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The Destroyer strategies
The Destroyer.png
TypeBossBurrowing Enemy
AI TypeThe Destroyer AI
Max Life80000 / 120000
KB Resist100%
Immune toAll debuffs
Map Icon The Destroyer.png
Map Icon

Destroyer Trophy.png "You feel vibrations from deep below..." Destroyer Trophy.png

The Destroyer is an early Hardmode boss. It's part of the trio of the Mechanical bosses, alongside with Skeletron Prime and The Twins. It is the mechanical version of the Eater of Worlds.

Spawn Conditions[edit | edit source]

The Destroyer can be spawned by fulfilling any of these conditions:

  • Smash a DemonDemon/Crimson AltarCrimson Altar. It will then have a 10% chance of appearing when night falls. Note that this condition is shared with the rest of the trio, and thus the result isn't guaranteed if they have yet to be defeated, and will only work if The Destroyer has yet to be defeated;
  • Use a Mechanical WormMechanical Worm.

It must then be defeated before the night ends.

The Fight[edit | edit source]

The Destroyer is very similiar to the Eater of Worlds, in that it digs around and launches up at you every chance it gets. Just sidestep the body and keep wailing away at it. Occasionally it will launch a few volleys of Death Lasers at anyone fighting him. These hit for about 15-20 damage on players with 40-50 defense.

The Destroyer also spawns ProbesProbes throughout the fight. It spawns one each time a new segment is hit, and provides a visual representation if a particular Probe has been sent out. Each Probe has a 33% chance to drop a heart when killed, so for the most part, health isn't too much of an issue with this fight.

The Probes are both a blessing and a curse. They are a curse because they get in your way and can attack you for significant damage with their lasers (a bit more if you collide with them). They might be a blessing in disguise, however, as they can be a source of health by killing them when you have less than full health. Careful management of your potions and heart collecting will keep you nice and stocked on health. Just drop to the ground when it's relatively clear and gather some.

For people new to Hardmode, it is important to realize that the Probes spawn as you do damage to the Destroyer. So while it may seem like a good idea to front-load a large amount of damage (a Nimbus over the spot where he first spawns, for example), you will probably find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of Probes spawning at once. Find a balance between damaging the worm and dealing with Probes to survive the fight.

If you're fighting on a wide, flat plain, it might pay off to occasionally just run across it until The Destroyer appears. Doing so might cause it to spread a large portion of its body along the ground, making it an easy target from above. Now would be a perfect time to use projectiles. If you have the horizontal space (and speed), make use of it by flying a decent distance back and forth instead of only staying in a particular (horizontal) area to help spread its body out. The more of the body you can keep exposed (and accessible to attacks), the more opportunities you have to deal damage.

On the other hand, if you want to hit the ground (say, to gather Hearts), you can fly straight up and hover a while until The Destroyer jumps straight up at you. You can then drop to the ground quickly to gather what you need while The Destroyer recovers from its attack attempt. It takes a while for it to loop back around from a high jump. Remember, outside of solid blocks/tiles, burrowing enemies have little control of their movement. This gives you the time to take a breather.

Expert Mode[edit | edit source]

It is very important not to get touched by the Head, as it can deal massive damage, and can kill fully healed players in two hits. Otherwise, there is no difference between Normal and Expert.

General Strategies[edit | edit source]

The most common tips for combat in general can be found here.

Terrain Preparation[edit | edit source]

The type of preparation you'll be making depends on your approach:

  • If you are using Melee, The Destroyer is best fought on an arena consisting of tall walls with multiple layers of Wood Platforms. This will allow players to move around the arena freely, and to keep a good watch on where the boss is.
  • If you are using Ranged or Magic, pick a wide, open, flat area, with plenty of clear space for flying and dodging. The Destroyer can clear a lot of vertical space.
  • Summoners can decide to use one of these 2 designs, depending on whenever they use Melee or Ranged weapons.

Gearing Up[edit | edit source]

Armor[edit | edit source]

Generally you want to use Adamantite or Titanium armor (but not the Frost armor, as the boss is immune to Frostburn) with the respective Helmet. Orichalcum armor is also a good, although a riskier choice to use against The Destroyer, because while it has lower defense than higher tier armor, its set bonus creates projectiles that deal lots of damage to The Destroyer because they can pierce.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

This boss is very large, not at all agile, and features many segments. Any weapon that pierces, has an area of effect, ricochets, or fires multiple projectiles will do well against it. If none of these are available, a fast autoswing weapon can be deadly against the main body, as you can dodge its lunge and attack continuously as it passes by. However, you will still need some way to attack at range, to deal with the Probes. As always, it's helpful to reforge your weapon(s) to get a good modifier.

Melee[edit | edit source]

The Destroyer is the easiest of the 3 Mechanical bosses for a melee character, considering its movement in the air is limited.

