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A Hamaxe is a type of tool that works both as an axe and a hammer. Hamaxes are notably practical tools as they save an Inventory slot one would normally need for an additional hammer or axe.

Types[edit | edit source]

There are currently eight hamaxes in the game, seven of which are craftable and one of which is obtained via a boss fight.

Name Hammer
Damage Bonus Use Time Mining
Knockback Autoswing Rarity Sell
Nebula Hamaxe.png Luminite HamaxesDesktop VersionConsole Version 100 150 60 +4 range 27
7 7
Yes Rarity Level: 10 Gold Coin
Meteor Hamaxe.png Meteor Hamaxe
Internal Item ID: 204
60 100 20 n/a 29
16 7
Yes Rarity Level: 1 30 Silver Coin
Molten Hamaxe.png Molten Hamaxe
Internal Item ID: 217
70 150 20 n/a 26
14 7
Yes Rarity Level: 3 30 Silver Coin
Spectre Hamaxe.png Spectre Hamaxe
Internal Item ID: 1507
90 150 60 +3 range 27
8 7
Yes Rarity Level: 8 Gold Coin 32 Silver Coin
The Axe.png The Axe
Internal Item ID: 1305
100 175 72 +1 range 22
7 Desktop VersionConsole Version / 6 Old-gen console versionMobile Version3DS version 7.25
(Very Strong)
Yes Rarity Level: 8 10 Gold Coin

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hamaxe is a portmanteau of Hammer and Axe.
  • The Axe is the only type of hamaxe that doesn't clearly state the word "hamaxe" in its name. It's also the only hamaxe that emits a special sound when swung.
  • Hamaxes, also called splitting mauls, exist in real life as well, though their functions are slightly different.

History[edit | edit source]

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