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Wall of Flesh
Wall of Flesh.png
AI TypeWall of Flesh AI
Damage50 / 150(melee)
Max Life8000 / 11200
Defense12 / 18
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffHorrifiedHorrified
Debuff durationWhile the player is within 1800 feet (900 Blocks) from the boss.
Debuff tooltipYou have seen something nasty, there is no escape.
Inflicts debuffThe TongueThe Tongue
Debuff durationWhen the player is within 1800 feet (900 Blocks) behind the boss.
Debuff tooltipYou are being sucked into the mouth
Immune toPoisonedOn Fire!ConfusedCursed InfernoVenomShadowflame
Coins 8 Gold Coin
Map Icon Wall of Flesh.png
Map Icon

Wall of Flesh Trophy.png "The master and core of the world..." Wall of Flesh Trophy.png

The Wall of Flesh is the final Pre-Hardmode boss. It is composed of two eyes which will blast the player with lasers. In between these two eyes is a mouth. At the beginning of the battle it will spawn many small creatures called The Hungry. They are connected to the Wall of Flesh with long tendrils, which break once the Hungry take enough damage, releasing them to fly towards you. Once the hungry are defeated, the mouth will spawn Leeches which are creatures similar to worms in shape, size, and appearance.

Once the player has beaten the Wall of Flesh, they will receive a message and the world will enter Hardmode.

Spawn Condition[edit | edit source]

To spawn the Wall of Flesh, you must throw (Mobile Version or use) the Guide Voodoo DollGuide Voodoo Doll in the Lava.

The Fight[edit | edit source]

The Wall will steadily move toward you, so keep your distance and run. If you get behind the Wall, it will pull you in front of it. You will be a little bit disoriented and possibly heavily damaged, so staying in front of it is absolutely a top priority. On the other hand if you move too far away from the Wall it will also pull you back. Be cautious, as this can sometimes fling you into hazards such as Lava, which will usually easily kill a player without a Lava CharmLava Charm.

At the start of the fight you should focus on killing the Hungriesthe Hungries, preferably using Piercing weapons or Explosives. When they get killed however, they detach, meaning that they will come to you. Kill them as fast as possible, while trying to damage the rest of the swarm.

When the little creatures have been mostly eradicated, you can now focus on the Eyes and Mouth. They share health, and the Eyes don't have defense. Prioritize Eyes over Mouth.

Close-ranged players may take hits from newly spawned Hungry and the occasional direct hit from the Wall. Dodging the Eye lasers is easy: Jump up and down when the lasers are shooting, you'll avoid most of them. Just remember that the lasers come from both Eyes.

Be careful though, as you will have to deal with the LeechesLeeches. As they're worms, they need solid blocks in order to navigate around. Be mindful of the terrain (and bridge), and use your penetrating or melee weapons against these. They drop helpful heart pickups, so make sure to take them.

As the Wall takes more damage, it goes faster. And it'll increases the fire rate and damage of the lasers. Keep dodging, as make sure to never stop to run even once.

The Horrified debuff has the effect of instantly killing you when you use your Magic MirrorMagic Mirror, it does so after you return to spawn, allowing you to recover your money (and items on Mediumcore) instantly. Do that if you ran out of space to defeat it. However, it's not useful on hardcore players.

Expert Mode[edit | edit source]

The already hard-to-obtain hearts are now more rare: Leeches have a 20% chance of dropping at least one, meaning that you get healed from the boss less often.

As the Wall of Flesh has more health, so it's faster. At low health, it'll almost outrun you, while lasers can reach Retinazer-esque fire rate. You can minimize the chance of getting caught by making the last stretch more open beforehand.

The Hungries will over time respawn, making non-penetrating ammo less effective against the Wall.

General Strategies[edit | edit source]

Terrain preparation[edit | edit source]

There are multiple approaches the player can take for fighting the Wall of Flesh, each having several strategic implications. One terrain strategy is to build a long bridge to go through half the map to the right, then summon it on the left or vice versa.

Full Preparation[edit | edit source]

The player will benefit from preparing the area ahead when fighting the Wall of Flesh more than with any previous boss.