  • SwordsSwords are very effective at dealing damage to The Destroyer, especially if it attacks vertically. This takes out a lot of its health and if it keeps attacking you vertically, it will take a short amount of time to defeat it.
  • SpearsSpears have great potential. If you've already defeated a Hardmode boss, the Gungnir is very effective. If the Gungnir is not available, spears such as the Titanium Trident or the Adamantite Glaive are acceptable alternatives.
  • YoyosYoyosDesktop VersionConsole Version such as Chik, Hel-Fire, Amarok, or a Code 2 (if you killed at least one Mechanical boss) can easily damage multiple coils of The Destroyer quickly and with high accuracy. It does an even better job with a Yoyo BagYoyo BagDesktop VersionConsole Version, as it gives a wide attacking area, as well as kill the heart-dropping Probes without having to directly target them.
  • Dao of PowDao of Pow can do significant damage across multiple body parts.
  • Ice SickleIce Sickle would also be able to deal significant damage, while allowing you to maintain some distance from the Probes.
  • The high speed and damage of the Fetid BaghnakhsFetid BaghnakhsDesktop VersionConsole Version can destroy it in a matter of seconds, provided you have enough defense to take head on attacks.
  • The Shadowflame KnifeDesktop VersionConsole Version is an excellent choice too because of the rapid speed and its ability to ricochet which is extremely useful when The Destroyer is moving horizontally.
  • The Flying KnifeFlying KnifeDesktop VersionConsole Version can be very useful for the fight due to its good range and infinite piercing ability.
  • The Cutlass, if you were lucky enough to get it, is very effective with a good modifier.

Ranged[edit | edit source]

As with most bosses, ranged weapons would be easier to use than melee weapons. And even while this is one of the easier bosses for melee, a ranged weapon with enough piercing can simply hit so many parts at once that it out damages melee weapons by a great amount.

  • The Daedalus StormbowDesktop VersionConsole Version is a great weapon dealing large amounts of damage to any of the mechanical bosses killing them quite quickly especially when combined with Holy Arrows or Hellfire Arrows. The Adamantite or Titanium Repeater also works well with these arrows.
  • Desktop VersionConsole Version The Dart Pistol combined with Crystal Darts or the Dart Rifle combined with Cursed Darts can be obtained somewhat easily and will kill it quite easily even on Expert Mode.
  • Crystal Bullets used on any weapon with a fast firing rate will deal very high amounts of damage very quickly.
  • The Megashark or the Uzi are auto-firing guns with different bonuses; the Uzi deals more damage and can be acquired before killing the Destroyer but the Megashark has a chance to not consume ammo and fires faster.
  • The Shotgun and its upgrade, the Onyx BlasterDesktop Version, fire shots in a wide pattern which spreads out the further the shots travel; ironically, despite shotguns generally being close-ranged weapons, their effectiveness does not suffer at all when used at long range against the Destroyer.
  • The GatligatorDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version with Exploding Bullets is good against the Destroyer, as it is very easy to hit many segments at once even with the Gatligator's inaccuracy, and the Exploding Bullets can cause splash damage, hitting multiple segments.
  • If you already defeated mechanical boss Skeletron Prime, a Flamethrower could be used for this fight.
  • Another interesting weapon is the Cannon, which should be placed instead. It can deal high damage and pierce through multiple parts, giving great damage potential, however, it may be hard to get a good shot, aside from aiming up and simply waiting for The Destroyer to charge you. It is best to position the cannon on platforms high up (above the Destroyer's range), point the cannon straight up, and fire. The cannonballs will fly up a short distance, then fall back down, doing large amounts of damage.
  • Another effective but expensive method is to use a Star Cannon, lining up shots to deal damage to as many segments as possible.
  • The Hellwing BowDesktop VersionConsole Version with at least 700-1000 Wooden Arrows can do a lot of damage to the destroyer if you build mine cart tracks about 300 blocks in the air and at least half the world long. Just keep firing the bow in the opposite direction that you are moving and hammer the ends of the mine cart rails, set to bounce you back. You will receive a minimal amount of damage.

Magic[edit | edit source]

For magic users, the destroyer can be defeated with ease depending on the weapons used.

  • Medusa HeadDesktop VersionConsole Version and Life DrainDesktop VersionConsole Version can be great weapons for fighting The Destroyer, as it damages multiple segments at once, and can also strike down the Probes.
  • Thanks to its piercing ability, the Nimbus Rod is extremely effective against the Destroyer, regardless of whether you are geared for magic or not. The Clinger Staff can be used similarly to deal high amounts of constant damage, but must be refreshed constantly. Golden Shower is a good choice due to the fact that it can pierce multiple segments at once.
  • Various other piercing magic weapons can obliterate this boss in no time. Most notably the Magical Harp, the Poison Staff, and the Golden Shower due to their piercing ability, although to acquire the Magical Harp you'll need to defeat The Twins. However, if you are unable to obtain any of those you can settle for a Diamond Staff, Cursed Flames, Water Bolt, Crystal Vile ShardDesktop VersionConsole Version, Frost Staff, or a Magic Dagger as well.
  • The Meteor StaffDesktop VersionConsole Version deals extreme amounts of damage at a high speed, but it burns through Mana extremely quickly. One may wish to bring along a backup weapon if using it.
  • The Shadowflame Hex DollDesktop VersionConsole Version is a fantastic choice. It has a wide range with decent reach, deals respectable damage even without its debuff and has a very low mana cost.
  • The Space Gun can be a possible choice with good modifiers and accessories, But it can take a whole night to defeat The Destroyer.

