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Terraria has no formal player class or leveling system, however weapons can be grouped into four distinct categories- Melee, Ranged, Magic, and Summoning. (There is also a minor Throwing class and some playful classes in the PC version). Each class has its strengths, weaknesses, and roles, and every class has a wide variety of weapons and tactics to choose from. As you progress through the game, every class gains more intricate and complex abilities, allowing more variety in strategy and combat as time goes on. It is advised for the player to try out every weapon they find to help determine what works best for them. It is also suggested that players learn how to effectively use buffs and potions to increase their efficiency and survivability in combat (Especially during Events and Boss fights).

In general, it is recommended to focus on one class (especially further into the game), as many armors, accessories and buffs only benefit a specific class and using a mix of weapons can reduce your damage output. However having a backup weapon from another class can be helpful should the situation require a different weapon. Furthermore, each class can use at least one minion, so it is recommended to have one active at all times. Besides that the summoning class can use another weapon once finished summoning the max number of minions.

Pre-Bosses[edit | edit source]

Prior to encountering a boss, set bonuses from wooden and ore armor will almost exclusively provide additional defense, and accessories will not discriminate by weapon type when giving bonuses. When combined with the general scarcity of weapons and the need to survive, there is little point to sticking to a "class" this early on. Notably, there are nearly no summoning items available at this point- only the Slime Staff, the Hornet Staff and the Imp Staff. For these reasons, players are recommended to make use of whatever they can get their hands on.

Class Weapons Armor Accessories Buffs/Potions/Flasks Notes
Mixed (early) Early game, just use what weapons/accessories you find.
Mixed (late) Early game, just use what weapons/accessories you find.
In Halloween, Pumpkin armor is available pre-bosses, and while it gives much less defence than Gold or Platinum it has a +10% damage buff, very powerful if you can reliably dodge.

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Once you start defeating the first bosses new options become available. In addition, you should have enough mana to use magic weapons. However, the armors still only give small bonuses, so you can still safely mix class styles without a significant loss of damage. Dedicated summoners are still rather weak at this point, although their summoning items can be used by any class.

Class Weapons Armor Accessories Buffs/Potions/Flasks Notes
Melee *Only craftable in Pre-Hardmode on the Mobile only.pngMobile version. In order to accomplish this, the player needs to get Crystal Shards from Arch Demons.
Magic Not recommended if you have low max mana
Summoning Rather weak at this point
Throwing Only usable on the Desktop Version Desktop version. On other versions, throwing items are considered ranged instead.
Mixed Items that aren't class specific.

Pre-Mechanical Bosses[edit | edit source]

At this point in time, it starts to become important to pick a specific class. Many accessories will only benefit a certain class and armor sets start to notably affect your damage output. In addition, playing with the Thrown weapons is no longer effective, as those weapons are insufficient for Hardmode. On the other hand, the summoner class starts to become more powerful but still not strong enough to defeat bosses. At this point, you may want to start working on getting good modifiers for your equipment as well.

Class Weapons Armor Accessories Buffs/Potions/Flasks Notes

Ranged †Endless Musket Pouch is optional, the advantage is there's no need to worry about running out of Musket balls, one of the weakest types of ammunition.
Summoning While the Forbidden armor provides less summoning boosts than Spider armor, it has more defense and magical boosts, allowing for a more offensive approach.
Mixed Only listing items that aren't class specific.

Pre-Plantera[edit | edit source]

This is the point where a mixed class becomes rather weak compared to a single class, mainly due to there being separate armor sets for each class. You can of course still play a mixed class, though it is recommended to have a backup armor set (e.g. in the vanity slots) so you can switch quickly for some additional damage or defense.

Class Weapons Armor Accessories Buffs/Potions/Flasks Notes
Melee The Terra Blade is a highly recommended for melee players, and remains useful until the Celestial Towers are defeated. For most players, however, the Terra Blade can be a challenge to obtain.
Magic Magic is somewhat weak at this point, not having obtained a good armor upgrade.

