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This page contains a sortable list of item IDs that are used internally in Terraria's game code to reference items. This information can be useful for research purposes, or in the development of third-party software, like mods and map viewers.

ID list[edit | edit source]

ID Name Image Internal name
1 Iron Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe item sprite IronPickaxe
2 Dirt Block Dirt Block item sprite DirtBlock
3 Stone Block Stone Block item sprite StoneBlock
4 Iron Broadsword Iron Broadsword item sprite IronBroadsword
5 Mushroom Mushroom item sprite Mushroom
6 Iron Shortsword Iron Shortsword item sprite IronShortsword
7 Iron Hammer Iron Hammer item sprite IronHammer
8 Torch Torch item sprite Torch
9 Wood Wood item sprite Wood
10 Iron Axe Iron Axe item sprite IronAxe
11 Iron Ore Iron Ore item sprite IronOre
12 Copper Ore Copper Ore item sprite CopperOre
13 Gold Ore Gold Ore item sprite GoldOre
15 Copper Watch Copper Watch item sprite CopperWatch
16 Silver Watch Silver Watch item sprite SilverWatch
17 Gold Watch Gold Watch item sprite GoldWatch
18 Depth Meter Depth Meter item sprite DepthMeter
19 Gold Bar Gold Bar item sprite GoldBar
20 Copper Bar Copper Bar item sprite CopperBar
21 Silver Bar Silver Bar item sprite SilverBar
22 Iron Bar Iron Bar item sprite IronBar
23 Gel Gel item sprite Gel
24 Wooden Sword Wooden Sword item sprite WoodenSword
25 Wooden Door Wooden Door item sprite WoodenDoor
26 Stone Wall Stone Wall item sprite StoneWall
27 Acorn Acorn item sprite Acorn
28 Lesser Healing Potion Lesser Healing Potion item sprite LesserHealingPotion
29 Life Crystal Life Crystal item sprite LifeCrystal
30 Dirt Wall Dirt Wall item sprite DirtWall
31 Bottle Bottle item sprite Bottle
32 Wooden Table Wooden Table item sprite WoodenTable
33 Furnace Furnace item sprite Furnace
34 Wooden Chair Wooden Chair item sprite WoodenChair
35 Iron Anvil Iron Anvil item sprite IronAnvil
36 Work Bench Work Bench item sprite WorkBench
37 Goggles Goggles item sprite Goggles
38 Lens Lens item sprite Lens
39 Wooden Bow Wooden Bow item sprite WoodenBow
40 Wooden Arrow Wooden Arrow item sprite WoodenArrow
41 Flaming Arrow Flaming Arrow item sprite FlamingArrow
42 Shuriken Shuriken item sprite Shuriken
43 Suspicious Looking Eye Suspicious Looking Eye item sprite SuspiciousLookingEye
44 Demon Bow Demon Bow item sprite DemonBow
45 War Axe of the Night War Axe of the Night item sprite WarAxeoftheNight
46 Light's Bane Light's Bane item sprite LightsBane
47 Unholy Arrow Unholy Arrow item sprite UnholyArrow
48 Chest Chest item sprite Chest
49 Band of Regeneration Band of Regeneration item sprite BandofRegeneration
50 Magic Mirror Magic Mirror item sprite MagicMirror
51 Jester's Arrow Jester's Arrow item sprite JestersArrow
52 Angel Statue Angel Statue item sprite AngelStatue
53 Cloud in a Bottle Cloud in a Bottle item sprite CloudinaBottle
54 Hermes Boots Hermes Boots item sprite HermesBoots
55 Enchanted Boomerang Enchanted Boomerang item sprite EnchantedBoomerang
56 Demonite Ore Demonite Ore item sprite DemoniteOre
57 Demonite Bar Demonite Bar item sprite DemoniteBar
58 Heart Heart item sprite Heart
59 Corrupt Seeds Corrupt Seeds item sprite CorruptSeeds
60 Vile Mushroom Vile Mushroom item sprite VileMushroom
61 Ebonstone Block Ebonstone Block item sprite EbonstoneBlock
62 Grass Seeds Grass Seeds item sprite GrassSeeds
63 Sunflower Sunflower item sprite Sunflower
64 Vilethorn Vilethorn item sprite Vilethorn
65 Starfury Starfury item sprite Starfury
66 Purification Powder Purification Powder item sprite PurificationPowder
67 Vile Powder Vile Powder item sprite VilePowder
68 Rotten Chunk Rotten Chunk item sprite RottenChunk
69 Worm Tooth Worm Tooth item sprite WormTooth
70 Worm Food Worm Food item sprite WormFood
71 Copper Coin Copper Coin dropped Copper Coin inventory sprite Old-gen console, Mobile, and 3DS exclusive sprite CopperCoin
72 Silver Coin Silver Coin dropped Silver Coin inventory sprite Old-gen console, Mobile, and 3DS exclusive sprite SilverCoin
73 Gold Coin Gold Coin dropped Gold Coin inventory sprite Old-gen console, Mobile, and 3DS exclusive sprite GoldCoin
74 Platinum Coin Platinum coin dropped Platinum Coin inventory sprite Old-gen console and 3DS exclusive sprite PlatinumCoin
75 Fallen Star Fallen Star item sprite FallenStar
76 Copper Greaves Copper Greaves item sprite CopperGreaves
77 Iron Greaves Iron Greaves item sprite IronGreaves
78 Silver Greaves Silver Greaves item sprite SilverGreaves
79 Gold Greaves Gold Greaves item sprite GoldGreaves
80 Copper Chainmail Copper Chainmail item sprite CopperChainmail
81 Iron Chainmail Iron Chainmail item sprite IronChainmail
82 Silver Chainmail Silver Chainmail item sprite SilverChainmail
83 Gold Chainmail Gold Chainmail item sprite GoldChainmail
84 Grappling Hook Grappling Hook item sprite GrapplingHook
85 Chain Chain item sprite Chain
86 Shadow Scale Shadow Scale item sprite ShadowScale
87 Piggy Bank Piggy Bank item sprite PiggyBank
88 Mining Helmet Mining Helmet item sprite MiningHelmet
89 Copper Helmet Copper Helmet item sprite CopperHelmet
90 Iron Helmet Iron Helmet item sprite IronHelmet
91 Silver Helmet Silver Helmet item sprite SilverHelmet
92 Gold Helmet Gold Helmet item sprite GoldHelmet
93 Wood Wall Wood Wall item sprite WoodWall
94 Wood Platform Wood Platform item sprite WoodPlatform
95 Flintlock Pistol Flintlock Pistol item sprite FlintlockPistol
96 Musket Musket item sprite Musket
97 Musket Ball Musket Ball item sprite MusketBall
98 Minishark Minishark item sprite Minishark
99 Iron Bow Iron Bow item sprite IronBow
100 Shadow Greaves Shadow Greaves item sprite ShadowGreaves
101 Shadow Scalemail Shadow Scalemail item sprite ShadowScalemail
102 Shadow Helmet Shadow Helmet item sprite ShadowHelmet
103 Nightmare Pickaxe Nightmare Pickaxe item sprite NightmarePickaxe
104 The Breaker The Breaker item sprite TheBreaker
105 Candle Candle item sprite Candle
106 Copper Chandelier Copper Chandelier item sprite CopperChandelier
107 Silver Chandelier Silver Chandelier item sprite SilverChandelier
108 Gold Chandelier Gold Chandelier item sprite GoldChandelier
109 Mana Crystal Mana Crystal item sprite ManaCrystal
110 Lesser Mana Potion Lesser Mana Potion item sprite LesserManaPotion
111 Band of Starpower Band of Starpower item sprite BandofStarpower
112 Flower of Fire Flower of Fire item sprite FlowerofFire
113 Magic Missile Magic Missile item sprite MagicMissile
114 Dirt Rod Dirt Rod item sprite DirtRod
115 Shadow Orb Shadow Orb item sprite ShadowOrb
116 Meteorite Meteorite item sprite Meteorite
117 Meteorite Bar Meteorite Bar item sprite MeteoriteBar
118 Hook Hook item sprite Hook
119 Flamarang Flamarang item sprite Flamarang
120 Molten Fury Molten Fury item sprite MoltenFury
121 Fiery Greatsword Fiery Greatsword item sprite FieryGreatsword
122 Molten Pickaxe Molten Pickaxe item sprite MoltenPickaxe
123 Meteor Helmet Meteor Helmet item sprite MeteorHelmet
124 Meteor Suit Meteor Suit item sprite MeteorSuit
125 Meteor Leggings Meteor Leggings item sprite MeteorLeggings
126 Bottled Water Bottled Water item sprite BottledWater
127 Space Gun Space Gun item sprite SpaceGun
128 Rocket Boots Rocket Boots item sprite RocketBoots
129 Gray Brick Gray Brick item sprite GrayBrick
130 Gray Brick Wall Gray Brick Wall item sprite GrayBrickWall
131 Red Brick Red Brick item sprite RedBrick
132 Red Brick Wall Red Brick Wall item sprite RedBrickWall
133 Clay Block Clay Block item sprite ClayBlock
134 Blue Brick Blue Brick item sprite BlueBrick
135 Blue Brick Wall Blue Brick Wall item sprite BlueBrickWall
136 Chain Lantern Chain Lantern item sprite ChainLantern
137 Green Brick Green Brick item sprite GreenBrick
138 Green Brick Wall Green Brick Wall item sprite GreenBrickWall
139 Pink Brick Pink Brick item sprite PinkBrick
140 Pink Brick Wall Pink Brick Wall item sprite PinkBrickWall
141 Gold Brick Gold Brick item sprite GoldBrick
142 Gold Brick Wall Gold Brick Wall item sprite GoldBrickWall
143 Silver Brick Silver Brick item sprite SilverBrick
144 Silver Brick Wall Silver Brick Wall item sprite SilverBrickWall
145 Copper Brick Copper Brick item sprite CopperBrick
146 Copper Brick Wall Copper Brick Wall item sprite CopperBrickWall
147 Spike Spike item sprite Spike
148 Water Candle Water Candle item sprite WaterCandle
149 Book Book item sprite Book
150 Cobweb Cobweb item sprite Cobweb
151 Necro Helmet Necro Helmet item sprite NecroHelmet
152 Necro Breastplate Necro Breastplate item sprite NecroBreastplate
153 Necro Greaves Necro Greaves item sprite NecroGreaves
154 Bone Bone item sprite Bone
155 Muramasa Muramasa item sprite Muramasa
156 Cobalt Shield Cobalt Shield item sprite CobaltShield
157 Aqua Scepter Aqua Scepter item sprite AquaScepter
158 Lucky Horseshoe Lucky Horseshoe item sprite LuckyHorseshoe
159 Shiny Red Balloon Shiny Red Balloon item sprite ShinyRedBalloon
160 Harpoon Harpoon item sprite Harpoon
161 Spiky Ball Spiky Ball item sprite SpikyBall
162 Ball O' Hurt Ball O' Hurt item sprite BallOHurt
163 Blue Moon Blue Moon item sprite BlueMoon
164 Handgun Handgun item sprite Handgun
165 Water Bolt Water Bolt item sprite WaterBolt
166 Bomb Bomb item sprite Bomb
167 Dynamite Dynamite item sprite Dynamite
168 Grenade Grenade item sprite Grenade
169 Sand Block Sand Block item sprite SandBlock
170 Glass Glass item sprite Glass
171 Sign Sign item sprite Sign
172 Ash Block Ash Block item sprite AshBlock
173 Obsidian Obsidian item sprite Obsidian
174 Hellstone Hellstone item sprite Hellstone
175 Hellstone Bar Hellstone Bar item sprite HellstoneBar
176 Mud Block Mud Block item sprite MudBlock
177 Sapphire Sapphire item sprite Sapphire
178 Ruby Ruby item sprite Ruby
179 Emerald Emerald item sprite Emerald
180 Topaz Topaz item sprite Topaz
181 Amethyst Amethyst item sprite Amethyst
182 Diamond Diamond item sprite Diamond
183 Glowing Mushroom Glowing Mushroom item sprite GlowingMushroom
184 Star Star item sprite Star
185 Ivy Whip Ivy Whip item sprite IvyWhip
186 Breathing Reed Breathing Reed item sprite BreathingReed
187 Flipper Flipper item sprite Flipper
188 Healing Potion Healing Potion item sprite HealingPotion
