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For a simpler, helpful guide, see Guide:Game progression.
New players may also want to refer to the Getting Started Guide.

Welcome to Terraria! Whether you are a new player, or perhaps a returning player who can’t remember if it’s Blinkroot or Moonglow that goes in that Night Owl Potion, hopefully this guide can be of some help to you. At least it might be more useful than the in-game NPC Guide.

When progressing through Terraria, many players can be confused about where they should go and what they should do next. This is not a design oversight: Terraria is an open-ended game; you are not forced to go anywhere or do anything. You are free to set your own goals and follow through with them, whether you are a builder, fighter, explorer, collector, or whatever else. This walkthrough merely aims to provide a logical order of progression through Terraria’s many different environments, called biomes, generally in order of increasing difficulty. It is recommended, but there is certainly no requirement to visit each biome, or even in this order if you don't want to.

If you are unsure of what map size to choose as a new player, choose small. Even in a small world, a player can face long travel times, and it would still take hundreds of hours to explore every cave in a small world at a normal pace.

Starting Out[edit | edit source]

On the creation of a new world, a helpful NPC (Non Player Character) will spawn, and he is called the GuideGuide. If you are new to Terraria, then chat with him and he will give you advice on different elements of your world. As you progress however, his tips become increasingly useless and unnecessary because you will either already know or have done them.


New players will almost always spawn in the Forest biome.

Recommended Life
Recommended Equipment

Starting equipment

The landscape of a forest includes lots of grass, plenty of trees, several lakes ranging from small to large and, sometimes, Sunflowers. Dayblooms and Pumpkins (Halloween exclusive) can be found growing in this biome. During the day, this biome has the weakest monsters in the game. Note that Goblin Scouts only spawn in the outer thirds of the map and that Pinkies are fairly rare.

Beginner[edit | edit source]

A newcomer could easily be lulled into a false sense of security upon entering into the bright world surrounded by cute bunnies and harmless slimes. Don’t be deceived. You have 11 minutes and 15 seconds before night falls and you are ripped into pieces by packs of zombies, if you are not prepared. Your goal in the daylight remaining to you should be to kit yourself out with some better starting equipment from your surroundings and find a source of shelter, preferably underground, to pass the night.

The first thing you should do is cut down several trees (using your Copper AxeCopper Axe, aim for the lowest block), as wood is needed for many things, then build a Work BenchWork Bench. From there, craft a Wooden SwordWooden Sword, and perhaps a Wooden BowWooden Bow, as your starting weapons are next to useless.

Next, you should explore your surroundings. There are usually some ChestChests and PotPots on or near the surface near your starting point, which will often contain useful weapons and other items. If you are lucky (a 9% chance per chest), you’ll find a Spear, which is one of the best starting weapons, especially against zombies, the biggest threat at this point. If you can find enough CobwebsCobwebs near the surface (you'll need 20), you can also make a Wooden YoyoWooden YoyoDesktop VersionConsole Version, which is finicky, but a solid starting weapon. There will also almost always be at least one cave entrance close by leading Underground. Use RopesRopes and PlatformsPlatforms to reach high ledges, bridge chasms, and safely descend. Always carry blocks around with you so you can descend safely!

Once you have explored your surroundings and cracked open all the chests and pots in sight, you should head to the safety of the Underground before night falls to continue your search for useful items and resources.

Veteran[edit | edit source]

You may wish to consider another option: CactusCactus / EbonwoodEbonwood / ShadewoodShadewood equipment is as effective as Iron gear, and far quicker to obtain, albeit at a higher risk. Note that the Jungle always generates in a world opposite from the Snow and Dungeon: the former often generates close to spawn, and frequently the Corruption/Crimson generate just after or in the Snow biome, especially in small worlds. It is preferable to travel through the Snow as it is faster and safer than the Jungle, and knowing this, one can often quickly reach the Corruption/Crimson. Once there, it is advised to use any buff potions you may have picked up on the way and craft any Wooden Arrows into Flaming Arrows. Nip in, cut one tree, duck out, make an Ebon/Shadewood Sword and Bow, then use the new weapons you’ve made to defend yourself while you chop down a few more trees to make the armor. It only takes a minute or two before you have sufficient equipment to survive every surface biome, as well as the caverns.

It should be emphasized that it is very easy to die while doing this, as it is a gamble and there may not be Corruption/Crimson at all on one side of the world, and sometimes when it generates in the snow, there will only be Boreal trees around. Even if you don’t find Ebon/Shadewood trees, you can usually at least encounter numerous Chests, a Desert, or even a Pyramid. If can't find any Corruption/Crimson, farm the Cactus instead.

As of the 1.3 update, a great way to get a great starting weapon is to travel to the outer thirds of your map and look for 1 block wide tunnels just under the surface leading down in the Forest biome. There is a chance you will find the entrance to an Enchanted Sword Shrine. If you dig down, at the bottom you may find an Enchanted Sword. You will need to shoot Jester's Arrows straight down to illuminate the ground under you. It's recommended to bring some RopeRope before you descend the hole you found.


16.6% every day (approx. every six days)


24 hours (24 real minutes)

Recommended Life

Rain occurs randomly and affects all surface biomes for its duration. Most enemies are only visually different from the normal enemies. With the Flying Fish, flying enemies spawn during the daytime. When a player is in a Snow biome during Rain, it appears as a Blizzard.

Effects of rain:

  • +20% Fishing Power while rain is active, regardless of location
  • WaterleafWaterleaf blooms
  • Increased frequency of wormworms in Forest biomes
  • NPCs remain in their Houses as if it were night

9 hours (9 real minutes)

Recommended Life
Recommended Weapony

Iron or equivalent Broadsword and Bow (with Flaming/Frostburn Arrows), Spear, Wooden Yoyo, Throwing Knives, Shuriken

Zombies and Demon Eyes will spawn on the surface at night, regardless of the biome. They are much stronger than monsters from daytime.

It is recommended to stay Underground (or inside your House if you built it) during night time until you are strong enough to deal with Zombie packs, as there is little to be gained and so much to lose for a new character during nighttime. If you do find yourself outside at night, any weapon that can hit multiple times, such as the Spear, Wooden Yoyo, Throwing Knives, and Shurikens are very useful. Any Bow and Flaming or Frostburn Arrows also tend to deal more damage than most other starting weapons. If you're not used to playing Sandbox building/mining games, it is easy to forget your greatest ability: the power to move blocks.

If you are busy fighting enemies at night, it may be wise to look for Fallen Stars while you're outside. Desktop VersionConsole Version 3 / Old-gen console versionMobile Version3DS version 5 of them can be used to craft a Mana CrystalMana Crystal, which will benefit you later when you obtain magic weapons.

Going Underground[edit | edit source]

For a more in-depth guide on mining, see Mining Techniques.

The Underground can be identified by its background. It is the first layer below the surface. Copper/Tin and Iron/Lead deposits can be found in this layer as well as Silver/Tungsten and Gold/Platinum, though infrequently.

The short depth of this layer (particularly on small worlds), combined with its limited rewards, means you will probably not be spending too much time here before moving on to the more lucrative Caverns. Copper/Tin is highly abundant, but experienced players can skip them by farming cactus or ebon/shadewood equipment.

While exploring the Underground (and, by extension, the Caverns), you might find Life CrystalsLife Crystals: you can mine and use them to increase your maximum life by 20 (up to a maximum of 400). You can also stockpile Life Crystals and use them to craft Heart LanternHeart Lantern, which increases life regeneration as long as you stay near to it. It's critical that you increase your max life, as it makes you tougher to stronger and harder to dodge attacks.

Recommended Life
Recommended Weaponry

Iron broadsword or equivalent, Iron bow or equivalent, Wooden Yoyo or any of the surface Chest weapons.

Notable Chest Contents

The Caverns can be identified by their background. It is the second layer below the surface and is by far the largest pre-hardmode biome. The Caverns are divided into two halves. In the top half, lakes of water are found, while in the bottom half, lava is found instead. All pre-hardmode ores except Hellstone and Meteorite ore can be found frequently in this layer (Demonite Ore or Crimtane Ore rarely). Caves of Glowing MushroomGlowing Mushrooms can also be encountered.

The Caverns are a massive biome with many useful items and treasures, and as such, players may find themselves spending a lot of time here. Although its monsters can be dangerous for a new player, the greatest threat in this layer may be the danger of falling into its deep chasms, frequently with the aid of the bats. In Terraria, the difference between stubbing your toe and breaking both your legs can only be the height of a handful of blocks. Should you find yourself falling to death, don’t forget there are a number of items that can break your fall: Cloud in a BottleCloud in a Bottle's (or equivalents) extra jump, Grappling any surface (with a Grappling HookGrappling Hook), including the ground you’re about to hit, or even an UmbrellaUmbrella. Pools of water (1+ block deep) and Cobwebs will also save you if you’re lucky enough to fall into them.

This ever-present danger is closely followed by the devious and near-invisible traps sprinkled throughout the dark caves. A bold, fearless new player skipping heedlessly through the caves for the first time will quickly meet with a BoulderBoulder landing on their head, or even, a landmine powerful enough to destroy the surrounding terrain. These dangers can be fatal to Hardcore characters. Needless to say, tread with extreme caution, and take advantage of the helpful Dangersense PotionDangersense PotionDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version. Using generous amounts of light sources is one of the best ways to mitigate both of these dangers. The Flare GunFlare Gun, Mining HelmetMining Helmet, and Shine PotionShine Potions can prove useful additions to the usual sources.

Although there are many helpful items to be collected in this layer, probably at the top of the list will be a Grappling HookGrappling Hook and a Magic MirrorMagic Mirror. Both of them will make getting around much easier and faster. Fortunately, with the Gem hooks, it is trivial to craft one, and Magic Mirrors are also very common. Besides these two, a player may want to craft a Gem StaffGem Staff, as they tend to outclass most other weapons at this stage of the game, limited by the number of stars you’ve managed to collect so far.

Note that should you descend too far, you will actually find yourself in the Underworld. This will be marked by a change in music and background, and its enemies will start spawning, which you probably won’t want to face at this stage.

A quick note on weapons and armor: at this stage, you have a lot of choices of Ore-based weapons and armor that you can craft. It is entirely feasible to be constantly upgrading your weapons if you desire, as they don’t cost much. The Iron BroadswordIron Broadsword, for example, only costs 8 Iron Bars – 24 iron ore – which is about one to three ore veins. Armor is a different question. Because of set bonuses, it is wise to try and complete an armor set rather than mixing and matching different pieces. Because of how Defense works, there isn’t a huge benefit from upgrading from one armor set to the next. The Copper armor set, for example, reduces damage taken by 3, Iron armor reduces damage by 5, so the difference in damage reduction is only 2, which is barely noticeable. Yet to complete the Iron armor set requires 225 ore, which represents a significant amount of mining time.

It is therefore recommended to mine Silver or Tungsten Ores for the Armor because they are good enough to take on the first bosses, it's significantly faster to complete than Gold or Platinum, and allows you to save the latter for Weapons and Tools.

Building a Base[edit | edit source]

A typical base
For an in-depth guide on building bases, see Guide:Bases.

Once you’ve filled your inventory with blocks and loot, you may want to consider starting to build a base, as now you have some building materials and money to buy things. A base can take anywhere from a single in-game day to more than an in-game week to complete, depending on the player's tastes. It is not necessary, however, to build the entire base right away. Waiting to build the majority of the base can be advantageous, as it will allow the player to use the large stores of blocks they will end up gathering as a by-product of mining. Regardless of when or what the player builds, it is recommended to build houses for the Guide, Merchant and Nurse, craft a campfirecampfire, and an area for storage and crafting before progressing. It is also wise to create a layout that can be easily added onto later as more NPCs are available and more storage is needed.

You should have at least the following in your base before moving on:

  • Of course, houses for the Guide, Merchant and Nurse, as well as a valid empty house or two for other NPCs.
  • Several organized chests for item storage. You don't want to have a cluttered inventory every time you leave your base.
  • A campfire and sunflowers, both of which provide helpful buffs to those nearby. (Sunflowers also block the spread of Corruption and Crimson until hardmode, if you happen to have such biomes near your base.)
  • A crafting room, preferably with a chest or two in it to store crafting materials. Eventually, you're going to want a unified place for all your crafting needs. By now, you'll have a Work BenchWork Bench, a BottleBottle on that Work Bench, a ChairChair next to it, a FurnaceFurnace, an IronIron/Lead AnvilLead Anvil, and probably a SawmillSawmill and a LoomLoom. A Chair and a Table adjacent to each other will serve as a crafting station for Watches. You should also leave some space for later-game crafting stations and more chests, but with just this setup, you'll be able to craft anything up to this point, from swords to robes to potions and building blocks.

Beyond the Forest[edit | edit source]

Once the player obtains strong enough weapons many mid-tier biomes open up. These biomes contain crafting materials as well as other treasures.

Recommended Life
Recommended Equipment

Starting equipment

Your spawning location will often be close to or sometimes even in the Snow biome. This biome will always lie opposite the Jungle in a world, and on the same side as the Dungeon. This biome offers similar challenges and rewards to the Forest biome, along with Boreal Wood and Shiverthorn.

Recommended Life
Recommended Weaponry

Ebon/Shadewood or equivalent Sword, Bow and Frostburn Arrows, Gem Staff

Recommended Armor

The Underground Snow can be reached from the surface Snow, or from the Caverns, although sometimes there is no natural entrance from one or both. It ends where the lava layer begins. It is somewhat harder than the Caverns. Though there may not be a large quantity of ores or gems in this biome, it is still worth exploring for its unique chest contents. Note that Ice Chests are less common than Gold Chests and it can take a lot of exploring to find all the former chest drops (it may even require exploring multiple worlds). However, you should be wary of the thin ice pockets scattered throughout the biome to avoid an untimely fall to your death.

Recommended Life
Recommended Weaponry

Wooden Sword, Spear, Any thrown weapon (Shuriken Throwing Knife Grenade)

The monsters in the desert are weak and can be easily dealt with using ranged weapons, although Antlion Swarmers and Vultures may present a moderate challenge. If you visit the desert you can craft equipment from cactus, which is slightly stronger than wooden equipment.

One of your deserts will contain an entrance to the Underground Desert, which is a large deep hole. If you're standing on the edge of this entrance, a monster may cause you to fall to your death below, so be careful. You can prevent this by building a bridge made of platforms or blocks.

If you are lucky, your desert may contain a Pyramid, either sticking slightly out of the sand or buried just underneath. Digging down through the Pyramid's sandstone walls will bring you to a chamber with a chest which may contain a Flying CarpetFlying Carpet or Sandstorm in a BottleSandstorm in a Bottle, both very useful accessories, and you're guaranteed to gain a least a few gold coins from the chest, money sacks, and pots in the temple chamber.