An optimal arena is a perfectly flat land bridge of length at least 1000-2000 tiles. It is also a good idea to make the bridge out of wood platforms, as ranged attacks can hit all parts of the Wall of Flesh this way. But building the platform out of Solid blocksSolid blocks will allow the player to change the position of the Eyes. This is helpful for targeting the eyes as they have low defense.

Lighting is relatively optional as the area will be well-lit from lava and other effects. Note that the height of the bridge does not especially matter, as the Wall of Flesh will move its eyes and mouth to the appropriate height for combat on its own (Unless the player is on Mobile version Mobile, in which it will move the whole wall to you.)

On Mobile version Mobile, as the Wall of Flesh will not adjust its parts to appropriate height, you may also build your bridge relatively high up, at ~50 blocks below the Underworld's upper boundary.

Headroom to maneuver above the bridge may be useful, and additional Wooden Platforms can provide further mobility options, especially types for melee users.

If the player has access to the Ice SkatesIce Skates, making the arena out of Ice BlocksIce Blocks will allow much faster speeds to outrun the Wall. However this can lead to Underground Corruption, Underground Crimson and Underground Hallow enemies to spawn as Ice can be CorruptedCorrupted, CrimsonCrimson or Hallowed Ice BlocksHallowed Ice Blocks.

Partial Preparation[edit | edit source]

If a full arena isn't desired, or you're not interested in wasting time on a world you don't intend to keep, you can make less extensive preparations. Run your bridge over any lava pits, make sure there aren't any especially difficult jumps to make, and clear a path through any major outcroppings. You may want to extend your work to closer to 750 blocks, as the fight will drag on while you jump over obstacles.

Partial preparation favors ranged combat, as you won't be within melee range often. You also will need to keep a bigger distance to account for any slow climbing you'll need to do. If you have large flat segments, those would be good times to close to melee.

Alternatively, you can build the arena with Minecart TracksMinecart Tracks, because you can keep a safe distance with a MinecartMinecart with decent speed.

Gearing up[edit | edit source]

Armor[edit | edit source]

Molten armor, especially considering you will have to use this once hardmode starts. Meteor armor, Jungle armor, Necro armor or Bee armor are valid options if you're specializing in non-melee weapons. Crimtane armor is also good with its increased life regeneration, and Shadow armor can be useful with its increased movement and melee swing speed to keep up with the Wall of Flesh. Even if not using Molten armor as a main armor, it's best to have a set to swap into in case things get hairy once you initiate hardmode.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Mobile version Mobile version A nice bow and Cupid arrows from the Valentine's day event can make the boss unable to harm the player, other than the eyes' shots. Firing a bow and Cupid's arrows stuns the boss (if shot at the mouth) completely and as long as you have enough regeneration you will easily kill the boss. It takes at most average 232 arrows and at least average 130 arrows.

For Melee users:

A primary concern about melee in this fight is that you are constantly moving away from the boss. As it is impossible to back up while swinging a sword (like the Night's Edge and Phaseblade), as players are forced to stay dangerously close to the boss and catch it on the backswing if they wish to damage it directly. This would be nearly impossible without full Terrain preparations.

  • A melee weapon especially helps when fighting the numerous Hungries, as one swing can hit many at once. Balanced characters may wish to start with a melee weapon to clear out the Hungries before switching to range or magic to fight the boss. The Wall of Flesh has low defense, so the player isn't limited to necessarily using the strongest weapon that they have available. If The Wall of Flesh is too close, you can switch to an extremely fast weapon, such as Bladed Glove, which can help clear Hungries easily. The Bladed Glove is only obtainable during the Halloween seasonal event.
  • You can also use a Flail. The Sunfury is recommended because it is the strongest of its tier in pre-hardmode. This is a good choice because it can inflict multiple hits on the Wall of Flesh. The same applies to the Dark Lance. Getting either the Dark Lance or the Sunfury is recommended if the player intends to focus on melee.
  • Desktop Version Possibly the best choice as a weapon for fighting the WoF is to use a Yoyo. Using a yoyo allows the player to run away from the WoF while also attacking it from a distance, once all of the Hungry are killed. It's recommended to use a stronger yoyo such as the Valor (from the Dungeon) or the Cascade (dropped by Underworld enemies after Skeletron has been defeated). Also, using accessories related to the yoyo, such as String and Counterweights can also be beneficial.
  • In Expert mode, the Bee Keeper combined with the Hive pack can be very effective for characters seeking to defeat the WoF with pure melee. The Bee Keeper allows the player to back up while swinging without changing direction, and the bees with the Hive Pack keep the Hungry at a controllable level. Maximizing defense is critical for this strategy.