189 Mana Potion Mana Potion item sprite ManaPotion
190 Blade of Grass Blade of Grass item sprite BladeofGrass
191 Thorn Chakram Thorn Chakram item sprite ThornChakram
192 Obsidian Brick Obsidian Brick item sprite ObsidianBrick
193 Obsidian Skull Obsidian Skull item sprite ObsidianSkull
194 Mushroom Grass Seeds Mushroom Grass Seeds item sprite MushroomGrassSeeds
195 Jungle Grass Seeds Jungle Grass Seeds item sprite JungleGrassSeeds
196 Wooden Hammer Wooden Hammer item sprite WoodenHammer
197 Star Cannon Star Cannon item sprite StarCannon
198 Blue Phaseblade Blue Phaseblade item sprite BluePhaseblade
199 Red Phaseblade Red Phaseblade item sprite RedPhaseblade
200 Green Phaseblade Green Phaseblade item sprite GreenPhaseblade
201 Purple Phaseblade Purple Phaseblade item sprite PurplePhaseblade
202 White Phaseblade White Phaseblade item sprite WhitePhaseblade
203 Yellow Phaseblade Yellow Phaseblade item sprite YellowPhaseblade
204 Meteor Hamaxe Meteor Hamaxe item sprite MeteorHamaxe
205 Empty Bucket Empty Bucket item sprite EmptyBucket
206 Water Bucket Water Bucket item sprite WaterBucket
207 Lava Bucket Lava Bucket item sprite LavaBucket
208 Jungle Rose Jungle Rose item sprite JungleRose
209 Stinger Stinger item sprite Stinger
210 Vine Vine item sprite Vine
211 Feral Claws Feral Claws item sprite FeralClaws
212 Anklet of the Wind Anklet of the Wind item sprite AnkletoftheWind
213 Staff of Regrowth Staff of Regrowth item sprite StaffofRegrowth
214 Hellstone Brick Hellstone Brick item sprite HellstoneBrick
215 Whoopie Cushion Whoopie Cushion item sprite WhoopieCushion
216 Shackle Shackle item sprite Shackle
217 Molten Hamaxe Molten Hamaxe item sprite MoltenHamaxe
218 Flamelash Flamelash item sprite Flamelash
219 Phoenix Blaster Phoenix Blaster item sprite PhoenixBlaster
220 Sunfury Sunfury item sprite Sunfury
221 Hellforge Hellforge item sprite Hellforge
222 Clay Pot Clay Pot item sprite ClayPot
223 Nature's Gift Nature's Gift item sprite NaturesGift
224 Bed Bed item sprite Bed
225 Silk Silk item sprite Silk
226 Lesser Restoration Potion Lesser Restoration Potion item sprite LesserRestorationPotion
227 Restoration Potion Restoration Potion item sprite RestorationPotion
228 Jungle Hat Jungle Hat item sprite JungleHat
229 Jungle Shirt Jungle Shirt item sprite JungleShirt
230 Jungle Pants Jungle Pants item sprite JunglePants
231 Molten Helmet Molten Helmet item sprite MoltenHelmet
232 Molten Breastplate Molten Breastplate item sprite MoltenBreastplate
233 Molten Greaves Molten Greaves item sprite MoltenGreaves
234 Meteor Shot Meteor Shot item sprite MeteorShot
235 Sticky Bomb Sticky Bomb item sprite StickyBomb
236 Black Lens Black Lens item sprite BlackLens
237 Sunglasses Sunglasses item sprite Sunglasses
238 Wizard Hat Wizard Hat item sprite WizardHat
239 Top Hat Top Hat item sprite TopHat
240 Tuxedo Shirt Tuxedo Shirt item sprite TuxedoShirt
241 Tuxedo Pants Tuxedo Pants item sprite TuxedoPants
242 Summer Hat Summer Hat item sprite SummerHat
243 Bunny Hood Bunny Hood item sprite BunnyHood
244 Plumber's Hat Plumber's Hat item sprite PlumbersHat
245 Plumber's Shirt Plumber's Shirt item sprite PlumbersShirt
246 Plumber's Pants Plumber's Pants item sprite PlumbersPants
247 Hero's Hat Hero's Hat item sprite HerosHat
248 Hero's Shirt Hero's Shirt item sprite HerosShirt
249 Hero's Pants Hero's Pants item sprite HerosPants
250 Fish Bowl Fish Bowl item sprite FishBowl
251 Archaeologist's Hat Archaeologist's Hat item sprite ArchaeologistsHat
252 Archaeologist's Jacket Archaeologist's Jacket item sprite ArchaeologistsJacket
253 Archaeologist's Pants Archaeologist's Pants item sprite ArchaeologistsPants
254 Black Thread Black Thread item sprite BlackThread
255 Green Thread Green Thread item sprite GreenThread
256 Ninja Hood Ninja Hood item sprite NinjaHood
257 Ninja Shirt Ninja Shirt item sprite NinjaShirt
258 Ninja Pants Ninja Pants item sprite NinjaPants
259 Leather Leather item sprite Leather
260 Red Hat Red Hat item sprite RedHat
261 Goldfish Goldfish item sprite Goldfish
262 Robe Robe item sprite Robe
263 Robot Hat Robot Hat item sprite RobotHat
264 Gold Crown Gold Crown item sprite GoldCrown
265 Hellfire Arrow Hellfire Arrow item sprite HellfireArrow
266 Sandgun Sandgun item sprite Sandgun
267 Guide Voodoo Doll Guide Voodoo Doll item sprite GuideVoodooDoll
268 Diving Helmet Diving Helmet item sprite DivingHelmet
271 Familiar Wig Familiar Wig item sprite FamiliarWig
272 Demon Scythe Demon Scythe item sprite DemonScythe
273 Night's Edge Night's Edge item sprite NightsEdge
274 Dark Lance Dark Lance item sprite DarkLance
275 Coral Coral item sprite Coral
276 Cactus Cactus item sprite Cactus
277 Trident Trident item sprite Trident
278 Silver Bullet Silver Bullet item sprite SilverBullet
279 Throwing Knife Throwing Knife item sprite ThrowingKnife
280 Spear Spear item sprite Spear
281 Blowpipe Blowpipe item sprite Blowpipe
282 Glowstick Glowstick item sprite Glowstick
283 Seed Seed item sprite Seed
284 Wooden Boomerang Wooden Boomerang item sprite WoodenBoomerang
285 Aglet Aglet item sprite Aglet
286 Sticky Glowstick Sticky Glowstick item sprite StickyGlowstick
287 Poisoned Knife Poisoned Knife item sprite PoisonedKnife
288 Obsidian Skin Potion Obsidian Skin Potion item sprite ObsidianSkinPotion
289 Regeneration Potion Regeneration Potion item sprite RegenerationPotion
290 Swiftness Potion Swiftness Potion item sprite SwiftnessPotion
291 Gills Potion Gills Potion item sprite GillsPotion
292 Ironskin Potion Ironskin Potion item sprite IronskinPotion
293 Mana Regeneration Potion Mana Regeneration Potion item sprite ManaRegenerationPotion
294 Magic Power Potion Magic Power Potion item sprite MagicPowerPotion
295 Featherfall Potion Featherfall Potion item sprite FeatherfallPotion
296 Spelunker Potion Spelunker Potion item sprite SpelunkerPotion
297 Invisibility Potion Invisibility Potion item sprite InvisibilityPotion
298 Shine Potion Shine Potion item sprite ShinePotion
299 Night Owl Potion Night Owl Potion item sprite NightOwlPotion
300 Battle Potion Battle Potion item sprite BattlePotion
301 Thorns Potion Thorns Potion item sprite ThornsPotion
302 Water Walking Potion Water Walking Potion item sprite WaterWalkingPotion
303 Archery Potion Archery Potion item sprite ArcheryPotion
304 Hunter Potion Hunter Potion item sprite HunterPotion
305 Gravitation Potion Gravitation Potion item sprite GravitationPotion
306 Gold Chest Locked Gold Chest Gold Chest GoldChest
307 Daybloom Seeds Daybloom Seeds item sprite DaybloomSeeds
308 Moonglow Seeds Moonglow Seeds item sprite MoonglowSeeds
309 Blinkroot Seeds Blinkroot Seeds item sprite BlinkrootSeeds
310 Deathweed Seeds Deathweed Seeds item sprite DeathweedSeeds
311 Waterleaf Seeds Waterleaf Seeds item sprite WaterleafSeeds
312 Fireblossom Seeds Fireblossom Seeds item sprite FireblossomSeeds
313 Daybloom Daybloom item sprite Daybloom
314 Moonglow Moonglow item sprite Moonglow
315 Blinkroot Blinkroot item sprite Blinkroot
316 Deathweed Deathweed item sprite Deathweed
317 Waterleaf Waterleaf item sprite Waterleaf
318 Fireblossom Fireblossom item sprite Fireblossom
319 Shark Fin Shark Fin item sprite SharkFin
320 Feather Feather item sprite Feather
321 Tombstone Tombstone item sprite Tombstone
322 Mime Mask Mime Mask item sprite MimeMask
323 Antlion Mandible Antlion Mandible item sprite AntlionMandible
324 Illegal Gun Parts Illegal Gun Parts item sprite IllegalGunParts
325 The Doctor's Shirt The Doctor's Shirt item sprite TheDoctorsShirt
326 The Doctor's Pants The Doctor's Pants item sprite TheDoctorsPants
327 Golden Key Golden Key item sprite GoldenKey
328 Shadow Chest Locked Shadow Chest Shadow Chest ShadowChest
329 Shadow Key Shadow Key item sprite ShadowKey
330 Obsidian Brick Wall Obsidian Brick Wall item sprite ObsidianBrickWall
331 Jungle Spores Jungle Spores item sprite JungleSpores
332 Loom Loom item sprite Loom
333 Piano Piano item sprite Piano
334 Dresser Dresser item sprite Dresser
335 Bench Bench item sprite Bench
336 Bathtub Bathtub item sprite Bathtub
337 Red Banner Red Banner item sprite RedBanner
338 Green Banner Green Banner item sprite GreenBanner
339 Blue Banner Blue Banner item sprite BlueBanner
340 Yellow Banner Yellow Banner item sprite YellowBanner
341 Lamp Post Lamp Post item sprite LampPost
342 Tiki Torch Tiki Torch item sprite TikiTorch
343 Barrel Barrel item sprite Barrel
344 Chinese Lantern Chinese Lantern item sprite ChineseLantern
345 Cooking Pot Cooking Pot item sprite CookingPot
346 Safe Safe item sprite Safe
347 Skull Lantern Skull Lantern item sprite SkullLantern
348 Trash Can Trash Can item sprite TrashCan
349 Candelabra Candelabra item sprite Candelabra
350 Pink Vase Pink Vase item sprite PinkVase
351 Mug Mug item sprite Mug
352 Keg Keg item sprite Keg
353 Ale Ale item sprite Ale
354 Bookcase Bookcase item sprite Bookcase
355 Throne Throne item sprite Throne
356 Bowl Bowl item sprite Bowl
357 Bowl of Soup Bowl of Soup item sprite BowlofSoup
358 Toilet Toilet item sprite Toilet
359 Grandfather Clock Grandfather Clock item sprite GrandfatherClock
360 Armor Statue Armor Statue item sprite ArmorStatue
361 Goblin Battle Standard Goblin Battle Standard item sprite GoblinBattleStandard
362 Tattered Cloth Tattered Cloth item sprite TatteredCloth
363 Sawmill Sawmill item sprite Sawmill
364 Cobalt Ore Cobalt Ore item sprite CobaltOre
365 Mythril Ore Mythril Ore item sprite MythrilOre
366 Adamantite Ore Adamantite Ore item sprite AdamantiteOre
367 Pwnhammer Pwnhammer item sprite Pwnhammer
368 Excalibur Excalibur item sprite Excalibur
369 Hallowed Seeds Hallowed Seeds item sprite HallowedSeeds
370 Ebonsand Block Ebonsand Block item sprite EbonsandBlock
371 Cobalt Hat Cobalt Hat item sprite CobaltHat
372 Cobalt Helmet Cobalt Helmet item sprite CobaltHelmet
373 Cobalt Mask Cobalt Mask item sprite CobaltMask
374 Cobalt Breastplate Cobalt Breastplate item sprite CobaltBreastplate
375 Cobalt Leggings Cobalt Leggings item sprite CobaltLeggings
376 Mythril Hood Mythril Hood item sprite MythrilHood
377 Mythril Helmet Mythril Helmet item sprite MythrilHelmet
378 Mythril Hat Mythril Hat item sprite MythrilHat
379 Mythril Chainmail Mythril Chainmail item sprite MythrilChainmail