On the other hand, if you are unlucky enough to arrive during a Sandstorm with insufficient gear, it may be best to explore the desert later.

Recommended Life
Recommended Weaponry

Silver Broadsword or better, Spear, Rally

Recommended Armor

Iron or better

The Underground Desert is about as difficult as the Underground Snow biome and is a good source of treasure otherwise found in the Caverns. However, until you obtain a pickaxe stronger than gold or platinum pickaxe, you cannot mine the Desert Fossils (you can't use bombs on them), but once you can mine them, put them through an Extractinator to get Sturdy FossilsSturdy FossilsDesktop VersionConsole Version, which are used to craft consumable throwing weapons and a set of armor that will greatly help you through pre-hardmode.

Recommended Life
Recommended Weaponry

Ebonwood or Shadewood Sword, Bow, Gem Staff

Recommended Armor

Cactus, or Ebonwood or Shadewood

The jungle is one of the more difficult surface biomes. The Underground Jungle should not be attempted early on.

Recommended Life
Recommended Weaponry

Ebonwood Sword, Bow, Rally, Gem Staff

Recommended Armor

Ebonwood or Cactus

The Corruption can be a challenging biome for players with basic equipment. Demonite is found in small deposits in this biome, though a Gold Pickaxe or equivalent is needed to mine it. Ebonstone can only be mined with a Demonite Pickaxe, which can only be obtained after defeating Eater of Worlds, but you can use Purification PowderPurification Powder, BombBombs and/or DynamiteDynamite to destroy it before you’ve defeated Eater of Worlds. It's also possible to obtain Unholy Arrows here by killing Devourers and combining their Worm TeethWorm Teeth with regular arrows.

Shadow OrbShadow Orbs are also found encased in ebonstone at the bottom of the chasms. Breaking them can yield powerful items. You may be tempted to ninja the Shadow Orbs early on, but you should also be prepared to deal with the events that will be triggered (see the Eater of Worlds section for more details.) Breaking three Shadow Orbs will result in the Eater of Worlds being summoned.

You may wish to cover the chasms with blocks, which will seal Eaters that spawn inside the chasms and prevent them knocking you down to your death. Rope is also very useful here to ascend and descend the chasms rapidly and safely.

Recommended Life
Recommended Weaponry

Shadewood Sword, Bow, Rally, Gem Staff

Recommended Armor

Shadewood or Cactus

Sometimes the Crimson will replace the Corruption in your world. Most of what’s written in the Corruption section can also be applied to the Crimson. The Crimson is an upgrade to the Corruption in a similar way to how Lead is an upgrade to Iron; in general, the stats on crimson items are slightly better. However, in this case, it is not strictly better, as the Corruption has some very useful items like the Vilethorn, Worm Teeth (for Unholy Arrows), and Band of Starpower that have no counterpart in the Crimson.

Crimson monsters are perhaps more difficult than Corrupt ones. Cave generation is also different: instead of deep shafts, it contains one big neuron-shaped cave that you can walk down more easily. Crimtane Ore replaces Demonite Ore and Crimson HeartCrimson Hearts replace Shadow Orbs. The Brain of Cthulhu boss is the Crimson counterpart to Eater of Worlds, though Eater of Worlds is slightly easier.

Recommended Life
Recommended Weaponry

Shadewood Sword, Bow, Rally, Gem Staff

Recommended Armor

Shadewood or Cactus

Oceans are always found at the edge of the world, usually next to beaches containing Palm Trees and decorative seashells and starfish. Water Chests are found typically in the deepest parts. New characters may have problems working in this biome because of sharks and a lack of air supply. Gills PotionsGills Potions can help in this regard.

Even without underwater breathing aids, you can loot the ocean chests by quickly running along the bottom and then teleporting home with the Magic Mirror before you drown (this can be made easier with Hermes BootsHermes Boots, Swiftness PotionSwiftness Potions, and Water Walking PotionWater Walking Potions). If you do this quickly, no enemies should bother you.

If the platform permits, you will definitely want to go Fishing in this biome. The varied loot can provide for a bit of money, and if the player catches a Reaver SharkReaver Shark, you won't have to get a new pickaxe until Hardmode!

Recommended Life
Recommended Weaponry

Space GunSpace Gun or other gun, or Ruby/Diamond Staff

Recommended Armor

Silver minimum, better recommended

Recommended Equipment

Gravitation PotionGravitation Potion, Featherfall PotionFeatherfall Potion, other buff potions


Floating islands and Sky Lakes are typically found around 475ft on small maps, at 500-700ft on medium maps, and at 600-1000ft on large maps. A small map generally has 3 floating islands and a sky lake, though sometimes 2 islands; medium maps can have up to 4 islands and 2 lakes; large maps up to 6 islands and 2 or 3 lakes. Each island contains a Skyware ChestSkyware Chest, along with ore deposits and unique skyware blocks and furniture. Sky Lakes have a chance of containing Water Chests.

It can be difficult to find, reach, and loot floating islands. Although there are many ways to approach this problem, the quickest and most straightforward is to use Gravitation PotionGravitation Potions found in underground chests to fly across the map at the appropriate height (a Depth MeterDepth Meter can help if you are unsure). Only two are needed to fly across and loot an entire small world. Featherfall Potions will make flying a bit easier to control and help prevent you to fall to your death. It's also recommended that you should set out in the day to maintain good visibility of HarpiesHarpies.

Reaching the Space biome risks you to be surrounded by flocks of harpies, making floating islands hard to explore even with decent equipment. The key is to use as many speed-boosting items as possible -- Hermes Boots, Swiftness Potions, anything that gives Well Fed -- and be continually moving forward, only quickly pausing to loot, to minimize their harassment.

If you do fight Harpies, because of their attacks from distance and erratic flight pattern, it can be quite difficult to hit them, and it’s advisable to use a weapon with a long range and high velocity: the Space GunSpace Gun (especially with Meteor armor) is perfect for this job, but any Gun will do.

If you plan to revisit a floating island or sky lake, you may wish to drop a line of RopeRope.

It’s recommended to loot the floating islands as soon as you get Gravitation Potions, as it is fast and all the loot is highly useful -- removing falling damage eliminates a huge pain, and Starfury is a very strong weapon at this stage, making cave exploration immeasurably easier.

As you continue your exploration of the surface, you should also expect to encounter this event:

1 player with at least
, and it's not a new moon.

Given those criteria, 1 in 9 chance (11.11%) of occurring.

During a Blood Moon bunnies, goldfish, and penguins will turn hostile, and the spawn rate of all monsters on the surface will increase dramatically. Additionally, enemies will be able to spawn near NPCs and Zombies can force doors open (you can prevent this by blocking the doors with a block or platform on the inside). In addition, DeathweedDeathweed will bloom, and some NPCs will also sell special wares. If you do not wish to fight in a Blood Moon, you should probably seek shelter underground where you will be beyond its effects. But with increased danger comes increased reward. Killing Blood Zombies and Dripplers has a chance to yield the Money TroughMoney TroughDesktop VersionConsole Version, which is essentially a mobile Piggy Bank, and the Shark Tooth Necklace, which penetrates enemies defenses by 5, making fast-firing weapons such as the Minishark and Water Bolt more effective against tough enemies.

The Bosses: Taking On The Big Three[edit | edit source]

Once you’ve survived the first couple nights and started work on a base, you should begin preparations for the upcoming boss battles, as even if you do not wish to go looking for them, they will come looking for you.

For more information, see Guide:King Slime strategies.

2000 / 2800


40 / 64



King Slime is an entirely optional but fun mini-boss, although the word “mini” in this case seems grossly insufficient to describe this appropriately named King-sized slime. None of its drops are necessary for game advancement.

King Slime can spawn rarely in Forests outside the middle third of the world, by using a Slime CrownSlime Crown, or during a Slime Rain if the player kills 150 slimes (75 if already defeated once). As with all monsters that can spawn naturally, the King Slime has a better chance of spawning while standing near a placed Water Candle or under the effects of a Battle Potion. It is extremely unlikely you will ever come across King Slime without planning to. King Slime is a good challenge for a beginning player and can be easily defeated by tactical use of terrain.

Still, savvy players may want to defeat King Slime for the chance of getting a good Slime HookSlime HookDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version, as it's better than any hook obtainable up to this point, allowing you to grapple to three spots.

Eye of Cthulhu[edit | edit source]

For more information, see Guide:Eye of Cthulhu strategies.

2800 / 3640


First form: 15 / 30

Second form: 23 / 36 (40 when at 1/25 health)


First form: 12

Second form: 0

Recommended Life
Recommended Weaponry

Gem Staff, Gold/Platinum Bow with unholy or frostburn arrows, Shurikens, Poisoned Knives

Recommended Armor

The Eye of Cthulhu has a 1:3 chance of spawning each night if the player meets all three of the following requirements:

  • Eye of Cthulhu has not been defeated in the current world
  • At least one player in the world has 10 or more hearts (200 HP) and 10 or more defense
  • Three NPCs are present in the world

Shortly before Eye of Cthulhu appears, the player will receive the message, "You feel an evil presence watching you." Leaving the game and reopening it at this point will cancel the fight, as many players prefer to fight Eye of Cthulhu on their own terms by using a Suspicious Looking EyeSuspicious Looking Eye to summon it. The Eye must be defeated by dawn.

Eye of Cthulhu looks like an enormous Demon Eye. Like most bosses, it travels through blocks. The Eye has two forms. During the first, he spawns Servants of Cthulhu while floating around the player, which drop hearts and stars on death. When the Eye’s health falls below half (1400), it transforms into its second form, which charges the player more aggressively, no longer spawns Servants, and has lowered defense.

Ranged/magic weapons are recommended for this fight, especially piercing weapons as they will hit multiple times per attack. Using a flat, wide open space for an arena, such as the one around your original spawn point, will also make it easier to dodge the Eye’s attacks.This boss is generally the first boss players face.

Eater of Worlds / Brain of Cthulhu[edit | edit source]

After the Eye of Cthulhu is defeated, you should do the following:

  • Be sure the Dryad has a home. She sells Purification Powder, a less explosive option for getting to those Shadow Orbs and Crimson Hearts, and planters, a more convenient way to grow your alchemy herbs.
  • Make sure to have at least 10 (preferably 12) valid NPC houses and be sure you can access them without having to go all the way across the map (this will be important in hardmode).
  • If you have Crimson in your world and don't have anything better than a Platinum Broadsword, Platinum Bow or Rally yet, craft a Blood Butcherer from the Eye's drops.
  • Start on your herb farm. Potions will be immeasurably helpful throughout the rest of the game.
  • Build a chest room. It's not a bad idea to have plenty of storage space to put away items you'll find later on.

Then head to the Underground Crimson or Corruption to smash your first Crimson Heart or Shadow Orb (don’t forget the hammer). Smashing your first heart or orb allows two events to occur in short order:


50% on breaking a Shadow Orb or Crimson Heart

Recommended Life
Recommended Weaponry
Recommended Armor


Recommended Equipment

DynamiteDynamite, Sticky BombSticky Bombs, Gold or Platinum Pickaxe, buff potions

Notable Resources

Smashing an orb/heart will give a 50% chance for a meteorite to land the next midnight; smashing additional orb/hearts after the first one on the same day will not increase your chance of a meteorite landing. However, if it is between midnight and dawn (04:30), the meteorite “roll” will occur immediately. Therefore if you wish to maximize your chances of more meteorites landing, you should only smash orbs/hearts between midnight and dawn, or wait until midnight has passed to smash an additional orb/heart.

Meteorite mining can be a very tricky business. At this stage of the game you don’t have great equipment, but while trying to mine, you will be constantly harassed by spawning meteor heads, and touching any part of what you are trying to mine will burn you. Although an Obsidian Skull can prevent this damage, you can’t obtain one until after Eater of Worlds / Brain of Cthulhu has been defeated. Mining with a pickaxe is, therefore, slow, tedious, and frustrating.

The answer is to blow things up. Dynamite is perfect with a large blast radius. You may wish to build a wood platform out over the middle of the crater to make it easier to get a perfect placement as well as allowing you to fire through at meteor heads coming from below. You can then quickly clean up remaining sections with sticky bombs. Once there are fewer than 50 meteorite blocks in the area, there will cease to be a meteorite biome and no more meteor heads will spawn.

One note: the Vilethorn is a weapon tailor-made to deal with meteor heads, as it one-shots them, knocks them back from hitting you, and also goes through blocks like them. Unfortunately, it can only be obtained on Corruption worlds.

In case you’re wondering if it’s worth the hassle to mine meteorite, the answer is an overwhelming yes! Once you get the Space Gun and Meteor armor combo, you can basically just click on anything to kill it. This combination is good enough to see you through the end of easymode if you desire.

As of version, the player can kill off 50 meteor heads to obtain their banner, which makes it easier to deal with meteorite biomes- though it may be tedious, it is a good idea to obtain one early.


Breaking a Shadow Orb or Crimson Heart, 10 hearts


1/3 for first invasion, 1/30 subsequently

Recommended Life
Recommended Weaponry

Space GunSpace Gun, Platinum/Demon/Tendon Bow with Unholy/Jester’s Arrows, Ruby/Diamond Staff, GrenadeGrenades, Molotov CocktailMolotov CocktailDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Versions, Spiky BallSpiky Balls

Recommended Armor

Silver or better

The Goblin Army will invade at dawn, centered on the map’s original spawn point. You must kill 120 goblins (plus 40 per additional 200+ HP player) to defeat the invasion. Of the goblin types, the sorcerer is the most annoying due to its ranged, block-penetrating attacks and ability to teleport. The Goblin Army can be summoned with a Goblin Battle Standard.

As usual, the best arena is a perfectly flat, long space, such as the one conveniently found around your original spawn point. The ideal weapons are ones that travel in long, straight lines and pierce multiple enemies; as well as ones that deal AoE (area of effect) damage. Again, conveniently, the spiky balls dropped by goblins are a very effective weapon against them.

Every third Orb or Heart you smash in the world will spawn either Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu respectively:

For more information, see Guide:Eater of Worlds strategies.

Head: 65 / 91

Body: 150 / 210

Tail: 220 / 308


Head: 22 / 48

Body: 13 / 20

Tail: 11 / 17


Head: 2 / 4

Body: 4 / 6

Tail: 8 / 10

Recommended Life
Recommended Weaponry

StarfuryStarfury, RockfishRockfish, PhasebladePhaseblade, or any melee weapon

Recommended Armor

Eater of Worlds is a worm-type boss with 50 segments, each with their own hp. When a segment in the middle is destroyed, the two severed parts will each become new worms, each with their own head and tail. This boss must be fought in the Corruption and will disappear if you leave the Corruption at any point during the fight.

