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Guide talk:Wall of Flesh strategies

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Hey, I'm considering to kill the WOF, I have a Godly Phaseblade and Molten Fury as my ranged and melee weaons, I have a platform slightly over 500 blocks long, I also have a Cloud in a Balloon and Spectre Boots, should I go melee or ranged? -- 16:29, 21 January 2012 (UTC)

500 blocks bad advice?[edit source]

With a space gun held down and not missing I think I need about 1500 blocks -.- So even with good weapons, 500 sounds absurdly low. Is this everyone's experience? 08:09, 6 February 2012 (UTC)

500 blocks was more than enough for me to defeat it using the phoenix blaster with meteor shot. The space gun deals half the damage and fires at half the rate, so I'd expect it to take four times as long to kill the wall. 09:53, 7 February 2012 (UTC)
Ah, assuming people have nearly optimal equipment isn't a good idea :/ So I edited it to reflect you can need a much larger arena if using the lesser equipment described in the sections below 21:34, 4 May 2012 (UTC)

Anon- I would suggest using pheonix blaster with meteor shot for a ranged fight, 500 blocks is a tid bit short, but even if you run out of flat platform, the WoF will easily go down in 300-400 bullets with the blaster.

Underestimating WoF difficulty epically[edit source]

Firstly, let me just say that I am so angry, it's amazing I didn't fill this entire page with swear words. This is because the Wall of Flesh is almost impossible to defeat pre-hardmode, yet this page talks about it like defeating Eater of Worlds with a full hallowed set. I gave up trying to reach the end of the map, so I just threw it in. It moves at a medium-fast rate, deals massive damage, and DOESN'T start off at the end of the map. It starts just out of the screen view. And I am unable to build an arena because I CAN BARELY MAKE IT THROUGH THE UNDERWORLD AS IT IS. IT'S LUCKY FOR ME TO STAY A FEW MINUTES IN THERE. For pre-hardmode players, choose a large map. If it's laggy, choose medium. If that's laggy, well too bad. Also, try to get around 35-40 defense. I had 27 defense and I died about 5-6 times. Also, it is a good idea to set up an outpost. And for people who want to know how difficult WoF is, start at one end of the map. Then, take Skeletron, Eye of Cthulu and Eater of Worlds and multiply them by about 2-3. If you manage to beat all of them whilst running non-stop with no collisions and not touching water to the other end of the map, you could probably defeat the WoF. --4321x6 09:17, 7 February 2012 (UTC)