380 Mythril Greaves Mythril Greaves item sprite MythrilGreaves
381 Cobalt Bar Cobalt Bar item sprite CobaltBar
382 Mythril Bar Mythril Bar item sprite MythrilBar
383 Cobalt Chainsaw Cobalt Chainsaw item sprite CobaltChainsaw
384 Mythril Chainsaw Mythril Chainsaw item sprite MythrilChainsaw
385 Cobalt Drill Cobalt Drill item sprite CobaltDrill
386 Mythril Drill Mythril Drill item sprite MythrilDrill
387 Adamantite Chainsaw Adamantite Chainsaw item sprite AdamantiteChainsaw
388 Adamantite Drill Adamantite Drill item sprite AdamantiteDrill
389 Dao of Pow Dao of Pow item sprite DaoofPow
390 Mythril Halberd Mythril Halberd item sprite MythrilHalberd
391 Adamantite Bar Adamantite Bar item sprite AdamantiteBar
392 Glass Wall Glass Wall item sprite GlassWall
393 Compass Compass item sprite Compass
394 Diving Gear Diving Gear item sprite DivingGear
395 GPS GPS item sprite GPS
396 Obsidian Horseshoe Obsidian Horseshoe item sprite ObsidianHorseshoe
397 Obsidian Shield Obsidian Shield item sprite ObsidianShield
398 Tinkerer's Workshop Tinkerer's Workshop item sprite TinkerersWorkshop
399 Cloud in a Balloon Cloud in a Balloon item sprite CloudinaBalloon
400 Adamantite Headgear Adamantite Headgear item sprite AdamantiteHeadgear
401 Adamantite Helmet Adamantite Helmet item sprite AdamantiteHelmet
402 Adamantite Mask Adamantite Mask item sprite AdamantiteMask
403 Adamantite Breastplate Adamantite Breastplate item sprite AdamantiteBreastplate
404 Adamantite Leggings Adamantite Leggings item sprite AdamantiteLeggings
405 Spectre Boots Spectre Boots item sprite SpectreBoots
406 Adamantite Glaive Adamantite Glaive item sprite AdamantiteGlaive
407 Toolbelt Toolbelt item sprite Toolbelt
408 Pearlsand Block Pearlsand Block item sprite PearlsandBlock
409 Pearlstone Block Pearlstone Block item sprite PearlstoneBlock
410 Mining Shirt Mining Shirt item sprite MiningShirt
411 Mining Pants Mining Pants item sprite MiningPants
412 Pearlstone Brick Pearlstone Brick item sprite PearlstoneBrick
413 Iridescent Brick Iridescent Brick item sprite IridescentBrick
414 Mudstone Brick Mudstone Brick item sprite MudstoneBlock
415 Cobalt Brick Cobalt Brick item sprite CobaltBrick
416 Mythril Brick Mythril Brick item sprite MythrilBrick
417 Pearlstone Brick Wall Pearlstone Brick Wall item sprite PearlstoneBrickWall
418 Iridescent Brick Wall Iridescent Brick Wall item sprite IridescentBrickWall
419 Mudstone Brick Wall Mudstone Brick Wall item sprite MudstoneBrickWall
420 Cobalt Brick Wall Cobalt Brick Wall item sprite CobaltBrickWall
421 Mythril Brick Wall Mythril Brick Wall item sprite MythrilBrickWall
422 Holy Water Holy Water item sprite HolyWater
423 Unholy Water Unholy Water item sprite UnholyWater
424 Silt Block Silt Block item sprite SiltBlock
425 Fairy Bell Fairy Bell item sprite FairyBell
426 Breaker Blade Breaker Blade item sprite BreakerBlade
427 Blue Torch Blue Torch item sprite BlueTorch
428 Red Torch Red Torch item sprite RedTorch
429 Green Torch Green Torch item sprite GreenTorch
430 Purple Torch Purple Torch item sprite PurpleTorch
431 White Torch White Torch item sprite WhiteTorch
432 Yellow Torch Yellow Torch item sprite YellowTorch
433 Demon Torch Demon Torch item sprite DemonTorch
434 Clockwork Assault Rifle Clockwork Assault Rifle item sprite ClockworkAssaultRifle
435 Cobalt Repeater Cobalt Repeater item sprite CobaltRepeater
436 Mythril Repeater Mythril Repeater item sprite MythrilRepeater
437 Dual Hook Dual Hook item sprite DualHook
438 Star Statue Star Statue item sprite StarStatue
439 Sword Statue Sword Statue item sprite SwordStatue
440 Slime Statue Slime Statue item sprite SlimeStatue
441 Goblin Statue Goblin Statue item sprite GoblinStatue
442 Shield Statue Shield Statue item sprite ShieldStatue
443 Bat Statue Bat Statue item sprite BatStatue
444 Fish Statue Fish Statue item sprite FishStatue
445 Bunny Statue Bunny Statue item sprite BunnyStatue
446 Skeleton Statue Skeleton Statue item sprite SkeletonStatue
447 Reaper Statue Reaper Statue item sprite ReaperStatue
448 Woman Statue Woman Statue item sprite WomanStatue
449 Imp Statue Imp Statue item sprite ImpStatue
450 Gargoyle Statue Gargoyle Statue item sprite GargoyleStatue
451 Gloom Statue Gloom Statue item sprite GloomStatue
452 Hornet Statue Hornet Statue item sprite HornetStatue
453 Bomb Statue Bomb Statue item sprite BombStatue
454 Crab Statue Crab Statue item sprite CrabStatue
455 Hammer Statue Hammer Statue item sprite HammerStatue
456 Potion Statue Potion Statue item sprite PotionStatue
457 Spear Statue Spear Statue item sprite SpearStatue
458 Cross Statue Cross Statue item sprite CrossStatue
459 Jellyfish Statue Jellyfish Statue item sprite JellyfishStatue
460 Bow Statue Bow Statue item sprite BowStatue
461 Boomerang Statue Boomerang Statue item sprite BoomerangStatue
462 Boot Statue Boot Statue item sprite BootStatue
463 Chest Statue Chest Statue item sprite ChestStatue
464 Bird Statue Bird Statue item sprite BirdStatue
465 Axe Statue Axe Statue item sprite AxeStatue
466 Corrupt Statue Corrupt Statue item sprite CorruptStatue
467 Tree Statue Tree Statue item sprite TreeStatue
468 Anvil Statue Anvil Statue item sprite AnvilStatue
469 Pickaxe Statue Pickaxe Statue item sprite PickaxeStatue
470 Mushroom Statue Mushroom Statue item sprite MushroomStatue
471 Eyeball Statue Eyeball Statue item sprite EyeballStatue
472 Pillar Statue Pillar Statue item sprite PillarStatue
473 Heart Statue Heart Statue item sprite HeartStatue
474 Pot Statue Pot Statue item sprite PotStatue
475 Sunflower Statue Sunflower Statue item sprite SunflowerStatue
476 King Statue King Statue item sprite KingStatue
477 Queen Statue Queen Statue item sprite QueenStatue
478 Piranha Statue Piranha Statue item sprite PiranhaStatue
479 Planked Wall Planked Wall item sprite PlankedWall
480 Wooden Beam Wooden Beam item sprite WoodenBeam
481 Adamantite Repeater Adamantite Repeater item sprite AdamantiteRepeater
482 Adamantite Sword Adamantite Sword item sprite AdamantiteSword
483 Cobalt Sword Cobalt Sword item sprite CobaltSword
484 Mythril Sword Mythril Sword item sprite MythrilSword
485 Moon Charm Moon Charm item sprite MoonCharm
486 Ruler Ruler item sprite Ruler
487 Crystal Ball Crystal Ball item sprite CrystalBall
488 Disco Ball Disco Ball item sprite DiscoBall
489 Sorcerer Emblem Sorcerer Emblem item sprite SorcererEmblem
490 Warrior Emblem Warrior Emblem item sprite WarriorEmblem
491 Ranger Emblem Ranger Emblem item sprite RangerEmblem
492 Demon Wings Demon Wings item sprite DemonWings
493 Angel Wings Angel Wings item sprite AngelWings
494 Magical Harp Magical Harp item sprite MagicalHarp
495 Rainbow Rod Rainbow Rod item sprite RainbowRod
496 Ice Rod Ice Rod item sprite IceRod
497 Neptune's Shell Neptune's Shell item sprite NeptunesShell
498 Mannequin Mannequin item sprite Mannequin
499 Greater Healing Potion Greater Healing Potion item sprite GreaterHealingPotion
500 Greater Mana Potion Greater Mana Potion item sprite GreaterManaPotion
501 Pixie Dust Pixie Dust item sprite PixieDust
502 Crystal Shard Crystal Shard item sprite CrystalShard
503 Clown Hat Clown Hat item sprite ClownHat
504 Clown Shirt Clown Shirt item sprite ClownShirt
505 Clown Pants Clown Pants item sprite ClownPants
506 Flamethrower Flamethrower item sprite Flamethrower
507 Bell Bell item sprite Bell
508 Harp Harp item sprite Harp
509 Red Wrench Red Wrench item sprite Wrench
510 Wire Cutter Wire Cutter item sprite WireCutter
511 Active Stone Block Active Stone Block item sprite ActiveStoneBlock
512 Inactive Stone Block Inactive Stone Block item sprite InactiveStoneBlock
513 Lever Lever item sprite Lever
514 Laser Rifle Laser Rifle item sprite LaserRifle
515 Crystal Bullet Crystal Bullet item sprite CrystalBullet
516 Holy Arrow Holy Arrow item sprite HolyArrow
517 Magic Dagger Magic Dagger item sprite MagicDagger
518 Crystal Storm Crystal Storm item sprite CrystalStorm
519 Cursed Flames Cursed Flames item sprite CursedFlames
520 Soul of Light Soul of Light item sprite SoulofLight
521 Soul of Night Soul of Night item sprite SoulofNight
522 Cursed Flame Cursed Flame item sprite CursedFlame
523 Cursed Torch Cursed Torch item sprite CursedTorch
524 Adamantite Forge Adamantite Forge item sprite AdamantiteForge
525 Mythril Anvil Mythril Anvil item sprite MythrilAnvil
526 Unicorn Horn Unicorn Horn item sprite UnicornHorn
527 Dark Shard Dark Shard item sprite DarkShard
528 Light Shard Light Shard item sprite LightShard
529 Red Pressure Plate Red Pressure Plate item sprite RedPressurePlate
530 Wire Wire item sprite Wire
531 Spell Tome Spell Tome item sprite SpellTome
532 Star Cloak Star Cloak item sprite StarCloak
533 Megashark Megashark item sprite Megashark
534 Shotgun Shotgun item sprite Shotgun
535 Philosopher's Stone Philosopher's Stone item sprite PhilosophersStone
536 Titan Glove Titan Glove item sprite TitanGlove
537 Cobalt Naginata Cobalt Naginata item sprite CobaltNaginata
538 Switch Switch item sprite Switch
539 Dart Trap Dart Trap item sprite DartTrap
540 Boulder Boulder item sprite Boulder
541 Green Pressure Plate Green Pressure Plate item sprite GreenPressurePlate
542 Gray Pressure Plate Gray Pressure Plate item sprite GrayPressurePlate
543 Brown Pressure Plate Brown Pressure Plate item sprite BrownPressurePlate
544 Mechanical Eye Mechanical Eye item sprite MechanicalEye
545 Cursed Arrow Cursed Arrow item sprite CursedArrow
546 Cursed Bullet Cursed Bullet item sprite CursedBullet
547 Soul of Fright Soul of Fright item sprite SoulofFright
548 Soul of Might Soul of Might item sprite SoulofMight
549 Soul of Sight Soul of Sight item sprite SoulofSight
550 Gungnir Gungnir item sprite Gungnir
551 Hallowed Plate Mail Hallowed Plate Mail item sprite HallowedPlateMail
552 Hallowed Greaves Hallowed Greaves item sprite HallowedGreaves
553 Hallowed Helmet Hallowed Helmet item sprite HallowedHelmet
554 Cross Necklace Cross Necklace item sprite CrossNecklace
555 Mana Flower Mana Flower item sprite ManaFlower
556 Mechanical Worm Mechanical Worm item sprite MechanicalWorm
557 Mechanical Skull Mechanical Skull item sprite MechanicalSkull
558 Hallowed Headgear Hallowed Headgear item sprite HallowedHeadgear
559 Hallowed Mask Hallowed Mask item sprite HallowedMask