You will not face an easier boss in Terraria than EoW. You could probably beat it with a rusty shortsword if you have enough patience. EoW is probably the only boss against which melee is not only viable but is the best option. The reason for this is when you swing your melee weapon as the worm glides past, the worm is running itself into your swing and damaging many segments per swing. Ranged/magic weapons at this point usually only hit 2-4 times per shot, generally, have lower DPS, and consume limited ammo or mana.

As you’ll notice from the stats above, the head does the most damage but has the least health. For this reason, you should aim for the head while trying to avoid it hitting you. Once you’ve worn down the overall HP of the body by some, you will eventually sever the worm in two. You may notice the new worm takes a second to get going, and there will be a new head just sitting there -- right under your blade. If you have a high enough DPS in your swing, you can one or two-shot the already damaged head before it even gets going, then, kill the next head on the chopping block, then the next, etc. Employing this strategy will turn this fight from a mismatch into a literal execution.

In Expert mode, you may not want to take the EoW aboveground because its damaging ranged attacks will no longer be frequently blocked if you do so.

Brain of Confusion.png Boss: Brain of Cthulhu  Brain of Confusion.png
Brain of Cthulhu

Life: 1000 (body), 100 (creeper)

Damage: 30 (body), 20 (creeper)

Defense: 14 (body), 10 (creeper)

Drops: Crimtane OreCrimtane Ore, Tissue SampleTissue Sample, Brain of ConfusionBrain of ConfusionDesktop VersionConsole Version (expert)

Recommended Weaponry: Space Gun, The Undertaker, Platinum or Tendon Bow, Ruby/Diamond Staff

Recommended Armor: Silver or Meteor

Recommended Buffs: Ironskin PotionIronskin Potion, Regeneration PotionRegeneration Potion, Swiftness PotionSwiftness Potion, Well FedWell Fed, CampfireCampfire

Recommended Life:

The Brain of Cthulhu is a boss that teleports and has two stages. In the first stage, it is invincible and surrounded by 20-30 Creepers. You must kill all the creepers before you can damage the Brain. In the second stage, you fight the Brain directly as it tries to charge you.

As with most bosses, attacking from distance is advised. You may elect to build an arena with levels of platforms in the central cavern where you will likely be fighting. It is not totally necessary but will improve mobility and make it easier to dodge attacks. Against the creepers in the first stage, it can be quite effective to use AoE weapons like Molotov cocktails or grenades, as well as risky in the case of the latter. Tossing grenades straight up in the air towards creepers flinging themselves at you can result in you damaging yourself, so a safer alternative would be to instead go for a broadsword when attacking Creepers.

For more information, refer to Guide:Brain of Cthulhu strategies

Skeletron[edit | edit source]

Bone.png Boss: Skeletron  Bone.png

Life: 4400 (Head), 600 (Hand)

Damage: 32 (Head), 32 (Hand)

Defense: 10 (Head), 10 (Hand)

Drops: Book of SkullsBook of Skulls (uncommon), Skeletron HandSkeletron Hand (uncommon) Bone GloveBone GloveDesktop VersionConsole Version (expert)

Recommended Armor: Shadow/Crimson, Jungle, or Meteor

Recommended Life:

To gain entrance to the dungeon, Skeletron must be defeated. To summon Skeletron, talk to the Old Man in front of the dungeon at night.

Your approach for this fight should be in line with most other boss fights. Once again, ranged and magic weapons that pierce are the preferred option, along with all the usual buffs and healing (and possibly mana) potions. The roof of the Dungeon can serve as a perfectly acceptable arena. Skeletron has a similar difficulty to the other normal bosses compared to your current gear. As usual, aim for the head, especially when it does its slow spinning attack when its defense goes to zero.

For more information, refer to Guide:Skeletron strategies

The Late Pre-Hardmode Biomes[edit | edit source]

The three late pre-hardmode biomes — the Underground Jungle, Dungeon, and Underworld — are all of the roughly similar difficulty and can be done in any order or concurrently.

The Underground Jungle[edit | edit source]

The Underground Jungle lies directly below the surface Jungle, beginning at variable depths, and typically extends right to the Underworld. It also contains multiple Bee Hives and a Jungle Temple, which can not be entered until hardmode (after defeating the Plantera boss), although Temple enemies, like the Lihzahrd may spawn, if the player is standing in front of temple walls.

The primary threats in the Underground Jungle are the Hornet, which flies, attacks from range, and generally keeps its distance, and the Spiked Jungle Slime, which can launch venomous spikes at you from a surprisingly far distance. For this reason, it can be quite dangerous to use melee weapons on them, which is why ranged/magic weapons are recommended in the UJ, preferably with high velocities, such as the Space Gun. The Vilethorn is also outstanding if available. You may note that there are bigger, more open spaces than in the Caverns. This can lead to high spawn rates and swarms of hornets attacking from all directions which can be very dangerous. If you have low-tier gear when first exploring the UJ, it is safer to stay to the side tunnels and the edges of the large caves until you've acquired better gear and more life crystals.

The underground jungle also seems to have more and bigger bodies of water than other biomes, and accordingly, it can be helpful to have diving equipment like the Diving Helmet, Flipper and Gills Potions.

Be on the lookout for the following loot and materials in the underground jungle:

  • Staff of Regrowth: This drastically improves the yield of your alchemy garden and makes it far easier to harvest (only on PC though).
  • Feral Claws: These will increase your melee speed, and therefore, your mining speed, and can prove very helpful later on in hardmode.
  • Anklet of the Wind: This greatly increases your movement speed without having to be charged up, unlike Hermes/Flurry/Sailfish Boots, and can also be tinkered with Spectre Boots and an Aglet to make Lightning Boots, which are highly recommended to have before hardmode.
  • Bezoar: Immunity to poison is nothing to sneeze at whilst you're in the underground jungle, and this accessory is very helpful when coming up against Queen Bee. This accessory is also needed to make the Ankh Charm later on in hardmode.
  • Honey: This will give you a healing buff upon touching it and is therefore very useful in boss arenas. Consider bringing Buckets along to pick it up.
  • Stingers and Jungle Spores: These can be used to craft better gear that's useful against some of the upcoming challenges.
  • Vines: These can be used to craft an Ivy Whip, which allows you to grapple to three different spots, unlike any other hook in easymode (except the Slime Hook), and is still very useful well into hardmode.
  • Flower Boots: These are useful for creating farms for harvesting hay, critters, and strange plants (note the last do not grow within 240 blocks(480 feet) of one another.
Hive.png Boss: Queen Bee  Hive.png
Queen Bee

Life: 3400

Damage: 30

Defense: 8

Drops: Bottled HoneyBottled Honey, BeenadeBeenade, Bee GunBee Gun, Bee KeeperBee Keeper, The Bee's KneesThe Bee's KneesDesktop VersionConsole Version, Honey CombHoney Comb, Hive WandHive Wand, Bee costumeBee costume, NectarNectar, Honeyed GogglesHoneyed Goggles, Bee WaxBee WaxDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version

Recommended Equipment: Meteor, Shadow (with Thorn Chakram), Crimson, Jungle, or Necro

Recommended Life:

The Queen Bee boss spawns when you break the Larva in a Hive, or by using an Abeemination in the Jungle. She has three attack patterns:

  • Charging horizontally.
  • Shooting poisonous stingers while hovering and swooping.
  • Hovering while shooting bees.

Queen Bee is not a terribly difficult fight at this stage in the game. Her charge attack is predictable and easy to dodge, and you can stand in the honey in the hive for a big healing boost (it lasts 30 seconds after leaving the honey). It is probably wise, however, to build a small platform of blocks in the hive for the fight so that you don't get stuck in the honey.

Unsurprisingly, many of the Queen Bee's drops may be better than what you already have. Even if they aren't, farming Queen Bee is a good source of income before hardmode (and you will need the money sooner or later anyway). Plus, the Bee mount is the earliest mounts that can fly, although it's slow on land and hates water.

The Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Chest Contents

The Dungeon can be found near the right or left edge of the map, always on the opposite side of the Jungle and on the same side as the Snow biome. Note that attempting to enter the Dungeon before Skeletron is defeated will lead to an unpleasant surprise.

The Dungeon is arguably the hardest biome before hardmode. With its extremely high spawn rates, the abundance of dangerous and invincible traps, and general inability to use terrain as cover, even experienced players can be overwhelmed. The key is to take your time and don't rush into a lethal situation. The Cobalt Shield, once you acquire it, can be quite helpful for preventing one hit from knocking you into a deadly pit of monsters and spikes. If you find yourself overwhelmed by enemies, taking down every water candle you see will significantly reduce spawn rates (you may even want to use a Calming Potion). Certain room geometries can lead to a continuous stream of enemies spawning, generally rooms with large sections offscreen and multiple hallways leading into them. In these cases, it may be wise to move on as quickly as possible.

Since most of the enemies in the Dungeon walk and don't fly, the Ivy Whip is invaluable to avoid enemies as well as traps. Sticky Bombs are helpful in disarming particularly obnoxious Spikes. Finally, the best weapons are obviously those that can damage many enemies at once, eg the Space Gun, Vilethorn, Jester's Arrows, Grenades, Molotov Cocktails, Spiky Balls, etc.

Make sure to get the following loot before leaving the Dungeon:

  • Cobalt Shield: Protection against knockback will be invaluable in the Underground Jungle and Underworld, and later on in hardmode. The Cobalt Shield can also be tinkered with an Obsidian Skull to make an Obsidian Shield, which will prove very valuable in the Underworld as well.
  • Muramasa: This is one of the swords used to make the Night's Edge, which is useful to have before hard mode.
    Water Bolt book on a shelf
  • Water Bolt: This weapon's piercing and bouncing projectiles will utterly wreck any enemy in the Dungeon, Jungle, and Underworld. However, it won't be as useful in hardmode because enemies will then have a much higher defense.
  • Valor: Like all yoyos, this can help greatly in tight situations.
  • Handgun: This weapon is a strong, reliable ranged weapon, provided you can click fast enough. Not very useful in the dungeon, due to its lack of piercing and stun-locking. Can be upgraded into the much more powerful Phoenix Blaster.
  • Shadow Key: This item can unlock any Shadow Chest in the Underworld. These chests contain many weapons which are unrivaled in power in easy mode and often still remain decent in early hardmode.
  • Nazar: Although not very useful outside the Dungeon, this accessory is needed to craft the Ankh Charm. It is highly recommended to farm for this accessory before unlocking the hardmode dungeon, as the Cursed Skulls which drop it will become much rarer then.

The Underworld[edit | edit source]

The Underworld (aka Hell) is found at the bottom of the world. The best items pre-hardmode can be found in or crafted from items found in this biome. Shadow Chests found here can only be opened with the Shadow Key, found in the Dungeon.

Hell is theoretically the hardest major biome in normal mode, and generally, the last biome players explore pre-hardmode. In reality, by employing the appropriate strategies, the Underworld is not so difficult and it is even completely possible for a new character to venture here.

The greatest danger working in Hell is, unsurprisingly, the wide expanses of molten lava. Fortunately, the game provides an array of tools to make working around lava safe and painless. The most important of these is probably the Water Walking Potion, which might well be called the Lava Walking potion as that is how it is often used. Note that this potion has an alarming tendency to still dunk you in lava pools from time to time, where you can seem to "slip" when walking onto the lava surface from blocks, which is why additional precautions should also be taken. The Lava Waders are the ultimate accessory in hell, although it can be difficult to find all the components. Otherwise, the Lava Charm is an invaluable aid. If you have neither of these accessories, Obsidian Skin Potions are a fantastic alternative. When used, the potion gives you a four-minute invulnerability to lava, and yet making the lava even less dangerous than water. There is no breath meter in lava, so as long as you have potions, you can stay in lava indefinitely.

Another reason Hell is less dangerous than you might expect is that the primary economic activity in Hell is Hellstone mining, which has a surprisingly good safety record. Hellstone mining is quite time-consuming and is the main reason to spend time in Hell. The first thing you'll need is an Obsidian Skull or another obsidian accessory to prevent Hellstone ore and bricks from burning you. There are many strategies to mine Hellstone, but perhaps the simplest and most straightforward is what might be called the low-hanging fruit method. Abundant deposits of Hellstone spawn next to the buried Ruined Houses, which act as preexisting mine shafts. Instead of going to significant effort to burrow deep into the earth and construct lava channels, just nab the ones that spawn close to the walls and move on quickly to the next house. Monster spawn rates are low in the Ruined Houses, and the architecture and poor pathing AI prevent most of them from bothering you, except the Fire Imps and Bone Serpents which can penetrate blocks. You can block the Fire Imp shots with any weapon or projectile, including your swinging pickaxe, so even these are little more than annoying. As always, the Vilethorn is an MVP if you have one.

You can mine and pick up Hellstone up to 3 blocks away from your character, and Hellstone deposits are frequently around 3 blocks thick outside the houses. Remove the wall then mine the last two rows of Hellstone, leaving the row nearest you as a buffer for the lava. Then replace the wall and mine the last row and you need not worry about where the lava is going. In this way, even a small world should yield enough easily accessible Hellstone around the Ruined Houses to craft all the Hellstone items. For more Hellstone mining strategies, see Guide:Mining Techniques#Mining Hellstone.

Once you have all the hellstone gear you want, you may want to farm Demons for the Demon Scythe, which decimates the Wall of Flesh and is invaluable for quite a while into hardmode, or search Shadow Chests for the Hellwing Bow, which does the same if you have plenty of Wooden Arrows (other arrows are not as effective).

One last note: if you kill a Voodoo Demon, you better be ready to get under that Voodoo Doll before it drops into the lava, or you will be in for a nasty fight you're not prepared for. Should you accidentally awaken the Wall of Flesh, you might want to save and exit, as using a Magic Mirror will gib you.

Activating Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Defeating the Wall of Flesh will activate hardmode. Once the world has entered hardmode, there is no way of going back to easymode. Hardmode is pretty self-descriptive: routine tasks in easymode can become difficult and time-consuming once there, and it is, therefore, wise to complete any tasks and preparations you can before entering hard mode.

Preparing For Hardmode[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of preparations you may wish to consider before summoning the Wall of Flesh:

  • Obtain maximum health and mana if you have not already done so.
  • Ensure you have a sufficient stock of potion ingredients. You may consider creating "farms" for certain ingredients. For more information on farming, see Guide:Gardening.
  • Identify Demon Altar or Crimson Altar locations. Most Demon and Crimson Altars are found in the Corruption and Crimson, respectively, so explore each Corruption or Crimson biome in the world. You may need to dig tunnels to visible Altars. They need to be easily accessible when hardmode begins (further information in the Hardmode section).
  • Consider creating quarantines. You may wish to contain the spread of the Corruption/Crimson, and Hallow biomes in Hardmode which will otherwise quickly overtake your world. There are a few reasons you might want to do this: these biomes are very hard when first entering hardmode, your base can be converted and NPCs will not live near Corruption or Crimson, there are some unique drops only available from "natural" biomes, and many fish, especially quest fish, can only be caught in "natural" biomes (at the least, you may wish to take steps to quarantine fishing lakes). You may particularly wish to protect the Jungle and Ocean biomes in their natural state.

