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A ground enemy-proof main base.

Welcome to Hardcore! With only one life, your trusty tools, and the environment around you, you are ready to embark on a dangerous journey. Only two things are different, a special item, and you only have one life. Those are the only changes. However, you are now playing a much harder game. With only one life, you have to be more careful when it comes to traps, bosses, events, and just plain exploring. But do not worry. This guide will tell you many tips and tricks for surviving in the mortal plane.

  • This is a very hard difficulty, and if you make any mistakes, it could end the save permanently!

Shelter[edit | edit source]

Right away, build a shelter. You can use this to hide from enemies during the night. It is recommended to make multiple shelters so you always have a place nearby to restore health, manage your inventory and store your items. A good shelter should not have doors. During a Blood Moon, mobs can open doors and kill you very quickly. Instead, make a trapdoor (or platform) exit at the top of your base 2 blocks wide. This is big enough for you to get through but keeps almost all Demon Eyes out of your house. Also to make sure to have 1 block wide stubs at the top of your roof to prevent Zombies and other fighters from jumping into your house. If you put platforms against the inner part of your walls and hammer them once, you can make a 1-way door that you and projectiles can go out of the house, and enemies and other things can't get into it unless they can go through blocks. For the final base tip, a good way to keep all of your things in order is to name your chests. Keep potion ingredients and potions near your alchemy setup, and ores, bars, and gems near your anvil and furnace.

General Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Until you are geared up, explore by day. Do not go out during the first few nights, especially not during a Blood Moon. In cases of a Blood Moon, make sure to block the entrances, so enemies cannot get in.
  • Get some health and mana restoring items. With just one life, you do not want to die out there.
  • Use Recall Potions to quickly get home if you are far from shelter, or if you are on low health and need to heal safely.
  • Try to obtain armor, Mana Crystals and Life Crystals as soon as possible. They can be vital to your survival. However, try to keep your health below 200 until you are ready to fight the Eye of Cthulhu, due to the fact that it spawns after you reach 200 HP. If you get the 'Evil Presence' message and you're not ready, log out and log back in to prevent the Eye of Cthulhu from spawning, or to despawn it.
  • Use your NPCs! They all have helpful functions that you can use like shopping, helping with crafting, and healing. Additionally, since VersionConsole Version, NPCs also attack nearby enemies.
  • Play with friends! There is nothing better than someone to help you out and keep you company. They can also be in Hardcore mode for an even better experience.
  • Dangersense Potions can be vital for avoiding fatal traps.
  • Even if you don't plan to use a yoyo, using early game cobwebs to make a warding white string can significantly increase your defense.
  • Even if you have a Magic Mirror it's a good idea to carry few Recall Potions, thier low teleportation delay can sometimes save your life!

Class-specific tips[edit | edit source]