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See also: HOIK! [Guide] - Rapid Player/NPC/Etc Transport Using Only Sloped Tiles

Hoiks are a method of fast travel, exploiting sloped blocks. Also a useful way to kill the dungeon guardian.

When a character sprite shares space with a sloped block, the character is immediately displaced a couple of tiles in a predictable direction.

By chaining these glitches together with a line of strategically placed shaped blocks, entities can be moved rapidly in any direction. It becomes easy to achieve horizontal travel at 60 or 120 tiles per second and vertical travel at 180 tiles per second provided by legitimate means (aside from Teleporters or the Portal GunDesktop VersionConsole Version).

It also allows for the creation of mechanisms, such as fast binary counters that are not available with standard game features.

Hoiks are officially considered a "feature" by Re-Logic.[1] As such, it is ensured their functionality remains in the game. They are not planned to be removed.[2]

Hoiks can be done on mobile by doing the usual hoik setup, and place 3 ropes next to the hoik goin vertically. Place a block above and below the first sloped block, and 2 blocks up place wood all the way across the sloped blocks. To use swing an axe towards the first sloped block, while on a rope, clipping you in.

You can also create vertical hoiks by creating a tower of wooden platforms, and making them staircases. Standing in the middle of this tower will teleport you to the top of it.

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