    Note that building quarantines can be painstaking and very time-consuming, particularly on larger maps, and may be more trouble than it's worth. To make a long story short, hallow/corruption/crimson blocks can convert certain blocks up to 3 blocks away; therefore, containing them requires digging trenches three blocks wide (e.g., a three-block-wide hellevator or a horizontal tunnel as tall as your character). Killing the Wall of Flesh will spawn two stripes of Hallow and Corruption/Crimson in a V from the top to the bottom of the world, so to do a full containment you would need to dig trenches around all the existing Corruption/Crimson, then once in hardmode around all the "V" from the surface to hell, and then you need to contain all the random Hallow/Corruption/Crimson that springs up when you break Altars. We are talking about a lot of digging, even if it is made much faster with the new automining feature, Mining armor and Mining Potions (back in the old days, we used to dig quarantines with our bare hands!).

    For more information on building quarantines, read Guide: Containing the Hallow/Corruption.
  • Reforge weapons and accessories. You'll generally want extra defense, damage, or critical strike chance. Don't go overboard with this as all your equipment will quickly be replaced with WoF drops and hardmode gear anyway, plus you've yet to obtain the super-duper Discount Card. For more information about item prefixes, see Reforge.
  • Consider farming money. Some vendors sell new, very expensive items in hardmode and reforging Hardmode weapons is extremely expensive. For more information on farming money, see Guide:Making money.
  • Construct an arena for upcoming boss fights. This arena should be about two screen lengths wide and one screen height tall, with about six or seven blocks of space between horizontal rows of platforms. Consider adding Campfires, Heart Lanterns and a small pool of honey.
  • Finish excavating your hellavator or start on it if you don't have one, to make it easier to get to underground areas in hardmode without slogging through a bunch of ganged up monsters.
  • Excavate a fishing lake near your base if you don't have one already. You don't want to risk your life in hardmode going to a spot halfway across the map to fish. You may also want to have a decently sized lake of honey to farm Honeyfin, which are easier to get than Greater Healing Potions and restore 120 health.
  • Construct a surface Mushroom biome with a house for the Truffle NPC, as gathering the necessary materials will become much harder during hardmode. The Truffle is an NPC who sells the Mushroom Spear, a very powerful weapon in hardmode. However, it can now only be purchased when you have defeated at least one hardmode boss. Note that a room of sufficient size in your base with mushroom blocks should qualify.
  • Optionally, Make sure you have 21 valid NPC houses, so you don't have to worry about building them later on (possibly during a hardmode event or invasion).

Wall of Flesh[edit | edit source]

Wall of Flesh Mask.png Boss: Wall of Flesh  Wall of Flesh Mask.png
Wall of Flesh

Life: 8000 (Eyes, Mouth), 320 (The Hungry), 60 (Leech)

Damage: 11-15 depending on health (Eye laser), 50 melee (Eyes, Mouth), 30-75 depending on health (The Hungry), 18-26 (Leech)

Defense: 12 (Mouth), 0 (Eyes), 10-40 depending on health (The Hungry), 2-10 (Leech)

Drops: PwnhammerPwnhammer, Breaker BladeBreaker Blade, Clockwork Assault RifleClockwork Assault Rifle, Laser RifleLaser Rifle, Warrior EmblemWarrior Emblem, Ranger EmblemRanger Emblem, Sorcerer EmblemSorcerer Emblem, Summoner EmblemSummoner EmblemDesktop VersionConsole Version

Recommended Weapons: Minishark, Phoenix Blaster, Molten Fury w/ Hellfire Arrows, Grenades, Space Gun, Demon Scythe

Recommended Armor: Crimson, Necro, Meteor, Jungle, or Molten

Recommended Life:

The Wall of Flesh (WoF) will be summoned when a Guide Voodoo Doll is dropped by you or a Voodoo Demon into the lava in the Underworld, which will kill the Guide. Note that it will not spawn if the Guide is not alive, if you are fighting the WoF multiple times. Once the battle is started, you cannot run away or get behind WoF: if WoF catches up to you or you attempt to leave the Underworld, you will be grabbed by The Tongue and take serious damage. If you attempt to teleport away such as with a Magic Mirror, you will be gibbed instantly. You can save & exit to cancel the battle without dying.

The WoF will spawn just outside of the screen in the direction closest to the end of the world and start moving slowly towards you, speeding up as its health decreases. WoF is preceded by a pack of The Hungry, which will try to attack the player and are attached to the WoF by veins. When they take enough damage, they will detach and fly and attack the player. WoF will also burp Leeches from its mouth which chase players. Both the flying Hungry and Leeches drop hearts when they die.

WoF has two eyes that shoot lasers and a mouth that share HP. These are the only 3 body parts that take damage, and because the eyes have no defense, you should aim for them.

As usual for boss fights, attacking from distance is recommended. Because the pack of the Hungry can block shots at the eyes at the beginning of the fight, you may wish to begin by using AoE weapons such as grenades, hellfire arrows, or demon scythes to clear out the Hungry before switching to your main weapon.

You may wish to build an arena for this fight, consisting of a long, uninterrupted landbridge of 500 blocks or more. Although it is not necessary to beat WoF, there is no doubt it will make the fight significantly easier. You won't have to dodge terrain, the bridge will catch hearts and other drops, and it will typically block the lasers from the lower eye from hitting you, effectively halving the damage you take. If you intend to run WoF for all its drops, a landbridge is highly recommended. It will take 15 kills on average to get all 6 of WoF's drops. Subsequent runs become easier as you can use the WoF drops to make the fight go much faster. (Pro tip: if you make your landbridge out of mud and plant some mushroom seeds on it, you'll soon have a nice little glowing mushroom farm for zero additional effort. Using ash will yield fireblossom, and dirt will yield blinkroot- but be mindful that Hardmode will convert dirt to Corrupt, Crimson, or Hallowed Grass.)

A very good strategy is to use about 80 - 100 Beenades. This will likely require the crafting of a queen bee spawn, but beenades can kill the wall in under 25 seconds, depending on how many you have. This strategy works best on a platform.

If you don't wish to build a landbridge, it is recommended to start the fight at the edge of the Underworld where it is flat and use a Water Walking Potion so you can walk on the lava, without any disturbance in the landscape.

Once Wall of Flesh is defeated you will receive a message which says "The ancient spirits of light and dark have been released". You have now entered Hardmode.

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Initial Hardmode map of a small PC-version world. Notice the "V" made of the new outburst of Corruption (dark purple) and Hallow (pale pink) biomes, which each replace existing world blocks upon defeat of the Wall of Flesh.

Hardmode in a nutshell: same scenery, new stuff. For complete details, read Hardmode. Summary of changes:

  • New biomes (Hallow & Underground Hallow, Underground Corruption or Crimson) that generate in a V shape (see picture) and quickly spread and convert your world
  • New hardmode enemies in existing biomes (alongside normal enemies), and bosses
  • New events
  • New items (including weapons, armor, and accessories)
  • New hardmode ores
  • New NPCs

See How Hallow/Corruption/Crimson Spread and How To Contain It (scroll down to “Consider Creating Quarantines”)

Smashing Altars[edit | edit source]

Setting foot in a hardmode world is much like being a newbie in the Forest all over again. You’re inadequately equipped and almost everything is much stronger than you. To remedy that, once again, you will venture underground in search of ore to get some decent gear. But first, you’ll need to make a detour because none of that shiny new ore actually exists yet. You’ll have to whack a few Demon Altars or Crimson Altars with the Pwnhammer to make it. Every time you destroy an Altar, ore will be generated in various places underground, spawning more densely at lower depths. The first altar destroyed will spawn Cobalt / Palladium. The second altar destroyed will spawn Mythril / Orichalcum. The third altar destroyed will spawn Adamantite / Titanium. The pattern will repeat with additional altars destroyed, spawning more Cobalt, then more Mythril, then more Adamantite. There's diminishing returns on this -- after you've smashed your first three altars, generating that amount of ore again requires you to smash nine more altars (12 total), then 21 (33 total). Most players aim for 12.

Also note, however, that each altar destroyed may spawn a new block of Ebonstone/Crimstone, or Pearlstone somewhere in the world, causing the respective biomes to spread from another location.

The easiest place to find altars is in the underground Corruption or Crimson biomes, at the bottom of ebonstone chasms or inside large crimstone caves, respectively. You may notice that many often generate in a row; you may be able to even fill your quota in one go. Note that this is quite a dangerous activity. In addition to the challenging underground Corruption/Crimson enemies you encounter, every time you smash an altar you will also generate one to three Wraiths. You may want to carefully dispatch them one at a time (note: they can float but can’t actually fly, so hang from the ceiling), or perhaps go full Captain Kirk and smash them all at once and Magic Mirror out before your innards get rearranged.

On your way to smash altars, you may find yourself passing through some of these biomes:

Possessed Armor.png Biome: Night (Hardmode)  Possessed Armor.png

New Monsters: Possessed Armor, Wandering Eye, Wraith, Clown (Blood Moon), Werewolf (Full moon)

Monster Drops: Fast ClockFast Clock, MegaphoneMegaphone, BananarangBananarang and Trifold MapTrifold Map (from Clowns), Moon CharmMoon Charm (from Werewolves)

Recommended Equipment: Molten

Be cautious when exploring the surface at night. New, more powerful monsters come out at night. A player used to traveling at night may find it difficult to progress when they are out after dark.

Sandstone Block.png Biome: Desert (Hardmode)  Sandstone Block.png
Desert Biome (Hardmode)

New Monsters: Mummy (unconverted desert only), Dark Mummy (Corrupted/Crimson Desert) Light Mummy (Hallowed Desert)

Monster Drops: Dark ShardDark Shard (Corrupt/Crimson Desert) or Light ShardLight Shard (Hallowed Desert)

Recommended Equipment: Molten

Natural deserts typically don't last long in hardmode. When corrupted, crimsoned, or hallowed, they become very similar to their respective biomes. Hardmode deserts are the only places where the Mummy can be found.

Hallowed Seeds.png Biome: The Hallow  Hallowed Seeds.png
Hallow Biome

Monsters: Pixie, Unicorn, Gastropod (night only)

Monster Drops: Pixie DustPixie Dust, Unicorn HornUnicorn Horn, Blessed AppleBlessed AppleDesktop VersionConsole Version, MegaphoneMegaphone, Fast ClockFast Clock, Unicorn on a StickUnicorn on a Stick

Recommended Equipment: Molten

The Hallow spreads rapidly through the world, just like the Corruption and Crimson. Be wary of the seemingly whimsical denizens of the Hallow. All of them are hostile and are just as dangerous as their corrupted counterparts. Like with the evil biomes, players new to Hardmode should avoid staying in this biome for longer than necessary.

Corrupt Seeds.png Biome: Corruption (Hardmode)  Corrupt Seeds.png

New Monsters: Corruptor, Slimer, Corrupt Slime

Monster Drops: BlindfoldBlindfold

Recommended Equipment: Molten

Corruption now spreads through the world at a fast pace. Players that are new to Hardmode should move through this biome as quickly as possible. An under geared player will be easily overwhelmed in this biome.

Crimson Seeds.png Biome: Crimson (Hardmode)  Crimson Seeds.png

New Monsters: Herpling, Crimslime, Blood Jelly

Monster Drops: Meat GrinderMeat Grinder

Recommended Equipment: Molten

Crimson spreads identically to Corruption, and is just as dangerous, or perhaps even worse, since the Herpling, which has no corrupt counterpart, exists. They are very fast, have a low hitbox, high health and defense, absurd attack power and are generally a pain to deal with, even mid-hardmode. Their only significant weakness, or rather, lack of strength, is rough terrain, as they will have difficulty reaching the high speeds they often use to surprise players. Extra caution is advised, especially in flat terrain.

Mining Hardmode Ores[edit | edit source]

Once enough ore has been spawned, the player should begin mining Cobalt/Palladium with a Molten Pickaxe. Mythril/Orichalcum and Adamantite/Titanium can not be mined with normal mode pickaxes. Proceed with extreme caution. The most difficult biomes in Hardmode are found underground. The player should bring a stock of Ironskin, Regeneration, and Spelunker potions to use as they mine. If the player created a hellevator in normal mode, they should use it to access the lower layers quickly. Hardmode ores are more abundant deeper underground.

Skeleton Archer.png Biome: Underground (Hardmode)  Skeleton Archer.png

New Monsters: Toxic Sludge, Digger, Possessed Armor (night)

Recommended Equipment: Molten, Meteor or Crimson armour, Molten Pickaxe, Phoenix Blaster, Fiery Greatsword or Night's Edge, Flamarang, Demon Scythe

This previously trivial biome has had its difficulty increased significantly. Hardmode ores are not very common in this layer. It is best to pass through to lower layers, the best location being right above the underworld and below the lava layer of the Caverns.

Biome: Cavern (Hardmode)

New Monsters: Armored Skeleton, Skeleton Archer, Giant Bat, Digger, Angler Fish (water), Green Jellyfish (water), Mimic

Monster Drops: Armor PolishArmor Polish, Beam SwordBeam Sword (rare), Magic QuiverMagic Quiver, MarrowMarrow,

Mimic Drops: Dual HookDual Hook, Magic DaggerMagic Dagger, Titan GloveTitan Glove, Philosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone, Cross NecklaceCross Necklace, Star CloakStar Cloak, Light DiscLight Disc

Recommended Equipment: Molten, Molten Pickaxe

This biome is very dangerous, but it is less dangerous than the Underground Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow. It is for this reason that this biome is one of the ideal biomes for mining hardmode ores. However, don't underestimate the new monsters in this biome, because they are all very strong; the Armored Skeleton's "Broken Armor" debuff is particularly lethal, even for an endgame character. Consider returning to town and talking to the Nurse if hit by the debuff. They sometimes drop Armor PolishArmor Polish, which prevents the debuff and will be very helpful later on. The Mimic will also spawn underground here, and if you can, attempt to take some down. You can use the Lifeform Analyzer to tell when these enemies are near. Be wary, however, that even they will inflict high amounts of damage, so ranged and/or high knockback weapons are recommended.