The wall is a pushover if you have the right equipment, and I'm not talking about hardmode stuff. Ironskin and regeneration potions are very useful. What weapon(s) are you using? 09:58, 7 February 2012 (UTC)
You say you can't manage to build an arena. First, the guide specifically says preparing the area is more important for this boss than for preceding bosses, and fighting without preparation is specifically not recommended for the first attempt, so it's hardly fair to say the guide led you astray. Secondly, if you can't survive in the underworld long enough to build an arena, are you sure you're ready for hardmode? Things don't exactly get easier after this.
By this point, you should probably be using Ironskin, Regeneration, and Swiftness Potions constantly in any location where your survival is in question (try gardening if you're concerned about running out); a Band of Regeneration is also remarkably helpful for prolonged trials. Water Walking Potions make a huge difference in the underworld, too. It goes without saying that you should have the best pre-hardmode weapons and armor for your preferred playing style; you could always consider reforging the weapon if you feel you need an extra edge. --Manxome 21:39, 7 February 2012 (UTC)
Thanks for talking about my problem, you guys. I honestly don't think potions are that important, but next time, if there is a next time, I'll bring about 10 of each that could help me. Also, I have full Molten armor, Godly Blade of Grass, a Flamarang, Minishark, and other weapons but I can't really remember them all. My accessories are a Obsidian Shield, Brisk Cloud in a Bottle, Spectre Boots, I think I'm using Feral Claws and another thing I can't remember. I also have an Ivy Whip. I'd also like to point out that I have an Outpost in an Obsidian Tower. If there were something better than Molten armor pre-hardmode, I think this battle would be a LOT easier. I was also thinking of making a Night's Edge, all I needed was a Fiery Greatsword, but the guide said that you don't need really good items to defeat WoF. So I'll make that and some potions, and I'll TRY to make an arena. And a notice to all other pre-hardmode players: Wall Of Flesh is not a pushover, no offence It has high health, fast speed and strong attack. Caution is advised.--4321x6 07:35, 9 February 2012 (UTC)
Potions make a very noticeable difference. If the underworld gives you trouble, you should use them while constructing your arena, not just during the actual boss fight. Ironskin adds more defense than the difference between Shadow and Molten armor. (Want something better than Molten Armor? This is it.) A regeneration potion gives more healing/time than using healing potions as fast as the potion sickness allows (and stacks with them, and lasts 5x as long). Every single time that water walking or obsidian skin saves you from lava damage, it's almost as good as an extra healing potion with no potion sickness.
Upgrading your weaponry would also make a very noticeable difference. The Phoenix Blaster does about 50% more DPS than the Minishark (when firing Meteor Shot)--though I admit, the lack of automatic fire is very annoying in long battles. Night's Edge does about 67% more (base) DPS than the Blade of Grass, and remains a viable weapon for most of hardmode--if you use swords for anything, I would definitely recommend that upgrade.
So even in pre-hardmode, it sounds like you could have much higher damage, much more defense, and much better healing than you currently have. --Manxome 21:55, 9 February 2012 (UTC)
Ya know, it was a surprisingly easy fight for me. I just battled it for the first time. I had all the reccomended potions, molten armor, the best bow, sword and pickaxe that i could get (hellstone stuff and night's edge), some jumping aid (spectre boots and cloud in a balloon) and the good old band of regeneration and mana flower, all without really good bonuses. It got me from the wrong side: i prepared the arena for an attack from right, but it came fom left. So i used my platforming skills, shooting my now-non-op phoenix blaster like, well, hell. I got it down to 500-100 hp, and then i died. Well, everything went A LOT better than expected, and this time i will use my bow too! By the way, if the underworld is like hell, that means that the wall of flesh is satan and it wants to punish because i betrayed and killed Daniel (my guide since i started the game)Rampardos18 20:17, 15 June 2012 (UTC)
Honestly the WoF is extremely easy, I can do it with just shadow armor and a Phoenix blaster + Meteor shots, takes like 2 minutes. I use menacing acc and have an Unreal forge, I use a Legendary Night's Edge as a melee weapon, for potions I just bring whatever I've gathered while killing, usually some regular potions, but sometimes just lessors. Usually my health is around 200-300 for the fight. My accs were Cloud in a Balloon, Spectre Boots, Obsidian Shield, Obsidian Horsehsoe, and Feral Claws. I'll be fair though, I seem to be better at this then you, I can survive hell with just silver equipment, for example.

There seems to be a lot of information that just plain isn't in here... like how the WoF will, upon spawning, immediately grab and drag your character to somewhere near the mouth. So "the height of the bridge does not especially matter" is only accurate if you completely clear the entire underworld around your platform - you can't just build a long platform at (say) 350m below with plenty of room above it before the cavern layer, because the WoF will drag you off that platform and dump you in the middle of wherever. A long platform 395m below allowed me to easily tunnel back down to it, but the eyes and mouth stayed much higher and couldn't be reached. It appears the WoF "likes" you to be around 375m below on a small world, and if you haven't cleared that area to the tune of some 50,000 blocks, your platform is basically a waste of time.

This isn't adequately documented and I don't know whether it's console-specific or what. Since everyone else seems to find this boss so easy, it's more than a little frustrating that I've had to fight it four times to learn these basic things about it which are not in the guide, and I still haven't managed to beat it because while the "optimal arena is a perfectly flat land bridge," that bridge has to be constructed in a specific height range with a large amount of vertical space cleared... which means I keep wasting several frustrating hours building a new "optimal" arena that doesn't work, which takes up most of the day fighting demons and hellbats and lava slimes that can't really damage me much in the first place, but are just in the way - and then I call up the WoF only to learn some brand new thing that nobody ever bothered to write down in the guide. CDarklock (talk) 09:15, 18 August 2013 (UTC)

As far as I know the WoF will only grab you when you get to close to him (at least on the pc version he does), so not when he spawns. For the bridge height: most people build the bridge just above the lava (allowing to use Ruined houses as part of the bridge) and building it somewhat higher doesn't really matter. However if you build it high above tha lava it may become a problem. (Never tried it and maybe it is only a problem for the console version.) And of course the boss (as with all bosses) is quite a bit easier on the pc version than on the console version, due to better control over your character. --0icke0 (talk) 10:23, 18 August 2013 (UTC)

Need some advice to beat WoF with Yo-Yo[edit source]

I got a full molten armor,godly cascade,armored lighting boots,hard obisidian shield,hasty counterweight,hasty yo-yo string and a warding blizzard in a bottle,and i'm still having problems with Wall of Flesh,do ya guys have a few tips for me?Or should i reforge 'em to warding?Jonhof04 (talk) 01:34, 4 May 2016 (UTC)