.

A bait farm is used to gather large amounts of it before Fishing.

Fireflies are one of the most common forms of Bait. With a Water Candle and/or Battle Potion, large amounts of them may spawn at Night. Once in Hardmode, Lightning Bugs will appear in the Hallow, which are more effective as bait.

Worms and Grasshoppers are an alternative to them, having slightly higher Bait Power and being very common during a Rain when destroying stone or dirt piles or cutting grass.

Jungle grass is also excellent source of bait, as each Jungle plant has a very high chance of spawning a Grubby, Buggy, or Sluggy.

The Flower Boots obtained from Underground Jungle Cabin chests can be used to get a large amount of bait in little time. When a Flare is directly beneath the player's feet, the flowers spawned will be instantly destroyed, and swinging a Bug Net will catch any critters that spawn.