Crystal Shard.png Biome: Underground Hallow  Crystal Shard.png
Underground Hallow

Monsters: Chaos Elemental, Illuminant Bat, Illuminant Slime, Enchanted Sword, Hallowed Mimic

Monster Drops: Soul of LightSoul of Light, Blessed AppleBlessed AppleDesktop VersionConsole Version, Rod of DiscordRod of Discord

Mimic Drops: Daedalus StormbowDaedalus StormbowDesktop VersionConsole Version, Flying KnifeFlying KnifeDesktop VersionConsole Version, Crystal Vile ShardCrystal Vile ShardDesktop VersionConsole Version, Illuminant HookIlluminant HookDesktop VersionConsole Version

Notable Resources: Crystal ShardCrystal Shard

Recommended Equipment: Mythril or Palladium; Ironskin Potions and Regeneration Potions

This is one of the most difficult biomes in Terraria. It is recommended to mine elsewhere until Mythril armor or better is obtained. Chaos Elementals and Enchanted Swords can easily reach the player, even when they are boxed in. If you do decide to venture in and run into a Hallowed Mimic in chest form (it's not hard to tell), avoid going near, and especially avoid attacking it. At this stage in the game, any of these Mimics can kill you before you can attempt to run. If one is already on your tail, you should attempt to use your magic mirror at the nearest convenience, regardless of how badly you might want to kill it.

Cursed Flame.png Biome: Underground Corruption  Cursed Flame.png
Underground Corruption

Monsters: Clinger, Corrupt Slime, Corruptor, Cursed Hammer, Devourer, Slimer, World Feeder

Monster Drops: Soul of NightSoul of Night, Cursed FlameCursed Flame, NazarNazar, VitaminsVitamins

Mimic Drops: Dart RifleDart RifleDesktop VersionConsole Version, Worm HookWorm HookDesktop VersionConsole Version, Chain GuillotinesChain GuillotinesDesktop VersionConsole Version, Clinger StaffClinger StaffDesktop VersionConsole Version, Putrid ScentPutrid ScentDesktop VersionConsole Version

Recommended Equipment: Mythril or Palladium; Ironskin Potions and Regeneration Potions

As with the Underground Hallow, it is recommended that the player avoids this biome until they obtain Mythril armor. The denizens of this biome will make mining extremely difficult for a player without hardmode armor.

Ichor.png Biome: Underground Crimson  Ichor.png
Underground Crimson

Monsters: Ichor Sticker, Floaty Gross, Blood Jelly, Blood Feeder, Crimson Axe

Monster Drops: Soul of NightSoul of Night, IchorIchor, NazarNazar, VitaminsVitamins, Meat GrinderMeat Grinder

Mimic Drops: Life DrainLife DrainDesktop VersionConsole Version, Dart PistolDart PistolDesktop VersionConsole Version, Fetid BaghnakhsFetid BaghnakhsDesktop VersionConsole Version, Flesh KnucklesFlesh KnucklesDesktop VersionConsole Version, Tendon HookTendon HookDesktop VersionConsole Version

Recommended Equipment: Mythril or Palladium; Ironskin Potions and Regeneration Potions

Similarly the underground Corruption and Hallow, the Crimson should be avoided early on in hardmode. Attempt to stay farther from this biome than others, though, as Floaty Grosses can pass through blocks, even if you aren't in the biome.

Fungi Bulb.png Biome: Underground Mushroom Biome  Fungi Bulb.png
Underground Mushroom Biome

Monsters: Fungi Bulb, Anomura Fungus, Mushi Ladybug, Giant Fungi Bulb, Fungo Fish

Monster Drops: None

Notable Resources: Truffle WormTruffle Worm

Recommended Equipment: Mythril or Palladium; Ironskin Potions and Regeneration Potions

The player can find Truffle Worms in this biome, which are used to summon Duke Fishron. The other monsters in the biome don't drop any special items. Their health is comparable to those of other underground biomes, and their attacks, especially those of the Giant Fungi Bulb, can be very dangerous. If you are exposed to the biome directly, you may be hit by the Fungi Bulb's attacks, which are very small but deal a lot of damage. Stay away from this biome unless you need an emergency supply of Glowing Mushrooms or Mushroom Seeds.

It can be very difficult to survive long enough in Hardmode biomes to mine enough ore. If the player finds they are having difficulty mining, they should consider looking for ores in the ceiling of the Underworld. This biome has the same mobs as it did pre-Hardmode, making it considerably safer than almost anywhere else in the world.

Aim to upgrade to a Cobalt DrillCobalt Drill or Palladium DrillPalladium Drill (or their pickaxe equivalents) as quickly as possible. The Cobalt Drill or Pickaxe and its counterpart can mine Mythril/Orichalcum. The first 100 Mythril/Orichalcum ore mined should be used to craft a Mythril/Orichalcum AnvilMythril/Orichalcum Anvil and then a Mythril Drill (or their Orichalcum counterparts). The Mythril Drill and Pickaxe (and their Orichalcum counterparts) can mine Adamantite/Titanium (as can the Palladium Drill in the console version, letting you get a head start if you obtain Palladium instead of Cobalt; however, the drill's power was reduced in 1.2.3, so this exploit no longer works on PC). The first 30 Adamantite/Titanium ore mined should be used to create an Adamantite ForgeAdamantite Forge or Titanium ForgeTitanium Forge. Upgrading to an Adamantite Drill or Titanium Drill isn't crucial, as it does not grant access to any new ores.

Be mindful when opening chests. A seemingly innocuous treasure chest may be a Mimic posing as a chest. Mimics will chase the player when they approach or when attacked. A good approach is to shoot any chests with a ranged weapon before opening them. This will cause any Mimics to break their ruse and attack. With this danger comes great reward, as Mimics can drop items that are incredibly useful in hardmode, such as the Cross Necklace, and also always drop several gold coins.

Use any leftover ore to upgrade armor, then weapons, and lastly tools. Keep mining until enough Adamantite or Titanium is collected to craft a full set of armor and any weapons or tools the player may want.

The Goblin Army (Hardmode)[edit | edit source]

Shadowflame Apparation.png Event: Goblin Army (Hardmode)  Shadowflame Apparation.png

New Monsters: Goblin Summoner

Monster Drops: Shadowflame Hex DollShadowflame Hex DollDesktop VersionConsole Version, Shadowflame KnifeShadowflame KnifeDesktop VersionConsole Version, Shadowflame BowShadowflame BowDesktop VersionConsole Version

Recommended Equipment: Adamantite/Titanium or better, Demon Scythe, Crystal Storm, Golden Shower, Lightning Boots, Wings

Whilst you're preparing for the mechanical bosses, old enemies may decide to rear their ugly heads again -- the Goblin Army. This time, it's much more difficult with the new Goblin Summoner in the mix. She will tear you up and cut you apart with her highly damaging spells. However, it is indeed worth the trouble to defeat her, as she can drop powerful weapons, like the Shadowflame Bow, which can prove devastating when used against the mechanical bosses, as these weapons can inflict the Shadowflame debuff, dealing 5 damage per second. Also, the Shadowflame Bow's arrows can pierce, making it extra powerful against the Destroyer.

The Great Run-up[edit | edit source]

Whilst you're trying to find enough ore to make better gear, it's highly recommended that you make the following other preparations in the run-up to the mech bosses:

  • Make sure you have a home for the Wizard. Like the Goblin Tinkerer and Stylist, he can be found tied up underground. This NPC is pretty much mandatory for magic users, as he is the only source of Spell Tomes, which are needed to craft the Golden Shower, Cursed Flames and Crystal Storm, all of which are devastating to many of the hardmode monsters you've run up against by now. The Wizard also sells Greater Mana Potions (a must in any boss fight by now) and crafting ingredients used to craft some very powerful spells made with mech boss drops.
  • Be sure your arena is ready for the upcoming fights. If you haven't done so already, place some Campfires of any kind, Heart Lanterns, and Honey, and wire up the Heart and Star Statues that you may have collecting dust by now. Of course, if you didn't figure it out already, the mech bosses are going to be tough and grueling, even with the weapons you may have found, especially in Expert mode, so you'll need all the preparation you can make for them.
  • Make sure you have a full set of buff potions and at least half a stack of Greater Healing Potions or Honeyfin, especially in Expert mode. The mech bosses' damaging attacks will eat away at your health very quickly, so the better the heals, the less you'll be desperate not to get ripped apart. (Honeyfin can be easily fished up from a good-sized lake of honey and don't require you to risk your life in the Underground Hallow looking for crystals.)

Collecting Souls[edit | edit source]

Collecting souls (and other miscellaneous items) is the last task the player should complete before fighting the mechanical bosses. There are three types of souls dropped by normal monsters: Soul of Light, Soul of Night, and Soul of Flight. Souls of Light can be obtained from any monster found in the Underground Hallow, Souls of Night can be obtained from any monster found in the Underground Corruption or Crimson, and lastly, Souls of Flight can be obtained from Wyverns. The order in which the player obtains these souls does not matter. However, it can be advantageous to gather Souls of Flight first, as Wings are very useful when navigating the Underground Hallow or Underground Corruption.

Soul of Flight[edit | edit source]

Wyverns can be found at very high altitudes, at around the same level as Floating Islands. Look for Wyverns on Floating Islands, as it is much easier to fight them this way.

Soul of Flight.png Biome: Floating Island (Hardmode)  Soul of Flight.png
Floating Island (Hardmode)

New Monsters: Wyvern, Arch WyvernOld-gen console versionMobile Version3DS version

Monster Drops: Soul of FlightSoul of Flight Shadow KeyShadow Key (from Arch Wyvern)

Recommended Equipment: Adamantite or Titanium armor, piercing weapons (Demon Scythe is particularly effective), and Gravitation, Ironskin, and Regeneration Potions

The only hardmode addition to floating islands is the Wyvern enemy. These Wyverns are of interest because they drop Souls of Flight, which are required to craft wings.

Wyverns are very difficult to kill. They fly through the air using the same AI as worms, but they move much faster, do much more damage, and have a lot more life. They are very difficult to dodge and attack at the same time. Piercing weapons are very effective against the Wyvern, like with all segmented monsters. Killing them can be made easier by using the Slimy Saddle Mount (dropped by the King Slime) because you can jump on top of them without them damaging you.

Soul of Light[edit | edit source]

Souls of Light can be found by killing enemies in the Underground Hallow. Underworld Enemies spawned below the Underground Hallow will also drop Souls of Light. Keep a stock of Regeneration potions and Ironskin potions when exploring this biome. The easiest way to deal with hallowed enemies is to grapple to the ceiling and shoot at them with a ranged weapon. The opposite is true when dealing with Illuminant Bats. Drop to the ground and swing a melee weapon to deal with them. Try to gather crystal shards while looking for souls. Try to gather at least 50 souls, although more is better. If the Hallow in your world went through a Spider Nest, you can also farm the spiders, taking advantage of their fast spawn rate, for Souls of Light.

Soul of Night[edit | edit source]

Souls of Night can be found by killing enemies in the Underground Corruption and Crimson. Underworld Enemies will also drop Souls of Night if they spawn below the Underground Corruption or Crimson. Many of the same rules apply within these biomes. Use Ironskin and Regeneration potions when exploring. Try not to stay in one place for too long in this biome. Clingers, Corruptors, and Ichor Stickers can all shoot projectiles; World Feeders and Floaty Grosses can easily attack a stationary player; and the rare Hallowed, Crimson, and Corrupt Mimics can pose a serious danger for the unprepared. Make use of Lightning/Frostspark Boots or Wings to dodge projectiles and keep moving around. Try to gather at least 50 souls, although more is better. Look for Cursed Flames or Ichor while gathering souls. Also, the spider nest farming method works well for Souls of Night too.

Miscellaneous Items[edit | edit source]

There are a few other important items not mentioned above.

  • Pixies from the surface Hallow will drop Pixie Dust, which is needed to make Greater Healing Potions, or combined with Unicorn Horns to make Holy Arrows.
  • Mummies from the Corrupt or Crimson Desert will drop Dark Shards; Mummies from the Hallowed Desert will drop Light Shards. Collect these to craft the Dao of Pow.
  • Biome Keys have an extremely rare chance to drop from enemies in the five main biomes (Hallow, Corruption, Crimson, Jungle, and Snow). After Plantera is defeated (later on), these can be used to open the Biome Chests in the Dungeon, which contain extremely powerful items.
  • Mimics can appear in just about any biome. Look for Mimics using Hunter Potions or a Lifeform Analyzer and kill them until you get a Philosopher's Stone and a Cross Necklace.
    • Fifteen Souls of Light or Night can be used to make Light or Night Keys, respectively. A Key of Light or Night placed into an empty chest will create Hallowed or Corrupt/Crimson Mimics, which are larger than normal mimics and more dangerous. The Hallowed Mimic has a good chance of dropping the Daedalus Stormbow, which can be used with Holy Arrows to quickly decimate any of the three Mechanical Bosses.
    • Hallowed, Corrupt and Crimson Mimics can also naturally appear in their respective underground biomes, so be prepared for a fight when you go underground.

The Three Mechanical Bosses[edit | edit source]

Once you have a stockpile of the various hardmode resources, it's time to begin preparing to defeat the first three hardmode bosses. Each must be summoned with an item that can be crafted or dropped by enemies. It's also possible for one to spawn on its own at sunset, though the player will probably not be able to defeat it unless they are well prepared.

Recommended Equipment for Mechanical Bosses[edit | edit source]

Following is a list of equipment recommendations for use against the mechanical bosses. This is not an exhaustive list; other items may prove to be effective. This list assumes no Hardmode bosses have been defeated yet:

Melee Characters[edit | edit source]

Recommended Weapons: Dao of PowDao of Pow, Titanium SwordTitanium Sword, Beam SwordBeam Sword, FrostbrandFrostbrand or Titanium TridentTitanium Trident,, FlamarangFlamarang, BananarangBananarang

Recommended Armor: Titanium armorTitanium armor with Titanium Mask, Adamantite armorAdamantite armor with Adamantite Helmet, Frost armorFrost armor.

Recommended Accessories: Frostspark BootsFrostspark Boots, WingsWings, Warrior EmblemWarrior Emblem, Star VeilStar Veil, Obsidian ShieldObsidian Shield, Charm of MythsCharm of Myths; all with Defense (highly recommended) or Damage enhancing prefixes

Recommended Buffs: Ironskin PotionIronskin Potion, Regeneration PotionRegeneration Potion, Shine PotionShine Potion, Swiftness PotionSwiftness Potion, Cooked FishCooked Fish, AleAle and any FlaskFlask the boss is not immune to.

Ranged Characters[edit | edit source]

Recommended Weapons: AdamantiteAdamantite or Titanium RepeaterTitanium Repeater, Clockwork Assault RifleClockwork Assault Rifle, Daedalus StormbowDaedalus StormbowDesktop VersionConsole Version or UziUzi

Recommended Armor: Titanium armorTitanium armor with Titanium Helmet, Adamantite armorAdamantite armor with Adamantite Mask, Frost armorFrost armor.

