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Guide:Ocram strategies

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  • Issue(s):
     • lacks info of battle strategies
     • lacks detailed arena preparation
  • Old-gen console version3DS version Old-gen console/3DS-Only Content: This information applies only to the Old-gen console and 3DS versions of Terraria.

    Ocram is the second endgame boss on the Old-gen console version Old-gen console version and 3DS version 3DS version. Ocram spawns Servants of Ocram throughout the whole battle. They can be deadly if not killed right away. It has two stages like the Eye of Cthulhu, but shoots lasers in one or the other.

    OcramFirst FormHardmode exclusive
    Ocram animated.gif
    3DS Boss Icon.png
    Map Icon
    AI TypeOcram AI
    Max Life35000
    OcramSecond Form
    Ocram animated 2.gif
    3DS Boss Icon.png
    Map Icon
    AI TypeOcram AI
    Damage130 (melee)
    180 (Demon Scythe)
    140 (Laser)
    Max Life17500/35000

    The Battle[edit | edit source]

    Ocram's hit box is not very precise, so some attacks will fail to damage him. To avoid missing him, aim for his eyes.

    Ocram's second form is extremely dangerous; he'll fire waves of Demon Scythe spells. Their damage can reach 180 in one hit, so make sure to avoid them. He will also fire large laser barrages during this phase, so you will want to have mobility accessories equipped.

    General Strategies[edit | edit source]

    General Tips[edit | edit source]

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    • Starting the battle just after the sun sets (7:30 PM) will provide the maximum amount of time to defeat nocturnal bosses. In Hardmode, the Moon CharmMoon Charm and/or Moon StoneMoon Stone are also useful at night.
    • Prepare your Boss-fighting arena with adequate lighting, and CampfireCampfires and Heart LanternHeart Lanterns for health regeneration. Bast StatueBast StatuesDesktop Version will provide a significant defensive boost. Garden GnomeGarden GnomesDesktop Version will reduce damage taken and increase damage dealt due to the luck. HoneyHoney pools can also be used for extra health regeneration.
    • Always carry at least one stack of the highest-tier healing potion available (Lesser Healing PotionLesser, Healing PotionNormal,or Greater Healing PotionGreater Healing Potions). Relying only on natural Health Regeneration is not a good idea.
    • It is suggested to build houses for the NurseNurse NPC in your arena. The Nurse can heal and remove debuffs instantly, at the cost of some Silver Coincoins.
    • Bosses are displayed on the Minimap: Follow the boss's icon to track it when you're struggling to find it. You can identify the boss icons by checking their respective wiki pages.
    • Once you have freed the MechanicMechanic in the Dungeon, you can use WireWire to enhance your arena with Dart TrapTraps and helpful Heart StatueHeart and Star StatueStar Statues. The former help to damage the enemies, though be careful to set them up correctly in order not to hurt yourself during the battle. The latter will spawn heart and star pickups, respectively. Connect these devices to 3 Second Timertimers.
    • It may be useful to summon and kill the Eye of Cthulhu or King Slime before summoning any harder boss in order to spawn an extra one-use pool of Hearts. Note that this will prevent any Heart Statues from spawning new Hearts.

    Arena Preparation[edit | edit source]

    • It is advised to have a long, straight platform, with a small wall to block attacks similar to a platform used to fight the Wall of Flesh or The Twins.

    Gearing Up[edit | edit source]

    Weapons[edit | edit source]

    For Melee users:

    For Ranged users:

    For Magic users:

    • A Rainbow Rod, Magical Harp, or Heat Ray will excel against Ocram, although the Rainbow Rod should not be used while fighting the Servants.
    • If you want an easier battle with Ocram, use Spectre armor, the Hallowed armor with the Headgear, or Chlorophyte armor with the Headgear.
    • Using a Shadowbeam Staff in an enclosed area can deal massive amounts of damage, as the projectiles can bounce off walls, which also can take out the Servants.
    • Use Chlorophyte armor (with Chlorophyte Headgear) if you want to defeat him. Otherwise, use Hallowed armor (with Hallowed Headgear).
    • Using Spectre armor with the Golden Shower is very useful as it will heal small amounts of HP rapidly, greatly reducing the effect of Ocram's strong attacks. This strategy is more useful on the 3DS version, since the Spectre Hood increases magic damage done instead of lowering it. At times, this is also useful for switching between the Golden Shower and another Magic weapon for even more damage. The Cursed Flames (the corruption equivalent of the Golden Shower) is less useful since the flames are affected by gravity.
    • A Spectre Staff can be very useful if combined with Spectre armor (with the hood), which heals you as you attack. This is especially useful because the Staff's projectiles fire fast and target the servants instead of Ocram, quickly dealing large amounts of damage to the servants and Ocram himself, after the Servants are gone.
    • The Inferno Fork is an excellent weapon against Ocram, as it is not immune to the On Fire! Debuff. It is also useful for getting rid of its servants.

    For Summoners:

    • Minions such as the Optic Staff or Raven Staff are effective against Ocram. Another option is the Tempest Staff if you have defeated Duke Fishron.
    • Sentries such as the Queen Spider Staff or Staff of the Frost Hydra are good additional minions.
    • The Spooky/Tiki armor sets can boost both minion damage and amount, but if those are unavailable, use Spider armor.
    • You will want to equip high-tier summoning items like the Papyrus Scarab, Pygmy Necklace, and Necromantic Scroll to add knockback and extra minions to help in the fight.

    Accessories[edit | edit source]