560 Slime Crown Slime Crown item sprite SlimeCrown
561 Light Disc Light Disc item sprite LightDisc
562 Music Box (Overworld Day) Music Box (Overworld Day) item sprite MusicBoxOverworldDay
563 Music Box (Eerie) Music Box (Eerie) item sprite MusicBoxEerie
564 Music Box (Night) Music Box (Night) item sprite MusicBoxNight
565 Music Box (Title) Music Box (Title) item sprite MusicBoxTitle
566 Music Box (Underground) Music Box (Underground) item sprite MusicBoxUnderground
567 Music Box (Boss 1) Music Box (Boss 1) item sprite MusicBoxBoss1
568 Music Box (Jungle) Music Box (Jungle) item sprite MusicBoxJungle
569 Music Box (Corruption) Music Box (Corruption) item sprite MusicBoxCorruption
570 Music Box (Underground Corruption) Music Box (Underground Corruption) item sprite MusicBoxUndergroundCorruption
571 Music Box (The Hallow) Music Box (The Hallow) item sprite MusicBoxTheHallow
572 Music Box (Boss 2) Music Box (Boss 2) item sprite MusicBoxBoss2
573 Music Box (Underground Hallow) Music Box (Underground Hallow) item sprite MusicBoxUndergroundHallow
574 Music Box (Boss 3) Music Box (Boss 3) item sprite MusicBoxBoss3
575 Soul of Flight Soul of Flight item sprite SoulofFlight
576 Music Box Music Box item sprite MusicBox
577 Demonite Brick Demonite Brick item sprite DemoniteBrick
578 Hallowed Repeater Hallowed Repeater item sprite HallowedRepeater
579 Drax Drax item sprite Drax
580 Explosives Explosives item sprite Explosives
581 Inlet Pump Inlet Pump item sprite InletPump
582 Outlet Pump Outlet Pump item sprite OutletPump
583 1 Second Timer 1 Second Timer item sprite Timer1Second
584 3 Second Timer 3 Second Timer item sprite Timer3Second
585 5 Second Timer 5 Second Timer item sprite Timer5Second
586 Candy Cane Block Candy Cane Block item sprite CandyCaneBlock
587 Candy Cane Wall Candy Cane Wall item sprite CandyCaneWall
588 Santa Hat Santa Hat item sprite SantaHat
589 Santa Shirt Santa Shirt item sprite SantaShirt
590 Santa Pants Santa Pants item sprite SantaPants
591 Green Candy Cane Block Green Candy Cane Block item sprite GreenCandyCaneBlock
592 Green Candy Cane Wall Green Candy Cane Wall item sprite GreenCandyCaneWall
593 Snow Block Snow Block item sprite SnowBlock
594 Snow Brick Snow Brick item sprite SnowBrick
595 Snow Brick Wall Snow Brick Wall item sprite SnowBrickWall
596 Blue Light Blue Light item sprite BlueLight
597 Red Light Red Light item sprite RedLight
598 Green Light Green Light item sprite GreenLight
599 Blue Present Blue Present item sprite BluePresent
600 Green Present Green Present item sprite GreenPresent
601 Yellow Present Yellow Present item sprite YellowPresent
602 Snow Globe Snow Globe item sprite SnowGlobe
603 Carrot Carrot item sprite Carrot
604 Adamantite Beam Adamantite Beam item sprite AdamantiteBeam
605 Adamantite Beam Wall Adamantite Beam Wall item sprite AdamantiteBeamWall
606 Demonite Brick Wall Demonite Brick Wall item sprite DemoniteBrickWall
607 Sandstone Brick Sandstone Brick item sprite SandstoneBrick
608 Sandstone Brick Wall Sandstone Brick Wall item sprite SandstoneBrickWall
609 Ebonstone Brick Ebonstone Brick item sprite EbonstoneBrick
610 Ebonstone Brick Wall Ebonstone Brick Wall item sprite EbonstoneBrickWall
611 Red Stucco Red Stucco item sprite RedStucco
612 Yellow Stucco Yellow Stucco item sprite YellowStucco
613 Green Stucco Green Stucco item sprite GreenStucco
614 Gray Stucco Gray Stucco item sprite GrayStucco
615 Red Stucco Wall Red Stucco Wall item sprite RedStuccoWall
616 Yellow Stucco Wall Yellow Stucco Wall item sprite YellowStuccoWall
617 Green Stucco Wall Green Stucco Wall item sprite GreenStuccoWall
618 Gray Stucco Wall Gray Stucco Wall item sprite GrayStuccoWall
619 Ebonwood Ebonwood item sprite Ebonwood
620 Rich Mahogany Rich Mahogany item sprite RichMahogany
621 Pearlwood Pearlwood item sprite Pearlwood
622 Ebonwood Wall Ebonwood Wall item sprite EbonwoodWall
623 Rich Mahogany Wall Rich Mahogany Wall item sprite RichMahoganyWall
624 Pearlwood Wall Pearlwood Wall item sprite PearlwoodWall
625 Ebonwood Chest Ebonwood Chest item sprite EbonwoodChest
626 Rich Mahogany Chest Rich Mahogany Chest item sprite RichMahoganyChest
627 Pearlwood Chest Pearlwood Chest item sprite PearlwoodChest
628 Ebonwood Chair Ebonwood Chair item sprite EbonwoodChair
629 Rich Mahogany Chair Rich Mahogany Chair item sprite RichMahoganyChair
630 Pearlwood Chair Pearlwood Chair item sprite PearlwoodChair
631 Ebonwood Platform Ebonwood Platform item sprite EbonwoodPlatform
632 Rich Mahogany Platform Rich Mahogany Platform item sprite RichMahoganyPlatform
633 Pearlwood Platform Pearlwood Platform item sprite PearlwoodPlatform
634 Bone Platform Bone Platform item sprite BonePlatform
635 Ebonwood Work Bench Ebonwood Work Bench item sprite EbonwoodWorkBench
636 Rich Mahogany Work Bench Rich Mahogany Work Bench item sprite RichMahoganyWorkBench
637 Pearlwood Work Bench Pearlwood Work Bench item sprite PearlwoodWorkBench
638 Ebonwood Table Ebonwood Table item sprite EbonwoodTable
639 Rich Mahogany Table Rich Mahogany Table item sprite RichMahoganyTable
640 Pearlwood Table Pearlwood Table item sprite PearlwoodTable
641 Ebonwood Piano Ebonwood Piano item sprite EbonwoodPiano
642 Rich Mahogany Piano Rich Mahogany Piano item sprite RichMahoganyPiano
643 Pearlwood Piano Pearlwood Piano item sprite PearlwoodPiano
644 Ebonwood Bed Ebonwood Bed item sprite EbonwoodBed
645 Rich Mahogany Bed Rich Mahogany Bed item sprite RichMahoganyBed
646 Pearlwood Bed Pearlwood Bed item sprite PearlwoodBed
647 Ebonwood Dresser Ebonwood Dresser item sprite EbonwoodDresser
648 Rich Mahogany Dresser Rich Mahogany Dresser item sprite RichMahoganyDresser
649 Pearlwood Dresser Pearlwood Dresser item sprite PearlwoodDresser
650 Ebonwood Door Ebonwood Door item sprite EbonwoodDoor
651 Rich Mahogany Door Rich Mahogany Door item sprite RichMahoganyDoor
652 Pearlwood Door Pearlwood Door item sprite PearlwoodDoor
653 Ebonwood Sword Ebonwood Sword item sprite EbonwoodSword
654 Ebonwood Hammer Ebonwood Hammer item sprite EbonwoodHammer
655 Ebonwood Bow Ebonwood Bow item sprite EbonwoodBow
656 Rich Mahogany Sword Rich Mahogany Sword item sprite RichMahoganySword
657 Rich Mahogany Hammer Rich Mahogany Hammer item sprite RichMahoganyHammer
658 Rich Mahogany Bow Rich Mahogany Bow item sprite RichMahoganyBow
659 Pearlwood Sword Pearlwood Sword item sprite PearlwoodSword
660 Pearlwood Hammer Pearlwood Hammer item sprite PearlwoodHammer
661 Pearlwood Bow Pearlwood Bow item sprite PearlwoodBow
662 Rainbow Brick Rainbow Brick item sprite RainbowBrick
663 Rainbow Brick Wall Rainbow Brick Wall item sprite RainbowBrickWall
664 Ice Block Ice Block item sprite IceBlock
665 Red's Wings Red's Wings item sprite RedsWings
666 Red's Helmet Red's Helmet item sprite RedsHelmet
667 Red's Breastplate Red's Breastplate item sprite RedsBreastplate
668 Red's Leggings Red's Leggings item sprite RedsLeggings
669 Fish Fish item sprite Fish
670 Ice Boomerang Ice Boomerang item sprite IceBoomerang
671 Keybrand Keybrand item sprite Keybrand
672 Cutlass Cutlass item sprite Cutlass
673 Boreal Wood Work Bench Boreal Wood Work Bench item sprite BorealWoodWorkBench
674 True Excalibur True Excalibur item sprite TrueExcalibur
675 True Night's Edge True Night's Edge item sprite TrueNightsEdge
676 Frostbrand Frostbrand item sprite Frostbrand
677 Boreal Wood Table Boreal Wood Table item sprite BorealWoodTable
678 Red Potion Red Potion item sprite RedPotion
679 Tactical Shotgun Tactical Shotgun item sprite TacticalShotgun
680 Ivy Chest Ivy Chest item sprite IvyChest
681 Ice Chest Ice Chest item sprite IceChest
682 Marrow Marrow item sprite Marrow
683 Unholy Trident Unholy Trident item sprite UnholyTrident
684 Frost Helmet Frost Helmet item sprite FrostHelmet
685 Frost Breastplate Frost Breastplate item sprite FrostBreastplate
686 Frost Leggings Frost Leggings item sprite FrostLeggings
687 Tin Helmet Tin Helmet item sprite TinHelmet
688 Tin Chainmail Tin Chainmail item sprite TinChainmail
689 Tin Greaves Tin Greaves item sprite TinGreaves
690 Lead Helmet Lead Helmet item sprite LeadHelmet
691 Lead Chainmail Lead Chainmail item sprite LeadChainmail
692 Lead Greaves Lead Greaves item sprite LeadGreaves
693 Tungsten Helmet Tungsten Helmet item sprite TungstenHelmet
694 Tungsten Chainmail Tungsten Chainmail item sprite TungstenChainmail
695 Tungsten Greaves Tungsten Greaves item sprite TungstenGreaves
696 Platinum Helmet Platinum Helmet item sprite PlatinumHelmet
697 Platinum Chainmail Platinum Chainmail item sprite PlatinumChainmail
698 Platinum Greaves Platinum Greaves item sprite PlatinumGreaves
699 Tin Ore Tin Ore item sprite TinOre
700 Lead Ore Lead Ore item sprite LeadOre
701 Tungsten Ore Tungsten Ore item sprite TungstenOre
702 Platinum Ore Platinum Ore item sprite PlatinumOre
703 Tin Bar Tin Bar item sprite TinBar
704 Lead Bar Lead Bar item sprite LeadBar
705 Tungsten Bar Tungsten Bar item sprite TungstenBar
706 Platinum Bar Platinum Bar item sprite PlatinumBar
707 Tin Watch Tin Watch item sprite TinWatch
708 Tungsten Watch Tungsten Watch item sprite TungstenWatch
709 Platinum Watch Platinum Watch item sprite PlatinumWatch
710 Tin Chandelier Tin Chandelier item sprite TinChandelier
711 Tungsten Chandelier Tungsten Chandelier item sprite TungstenChandelier
712 Platinum Chandelier Platinum Chandelier item sprite PlatinumChandelier
713 Platinum Candle Platinum Candle item sprite PlatinumCandle
714 Platinum Candelabra Platinum Candelabra item sprite PlatinumCandelabra
715 Platinum Crown Platinum Crown item sprite PlatinumCrown
716 Lead Anvil Lead Anvil item sprite LeadAnvil
717 Tin Brick Tin Brick item sprite TinBrick
718 Tungsten Brick Tungsten Brick item sprite TungstenBrick
719 Platinum Brick Platinum Brick item sprite PlatinumBrick
720 Tin Brick Wall Tin Brick Wall item sprite TinBrickWall
721 Tungsten Brick Wall Tungsten Brick Wall item sprite TungstenBrickWall
722 Platinum Brick Wall Platinum Brick Wall item sprite PlatinumBrickWall
723 Beam Sword Beam Sword item sprite BeamSword
724 Ice Blade Ice Blade item sprite IceBlade
725 Ice Bow Ice Bow item sprite IceBow
726 Frost Staff Frost Staff item sprite FrostStaff
727 Wood Helmet Wood Helmet item sprite WoodHelmet