Recommended Accessories: Frostspark BootsFrostspark Boots, WingsWings, Ranger EmblemRanger Emblem, Obsidian ShieldObsidian Shield, Star VeilStar Veil, Charm of MythsCharm of Myths; all with Defense (highly recommended) or Damage enhancing prefixes

Recommended Buffs: Ironskin PotionIronskin Potion, Regeneration PotionRegeneration Potion, Shine PotionShine Potion, Swiftness PotionSwiftness Potion, Cooked FishCooked Fish, Archery PotionArchery Potion (with Adamantite or Titanium Repeater)

Magic Characters[edit | edit source]

Recommended Weapons: Laser RifleLaser Rifle, FlamelashFlamelash, or Crystal StormCrystal Storm/Golden ShowerGolden Shower. (Golden Shower works extremely well against the Destroyer when you aim along the arc of the Destroyer. Also, the Crystal Storm, being the mana Megashark of the game, works very well against all hardmode bosses.)

Recommended Armor: Titanium armorTitanium armor with Titanium Headgear, Adamantite armorAdamantite armor with Adamantite Headgear, Forbidden armorForbidden armorDesktop Version.

Recommended Accessories: Frostspark BootsFrostspark Boots, WingsWings, Mana FlowerMana Flower, Celestial CuffsCelestial CuffsDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version, Star VeilStar Veil, Obsidian ShieldObsidian Shield, Charm of MythsCharm of Myths; all with Defense (highly recommended) or Damage enhancing prefixes

Recommended Buffs: Ironskin PotionIronskin Potion, Regeneration PotionRegeneration Potion, Shine PotionShine Potion, Swiftness PotionSwiftness Potion, Mana Regeneration PotionMana Regeneration Potion, Magic Power PotionMagic Power Potion, Cooked FishCooked Fish, Crystal BallCrystal Ball

Summoning Characters[edit | edit source]

Recommended Weapons: Spider StaffSpider StaffDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version, Queen Spider StaffQueen Spider StaffDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version, Imp StaffImp StaffDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version

Recommended Armor: Spider armorSpider armorDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version, Forbidden armorForbidden armorDesktop Version.

Recommended Accessories: Panic NecklacePanic Necklace, WingsWings, Summoner EmblemSummoner EmblemDesktop VersionConsole Version, Star VeilStar Veil, Obsidian ShieldObsidian Shield, Frostspark BootsFrostspark Boots, Charm of MythsCharm of Myths; all with Defense (highly recommended) or Damage enhancing prefixes

Recommended Buffs: Ironskin PotionIronskin Potion, Regeneration PotionRegeneration Potion, Shine PotionShine Potion, Swiftness PotionSwiftness Potion, Cooked FishCooked Fish, AleAle, Summoning PotionSummoning Potion

Building a Hardmode Arena[edit | edit source]

Proper terrain preparation is almost completely essential to successfully defeat all three mechanical bosses. Players who intend to solo the hardmode bosses will find the task very challenging without an adequate arena.

For solo players, build a very long bridge out of wood platforms. The bridge should be at least 1000 platforms long, but 2500 is recommended. Build the bridge a large distance from the ground; the ground should not be visible from any part of the bridge. Place blocks at each end of the bridge to prevent running off of the sides.

For team players, the arena can be much shorter. A team arena can be between 250-500 platforms long, but should also have 2-3 separate rows. Space the rows so they are not too close together, but are reachable with rocket boots.

Consider setting up Heart Statues and Star Statues on 1 Second Timers, as well as Sunflowers, Heart Lanterns, Campfires, and pools of Honey as these can make the battles much easier.

If you don't quite feel up to the task of making a second very long bridge, you could simply use the first one you built for the Wall of Flesh. this will also make the first fight easier due to all of the ambient light. However, after defeating your first mechanical boss, this becomes much harder due to the additional spawns of Lava Bats and Red Devils.

Fighting the Mechanical Bosses[edit | edit source]

The Destroyer is arguably the easiest of the three bosses and should be fought first. The Destroyer has a chance of spawning naturally at sunset with the message "You feel vibrations deep below..." It can also be summoned by using a Mechanical Worm at night. Fight the Destroyer first if you prefer melee, as its souls can be used to craft Light Discs.

Destroyer Mask.png Boss: The Destroyer  Destroyer Mask.png
The Destroyer

Life: 80000

Defense: 0 (Head), 30 (Body), 35 (Tail)

Damage: 60 (Head), 40 (Body), 20 (Tail), 22 (Death Laser)

Minions: Probes

Drops: 20-44 Hallowed BarHallowed Bar, 20-40 Soul of MightSoul of Might, 5-15 Greater Healing PotionGreater Healing Potion, Mechanical Wagon PieceMechanical Wagon PieceDesktop VersionConsole Version (expert)

Recommended Equipment: See above section "Recommended Equipment for Hardmode Bosses"

The Destroyer is the hardmode version of Eater of Worlds. The Destroyer uses a variation of worm AI, burrowing into the ground and making long sweeping passes at the player. The Destroyer is much longer than the Eater of Worlds and moves much faster. Unlike the Eater of Worlds, the Destroyer does not break into segments. The Destroyer's segments all have a shared life of 80000. All of its segments will be destroyed when this life reaches 0. The Destroyer will release Probes as it takes damage. Probes will drop hearts when killed. If the Destroyer is not defeated before 4:30 AM, it will run away.

Piercing weapons and AoE weapons are particularly effective against this boss. The Destroyer will frequently try to trap you with its body. Use a hook to get out of these situations. The Destroyer's drops come from its head when it is killed. When its health is very low, wait until any of its segments are above the ground before finishing it off.

The destroyer does not despawn if you use a Magic Mirror or Recall Potion to flee and will instead follow you. This can be helpful if the player sets up a house near the spawn point for the Nurse to move in, aiding the player in healing if the player's health is low.

As of 1.2, hallowed equipment (except for the Drax/Pickaxe Axe, which is necessary for progression) doesn't require boss souls; it only requires Hallowed Bars, which you can farm up from the Destroyer.

It is recommended to fight Skeletron Prime next, as ranged characters can make a Flamethrower if he is defeated.

Skeletron Prime Mask.png Boss: Skeletron Prime  Skeletron Prime Mask.png
Skeletron Prime

Life: 25000 (Head), 6000 (Cannon), 8000 (Saw), 8000 (Vice), 5000 (Laser)

Defense: 25 (Head), 50 (Head, while spinning), 25 (Cannon), 40 (Saw), 35 (Vice), 20 (Laser)

Damage (Melee): 50 (Head), 100 (Head, while spinning), 30 (Cannon), 52 (Saw), 45 (Vice), 29 (Laser)

Damage (Grenade): 40

Damage (Laser): 25

Drops: 19-35 Hallowed BarHallowed Bar, 20-40 Soul of FrightSoul of Fright, 5-15 Greater Healing PotionGreater Healing Potions, Mechanical Battery PieceMechanical Battery PieceDesktop VersionConsole Version (expert)

Recommended Equipment: See above section "Recommended Equipment for Hardmode Bosses"

Skeletron Prime is the hardmode version of Skeletron. Skeletron Prime behaves very similarly to its predecessor. It alternates between attacking with its various appendages and using a deadly spinning attack with its head. Skeletron Prime has a lot of health and can take a long time to kill. If Skeletron Prime is not defeated before the sun rises, it will use an attack that instantly kills the player on touch.

The damage from all of its arms can add up quickly. Try to destroy the arms before focusing on the head. The Prime Saw and Prime Vice are very difficult to avoid and should be destroyed first. The Prime Laser is only a medium threat and should be killed after the Vice and Saw, and the Prime Cannon can be ignored. There are two methods to avoiding Skeletron Prime's attacks. The first is to use the maximum speed of Lightning or Frostspark Boots to stay out of reach (Prime Saw will always be able to keep up), combined with well-timed jumps to throw off the aim of Skeletron Prime's spinning head attack. The second method is to use Gravitation potions for a similar effect, though it can be harder to dodge some of Skeletron Prime's attacks this way.

The last of the three mechanical bosses is the Twins. This boss is the hardest of the three for most players and should be defeated last. The Twins have a chance of spawning at sunset with the message "This is going to be a terrible night..." They can also be summoned by using a Mechanical Eye at night. The Twins are recommended for magic and summoning players, as the Rainbow Rod, Magical Harp, and Optic Staff will be very useful weapons later on.

Twin Mask.png Boss: The Twins  Twin Mask.png
The Twins


Life: 20000

Defense: 10 (First Stage), 25 (Second Stage)

Damage (Melee): 50 (First Stage), 75 (Second Stage)

Damage (Laser): 20 (First Stage), 25 (Second Stage), 20 (Second Stage, Rapid Fire)


Life: 23000

Defense: 10 (First Stage), 35 (Second stage)

Damage (Melee): 50 (First Stage), 75 (Second Stage)

Damage (Cursed Flame): 25 (First Stage), 30 (Second Stage)

Drops: 20-35 Hallowed BarHallowed Bar, 20-40 Soul of SightSoul of Sight, 5-15 Greater Healing PotionGreater Healing Potion, Mechanical Wheel PieceMechanical Wheel PieceDesktop VersionConsole Version (Drops from last boss to be killed)

Recommended Equipment: See above section "Recommended Equipment for Hardmode Bosses"

The Twins are the hardmode version of Eye of Cthulhu. Both Twins will alternate between their signature attack (Laser for Retinazer, Cursed flame for Spazmatism), and charging at the player. The two choose attacks independently of the other. There will be times when one uses their signature while the other charges when they both use their signature, and when they both charge. When a Twin gets down to half health (12000 hp), it will transform into a more powerful second stage. Both will gain a rapid-fire version of their signature attack and a much more damaging melee attack in their second stages. The first Twin killed will not yield any drops. When the second Twin is killed, the listed drops will appear where it was killed. The eyes can be killed in any order. If the Twins are not defeated before the sun rises, they will run away.

Each twin is much more dangerous in its second stage. Focus on one Twin at a time, and only move on to the second Twin when the first is destroyed. Retinazer's stage one signature is less dangerous, so kill Spazmatism first. The Twins have a charging attack that is extremely difficult to dodge. This charging attack will cripple a player if they can't consistently dodge it. There are two methods to dodging the attacks, like with Skeletron Prime. The first method is to reach max running speed with Lightning or Frostspark Boots and use timed jumps to throw off the trajectory of the charge. Jump just as a Twin is about to start a charge while maintaining run speed. This will cause the charging Twin to charge too fast, and then attempt to correct it as they try to charge again. The second method is to use Gravitation Potions and constantly fall - they won't be able to catch up to you. If a Twin is off screen too long, it will despawn like any other enemy (only on console and mobile though). This can be used to make Spazmatism despawn and simplify the fight greatly.

Return to the Underground Jungle[edit | edit source]

Once any mechanical boss has been defeated, new challenges unlock, and the player gains access to new materials to work with, starting with the souls and bars dropped by the boss. Hallowed Bars can be used to craft Hallowed armor and several melee weapons, but most importantly the Drax or Pickaxe Axe which will be used to harvest the next tier of ore. The new souls (Might, Fright, and Sight) are used to craft 2-3 new weapons and tools each.

Once all three mechanical bosses have been defeated, changes are made to the Underworld and the Underground Jungle, and a new event has a chance of occurring. The Pirate Invasion is dependent on an altar being smashed, and actually defeating a boss is unnecessary.

Greedy Ring.png Event: Pirate Invasion  Greedy Ring.png

Monsters: Pirate Deckhand, Pirate Deadeye, Pirate Corsair, Pirate Crossbower, Pirate Captain, Parrot, Flying Dutchman

Monster Drops: Coin GunCoin Gun, Lucky CoinLucky Coin, Discount CardDiscount Card, CutlassCutlass, Pirate StaffPirate StaffDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version, Gold RingGold RingDesktop VersionConsole Version, Various Golden furniture, Sailor costumeSailor costume, Buccaneer costumeBuccaneer costume,

Recommended Armor: Hallowed armor

Recommended Weaponry: Death Sickle, Chlorophyte Saber, Chlorophyte Partisan, Optic Staff, Golden Shower, Uzi, Megashark

A Pirate Invasion can occur after a player smashes one demon altar, or alternatively when the player uses a Pirate MapPirate Map.

When a Pirate Invasion spawns or is summoned using a Pirate Map, a message will appear saying "Pirates are approaching from the (East/West)!" When the Pirates' initial wave reaches the spawn, their arrival is announced with "The Pirates have arrived!" See Pirate Invasion for more info and tips.

The Solar Eclipse is a very rare event and one recommended for melee characters. You may need to do many before obtaining every item. In the Desktop version Desktop version the Solar Eclipse can be summoned manually using a Solar Tablet, which can be crafted with eight Solar Tablet Fragments. The fragments drop from Flying Snakes And Lihzahrds, and can be found in Lihzahrd Chests in the Jungle Temple.

Broken Hero Sword.png Event: Solar Eclipse  Broken Hero Sword.png

Monsters: Frankenstein, Swamp Thing, Reaper, Vampire, Eyezor, The Possessed, Fritz, Creature from the Deep, Mothron

Monster Drops: Death SickleDeath Sickle, Moon StoneMoon Stone, Broken Bat WingBroken Bat Wing, Eye SpringEye Spring, Broken Hero SwordBroken Hero Sword, Neptune's ShellNeptune's Shell

Recommended Equipment: Hallowed or Chlorophyte

Solar eclipses occur randomly at dawn and last throughout the day. The enemies here are extremely dangerous and it may require gear from the Hardmode Jungle and Dungeon to efficiently farm them. The Death Sickle is good for melee characters with its high DPS and piercing ability. Sword users should also take special note of the Broken Hero Sword that has a chance to drop from Mothron, a rare monster that can challenge newer players -- one can create the True Excalibur or True Night's Edge and then craft a Terra Blade. The Possessed, Fritz, and Creature From the Deep are exclusive to the Desktop version Desktop version, making the Solar Eclipse much harder there. After defeating Plantera, Nailheads, Butchers, and Psychos begin to appear, making even the most well-equipped player thus far to reach for his Magic Mirror.

Fire Feather.png Biome: The Underworld (Hardmode)  Fire Feather.png
The Underworld (Hardmode)

New Monsters: Lava Bat, Red Devil

Monster Drops: Magma StoneMagma Stone, Unholy TridentUnholy Trident, Fire FeatherFire Feather

Recommended Equipment: Hallowed

Two new enemies now spawn in the Underworld. Lava Bats are simply a stronger version of the Hellbat. Red Devils are the real danger, being able to deal over 100 damage with their trident attack. It's recommended that the player does anything they need to do in the Underworld (such as farming the Wall of Flesh for its special drops) before defeating mechanical bosses; otherwise, doing anything here may become much harder.