Summoning[edit | edit source]

Accessories[edit | edit source]

There are many great accessories available at this point.

  • The Cross Necklace (or any of its upgrades such as the Star Veil) will make the barrage of laser bolts much more survivable.
  • Frozen/Flame Wings are the best wings available at this stage, but Harpy Wings or Leaf Wings are reasonable substitutes. Lightning Boots or better will provide ground movement and jumping. Those two accessories will allow you to move almost freely through the air and on the ground, making it easier to evade The Destroyer's body.
  • The Obsidian Shield prevents knockback and is practically mandatory for melee users, but useful for any class.
  • If your defense is lacking, Flesh KnucklesDesktop VersionConsole Version can be equipped for a beefy defense bonus. The Frozen Turtle Shell is another defensive accessory that can potentially save you if your health is critically low.
  • The Charm of Myths enhances survivability by providing regeneration and reducing the duration of Potion Sickness. To reduce the potion cooldown, it only needs to be equipped during the instant a health potion is drunk.
  • An Emblem provides additional damage for your primary damage type; the Summoner Emblem and your best summoner equipment should be worn before summoning minions.
  • Desktop VersionConsole Version Yoyo fighters should consider using a Yoyo Bag, as it can fend off the Probes while you fight the Destroyer directly, and deal extra damage to the body when fewer Probes are present.
  • Those lucky enough to obtain a Magic Quiver should use it if they plan on using a Daedalus Stormbow or any Repeater with Jester/Unholy arrows.
  • Magic users who wish to rely less on Mana Potions can equip a pair of Magic Cuffs/Celestial CuffsDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version. Probes drop mana stars frequently, so a Mana Flower should not be necessary.
  • Since the fight takes place at nighttime, the Moon Charm will be active if equipped, and is a viable choice for melee users.
  • Putrid ScentDesktop VersionConsole Version provides a generic increase to DPS and is a decent filler accessory.

As with most situations in general, it is best to reforge your accessories with damage, critical strike chance or defense increasing modifiers.

Potions[edit | edit source]

Specific Strategies[edit | edit source]

Skybridge Strategy[edit | edit source]

A good idea would be to build either an Asphalt skybridge or a normal high arena with wood and wood platforms, and have Heart Statues with pressure plates on each platform. A good strategy to fighting it would be to be highly mobile, i.e. jumping around from platform to platform and constantly moving. Obviously, avoiding getting hit and having a campfire and Heart lantern at the arena to recover health fast. You could even set your spawn near the Nurse and Magic Mirror to her when you have taken too much damage to recover health instantly, as The Destroyer will not despawn no matter how far you get away from it or if you use a Magic Mirror, or another item that teleports you, it will follow you all the way back to spawn. Kill its Probes, which drop hearts, as often as possible to recover health. If you have a good rhythm going then you only need to worry about the night ending, rather than dying.

Fireworks Strategy[edit | edit source]

There is another way for people who have a lot of money. Buy a lot of fireworks from the Party Girl. Place them on your bridge and wire them all up to a switch. Wait until The Destroyer is oriented in such a way that he is parallel to the bridge, then flip the switch and launch the rockets. The Destroyer will die quickly, although you will have to farm money for this because you will need a great amount of fireworks and wires. Alternatively, if the player has trouble getting the Destroyer lined up to their exact location, they can create multiple platforms over each other, all filled with fireworks, then make sure that the Destroyer's body covers the firing range, before setting them off.

Cannons Strategy[edit | edit source]

Another way to defeat The Destroyer is to wait for a Pirate Invasion, buy the cannon and many cannonballs from the pirate once the event is over, then place the cannon on wood platforms aiming the direction you wish and fire the cannon. This is one of the most expensive but effective strategies to defeat The Destroyer as the cannonballs do 300 damage and pierce, resulting in massive damage. You can also use traps to create a semi-afk farm to easily kill The Destroyer. A perk of this is that you can get a Cutlass, resulting in getting even more damage.

Small tanking box Strategy[edit | edit source]

A tricky alternative way of building an arena is by creating a small box, wire up a few Heart Statues around it and some honey inside it. Combine this with high defense, a Cross Necklace and a Charm of Myths. The Destroyer himself will only deal relatively low damage, less than your healing potential, making the fight very easy.

Nimbus Strategy[edit | edit source]

Another method of defeating The Destroyer utilizes a Nimbus Rod, ropes, and Platforms. Build a platform up high enough so that the Destroyer can just barely reach the player, but not so high as to despawn the Destroyer when standing atop it, and make a rope up. Since the Destroyer can't fly, you will be able to kill it easily. Piercing weapons will be most effective e.g. Flamethrower or Titanium Repeater. Place Nimbus Clouds, and then use the Mechanical Worm. The clouds will damage the Destroyer while you fight off the Probes. You may need to replace the clouds mid-fight. If you wish to do additional damage, shoot down at him with a Poison Staff, preferably at an angle as to do damage to multiple segments per shot.