728 Wood Breastplate Wood Breastplate item sprite WoodBreastplate
729 Wood Greaves Wood Greaves item sprite WoodGreaves
730 Ebonwood Helmet Ebonwood Helmet item sprite EbonwoodHelmet
731 Ebonwood Breastplate Ebonwood Breastplate item sprite EbonwoodBreastplate
732 Ebonwood Greaves Ebonwood Greaves item sprite EbonwoodGreaves
733 Rich Mahogany Helmet Rich Mahogany Helmet item sprite RichMahoganyHelmet
734 Rich Mahogany Breastplate Rich Mahogany Breastplate item sprite RichMahoganyBreastplate
735 Rich Mahogany Greaves Rich Mahogany Greaves item sprite RichMahoganyGreaves
736 Pearlwood Helmet Pearlwood Helmet item sprite PearlwoodHelmet
737 Pearlwood Breastplate Pearlwood Breastplate item sprite PearlwoodBreastplate
738 Pearlwood Greaves Pearlwood Greaves item sprite PearlwoodGreaves
739 Amethyst Staff Amethyst Staff item sprite AmethystStaff
740 Topaz Staff Topaz Staff item sprite TopazStaff
741 Sapphire Staff Sapphire Staff item sprite SapphireStaff
742 Emerald Staff Emerald Staff item sprite EmeraldStaff
743 Ruby Staff Ruby Staff item sprite RubyStaff
744 Diamond Staff Diamond Staff item sprite DiamondStaff
745 Grass Wall Grass Wall item sprite GrassWall
746 Jungle Wall Jungle Wall item sprite JungleWall
748 Jetpack Jetpack item sprite Jetpack
749 Butterfly Wings Butterfly Wings item sprite ButterflyWings
750 Cactus Wall Cactus Wall item sprite CactusWall
751 Cloud Cloud item sprite Cloud
752 Cloud Wall Cloud Wall item sprite CloudWall
753 Seaweed Seaweed item sprite Seaweed
754 Rune Hat Rune Hat item sprite RuneHat
755 Rune Robe Rune Robe item sprite RuneRobe
756 Mushroom Spear Mushroom Spear item sprite MushroomSpear
757 Terra Blade Terra Blade item sprite TerraBlade
758 Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher item sprite GrenadeLauncher
759 Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher item sprite RocketLauncher
760 Proximity Mine Launcher Proximity Mine Launcher item sprite ProximityMineLauncher
761 Fairy Wings Fairy Wings item sprite FairyWings
762 Slime Block Slime Block item sprite SlimeBlock
763 Flesh Block Flesh Block item sprite FleshBlock
764 Mushroom Wall Mushroom Wall item sprite MushroomWall
765 Rain Cloud Rain Cloud item sprite RainCloud
766 Bone Block Bone Block item sprite BoneBlock
767 Frozen Slime Block Frozen Slime Block item sprite FrozenSlimeBlock
768 Bone Block Wall Bone Block Wall item sprite BoneBlockWall
769 Slime Block Wall Slime Block Wall item sprite SlimeBlockWall
770 Flesh Block Wall Flesh Block Wall item sprite FleshBlockWall
771 Rocket I Rocket I item sprite RocketI
772 Rocket II Rocket II item sprite RocketII
773 Rocket III Rocket III item sprite RocketIII
774 Rocket IV Rocket IV item sprite RocketIV
775 Asphalt Block Asphalt Block item sprite AsphaltBlock
776 Cobalt Pickaxe Cobalt Pickaxe item sprite CobaltPickaxe
777 Mythril Pickaxe Mythril Pickaxe item sprite MythrilPickaxe
778 Adamantite Pickaxe Adamantite Pickaxe item sprite AdamantitePickaxe
779 Clentaminator Clentaminator item sprite Clentaminator
780 Green Solution Green Solution item sprite GreenSolution
781 Blue Solution Blue Solution item sprite BlueSolution
782 Purple Solution Purple Solution item sprite PurpleSolution
783 Dark Blue Solution Dark Blue Solution item sprite DarkBlueSolution
784 Red Solution Red Solution item sprite RedSolution
785 Harpy Wings Harpy Wings item sprite HarpyWings
786 Bone Wings Bone Wings item sprite BoneWings
787 Hammush Hammush item sprite Hammush
788 Nettle Burst Nettle Burst item sprite NettleBurst
789 Ankh Banner Ankh Banner item sprite AnkhBanner
790 Snake Banner Snake Banner item sprite SnakeBanner
791 Omega Banner Omega Banner item sprite OmegaBanner
792 Crimson Helmet Crimson Helmet item sprite CrimsonHelmet
793 Crimson Scalemail Crimson Scalemail item sprite CrimsonScalemail
794 Crimson Greaves Crimson Greaves item sprite CrimsonGreaves
795 Blood Butcherer Blood Butcherer item sprite BloodButcherer
796 Tendon Bow Tendon Bow item sprite TendonBow
797 Flesh Grinder Flesh Grinder item sprite FleshGrinder
798 Deathbringer Pickaxe Deathbringer Pickaxe item sprite DeathbringerPickaxe
799 Blood Lust Cluster Blood Lust Cluster item sprite BloodLustCluster
800 The Undertaker The Undertaker item sprite TheUndertaker
801 The Meatball The Meatball item sprite TheMeatball
802 The Rotted Fork The Rotted Fork item sprite TheRottedFork
803 Eskimo Hood Eskimo Hood item sprite EskimoHood
804 Eskimo Coat Eskimo Coat item sprite EskimoCoat
805 Eskimo Pants Eskimo Pants item sprite EskimoPants
806 Living Wood Chair Living Wood Chair item sprite LivingWoodChair
807 Cactus Chair Cactus Chair item sprite CactusChair
808 Bone Chair Bone Chair item sprite BoneChair
809 Flesh Chair Flesh Chair item sprite FleshChair
810 Mushroom Chair Mushroom Chair item sprite MushroomChair
811 Bone Work Bench Bone Work Bench item sprite BoneWorkBench
812 Cactus Work Bench Cactus Work Bench item sprite CactusWorkBench
813 Flesh Work Bench Flesh Work Bench item sprite FleshWorkBench
814 Mushroom Work Bench Mushroom Work Bench item sprite MushroomWorkBench
815 Slime Work Bench Slime Work Bench item sprite SlimeWorkBench
816 Cactus Door Cactus Door item sprite CactusDoor
817 Flesh Door Flesh Door item sprite FleshDoor
818 Mushroom Door Mushroom Door item sprite MushroomDoor
819 Living Wood Door Living Wood Door item sprite LivingWoodDoor
820 Bone Door Bone Door item sprite BoneDoor
821 Flame Wings Flame Wings item sprite FlameWings
822 Frozen Wings Frozen Wings item sprite FrozenWings
823 Spectre Wings Spectre Wings item sprite GhostWings
824 Sunplate Block Sunplate Block item sprite SunplateBlock
825 Disc Wall Disc Wall item sprite DiscWall
826 Skyware Chair Skyware Chair item sprite SkywareChair
827 Bone Table Bone Table item sprite BoneTable
828 Flesh Table Flesh Table item sprite FleshTable
829 Living Wood Table Living Wood Table item sprite LivingWoodTable
830 Skyware Table Skyware Table item sprite SkywareTable
831 Living Wood Chest Living Wood Chest item sprite LivingWoodChest
832 Living Wood Wand Living Wood Wand item sprite LivingWoodWand
833 Purple Ice Block Purple Ice Block item sprite PurpleIceBlock
834 Pink Ice Block Pink Ice Block item sprite PinkIceBlock
835 Red Ice Block Red Ice Block item sprite RedIceBlock
836 Crimstone Block Crimstone Block item sprite CrimstoneBlock
837 Skyware Door Skyware Door item sprite SkywareDoor
838 Skyware Chest Skyware Chest item sprite SkywareChest
839 Steampunk Hat Steampunk Hat item sprite SteampunkHat
840 Steampunk Shirt Steampunk Shirt item sprite SteampunkShirt
841 Steampunk Pants Steampunk Pants item sprite SteampunkPants
842 Bee Hat Bee Hat item sprite BeeHat
843 Bee Shirt Bee Shirt item sprite BeeShirt
844 Bee Pants Bee Pants item sprite BeePants
845 World Banner World Banner item sprite WorldBanner
846 Sun Banner Sun Banner item sprite SunBanner
847 Gravity Banner Gravity Banner item sprite GravityBanner
848 Pharaoh's Mask Pharaoh's Mask item sprite PharaohsMask
849 Actuator Actuator item sprite Actuator
850 Blue Wrench Blue Wrench item sprite BlueWrench
851 Green Wrench Green Wrench item sprite GreenWrench
852 Blue Pressure Plate Blue Pressure Plate item sprite BluePressurePlate
853 Yellow Pressure Plate Yellow Pressure Plate item sprite YellowPressurePlate
854 Discount Card Discount Card item sprite DiscountCard
855 Lucky Coin Lucky Coin item sprite LuckyCoin
856 Unicorn on a Stick Unicorn on a Stick item sprite UnicornonaStick
857 Sandstorm in a Bottle Sandstorm in a Bottle item sprite SandstorminaBottle
858 Boreal Wood Sofa Boreal Wood Sofa item sprite BorealWoodSofa
859 Beach Ball Beach Ball item sprite BeachBall
860 Charm of Myths Charm of Myths item sprite CharmofMyths
861 Moon Shell Moon Shell item sprite MoonShell
862 Star Veil Star Veil item sprite StarVeil
863 Water Walking Boots Water Walking Boots item sprite WaterWalkingBoots
864 Tiara Tiara item sprite Tiara
865 Princess Dress Princess Dress item sprite PrincessDress
866 Pharaoh's Robe Pharaoh's Robe item sprite PharaohsRobe
867 Green Cap Green Cap item sprite GreenCap
868 Mushroom Cap Mushroom Cap item sprite MushroomCap
869 Tam O' Shanter Tam O' Shanter item sprite TamOShanter
870 Mummy Mask Mummy Mask item sprite MummyMask
871 Mummy Shirt Mummy Shirt item sprite MummyShirt
872 Mummy Pants Mummy Pants item sprite MummyPants
873 Cowboy Hat Cowboy Hat item sprite CowboyHat
874 Cowboy Jacket Cowboy Jacket item sprite CowboyJacket
875 Cowboy Pants Cowboy Pants item sprite CowboyPants
876 Pirate Hat Pirate Hat item sprite PirateHat
877 Pirate Shirt Pirate Shirt item sprite PirateShirt
878 Pirate Pants Pirate Pants item sprite PiratePants
879 Viking Helmet Viking Helmet item sprite VikingHelmet
880 Crimtane Ore Crimtane Ore item sprite CrimtaneOre
881 Cactus Sword Cactus Sword item sprite CactusSword
882 Cactus Pickaxe Cactus Pickaxe item sprite CactusPickaxe
883 Ice Brick Ice Brick item sprite IceBrick
884 Ice Brick Wall Ice Brick Wall item sprite IceBrickWall
885 Adhesive Bandage Adhesive Bandage item sprite AdhesiveBandage
886 Armor Polish Armor Polish item sprite ArmorPolish
887 Bezoar Bezoar item sprite Bezoar
888 Blindfold Blindfold item sprite Blindfold
889 Fast Clock Fast Clock item sprite FastClock
890 Megaphone Megaphone item sprite Megaphone
891 Nazar Nazar item sprite Nazar
892 Vitamins Vitamins item sprite Vitamins
893 Trifold Map Trifold Map item sprite TrifoldMap
894 Cactus Helmet Cactus Helmet item sprite CactusHelmet
895 Cactus Breastplate Cactus Breastplate item sprite CactusBreastplate
896 Cactus Leggings Cactus Leggings item sprite CactusLeggings
897 Power Glove Power Glove item sprite PowerGlove
898 Lightning Boots Lightning Boots item sprite LightningBoots
899 Sun Stone Sun Stone item sprite SunStone
900 Moon Stone Moon Stone item sprite MoonStone
901 Armor Bracing Armor Bracing item sprite ArmorBracing
902 Medicated Bandage Medicated Bandage item sprite MedicatedBandage
903 The Plan The Plan item sprite ThePlan
904 Countercurse Mantra Countercurse Mantra item sprite CountercurseMantra
905 Coin Gun Coin Gun item sprite CoinGun
906 Lava Charm Lava Charm item sprite LavaCharm
907 Obsidian Water Walking Boots Obsidian Water Walking Boots item sprite ObsidianWaterWalkingBoots