Summoner is relatively weak at this point, not having obtained a real upgrade. Tavernkeep armor provides minion and sentry bonuses while also supporting another class.
Mixed Only listing items that aren't class specific.

Pre-Golem[edit | edit source]

With the hardmode dungeon now available, as well as the Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon (it will be hard to reach last wave with current equipment, but you can still obtain the drops on earlier waves), there is a variety of new equipment available. Furthermore, any Biome Keys you have obtained are now usable.

Class Weapons Armor Accessories Buffs/Potions/Flasks Notes

See below

Magic It’s possible to use the Pumpkin Moon or Frost Moon items, but it's not recommended.
Mixed Only listing items that aren't class specific.

Notes on Melee armor:

  • It is hard to obtain Turtle Shells for Turtle armor, but it is still highly recommended to do so before defeating Golem, as it is an ingredient in Beetle armor.
  • Vampire Knives and the Scourge of the Corruptor are great weapons to have, but are also very hard to obtain. The Vampire Knives heal the player, so those with a more defensive approach may prefer these. The Scourge of the Corruptor is also a good weapon. It has the mechanics of a ranged weapon, but does not require ammo nor mana.
    • If you prefer the Vampire Knives but are in a Corruption world, or if you prefer the Scourge of the Corruptor but are in a Crimson world, simply create new worlds until you get one with the right biome.
  • Mobile only.pngThe Paladin's Hammer is by far the best weapon to have pre-Golem, as it has autoswing, and can achieve a higher DPS than even that of the Terra Blade. Unless fighting in close-range combat (in which case a Terra Blade's beam would double DPS), always use a Paladin's Hammer.

Pre-Duke Fishron[edit | edit source]

Not much changes after defeating the Golem. For melee users, the Influx WaverDesktop Version and Beetle Armor becomes available. For ranged users, the Sniper Scope and Electrosphere LauncherDesktop Version are now available. Mages can now obtain the Laser MachinegunDesktop Version and Charged Blaster Cannon. For summoners, the Xeno Staff. And for all classes, the Destroyer Emblem and Celestial Stone are available. Most other weapons only have situational uses.

Pre-Celestial Events[edit | edit source]

Equipment from Duke Fishron and Martian Invasion now available.

Class Weapons Armor Accessories Buffs/Potions/Flasks Notes
Melee Both sets of Beetle are nice to have.
Magic Both sets of Spectre armor are nice to switch around.
Mixed Only listing items that aren't class specific.

Endgame[edit | edit source]

At this point you can probably start using a mixed class again (except when fighting the Moon Lord), because all equipment easily kills everything anyway.

Class Weapons Armor Accessories Buffs/Potions/Flasks Notes
Mixed Only listing items that aren't class specific.
Tank Be sure to have 500 health.
Yoyo-Warrior Desktop VersionUse of the Cosmic Car Key may not be that effective against Moon Lord.

Other[edit | edit source]

Some equipment sets are not meant for fighting, but for other activities, such as fishing, building and exploring. All equipment is optional and makes it easier to perform the task, but otherwise simply use what is at hand.

Class Weapons Armor Accessories Buffs/Potions/Flasks Notes
Wiring If you can't get Stardust armorDesktop Version, you can try Spider armor or Bee armor.
The Mechanic is necessary for most items.
Building Let the minions take care of enemies so you can focus on building.
Fishing Let the minions take care of enemies so you can focus on fishing.
Catcher Let the minions take care of enemies so you can focus on catching Critters.
Exploring/Mining Let the minions take care of enemies so you can focus on exploring/mining.
Desktop VersionThe player may use a PDA, however the Cell Phone is the better accessory.

Fun[edit | edit source]

Some equipment are only made for fun or for entertainment purposes only. Not including Buffs.

Class Weapons Armor Accessories Notes
Mario Pigron mount with Green Dye for Yoshi. Desktop VersionConsole VersionMobile only.png

* Put in vanity slot

Link * Fairy Bell

* Put in vanity slot

Martian †Put in vanity slot

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