Yelets.png Biome: Underground Jungle (Hardmode)  Yelets.png
Underground Jungle (Hardmode)

New Monsters: Moth, Moss Hornet, Angry Trapper, Arapaima, Giant Tortoise

Monster Drops: UziUzi, BezoarBezoar, Turtle ShellTurtle Shell, Butterfly DustButterfly Dust, Tattered Bee WingTattered Bee Wing, YeletsYeletsDesktop VersionConsole Version

Notable Resources: Chlorophyte OreChlorophyte Ore, Life FruitLife Fruit

Recommended Equipment: Hallowed

Now that one or more of the mechanical bosses have been defeated, Chlorophyte ore spawns throughout the underground jungle. Hardmode also makes it so that Life Fruits can occasionally be found growing amongst the foliage. Harvesting these two items should be a top priority. Life Fruits increase the player's health by 5, up to a maximum of 500, and Chlorophyte can be crafted into weapons and armor a step above Hallowed equipment.

Players using melee or ranged weapons can make even better armor by acquiring an additional material. Creating a house in the glowing mushroom biome will spawn the Truffle NPC, who sells the Autohammer. The Autohammer turns Chlorophyte bars into Shroomite bars, which are used to create Shroomite armor, a great armor for ranged attackers. Giant Tortoise drop Turtle Shell, which when combined with Chlorophyte Bars make Turtle armor, a powerful melee armor set. Make note that the Autohammer cannot be purchased until Plantera has been defeated.

Plantera[edit | edit source]

Also found in the underground jungle is a mysterious purple bulb. Destroying this bulb with a drill or pickaxe summons the boss Plantera.

Plantera's Bulb.png Boss: Plantera  Plantera's Bulb.png

Life: 30000

Defense: 14

Damage: 50

Drops: Temple KeyTemple Key, Grenade LauncherGrenade Launcher, Pygmy StaffPygmy Staff, Venus MagnumVenus Magnum, Nettle BurstNettle Burst, Leaf BlowerLeaf Blower, Flower PowFlower Pow, Wasp GunWasp Gun, SeedlingSeedling, The AxeThe Axe

Recommended Equipment: Chlorophyte or Turtle; piercing weapons

Plantera can be one of the easiest bosses if you have an arena. Simply bomb out a large cave (although of course, make sure NOT to accidentally destroy Plantera's Bulb) and put a short wall in the middle of the cave. Put platforms below the wall so that you have a place to grapple to, and summon Plantera. Run around the wall you built and you should be fine. (See also: Guide:Plantera strategies)

Upon defeating Plantera, the message "Screams are echoing from the dungeon..." appears, and powerful new enemies are added to the dungeon. The boss also drops the Temple Key, which is used to open the Jungle Temple.

Lihzahrd Temple[edit | edit source]

Solar Tablet Fragment.png Biome: Lihzahrd Temple  Solar Tablet Fragment.png
Lihzahrd Temple

Monsters: Lihzahrd (NPC), Flying Snake, Golem

Monster Drops: Lihzahrd Power CellLihzahrd Power Cell, Lizard EggLizard Egg, Solar Tablet FragmentSolar Tablet FragmentDesktop VersionConsole Version

Recommended Equipment: Chlorophyte, Turtle, or Shroomite

After defeating Plantera, you will pick up a Temple Key that is used to unlock the door to the Lihzahrd (also known as the Jungle Temple). It is small compared to the normal dungeon, but it contains far more traps. In the console and mobile versions of Terraria, you can use two Teleporters to teleport into the temple.

Golem[edit | edit source]

At the bottom of the Lihzahrd, there is a boss room with a lihzahrd altar. Using a Lihzahrd Power Cell on it summons the Golem.

Golem Mask.png Boss: Golem  Golem Mask.png

Life: 15000 (Head), 8000 (Body), 6000 (Fist)

Defense: 24

Damage: 70

Drops: StyngerStynger with Stynger BoltStynger Bolt, Possessed HatchetPossessed Hatchet, Sun StoneSun Stone, Eye of the GolemEye of the Golem, PicksawPicksaw, Heat RayHeat Ray, Staff of EarthStaff of Earth, Golem FistGolem Fist, Golem TrophyGolem Trophy, Beetle HuskBeetle Husk, Shiny StoneShiny StoneDesktop VersionConsole Version (expert)

Recommended Equipment: Chlorophyte, Turtle, or Shroomite and post-Plantera weapons

Golem in its first stage is made significantly easier if the player focuses on destroying his fists before releasing his head's other attacks. Constant damage to the fists will nullify their attacks, leaving you free to attack at a range while avoiding his head's fireballs and lasers. In his second form, it is best to have built platforms to run underneath his jumping body Bowser-style while taking shots at him and avoiding his head attacks. This means that ranged attacks would be the safest strategy to beating him, providing you don't make too many mistakes and other mobs don't interfere. Note that his body has the ability to move midair, meaning that he can still change direction and land on you after running beneath him at a close distance.

The Golem drops the Picksaw, which enables the player to mine Lihzahrd Brick. The Stynger is a very effective explosive weapon. The Possessed Hatchet and Golem Fist are melee weapons with considerable range. Beetle Husk can make a great new melee armor. Heat Ray and Staff of Earth are efficient in the Hardmode Dungeon, where you should go next. The bonuses of the Sun Stone and Eye of the Golem will help as well.

See also: Guide:Golem strategies

Return to the Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Ectoplasm.png Biome: Dungeon (Hardmode)  Ectoplasm.png
Dungeon Biome (Hardmode)

New Monsters: Rusty Armored Bones, Blue Armored Bones, Bone Lee, Paladin, Tactical Skeleton, Dungeon Spirit, Skeleton Commando, Necromancer, Giant Cursed Skull, Diabolist, Ragged Caster, Skeleton Sniper

Monster Drops: Shadowbeam StaffShadowbeam Staff, KeybrandKeybrand, EctoplasmEctoplasm, Sniper RifleSniper Rifle, Rifle ScopeRifle Scope, Tactical ShotgunTactical Shotgun, Paladin's ShieldPaladin's Shield, Paladin's HammerPaladin's Hammer, Wisp in a BottleWisp in a Bottle, Magnet SphereMagnet Sphere, TabiTabi, Black BeltBlack Belt, Spectre StaffSpectre Staff, Inferno ForkInferno Fork

Recommended Equipment: Chlorophyte, Shroomite, Turtle, Beetle

After defeating Plantera, the dungeon's difficulty increases dramatically. There are stronger enemies and new drops from each. Also, note that the dungeon has 5 biome-related chests. To unlock each one, you may need to defeat many of the respective biome's enemies to get a key, which is used to unlock the respective chest. Dungeon Spirits, which may spawn after the player kills enemies in the dungeon, drop Ectoplasm, which is used to craft Spectre armor, a great armor for mages.

Duke Fishron[edit | edit source]

Razorblade Typhoon.png Boss: Duke Fishron  Razorblade Typhoon.png
Duke Fishron

Life: 50000

Defense: 50

Damage: 100 (melee)

Drops: FlaironFlairon, TsunamiTsunami, Razorblade TyphoonRazorblade Typhoon, Tempest StaffTempest Staff, Bubble GunBubble Gun, Fishron WingsFishron Wings, Shrimpy TruffleShrimpy TruffleDesktop VersionConsole Version (expert)

Recommended Melee Equipment: Turtle or Beetle armor, and Vampire KnivesVampire Knives

Recommended Ranged Equipment: Shroomite armor and StyngerStynger

Recommended Magic Equipment: Spectre armor (Hood), Bat ScepterBat Scepter, Golden ShowerGolden Shower (maybe); Celestial CuffsCelestial CuffsDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version, Sorcerer EmblemSorcerer Emblem or Celestial StoneCelestial Stone; Magic Power PotionMagic Power Potion, Mana Regeneration PotionMana Regeneration Potion, Crystal BallCrystal Ball

Recommended Accessories (all classes): Hoverboard (or any WingsWings), Frostspark BootsFrostspark Boots, Destroyer EmblemDestroyer Emblem, TabiTabi / Master Ninja GearMaster Ninja Gear, Shield of CthulhuShield of CthulhuDesktop VersionConsole Version (expert)

Recommended Buff Potions (all classes): Ironskin, Regeneration, Swiftness, Thorns, Water Walking, Well Fed, Wrath, Rage, Lifeforce, Endurance, Summoning, Gravitation (optional)

Duke Fishron is one of the hardest bosses in the game as of Just summoning the Duke is a significant challenge in itself, as you will need to capture the wily and elusive Truffle Worm. The spawn rates in naturally occurring Underground Mushroom biomes are low, and if you intend on getting the Fishron Wings (1/15 chance), as well as all his drops, you’ll need to defeat him on average 10 times. Add in a few more for the times you die and because the RNG hates you, and you could easily be looking at 20-25 truffle worms needed. Trying to net that many manually, even with the help of a Clentaminator, Golden Bug Net and Blue Solution, is tedious and frankly boring. Your best bet is to build a Truffle Worm farm, for which you can find a guide here.

Once you’ve collected sufficient Truffle Worms, you should select your class. Melee, ranged, and magic are all viable options. Ironically, the ranger, which has up until now been a mainstay of boss fights, is probably the worst option. Although the Ranger is still great at dealing high DPS, the lack of a self-healing attack, unlike the other two, also makes this the most dangerous approach, and with the Duke’s extremely high damage, leaves you very little margin for error. If you're a ranger, make one mistake and you’re dead. Melee using Vampire Knives is the second option, which is relatively safe. And despite Spectre armor (Hood) getting its damage nerfed by 40%, and mana potions nerfed a further 25%, the magic approach is probably still the best one (which goes to show how overpowered it was). As of 1.3, the new magic weapon Life Drain, with a 20% drop rate from the difficult Crimson Mimic, can serve as a magical replacement for the Vampire Knives, and can be obtained earlier in Hardmode by farming for Souls of Night, crafting a Key of Night, and farming Crimson Mimics. However, know that whereas the Vampire Knives' regenerative powers are proportional to damage, Life Drain simply provides faster regeneration, which may not be enough to save the player from death.

Unlike most boss fights, an arena is of little help. Duke Fishron seems to have been designed with the intention of being farm-proof (he’s not), and if you sit still or linger in the same area, he can literally take you from a full 600hp to zero in two seconds flat in his second stage, whereas if you keep moving and keep your distance, you shouldn’t take much damage. It is important to keep in mind that if you move too far away from him that he will despawn, wasting a precious Truffle worm.

Once you’re ready to fight the Duke, summon him by fishing in the Ocean using a Truffle Worm as bait. From there, the best strategy is to just continually run away while firing until he’s dead. Don’t stop moving at any time or you’ll die. In theory it’s best to use a Gravitation Potion for maximum mobility, but in reality you may actually have very little experience using Gravitation Potions, as they can be disorienting, you can run into floating islands, mountains, or worst, lakes (which will kill you), you can’t fly too high or you will float, and it will be very difficult to dodge (which will kill you). With Wings and Frostspark Boots, you’re very mobile on the ground too and both approaches are viable, so go with what you’re most comfortable with. The Tabi/Master Ninja Gear will allow you to dash out of the way of his more lethal attacks, but be wary of accidentally dashing into a Sharknado. If you have the Shield of Cthulhu, you are even better off, as it allows to dash into him without taking damage (if timed correctly). This can actually be a reliable lifesaver from his quick lunging attacks during his second stage, especially on expert mode (3rd stage). Note that of 1.3 if the player leaves the Ocean Biome Duke Fishron's defense and attack will double, making fighting across the map an invalid option. The best option as of the latest update will be to build platforms over the Ocean Biome and begin building a flexible arena.

Although Duke Fishron is a very difficult boss, he’s probably still easier than the Lunar Events and it’s probably best to beat him before taking on the Events. However, if you find yourself stuck attempting and failing to kill him, the Lunar Events may be the only other option to continue. If you do undergo the events, it's best to defeat your class's pillar (Vortex for ranged, Nebula for magic, Solar for melee, and Stardust for Summoner). Defeating a Pillar once allows the crafting of one of the Lunar Weapons. An optional detour is to defeat the Stardust Pillar to gain a powerful minion (Stardust Dragon or Stardust Cell) to aid you in the fight. BEWARE: if you defeat all Lunar Pillars, the Moon Lord will spawn, and chances are if you can't defeat Fishron, you have an even lower chance of defeating the Moon Lord. If you’re fighting Duke Fishron multiple times, the fight will be somewhat easier once you've acquired his weapon drops and wings.

For more strategies to defeat the Duke, see Guide:Duke Fishron strategies.

The Pumpkin Moon[edit | edit source]

Pumpkin Moon Medallion.png Event: Pumpkin Moon  Pumpkin Moon Medallion.png
Pumpkin Moon

Monsters: Scarecrow, Splinterling, Hellhound, Poltergeist, Mourning Wood, Headless Horseman, Pumpking

Monster Drops: Scarecrow costumeScarecrow costume, Spooky WoodSpooky Wood, Cursed SaplingCursed Sapling, Spooky TwigSpooky Twig, Spooky HookSpooky Hook, Necromantic ScrollNecromantic Scroll, Stake LauncherStake Launcher, Mourning Wood TrophyMourning Wood Trophy, Jack 'O Lantern MaskJack 'O Lantern Mask, The Horseman's BladeThe Horseman's Blade, Pumpking TrophyPumpking Trophy, Candy Corn RifleCandy Corn Rifle, Raven StaffRaven Staff, Jack 'O Lantern LauncherJack 'O Lantern Launcher, Bat ScepterBat Scepter, Black Fairy DustBlack Fairy Dust, Spider EggSpider Egg

Recommended Equipment: Chlorophyte, Turtle, Spectre, or Shroomite

The Pumpkin Moon is summoned at night using the Pumpkin Moon MedallionPumpkin Moon Medallion. Unlike the Blood Moon and Solar Eclipse, enemies appear in up to 15 consecutive waves, similar to an invasion. During this event, the moon turns orange with a jack 'o lantern face.

See also: Guide:Pumpkin Moon strategies

The Frost Moon[edit | edit source]

Naughty Present.png Event: Frost Moon  Naughty Present.png
Frost Moon

Monsters: Present Mimic, Flocko, GingerBread, Zombie Elf, Elf Archer, Nutcracker, Yeti, Elf Copter, Everscream, Krampus, Ice Queen, Santa-NK1

Monster Drops: Christmas Tree SwordChristmas Tree Sword, Festive WingsFestive Wings, RazorpineRazorpine, Christmas HookChristmas Hook, Everscream TrophyEverscream Trophy, Blizzard StaffBlizzard Staff, North PoleNorth Pole, Ice Queen TrophyIce Queen Trophy, Snowman CannonSnowman Cannon, Baby Grinch's Mischief WhistleBaby Grinch's Mischief Whistle, Reindeer BellsReindeer Bells, Elf MelterElf Melter, Chain GunChain Gun, Santa-NK1 TrophySanta-NK1 Trophy

Recommended Equipment: Chlorophyte, Turtle, Spectre, or Shroomite

The Frost Moon is summoned at night using the Naughty PresentNaughty Present. It is one of the most difficult events in the game, as it is meant for endgame players. Like the Pumpkin Moon, enemies appear in 15 standard waves as well as 5 extra bonus waves. During this event, the moon changes color to look like the face of a snowman.