908 Lava Waders Lava Waders item sprite LavaWaders
909 Pure Water Fountain Pure Water Fountain item sprite PureWaterFountain
910 Desert Water Fountain Desert Water Fountain item sprite DesertWaterFountain
911 Shadewood Shadewood item sprite Shadewood
912 Shadewood Door Shadewood Door item sprite ShadewoodDoor
913 Shadewood Platform Shadewood Platform item sprite ShadewoodPlatform
914 Shadewood Chest Shadewood Chest item sprite ShadewoodChest
915 Shadewood Chair Shadewood Chair item sprite ShadewoodChair
916 Shadewood Work Bench Shadewood Work Bench item sprite ShadewoodWorkBench
917 Shadewood Table Shadewood Table item sprite ShadewoodTable
918 Shadewood Dresser Shadewood Dresser item sprite ShadewoodDresser
919 Shadewood Piano Shadewood Piano item sprite ShadewoodPiano
920 Shadewood Bed Shadewood Bed item sprite ShadewoodBed
921 Shadewood Sword Shadewood Sword item sprite ShadewoodSword
922 Shadewood Hammer Shadewood Hammer item sprite ShadewoodHammer
923 Shadewood Bow Shadewood Bow item sprite ShadewoodBow
924 Shadewood Helmet Shadewood Helmet item sprite ShadewoodHelmet
925 Shadewood Breastplate Shadewood Breastplate item sprite ShadewoodBreastplate
926 Shadewood Greaves Shadewood Greaves item sprite ShadewoodGreaves
927 Shadewood Wall Shadewood Wall item sprite ShadewoodWall
928 Cannon Cannon item sprite Cannon
929 Cannonball Cannonball item sprite Cannonball
930 Flare Gun Flare Gun item sprite FlareGun
931 Flare Flare item sprite Flare
932 Bone Wand Bone Wand item sprite BoneWand
933 Leaf Wand Leaf Wand item sprite LeafWand
934 Flying Carpet Flying Carpet item sprite FlyingCarpet
935 Avenger Emblem Avenger Emblem item sprite AvengerEmblem
936 Mechanical Glove Mechanical Glove item sprite MechanicalGlove
937 Land Mine Land Mine item sprite LandMine
938 Paladin's Shield Paladin's Shield item sprite PaladinsShield
939 Web Slinger Web Slinger item sprite WebSlinger
940 Jungle Water Fountain Jungle Water Fountain item sprite JungleWaterFountain
941 Icy Water Fountain Icy Water Fountain item sprite IcyWaterFountain
942 Corrupt Water Fountain Corrupt Water Fountain item sprite CorruptWaterFountain
943 Crimson Water Fountain Crimson Water Fountain item sprite CrimsonWaterFountain
944 Hallowed Water Fountain Hallowed Water Fountain item sprite HallowedWaterFountain
945 Blood Water Fountain Blood Water Fountain item sprite BloodWaterFountain
946 Umbrella Umbrella item sprite Umbrella
947 Chlorophyte Ore Chlorophyte Ore item sprite ChlorophyteOre
948 Steampunk Wings Steampunk Wings item sprite SteampunkWings
949 Snowball Snowball item sprite Snowball
950 Ice Skates Ice Skates item sprite IceSkates
951 Snowball Launcher Snowball Launcher item sprite SnowballLauncher
952 Web Covered Chest Web Covered Chest item sprite WebCoveredChest
953 Climbing Claws Climbing Claws item sprite ClimbingClaws
954 Ancient Iron Helmet Ancient Iron Helmet item sprite AncientIronHelmet
955 Ancient Gold Helmet Ancient Gold Helmet item sprite AncientGoldHelmet
956 Ancient Shadow Helmet Ancient Shadow Helmet item sprite AncientShadowHelmet
957 Ancient Shadow Scalemail Ancient Shadow Scalemail item sprite AncientShadowScalemail
958 Ancient Shadow Greaves Ancient Shadow Greaves item sprite AncientShadowGreaves
959 Ancient Necro Helmet Ancient Necro Helmet item sprite AncientNecroHelmet
960 Ancient Cobalt Helmet Ancient Cobalt Helmet item sprite AncientCobaltHelmet
961 Ancient Cobalt Breastplate Ancient Cobalt Breastplate item sprite AncientCobaltBreastplate
962 Ancient Cobalt Leggings Ancient Cobalt Leggings item sprite AncientCobaltLeggings
963 Black Belt Black Belt item sprite BlackBelt
964 Boomstick Boomstick item sprite Boomstick
965 Rope Rope item sprite Rope
966 Campfire Campfire item sprite Campfire
967 Marshmallow Marshmallow item sprite Marshmallow
968 Marshmallow on a Stick Marshmallow on a Stick item sprite MarshmallowonaStick
969 Cooked Marshmallow Cooked Marshmallow item sprite CookedMarshmallow
970 Red Rocket Red Rocket item sprite RedRocket
971 Green Rocket Green Rocket item sprite GreenRocket
972 Blue Rocket Blue Rocket item sprite BlueRocket
973 Yellow Rocket Yellow Rocket item sprite YellowRocket
974 Ice Torch Ice Torch item sprite IceTorch
975 Shoe Spikes Shoe Spikes item sprite ShoeSpikes
976 Tiger Climbing Gear Tiger Climbing Gear item sprite TigerClimbingGear
977 Tabi Tabi item sprite Tabi
978 Pink Eskimo Hood Pink Eskimo Hood item sprite PinkEskimoHood
979 Pink Eskimo Coat Pink Eskimo Coat item sprite PinkEskimoCoat
980 Pink Eskimo Pants Pink Eskimo Pants item sprite PinkEskimoPants
981 Pink Thread Pink Thread item sprite PinkThread
982 Mana Regeneration Band Mana Regeneration Band item sprite ManaRegenerationBand
983 Sandstorm in a Balloon Sandstorm in a Balloon item sprite SandstorminaBalloon
984 Master Ninja Gear Master Ninja Gear item sprite MasterNinjaGear
985 Rope Coil Rope Coil item sprite RopeCoil
986 Blowgun Blowgun item sprite Blowgun
987 Blizzard in a Bottle Blizzard in a Bottle item sprite BlizzardinaBottle
988 Frostburn Arrow Frostburn Arrow item sprite FrostburnArrow
989 Enchanted Sword Enchanted Sword item sprite EnchantedSword
990 Pickaxe Axe Pickaxe Axe item sprite PickaxeAxe
991 Cobalt Waraxe Cobalt Waraxe item sprite CobaltWaraxe
992 Mythril Waraxe Mythril Waraxe item sprite MythrilWaraxe
993 Adamantite Waraxe Adamantite Waraxe item sprite AdamantiteWaraxe
994 Eater's Bone Eater's Bone item sprite EatersBone
995 Blend-O-Matic Blend-O-Matic item sprite BlendOMatic
996 Meat Grinder Meat Grinder item sprite MeatGrinder
997 Extractinator Extractinator item sprite Extractinator
998 Solidifier Solidifier item sprite Solidifier
999 Amber Amber item sprite Amber
1000 Confetti Gun Confetti Gun item sprite ConfettiGun
1001 Chlorophyte Mask Chlorophyte Mask item sprite ChlorophyteMask
1002 Chlorophyte Helmet Chlorophyte Helmet item sprite ChlorophyteHelmet
1003 Chlorophyte Headgear Chlorophyte Headgear item sprite ChlorophyteHeadgear
1004 Chlorophyte Plate Mail Chlorophyte Plate Mail item sprite ChlorophytePlateMail
1005 Chlorophyte Greaves Chlorophyte Greaves item sprite ChlorophyteGreaves
1006 Chlorophyte Bar Chlorophyte Bar item sprite ChlorophyteBar
1007 Red Dye Red Dye item sprite RedDye
1008 Orange Dye Orange Dye item sprite OrangeDye
1009 Yellow Dye Yellow Dye item sprite YellowDye
1010 Lime Dye Lime Dye item sprite LimeDye
1011 Green Dye Green Dye item sprite GreenDye
1012 Teal Dye Teal Dye item sprite TealDye
1013 Cyan Dye Cyan Dye item sprite CyanDye
1014 Sky Blue Dye Sky Blue Dye item sprite SkyBlueDye
1015 Blue Dye Blue Dye item sprite BlueDye
1016 Purple Dye Purple Dye item sprite PurpleDye
1017 Violet Dye Violet Dye item sprite VioletDye
1018 Pink Dye Pink Dye item sprite PinkDye
1019 Red and Black Dye Red and Black Dye item sprite RedandBlackDye
1020 Orange and Black Dye Orange and Black Dye item sprite OrangeandBlackDye
1021 Yellow and Black Dye Yellow and Black Dye item sprite YellowandBlackDye
1022 Lime and Black Dye Lime and Black Dye item sprite LimeandBlackDye
1023 Green and Black Dye Green and Black Dye item sprite GreenandBlackDye
1024 Teal and Black Dye Teal and Black Dye item sprite TealandBlackDye
1025 Cyan and Black Dye Cyan and Black Dye item sprite CyanandBlackDye
1026 Sky Blue and Black Dye Sky Blue and Black Dye item sprite SkyBlueandBlackDye
1027 Blue and Black Dye Blue and Black Dye item sprite BlueandBlackDye
1028 Purple and Black Dye Purple and Black Dye item sprite PurpleandBlackDye
1029 Violet and Black Dye Violet and Black Dye item sprite VioletandBlackDye
1030 Pink and Black Dye Pink and Black Dye item sprite PinkandBlackDye
1031 Flame Dye Flame Dye item sprite FlameDye
1032 Flame and Black Dye Flame and Black Dye item sprite FlameAndBlackDye
1033 Green Flame Dye Green Flame Dye item sprite GreenFlameDye
1034 Green Flame and Black Dye Green Flame and Black Dye item sprite GreenFlameAndBlackDye
1035 Blue Flame Dye Blue Flame Dye item sprite BlueFlameDye
1036 Blue Flame and Black Dye Blue Flame and Black Dye item sprite BlueFlameAndBlackDye
1037 Silver Dye Silver Dye item sprite SilverDye
1038 Bright Red Dye Bright Red Dye item sprite BrightRedDye
1039 Bright Orange Dye Bright Orange Dye item sprite BrightOrangeDye
1040 Bright Yellow Dye Bright Yellow Dye item sprite BrightYellowDye
1041 Bright Lime Dye Bright Lime Dye item sprite BrightLimeDye
1042 Bright Green Dye Bright Green Dye item sprite BrightGreenDye
1043 Bright Teal Dye Bright Teal Dye item sprite BrightTealDye
1044 Bright Cyan Dye Bright Cyan Dye item sprite BrightCyanDye
1045 Bright Sky Blue Dye Bright Sky Blue Dye item sprite BrightSkyBlueDye
1046 Bright Blue Dye Bright Blue Dye item sprite BrightBlueDye
1047 Bright Purple Dye Bright Purple Dye item sprite BrightPurpleDye
1048 Bright Violet Dye Bright Violet Dye item sprite BrightVioletDye
1049 Bright Pink Dye Bright Pink Dye item sprite BrightPinkDye
1050 Black Dye Black Dye item sprite BlackDye
1051 Red and Silver Dye Red and Silver Dye item sprite RedandSilverDye
1052 Orange and Silver Dye Orange and Silver Dye item sprite OrangeandSilverDye
1053 Yellow and Silver Dye Yellow and Silver Dye item sprite YellowandSilverDye
1054 Lime and Silver Dye Lime and Silver Dye item sprite LimeandSilverDye
1055 Green and Silver Dye Green and Silver Dye item sprite GreenandSilverDye
1056 Teal and Silver Dye Teal and Silver Dye item sprite TealandSilverDye
1057 Cyan and Silver Dye Cyan and Silver Dye item sprite CyanandSilverDye
1058 Sky Blue and Silver Dye Sky Blue and Silver Dye item sprite SkyBlueandSilverDye
1059 Blue and Silver Dye Blue and Silver Dye item sprite BlueandSilverDye
1060 Purple and Silver Dye Purple and Silver Dye item sprite PurpleandSilverDye
1061 Violet and Silver Dye Violet and Silver Dye item sprite VioletandSilverDye
1062 Pink and Silver Dye Pink and Silver Dye item sprite PinkandSilverDye
1063 Intense Flame Dye Intense Flame Dye item sprite IntenseFlameDye
1064 Intense Green Flame Dye Intense Green Flame Dye item sprite IntenseGreenFlameDye
1065 Intense Blue Flame Dye Intense Blue Flame Dye item sprite IntenseBlueFlameDye
1066 Rainbow Dye Rainbow Dye item sprite RainbowDye
1067 Intense Rainbow Dye Intense Rainbow Dye item sprite IntenseRainbowDye