For Ranged users:

The ranged approach is safer but slower for this fight. When choosing ranged weapons consider taking the Necro armor, as the set bonus will reduce the ammo consumed, and the lowered defense should be mitigated by the distance between you and the wall.

  • A Hellwing Bow is a fairly common find pre-Wall of Flesh and is an excellent weapon to use against it, dealing high damage with extremely cheap Wooden Arrows. The pierce of the bats can be useful, allowing the player to attack many of the Hungry as well as the Wall itself in one shot.
  • Alternately you can use piercing or exploding ammunition, such as Meteor Shots, Hellfire Arrows or Jester's Arrows. Gun users will want to use a Phoenix Blaster, Minishark or possibly even a Star Cannon (it takes about 150-160 Stars to kill the WoF and the Hungry; this makes the fight fairly easy if you have been hoarding them.). Bow users are best off using a Molten Fury, Hellwing Bow, The Bee's Knees, or Sharanga Old-gen console versionMobile Version. With any choice, you will want to bring a significant amount of ammunition (about 1,500 to 2,000) to ensure you do not run out. Other bows and guns should be avoided.

For Magic users:

  • A Water Bolt, Ruby Staff, Diamond Staff or Demon Scythe can deal a hefty amount of damage to the boss, while also providing piercing to quickly clear the Hungry. Magic weapons such as Space Gun consider using Jungle armor or if made Meteor armor instead. If you just want defense, you can use Molten armor or the highest Armor for defense. A combination of Space Gun with Meteor armor and one of the four initially listed magic weapons as well as accessories with armor buffs can cause constant damage when the main magic weapon is out of mana while having suitable defense for taking damage.
  • Flamelash and Magic Missile perform poorly in this fight. The rate of damage is abysmal when dealing with Hungries or the wall itself. They are good at hitting mobile enemies in a static environment, which is the exact opposite of the situation here. However, they can be used as high damage alternatives to a ruby staff. A Demon Scythe can also come in handy even though it has a somewhat expensive mana cost.
  • Bee Gun's high speed, homing, and bouncing (5 times) ability can be a very powerful weapon for this fight. You can increase their damage by using the Hive Pack if you're in Expert mode.
  • If you have a Crimson world, you will want to bring a Crimson Rod and set up rain clouds periodically. The drops will pierce through the eyes and mouth, speeding up the battle greatly.
  • The battle can be finished easily by building a bridge, using a water bolt and Diamond Staff (Or Ruby Staff), and wearing a Magic Hat or a Wizard Hat (Choose a Wizard Hat if you want a little more damage to the WoF) and wear a Diamond Robe to increase your mana quickly. With a Wizard Hat, you can do just 10% more Crit. Strike change (note Magic Hat also increases your critical strike chance and damage by 6%, however, but the Wizard Hat has 10% Crit and 15% Magic Damage).
  • Console version A Medusa Head can be very useful against The Hungry, as they can hit all The Hungry at once, dealing massive damage.
  • If using the Water Bolt, a good strategy is to fire in a spread across the screen. This will take out The Hungry, and you can switch to targeting one of the Wall's eyes once the Hungry are defeated (spamming the weapon against an eye will cause hefty damage as the closely packed bolts can hit multiple times). Then, when your Mana is drained, you can switch to the Star Cannon, Beenades, or another preferred weapon while your Mana regenerates (if you don't want to use Mana Potions because of the Mana Sickness debuff). Players who use Meteor armor can switch to the Space Gun while Mana regenerates. The Aqua Scepter is very useful for the fight since it has a rapid fire and the Hungries will drop Stars so you can refill your Mana quickly.

