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Unique Treasures
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Surviving in the Dungeon[edit | edit source]

This guide will show you how to survive a Dungeon and get home safely. A Dungeon contains unique and strong enemies, which may be hard to defeat, but also have a lot of unique items for your journey when you encounter the dungeon for the first time. You will find an Old Man, who was cursed by his master, Skeletron. See Guide:Skeletron_strategies on tips on how to defeat Skeletron. After defeating Skeletron, you can now explore the dungeon. To survive a Dungeon, it is highly recommended to get these items:

These items are optional. This is not required for your journey, but recommended:

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Go slowly. The faster you go, the more likely you are to run into a situation where you die or can't get back out of.
  • If you tear down and re-place the Dungeon walls, it will prevent monsters from spawning in those sections.
  • Removing any Water Candles you find can help you to survive, because they increase the spawn rate when placed. You can also use them later in-game when farming for rare enemies, drops, or a ton of materials.
  • When there are forks in the corridor, closing them with blocks can stop the Angry Bones from overwhelming you from behind or other directions. This makes it easier to clear one path at a time.
  • Use a Grappling Hook to avoid ground-based hazards and to get out of range of most enemies.
  • If a Weapon hits a projectile from a Dark Caster, the projectile will be destroyed. Used well, this can negate most damage from this enemy.
  • It is generally very dark in a dungeon. Whilst you can place torches, using a Hunter Potion is a good idea, as it will help you to notice enemies quickly even in the dark, especially if you run out of torches.
  • A weapon that can pass through blocks such as a Vilethorn will help greatly, allowing you to kill Dark Casters and Cursed Skulls from behind blocks.
  • Blazing Wheels glow and thus are not hard to see, but they can be very annoying due to their fast speed.
  • Moving far enough off-screen causes an inconvenient Spiky Ball or Blazing Wheel to disappear.
  • Blazing Wheels can't go through closed doors, meaning that you can easily trap them inside already explored rooms.
  • Remember to kill any Dungeon Slimes you encounter, since you'll need plenty of golden keys for looting the chests.
  • Equip a Cobalt Shield as soon as you find it. Resistance to knockback is very valuable, and will prevent all sorts of fall scenarios.
  • Keep a Pressure Plate in your hotbar and check every room for traps before you enter. Once the Mechanic is found, a Mechanical Lens can replace this.
  • Spikes may be removed with a Pickaxe, or from a distance with Sticky Bombs. Use a grappling hook to get across or build a bridge above them.
  • Dart traps can be harvested with a pickaxe and used for custom traps or home-defense systems.

Post-Plantera Dungeon[edit | edit source]

The dungeon becomes extremely dangerous once you defeat Plantera. The message "Screams are echoing from the dungeon..." appears and much more dangerous enemies start to spawn. These enemies drop high tier items and useful crafting materials such as Ectoplasm.

Access and Location[edit | edit source]

For fast access to the dungeon it's best to use a skybridge. If you have a skybridge at the floating island layer, you'll have to fight the occasional Wyvern and Harpy. It's recommended to dig a 'hellevator' down to the main part of the dungeon, so you don't have to maneuver through the zigzagging entrance shaft. Choose your farming spot carefully. Stay as close to the entrance as possible, so that when you die, you can get your things back with ease. The spot should be protected from monsters spawning above you. Last, but not least, choose a spot where there is more or less equal distribution of brick, slab and tiled walls. DON'T choose a spot where tiled walls are a majority, because Diabolists are the quintessence of death in the small dungeon corridors. Brick walls are probably the best, as you'll get Shadowbeam Staff quickly from the Necromancers, which is extremely useful against the casters. It's not recommended to walk around when farming for loot, because you can die in a far-away place and it can be hard to get back (if you play with a mediumcore character). See the picture on the right for more tips.

Try to look for a similar place.

Recommended Items[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Avoid being within the range of sight of Paladins. Their fast hammers can surprise you and deal enormous damage, not to mention that it can hit you twice, even when it falls down. Either hide from them or shoot at them continuously, focusing only on them.
  • Kill casters as soon as they spawn, and use a very strong weapon, at least with 60 damage. The casters teleport away after being hit (except for Ragged Casters), which means that weapons like Crystal Storm are useless due to their low damage.
  • Once dropped, use Shadowbeam Staff against casters, Inferno Fork against common enemies and Magnet Sphere when you aren't in danger (it moves very slowly, which makes it dangerous to use as a primary weapon).
  • Wisp in a Bottle can keep your surroundings lit infinitely without the need to use torches.
  • Place a wired Heart Statue/Star Statue near your dungeon base to save potions. Additionally, you can use Heart Lanterns and the like for faster health regeneration.
  • You can enhance your damage and defense using potions, but you will drain them quickly. Better buy an extra Crystal Ball to keep in the dungeon.
  • Which enemies you should kill sooner than others?
    • You can't avoid Diabolists and their projectiles, making them arguably the deadliest dungeon enemies. Kill them as soon as possible. Ragged Casters are also very annoying, since they shoot rapidly and inflict the Blackout debuff, which can easily blind you in dimly lit areas. Necromancers shoot more slowly and their beams can be avoided with some skills, but don't leave them alone for too long.
    • Paladins should be avoided at all costs. Don't give them a chance to throw their hammers and don't get cornered, because they are immune to knockback.
    • Watch out for Tactical Skeletons, Skeleton Commandos and Skeleton Snipers. Use a fast weapon like Frost Staff or Laser Rifle to keep them from shooting and finish them when you get closer.
    • Giant Cursed Skulls spawn occasionally, but they usually fly through walls, which makes them difficult to target. If you don't have Nettle Burst, fly away from them to make them leave walls, then shoot them like any other enemy.
    • Other enemies are fairly easy to defeat and once you make Spectre armor, use the set with hood to quickly regenerate your health by killing them.
  • When fighting an enemy, keep shooting for a second or two after they are dead, because you never know when the Dungeon Spirit will spawn. The spirits fly around you rapidly, which makes it difficult to hit them with small-projectile weapons. If you don't have the Inferno Fork yet, then use a ricocheting weapon like the Magical Harp.
  • If you are only interested in the chests, you can just dig around the entire dungeon, avoiding all the enemies. Make sure you block the path behind you, though.
  • Dart Rifle can be incredibly useful when paired with Crystal Darts, due to the high damage, ricochet and pierce.