1068 Yellow Gradient Dye Yellow Gradient Dye item sprite YellowGradientDye
1069 Cyan Gradient Dye Cyan Gradient Dye item sprite CyanGradientDye
1070 Violet Gradient Dye Violet Gradient Dye item sprite VioletGradientDye
1071 Paintbrush Paintbrush item sprite Paintbrush
1072 Paint Roller Paint Roller item sprite PaintRoller
1073 Red Paint Red Paint item sprite RedPaint
1074 Orange Paint Orange Paint item sprite OrangePaint
1075 Yellow Paint Yellow Paint item sprite YellowPaint
1076 Lime Paint Lime Paint item sprite LimePaint
1077 Green Paint Green Paint item sprite GreenPaint
1078 Teal Paint Teal Paint item sprite TealPaint
1079 Cyan Paint Cyan Paint item sprite CyanPaint
1080 Sky Blue Paint Sky Blue Paint item sprite SkyBluePaint
1081 Blue Paint Blue Paint item sprite BluePaint
1082 Purple Paint Purple Paint item sprite PurplePaint
1083 Violet Paint Violet Paint item sprite VioletPaint
1084 Pink Paint Pink Paint item sprite PinkPaint
1085 Deep Red Paint Deep Red Paint item sprite DeepRedPaint
1086 Deep Orange Paint Deep Orange Paint item sprite DeepOrangePaint
1087 Deep Yellow Paint Deep Yellow Paint item sprite DeepYellowPaint
1088 Deep Lime Paint Deep Lime Paint item sprite DeepLimePaint
1089 Deep Green Paint Deep Green Paint item sprite DeepGreenPaint
1090 Deep Teal Paint Deep Teal Paint item sprite DeepTealPaint
1091 Deep Cyan Paint Deep Cyan Paint item sprite DeepCyanPaint
1092 Deep Sky Blue Paint Deep Sky Blue Paint item sprite DeepSkyBluePaint
1093 Deep Blue Paint Deep Blue Paint item sprite DeepBluePaint
1094 Deep Purple Paint Deep Purple Paint item sprite DeepPurplePaint
1095 Deep Violet Paint Deep Violet Paint item sprite DeepVioletPaint
1096 Deep Pink Paint Deep Pink Paint item sprite DeepPinkPaint
1097 Black Paint Black Paint item sprite BlackPaint
1098 White Paint White Paint item sprite WhitePaint
1099 Gray Paint Gray Paint item sprite GrayPaint
1100 Paint Scraper Paint Scraper item sprite PaintScraper
1101 Lihzahrd Brick Lihzahrd Brick item sprite LihzahrdBrick
1102 Lihzahrd Brick Wall Lihzahrd Brick Wall item sprite LihzahrdBrickWall
1103 Slush Block Slush Block item sprite SlushBlock
1104 Palladium Ore Palladium Ore item sprite PalladiumOre
1105 Orichalcum Ore Orichalcum Ore item sprite OrichalcumOre
1106 Titanium Ore Titanium Ore item sprite TitaniumOre
1107 Teal Mushroom Teal Mushroom item sprite TealMushroom
1108 Green Mushroom Green Mushroom item sprite GreenMushroom
1109 Sky Blue Flower Sky Blue Flower item sprite SkyBlueFlower
1110 Yellow Marigold Yellow Marigold item sprite YellowMarigold
1111 Blue Berries Blue Berries item sprite BlueBerries
1112 Lime Kelp Lime Kelp item sprite LimeKelp
1113 Pink Prickly Pear Pink Prickly Pear item sprite PinkPricklyPear
1114 Orange Bloodroot Orange Bloodroot item sprite OrangeBloodroot
1115 Red Husk Red Husk item sprite RedHusk
1116 Cyan Husk Cyan Husk item sprite CyanHusk
1117 Violet Husk Violet Husk item sprite VioletHusk
1118 Purple Mucos Purple Mucos item sprite PurpleMucos
1119 Black Ink Black Ink item sprite BlackInk
1120 Dye Vat Dye Vat item sprite DyeVat
1121 Bee Gun Bee Gun item sprite BeeGun
1122 Possessed Hatchet Possessed Hatchet item sprite PossessedHatchet
1123 Bee Keeper Bee Keeper item sprite BeeKeeper
1124 Hive Hive item sprite Hive
1125 Honey Block Honey Block item sprite HoneyBlock
1126 Hive Wall Hive Wall item sprite HiveWall
1127 Crispy Honey Block Crispy Honey Block item sprite CrispyHoneyBlock
1128 Honey Bucket Honey Bucket item sprite HoneyBucket
1129 Hive Wand Hive Wand item sprite HiveWand
1130 Beenade Beenade item sprite Beenade
1131 Gravity Globe Gravity Globe item sprite GravityGlobe
1132 Honey Comb Honey Comb item sprite HoneyComb
1133 Abeemination Abeemination item sprite Abeemination
1134 Bottled Honey Bottled Honey item sprite BottledHoney
1135 Rain Hat Rain Hat item sprite RainHat
1136 Rain Coat Rain Coat item sprite RainCoat
1137 Lihzahrd Door Lihzahrd Door item sprite LihzahrdDoor
1138 Dungeon Door Dungeon Door item sprite DungeonDoor
1139 Lead Door Lead Door item sprite LeadDoor
1140 Iron Door Iron Door item sprite IronDoor
1141 Temple Key Temple Key item sprite TempleKey
1142 Lihzahrd Chest Lihzahrd Chest item sprite LihzahrdChest
1143 Lihzahrd Chair Lihzahrd Chair item sprite LihzahrdChair
1144 Lihzahrd Table Lihzahrd Table item sprite LihzahrdTable
1145 Lihzahrd Work Bench Lihzahrd Work Bench item sprite LihzahrdWorkBench
1146 Super Dart Trap Super Dart Trap item sprite SuperDartTrap
1147 Flame Trap Flame Trap item sprite FlameTrap
1148 Spiky Ball Trap Spiky Ball Trap item sprite SpikyBallTrap
1149 Spear Trap Spear Trap item sprite SpearTrap
1150 Wooden Spike Wooden Spike item sprite WoodenSpike
1151 Lihzahrd Pressure Plate Lihzahrd Pressure Plate item sprite LihzahrdPressurePlate
1152 Lihzahrd Statue Lihzahrd Statue item sprite LihzahrdStatue
1153 Lihzahrd Watcher Statue Lihzahrd Watcher Statue item sprite LihzahrdWatcherStatue
1154 Lihzahrd Guardian Statue Lihzahrd Guardian Statue item sprite LihzahrdGuardianStatue
1155 Wasp Gun Wasp Gun item sprite WaspGun
1156 Piranha Gun Piranha Gun item sprite PiranhaGun
1157 Pygmy Staff Pygmy Staff item sprite PygmyStaff
1158 Pygmy Necklace Pygmy Necklace item sprite PygmyNecklace
1159 Tiki Mask Tiki Mask item sprite TikiMask
1160 Tiki Shirt Tiki Shirt item sprite TikiShirt
1161 Tiki Pants Tiki Pants item sprite TikiPants
1162 Leaf Wings Leaf Wings item sprite LeafWings
1163 Blizzard in a Balloon Blizzard in a Balloon item sprite BlizzardinaBalloon
1164 Bundle of Balloons Bundle of Balloons item sprite BundleofBalloons
1165 Bat Wings Bat Wings item sprite BatWings
1166 Bone Sword Bone Sword item sprite BoneSword
1167 Hercules Beetle Hercules Beetle item sprite HerculesBeetle
1168 Smoke Bomb Smoke Bomb item sprite SmokeBomb
1169 Bone Key Bone Key item sprite BoneKey
1170 Nectar Nectar item sprite Nectar
1171 Tiki Totem Tiki Totem item sprite TikiTotem
1172 Lizard Egg Lizard Egg item sprite LizardEgg
1173 Grave Marker Grave Marker item sprite GraveMarker
1174 Cross Grave Marker Cross Grave Marker item sprite CrossGraveMarker
1175 Headstone Headstone item sprite Headstone
1176 Gravestone Gravestone item sprite Gravestone
1177 Obelisk Obelisk item sprite Obelisk
1178 Leaf Blower Leaf Blower item sprite LeafBlower
1179 Chlorophyte Bullet Chlorophyte Bullet item sprite ChlorophyteBullet
1180 Parrot Cracker Parrot Cracker item sprite ParrotCracker
1181 Strange Glowing Mushroom Strange Glowing Mushroom item sprite StrangeGlowingMushroom
1182 Seedling Seedling item sprite Seedling
1183 Wisp in a Bottle Wisp in a Bottle item sprite WispinaBottle
1184 Palladium Bar Palladium Bar item sprite PalladiumBar
1185 Palladium Sword Palladium Sword item sprite PalladiumSword
1186 Palladium Pike Palladium Pike item sprite PalladiumPike
1187 Palladium Repeater Palladium Repeater item sprite PalladiumRepeater
1188 Palladium Pickaxe Palladium Pickaxe item sprite PalladiumPickaxe
1189 Palladium Drill Palladium Drill item sprite PalladiumDrill
1190 Palladium Chainsaw Palladium Chainsaw item sprite PalladiumChainsaw
1191 Orichalcum Bar Orichalcum Bar item sprite OrichalcumBar
1192 Orichalcum Sword Orichalcum Sword item sprite OrichalcumSword
1193 Orichalcum Halberd Orichalcum Halberd item sprite OrichalcumHalberd
1194 Orichalcum Repeater Orichalcum Repeater item sprite OrichalcumRepeater
1195 Orichalcum Pickaxe Orichalcum Pickaxe item sprite OrichalcumPickaxe
1196 Orichalcum Drill Orichalcum Drill item sprite OrichalcumDrill
1197 Orichalcum Chainsaw Orichalcum Chainsaw item sprite OrichalcumChainsaw
1198 Titanium Bar Titanium Bar item sprite TitaniumBar
1199 Titanium Sword Titanium Sword item sprite TitaniumSword
1200 Titanium Trident Titanium Trident item sprite TitaniumTrident
1201 Titanium Repeater Titanium Repeater item sprite TitaniumRepeater
1202 Titanium Pickaxe Titanium Pickaxe item sprite TitaniumPickaxe
1203 Titanium Drill Titanium Drill item sprite TitaniumDrill
1204 Titanium Chainsaw Titanium Chainsaw item sprite TitaniumChainsaw
1205 Palladium Mask Palladium Mask item sprite PalladiumMask
1206 Palladium Helmet Palladium Helmet item sprite PalladiumHelmet
1207 Palladium Headgear Palladium Headgear item sprite PalladiumHeadgear
1208 Palladium Breastplate Palladium Breastplate item sprite PalladiumBreastplate
1209 Palladium Leggings Palladium Leggings item sprite PalladiumLeggings
1210 Orichalcum Mask Orichalcum Mask item sprite OrichalcumMask
1211 Orichalcum Helmet Orichalcum Helmet item sprite OrichalcumHelmet
1212 Orichalcum Headgear Orichalcum Headgear item sprite OrichalcumHeadgear
1213 Orichalcum Breastplate Orichalcum Breastplate item sprite OrichalcumBreastplate
1214 Orichalcum Leggings Orichalcum Leggings item sprite OrichalcumLeggings
1215 Titanium Mask Titanium Mask item sprite TitaniumMask
1216 Titanium Helmet Titanium Helmet item sprite TitaniumHelmet
1217 Titanium Headgear Titanium Headgear item sprite TitaniumHeadgear
1218 Titanium Breastplate Titanium Breastplate item sprite TitaniumBreastplate
1219 Titanium Leggings Titanium Leggings item sprite TitaniumLeggings
1220 Orichalcum Anvil Orichalcum Anvil item sprite OrichalcumAnvil
1221 Titanium Forge Titanium Forge item sprite TitaniumForge
1222 Palladium Waraxe Palladium Waraxe item sprite PalladiumWaraxe
1223 Orichalcum Waraxe Orichalcum Waraxe item sprite OrichalcumWaraxe
1224 Titanium Waraxe Titanium Waraxe item sprite TitaniumWaraxe
1225 Hallowed Bar Hallowed Bar item sprite HallowedBar
1226 Chlorophyte Claymore Chlorophyte Claymore item sprite ChlorophyteClaymore
1227 Chlorophyte Saber Chlorophyte Saber item sprite ChlorophyteSaber
1228 Chlorophyte Partisan Chlorophyte Partisan item sprite ChlorophytePartisan
1229 Chlorophyte Shotbow Chlorophyte Shotbow item sprite ChlorophyteShotbow
1230 Chlorophyte Pickaxe Chlorophyte Pickaxe item sprite ChlorophytePickaxe
1231 Chlorophyte Drill Chlorophyte Drill item sprite ChlorophyteDrill
1232 Chlorophyte Chainsaw Chlorophyte Chainsaw item sprite ChlorophyteChainsaw
1233 Chlorophyte Greataxe Chlorophyte Greataxe item sprite ChlorophyteGreataxe
1234 Chlorophyte Warhammer Chlorophyte Warhammer item sprite ChlorophyteWarhammer