See also: Guide:Frost Moon strategies

Martian Madness[edit | edit source]

Martian Probe.png Event: Martian Madness  Martian Probe.png

Monsters: Brain Scrambler, Gray Grunt, Ray Gunner, Martian Officer, Martian Engineer, Gigazapper, Tesla Turret, Martian Walker, Scutlix, Martian Saucer

Monster Drops: Martian Conduit PlatingMartian Conduit PlatingDesktop VersionConsole Version, Martian CostumeMartian Costume, Laser MachinegunLaser MachinegunDesktop VersionConsole Version, XenopopperXenopopperDesktop VersionConsole Version, Cosmic Car KeyCosmic Car KeyDesktop VersionConsole Version, Laser DrillLaser DrillDesktop VersionConsole Version, Electrosphere LauncherElectrosphere LauncherDesktop VersionConsole Version, Charged Blaster CannonCharged Blaster CannonDesktop VersionConsole Version, Influx WaverInflux WaverDesktop VersionConsole Version, Anti-Gravity HookAnti-Gravity HookDesktop VersionConsole Version, Martian Saucer TrophyMartian Saucer TrophyDesktop VersionConsole Version

Recommended Equipment:Shroomite armor, Turtle armor, Beetle armor, Spectre armor

Martian Madness is an invasion-type event that can happen after defeating Golem. Occasionally, in the outer two-thirds of your map, a Martian Probe will randomly appear. If it scans you and escapes, the event will start. This event cannot be triggered manually.

The Lunatic Cultist[edit | edit source]

Ancient Cultist Mask.png Boss: Lunatic Cultist  Ancient Cultist Mask.png

Life: 32000

Damage: 50

Defense: 42

Minions: Phantasm Dragon, Ancient Vision

Drops: Ancient ManipulatorAncient ManipulatorDesktop VersionConsole Version, Ancient Cultist MaskAncient Cultist MaskDesktop VersionConsole Version, Ancient Cultist TrophyAncient Cultist TrophyDesktop VersionConsole Version, Greater Healing PotionGreater Healing Potions

The Lunatic Cultist is a boss summoned by killing the four Cultists that spawn at the Dungeon after defeating Golem. Once the Lunatic Cultist is defeated, the Lunar Events will start.

Before reaching a certain health level, it will use 3 attacks:

  • Firing 3 homing fireballsfireballs projectiles that explode on impact.
  • Summoning an ice fractal that fires ice shardsice shards in six directions four times over as it flies in one direction before fading away.
  • Summoning a orborb that fires bolts of lightning at the character.

After reaching around half health, it will use a fourth attack:

In Expert mode, it may also spawn numerous Ancient DoomsAncient Dooms that fire four purple projectiles in a cross pattern.

After cycling through its attacks a few times, it will fade away, and reappear in a ritual-like circle, with duplicates of itself called Ancient Cultists. The player must hit the real cultist to stop the ritual. Attacking a fake or letting the ritual finish will causing a Phantasm Dragon to spawn, and cause the respective Ancient Cultist to fight alongside the real cultist, if the former happens. This fake cultist can be destroyed by attacking the real cultist when it performs its ritual again.

Attacking a fake while the Phantasm Dragon is still alive will result an Ancient Vision being spawned, NOT another Phantasm Dragon.

See also: Lunatic Cultist

See also: Guide:Lunatic Cultist strategies

The Celestial Pillars[edit | edit source]

Once the Lunatic Cultist is defeated, four pillars will spawn in the world. These can easily be found with the map. Be sure to pick up the Ancient Manipulator the Cultist drops, as it is needed to craft end-game gear.

Chances are that you will be near a pillar when they spawn. The pillars represent the four classes: Solar for melee, Vortex for ranged, Nebula for magic, and Stardust for summoning. There is no set order necessary to kill them, but it is preferable to take on the one corresponding to your class first, then the Stardust Pillar to get the powerful Stardust Dragon Staff.

Solar Monolith.png Boss: Solar Pillar  Solar Monolith.png

Life: 20000

Defense: 20

Damage: 0 (melee), 90 (solar flare)

Minions: Selenian, Drakanian, Corite, Sroller, Drakomire, Crawltipede

Drops: Solar FragmentSolar FragmentDesktop VersionConsole Version (12-60) 18-90

Recommended Melee Equipment: Turtle or Beetle armor, and Vampire Knives, North Pole, Paladin's Hammer, Scourge of the Corruptor, Influx Waver

Recommended Ranged Equipment: Shroomite armor and Stynger, Megashark, Chain Gun, Electrosphere Launcher, Tsunami, Sniper Scope

Recommended Magic Equipment: Spectre armor (Hood)/(Mask), Razorblade Typhoon, Laser Machinegun, Blizzard Staff, Bat Scepter, Golden Shower, Celestial Cuffs, Sorcerer Emblem or Celestial Stone, Razorpine, Bubble Gun, Magic Power Potion, Mana Regeneration Potion, Crystal Ball

Recommended Accessories (all classes): Frostspark Boots, Star Veil

Recommended Buff Potions (all classes): Ironskin, Regeneration, Swiftness, Thorns, Well Fed, Wrath, Rage, Lifeforce, Endurance, Summoning.

The Solar Pillar is a tough one to crack, and, like all the Pillars, you will be under constant attack from its minions.

To make the Solar Pillar (or any pillar) vulnerable, you must kill 100 (150 on Expert) of its minions to deactivate its shield, allowing it to be harmed directly.

Try to stay out of the air around the Solar Pillar if possible, because the Crawltipedes will swarm and kill you quickly otherwise. If need be, aim at their weak spot, the tail, to kill them. This will give you a small window to take flight before another spawns.

Be sure to also be wary of the Corites that spawn as well, because their charge attack can be deadly, or even fatal when they swarm you.

The Selenians are extremely deadly when they are spinning, as they can reflect damage, which is able to deal heavy damage to the caster/shooter. Avoid high damage ranged/magic weapons like Nebula Blaze and Sniper Rifle. It is recommended to use low-damage, high fire weapons like the Razorpine, melee weapons, and summons.

Because many of the enemies from this pillar cannot pass through solid blocks, it's recommended that you attempt to find an area where most mobs will have trouble reaching you, but where you can reach them. If possible, try to obtain a weapon that can pass through walls, such as the Nettle Burst or Flying Dragon.
Vortex Monolith.png Boss: Vortex Pillar  Vortex Monolith.png

Life: 20000

Defense: 20

Damage: 0

Minions: Vortexian, Storm Diver, Alien Hornet, Alien Queen

Drops: Vortex FragmentVortex FragmentDesktop VersionConsole Version (12-60) 18-90

Recommended Melee Equipment: Turtle or Beetle armor, and Vampire Knives

Recommended Ranged Equipment: Shroomite armor and Stynger, Megashark

Recommended Magic Equipment: Spectre armor (Hood)/(Mask), Bat Scepter, Golden Shower, Celestial Cuffs, Sorcerer Emblem or Celestial Stone, Razorpine/Bubble Gun, Magic Power Potion, Mana Regeneration Potion, Crystal Ball

Recommended Accessories (all classes): Wings, Frostspark Boots, Master Ninja Gear (Black Belt), Star Veil

Recommended Buff Potions (all classes): Ironskin, Regeneration, Swiftness, Thorns, Well Fed, Wrath, Rage, Lifeforce, Endurance, Summoning.

Like every Pillar, to make the Vortex Pillar susceptible to damage, you must defeat 100 (150 on Expert) minions to deactivate its shield.

Try to take out the Storm Divers and Alien Queens first, as the Storm divers have a very strong shotgun attack that can deal large amounts of damage, while the Alien Queens can inflict the distorted debuff, which leaves the player extremely susceptible to other enemies.

Gravity is distorted around areas of the Vortex Pillar as well, so beware of the area around it. Because this is a ranged pillar, you will find that many of the enemies are going to fire volleys of projectiles at you. Due to this, it is recommended you have a Black Belt or a Master Ninja Gear, so you can have a slight chance to dodge these attacks.

Nebula Monolith.png Boss: Nebula Pillar  Nebula Monolith.png

Life: 20000

Defense: 20

Damage: 0

Minions: Nebula Floater, Brain Suckler, Predictor, Evolution Beast

Drops: Nebula FragmentNebula FragmentDesktop VersionConsole Version (12-60) 18-90

Recommended Melee Equipment: Turtle or Beetle armor, and Vampire Knives

Recommended Ranged Equipment: Shroomite armor and Stynger, Megashark

Recommended Magic Equipment: Spectre armor (Hood)/(Mask), Bat Scepter, Golden Shower, Celestial Cuffs, Sorcerer Emblem or Celestial Stone, Razorpine/Bubble Gun, Magic Power Potion, Mana Regeneration Potion, Crystal Ball

Recommended Accessories (all classes): Wings, Master Ninja Gear (Black Belt), Frozen Turtle Shell

Recommended Buff Potions (all classes): Ironskin, Regeneration, Swiftness, Thorns, Well Fed, Wrath, Rage, Lifeforce, Endurance, Summoning.

Like every Pillar, to make the Nebula Pillar susceptible to damage, you must defeat 100 (150 on Expert) minions to deactivate its shield.

Focus on the Brain Sucklers that fly at you to prevent them from latching onto your head. If they do, aim your weapon above you to knock them off, or simply swing any regular sword/ melee weapon. The Nebula Floaters are tricky, as they will randomly teleport around. Take them out quickly, and dodge their beam attacks.

With this pillar, it is best to avoid the ground. Predictors and Evolution Beasts can make quick work of any player ground-bound, so sticking to the air is best. This is because Brain Sucklers have no projectile attack, and are relatively easy to kill. If the player is skilled, the pillar can be defeated relatively easily.

It is highly recommended to use flight accessories like wings for temporary flight, or the Cosmic Car Key, Shrimpy Truffle, and Scaly Truffle for permanent flight.

Stardust Monolith.png Boss: Stardust Pillar  Stardust Monolith.png

Life: 20000

Defense: 20

Damage: 0

Minions: Star Cell, Flow Invader, Twinkle Popper, Stargazer, Milkyway Weaver

Drops: Stardust Fragment (12-60) 18-90

Recommended Melee Equipment: Turtle or Beetle armor, and Vampire Knives

Recommended Ranged Equipment: Shroomite armor and Stynger, Megashark

Recommended Magic Equipment: Spectre armor (Hood)/(Mask), Bat Scepter, Golden Shower, Celestial Cuffs, Sorcerer Emblem or Celestial Stone, Razorpine/Bubble Gun, Magic Power Potion, Mana Regeneration Potion, Crystal Ball

Recommended Accessories (all classes): Wings

Recommended Buff Potions (all classes): Ironskin, Regeneration, Swiftness, Thorns, Well Fed, Wrath, Rage, Lifeforce, Endurance, Summoning.

Like every Pillar, to make the Stardust Pillar susceptible to damage, you must defeat 100 (150 on Expert) minions to deactivate its shield.

Take out the Star Cells quickly so they don't overwhelm you, but be sure to also kill the little ones they split into as well. If left to long, these will grow into full-sized Star Cells again. The Milkyway Weavers are a big threat, as unlike normal worm AI, they can follow you into the air. Attack their head to kill them easily. The Stargazers should not be taken lightly either, as they have a beam attack that could easily drain a player's health.

If you are experienced, you may want to herd together a group of Star Cells and only kill the large ones, leaving the small ones alive, then wait for them to regrow. Using this tactic, you can max out the spawn limit such that nothing else can spawn, and farm out the Star Cells until the Pillar is vulnerable.

Once the final Pillar is defeated, the status message "Impending doom approaches..." will appear. About a minute later, the Moon Lord will spawn. It is recommended to have potions for the fight, as he will easily kill you if you are not prepared.

The Moon Lord[edit | edit source]

For more elaborate strategies on defeating Moon Lord, including Weapon and Arena recommendations, see Guide:Moon Lord strategies.

The Moon Lord, bearing a striking resemblance to Cthulhu but confirmed not to be by the developers (although at health thresholds it spawns True Eyes of Cthulhu), is summoned directly after defeating the final Celestial Pillar and serves as Terraria's final boss as of version 1.3.


Total: 145,000 / 217,500

Head: 45,000 / 67,500

Hands (×2): 25,000 / 37,500

Core: 50,000 / 75,000

150 / 300 (Phantasmal Deathray)
60 / 120 (Phantasmal Bolt)
100 / 200 (Phantasmal Sphere)
60 / 120 (Phantasmal Eye)
60 / 120 (Phantasmal Bolt)
80 (Melee (eye socket))

Head: 50

Hands: 40

Core: 70

Recommended Buffs

There's a reason the developers chose him to be the game's "final boss". Similar to Duke Fishron, the boss sweeps side to side, taking up the entire screen and making arenas less effective than with other bosses. Recommended arenas include a minecart track or an asphalt skybridge, running along the length of the world for maximum damage output. Its defeat means subsequent runs will be easier with its drops but still provides quite a challenge even with the best gear. Luminite is used to craft end-game gear and mounts, including the Drill Containment Unit, which requires 40 Luminite Bars, or ~two Moon Lord defeats. To craft all items with Luminite, 1088 ores are required, meaning Moon Lord must be defeated 13-16 times in Normal Mode.

The Post-Game[edit | edit source]

After defeating the moon invasions and acquiring all their drops, the player is free to do anything. You could try designing an ultimate castle or PvP with other top-tier players, or even overcome incredibly difficult challenges (e.g. Frost Moon wave 15+ with Ranger, no arena.) The only end is the player's imagination!

Some things you might try:

  • Purify the Corruption or Crimson biomes
  • Reach top tier in Fishing and acquire the Hotline Fishing Hook/Golden Fishing Rod.
  • Beat multiple Bosses at once.
  • Complete all the achievements.
  • Defeat the Dungeon Guardian.
  • Play on an online server.
  • Explore player-made custom maps and content.
  • Make your own theme park using minecarts.
  • Experiment with the extremely elaborate combinations possible with wiring and teleporters, such as making your own in-game computer!
  • Try to complete the game as different Classes.
  • Do a hardcore playthrough.
  • Do speed runs.
  • Play, design, and/or create new PvP modes for all to enjoy!
  • Acquire every single weapon and tool.
  • Obtain every single armor and vanity set.
  • Gather up every single accessory and dye.
  • Collect every single Trophy and Banner.
  • Play through the game on Expert mode.
  • Seek out the rarest items in the game, such as the Nymph Banner or Slime Staff.
  • Find bugs and glitches so developers can fix them.
  • Create a mod or texture pack, or maybe an adventure/puzzle map.
  • Become a wiki contributor!