For Summoners:

  • At this point, an Imp Staff is almost 100% necessary, dealing the highest damage of all the minion summons. In addition, the Imp's piercing properties help with clearing all The Hungry away.
  • Of the sentry weapons sold by the Tavernkeep, the best options are the Ballista Rod and the Explosive Trap Rod. The Ballista Rod has incredibly high damage and their bolts are capable of piercing, while the Explosive Trap Rod inflicts damage in an area of effect. While the sentries themselves are slow to attack, you can continually re-summon them to make them immediately attack, significantly reducing the cooldown time.
  • If this is not your first time (with that particular character), you can use Hardmode summons such as the Optic Staff or Pirate Staff.

For Throwing users:

  • Spiky Balls are a good way to start the fight. If you are going to use ranged weapons throughout the entire fight these can help you kill some of the Hungries quickly and dealing some additional damage to the WoF.
  • Molotov Cocktails can be used to kill some of the Hungries. The fire left behind after the Molotov Cocktail has hit will do some extra damage to the WoF. These are recommended if you are not very accurate with your explosive throwing skills(100-150 to kill the WoF).
  • Beenades are a powerful weapon against the WoF and minions alike, and the bees' homing ability is invaluable.
  • Explosives, such as Grenades, may work as well, quickly clearing the Hungries. Even Bombs can be used, although the timing may require some practicing it is not a great deal if the area is damaged, as you won't return to there till the fight is over. Perhaps the better option of explosives are Beenades. By the time you are prepared to fight the Wall of Flesh farming them from the Queen Bee should be trivial.
  • Although expensive, Holy Hand Grenades are a great option on the Mobile version Mobile version. They deal extreme area of effect damage, capable of quickly killing The Hungry and hitting multiple parts of the Wall itself.

Accessories[edit | edit source]

Without full arena preparations, an Obsidian Shield is recommended for not taking damage from Hellstone. Furthermore, Spectre Boots, Lightning Boots or Frostspark Boots, and a Cloud in a Balloon or the Sandstorm in a Bottle will help you maneuver around easier, while also helping you evade the lasers shot by the WoF. Other good Accessories are the Feral Claws for melee users and a Band of Regeneration for all users. In addition, a Lava Charm or Lava Waders can be useful as an alternative to Obsidian Skin Potion. If you have one and have either a bad aim or a relatively small amount of ammo, the Ammo Box should be activated before the fight, and it usually will last the whole fight and provide a chance not to consume ammo.

Reforging your accessories for more defense or damage will help with this fight. Reforging for movement speed will help later on in the battle, but Spectre Boots usually will outrun the WoF.

Potions[edit | edit source]

Specific Strategies[edit | edit source]

Boulders Head-start[edit | edit source]

If you can jump BouldersBoulders, then you should set up a few at the beginning of the run and Wire them to a Pressure plate in the course, so you can step on the pressure plate, and the Wall of Flesh gets hit by a few boulders, but them hitting you can seriously affect the battle, because they do a lot of damage. Explosives (or just thrown Dynamite) can be used in a similar manner for even greater damage.

Mouth-only Tunnel Strategy[edit | edit source]

One strategy which has worked for some players is to build a 3-7 block high tunnel so that the WoF can not use the laser eye attack since it cannot shoot through blocks. For regeneration purposes use full crimson armor and campfires every 20 blocks to help. A good weapon to use is the diamond staff but if you have multiple people the ruby staff will work as well. If you intend to solo the WoF use molten armor. Only Use Shadow/Crimson armor if you are a very good at dodging the WoF's Lasers and the hungries.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After defeating the boss, the loot will be enclosed suspended in a box, so that lava is not a problem. However your world will enter Hardmode if it has yet to enter it.

After defeating the Wall of Flesh, you will have access to stronger Weapons and Emblems, making the fight a lot easier when you come back to it. Furthermore, after killing the WoF you can immediately summon him again (of course waiting for the Guide to respawn). This can be a great source of income or loot.