1235 Chlorophyte Arrow Chlorophyte Arrow item sprite ChlorophyteArrow
1236 Amethyst Hook Amethyst Hook item sprite AmethystHook
1237 Topaz Hook Topaz Hook item sprite TopazHook
1238 Sapphire Hook Sapphire Hook item sprite SapphireHook
1239 Emerald Hook Emerald Hook item sprite EmeraldHook
1240 Ruby Hook Ruby Hook item sprite RubyHook
1241 Diamond Hook Diamond Hook item sprite DiamondHook
1242 Amber Mosquito Amber Mosquito item sprite AmberMosquito
1243 Umbrella Hat Umbrella Hat item sprite UmbrellaHat
1244 Nimbus Rod Nimbus Rod item sprite NimbusRod
1245 Orange Torch Orange Torch item sprite OrangeTorch
1246 Crimsand Block Crimsand Block item sprite CrimsandBlock
1247 Bee Cloak Bee Cloak item sprite BeeCloak
1248 Eye of the Golem Eye of the Golem item sprite EyeoftheGolem
1249 Honey Balloon Honey Balloon item sprite HoneyBalloon
1250 Blue Horseshoe Balloon Blue Horseshoe Balloon item sprite BlueHorseshoeBalloon
1251 White Horseshoe Balloon White Horseshoe Balloon item sprite WhiteHorseshoeBalloon
1252 Yellow Horseshoe Balloon Yellow Horseshoe Balloon item sprite YellowHorseshoeBalloon
1253 Frozen Turtle Shell Frozen Turtle Shell item sprite FrozenTurtleShell
1254 Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle item sprite SniperRifle
1255 Venus Magnum Venus Magnum item sprite VenusMagnum
1256 Crimson Rod Crimson Rod item sprite CrimsonRod
1257 Crimtane Bar Crimtane Bar item sprite CrimtaneBar
1258 Stynger Stynger item sprite Stynger
1259 Flower Pow Flower Pow item sprite FlowerPow
1260 Rainbow Gun Rainbow Gun item sprite RainbowGun
1261 Stynger Bolt Stynger Bolt item sprite StyngerBolt
1262 Chlorophyte Jackhammer Chlorophyte Jackhammer item sprite ChlorophyteJackhammer
1263 Teleporter Teleporter item sprite Teleporter
1264 Flower of Frost Flower of Frost item sprite FlowerofFrost
1265 Uzi Uzi item sprite Uzi
1266 Magnet Sphere Magnet Sphere item sprite MagnetSphere
1267 Purple Stained Glass Purple Stained Glass item sprite PurpleStainedGlass
1268 Yellow Stained Glass Yellow Stained Glass item sprite YellowStainedGlass
1269 Blue Stained Glass Blue Stained Glass item sprite BlueStainedGlass
1270 Green Stained Glass Green Stained Glass item sprite GreenStainedGlass
1271 Red Stained Glass Red Stained Glass item sprite RedStainedGlass
1272 Multicolored Stained Glass Multicolored Stained Glass item sprite MulticoloredStainedGlass
1273 Skeletron Hand Skeletron Hand item sprite SkeletronHand
1274 Skull Skull item sprite Skull
1275 Balla Hat Balla Hat item sprite BallaHat
1276 Gangsta Hat Gangsta Hat item sprite GangstaHat
1277 Sailor Hat Sailor Hat item sprite SailorHat
1278 Eye Patch Eye Patch item sprite EyePatch
1279 Sailor Shirt Sailor Shirt item sprite SailorShirt
1280 Sailor Pants Sailor Pants item sprite SailorPants
1281 Skeletron Mask Skeletron Mask item sprite SkeletronMask
1282 Amethyst Robe Amethyst Robe item sprite AmethystRobe
1283 Topaz Robe Topaz Robe item sprite TopazRobe
1284 Sapphire Robe Sapphire Robe item sprite SapphireRobe
1285 Emerald Robe Emerald Robe item sprite EmeraldRobe
1286 Ruby Robe Ruby Robe item sprite RubyRobe
1287 Diamond Robe Diamond Robe item sprite DiamondRobe
1288 White Tuxedo Shirt White Tuxedo Shirt item sprite WhiteTuxedoShirt
1289 White Tuxedo Pants White Tuxedo Pants item sprite WhiteTuxedoPants
1290 Panic Necklace Panic Necklace item sprite PanicNecklace
1291 Life Fruit Life Fruit item sprite LifeFruit
1292 Lihzahrd Altar Lihzahrd Altar item sprite LihzahrdAltar
1293 Lihzahrd Power Cell Lihzahrd Power Cell item sprite LihzahrdPowerCell
1294 Picksaw Picksaw item sprite Picksaw
1295 Heat Ray Heat Ray item sprite HeatRay
1296 Staff of Earth Staff of Earth item sprite StaffofEarth
1297 Golem Fist Golem Fist item sprite GolemFist
1298 Water Chest Water Chest item sprite WaterChest
1299 Binoculars Binoculars item sprite Binoculars
1300 Rifle Scope Rifle Scope item sprite RifleScope
1301 Destroyer Emblem Destroyer Emblem item sprite DestroyerEmblem
1302 High Velocity Bullet High Velocity Bullet item sprite HighVelocityBullet
1303 Jellyfish Necklace Jellyfish Necklace item sprite JellyfishNecklace
1304 Zombie Arm Zombie Arm item sprite ZombieArm
1305 The Axe The Axe item sprite TheAxe
1306 Ice Sickle Ice Sickle item sprite IceSickle
1307 Clothier Voodoo Doll Clothier Voodoo Doll item sprite ClothierVoodooDoll
1308 Poison Staff Poison Staff item sprite PoisonStaff
1309 Slime Staff Slime Staff item sprite SlimeStaff
1310 Poison Dart Poison Dart item sprite PoisonDart
1311 Eye Spring Eye Spring item sprite EyeSpring
1312 Toy Sled Toy Sled item sprite ToySled
1313 Book of Skulls Book of Skulls item sprite BookofSkulls
1314 KO Cannon KO Cannon item sprite KOCannon
1315 Pirate Map Pirate Map item sprite PirateMap
1316 Turtle Helmet Turtle Helmet item sprite TurtleHelmet
1317 Turtle Scale Mail Turtle Scale Mail item sprite TurtleScaleMail
1318 Turtle Leggings Turtle Leggings item sprite TurtleLeggings
1319 Snowball Cannon Snowball Cannon item sprite SnowballCannon
1320 Bone Pickaxe Bone Pickaxe item sprite BonePickaxe
1321 Magic Quiver Magic Quiver item sprite MagicQuiver
1322 Magma Stone Magma Stone item sprite MagmaStone
1323 Obsidian Rose Obsidian Rose item sprite ObsidianRose
1324 Bananarang Bananarang item sprite Bananarang
1325 Chain Knife Chain Knife item sprite ChainKnife
1326 Rod of Discord Rod of Discord item sprite RodofDiscord
1327 Death Sickle Death Sickle item sprite DeathSickle
1328 Turtle Shell Turtle Shell item sprite TurtleShell
1329 Tissue Sample Tissue Sample item sprite TissueSample
1330 Vertebrae Vertebrae item sprite Vertebrae
1331 Bloody Spine Bloody Spine item sprite BloodySpine
1332 Ichor Ichor item sprite Ichor
1333 Ichor Torch Ichor Torch item sprite IchorTorch
1334 Ichor Arrow Ichor Arrow item sprite IchorArrow
1335 Ichor Bullet Ichor Bullet item sprite IchorBullet
1336 Golden Shower Golden Shower item sprite GoldenShower
1337 Bunny Cannon Bunny Cannon item sprite BunnyCannon
1338 Explosive Bunny Explosive Bunny item sprite ExplosiveBunny
1339 Vial of Venom Vial of Venom item sprite VialofVenom
1340 Flask of Venom Flask of Venom item sprite FlaskofVenom
1341 Venom Arrow Venom Arrow item sprite VenomArrow
1342 Venom Bullet Venom Bullet item sprite VenomBullet
1343 Fire Gauntlet Fire Gauntlet item sprite FireGauntlet
1344 Cog Cog item sprite Cog
1345 Confetti Confetti item sprite Confetti
1346 Nanites Nanites item sprite Nanites
1347 Explosive Powder Explosive Powder item sprite ExplosivePowder
1348 Gold Dust Gold Dust item sprite GoldDust
1349 Party Bullet Party Bullet item sprite PartyBullet
1350 Nano Bullet Nano Bullet item sprite NanoBullet
1351 Exploding Bullet Exploding Bullet item sprite ExplodingBullet
1352 Golden Bullet Golden Bullet item sprite GoldenBullet
1353 Flask of Cursed Flames Flask of Cursed Flames item sprite FlaskofCursedFlames
1354 Flask of Fire Flask of Fire item sprite FlaskofFire
1355 Flask of Gold Flask of Gold item sprite FlaskofGold
1356 Flask of Ichor Flask of Ichor item sprite FlaskofIchor
1357 Flask of Nanites Flask of Nanites item sprite FlaskofNanites
1358 Flask of Party Flask of Party item sprite FlaskofParty
1359 Flask of Poison Flask of Poison item sprite FlaskofPoison
1360 Eye of Cthulhu Trophy Eye of Cthulhu Trophy item sprite EyeofCthulhuTrophy
1361 Eater of Worlds Trophy Eater of Worlds Trophy item sprite EaterofWorldsTrophy
1362 Brain of Cthulhu Trophy Brain of Cthulhu Trophy item sprite BrainofCthulhuTrophy
1363 Skeletron Trophy Skeletron Trophy item sprite SkeletronTrophy
1364 Queen Bee Trophy Queen Bee Trophy item sprite QueenBeeTrophy
1365 Wall of Flesh Trophy Wall of Flesh Trophy item sprite WallofFleshTrophy
1366 Destroyer Trophy Destroyer Trophy item sprite DestroyerTrophy
1367 Skeletron Prime Trophy Skeletron Prime Trophy item sprite SkeletronPrimeTrophy
1368 Retinazer Trophy Retinazer Trophy item sprite RetinazerTrophy
1369 Spazmatism Trophy Spazmatism Trophy item sprite SpazmatismTrophy
1370 Plantera Trophy Plantera Trophy item sprite PlanteraTrophy
1371 Golem Trophy Golem Trophy item sprite GolemTrophy
1372 Blood Moon Rising Blood Moon Rising item sprite BloodMoonRising
1373 The Hanged Man The Hanged Man item sprite TheHangedMan
1374 Glory of the Fire Glory of the Fire item sprite GloryoftheFire
1375 Bone Warp Bone Warp item sprite BoneWarp
1376 Wall Skeleton Wall Skeleton item sprite WallSkeleton
1377 Hanging Skeleton Hanging Skeleton item sprite HangingSkeleton
1378 Blue Slab Wall Blue Slab Wall item sprite BlueSlabWall
1379 Blue Tiled Wall Blue Tiled Wall item sprite BlueTiledWall
1380 Pink Slab Wall Pink Slab Wall item sprite PinkSlabWall
1381 Pink Tiled Wall Pink Tiled Wall item sprite PinkTiledWall
1382 Green Slab Wall Green Slab Wall item sprite GreenSlabWall
1383 Green Tiled Wall Green Tiled Wall item sprite GreenTiledWall
1384 Blue Brick Platform Blue Brick Platform item sprite BlueBrickPlatform
1385 Pink Brick Platform Pink Brick Platform item sprite PinkBrickPlatform
1386 Green Brick Platform file is missing GreenBrickPlatform
1387 Metal Shelf Metal Shelf item sprite MetalShelf
1388 Brass Shelf Brass Shelf item sprite BrassShelf
1389 Wood Shelf Wood Shelf item sprite WoodShelf
1390 Brass Lantern Brass Lantern item sprite BrassLantern
1391 Caged Lantern Caged Lantern item sprite CagedLantern
1392 Carriage Lantern Carriage Lantern item sprite CarriageLantern
1393 Alchemy Lantern Alchemy Lantern item sprite AlchemyLantern
1394 Diabolist Lamp Diabolist Lamp item sprite DiablostLamp
1395 Oil Rag Sconse Oil Rag Sconse item sprite OilRagSconse
1396 Blue Dungeon Chair Blue Dungeon Chair item sprite BlueDungeonChair
1397 Blue Dungeon Table Blue Dungeon Table item sprite BlueDungeonTable
1398 Blue Dungeon Work Bench Blue Dungeon Work Bench item sprite BlueDungeonWorkBench
1399 Green Dungeon Chair Green Dungeon Chair item sprite GreenDungeonChair
1400 Green Dungeon Table Green Dungeon Table item sprite GreenDungeonTable
1401 Green Dungeon Work Bench Green Dungeon Work Bench item sprite GreenDungeonWorkBench
1402 Pink Dungeon Chair Pink Dungeon Chair item sprite PinkDungeonChair
1403 Pink Dungeon Table Pink Dungeon Table item sprite PinkDungeonTable
1404 Pink Dungeon Work Bench Pink Dungeon Work Bench item sprite PinkDungeonWorkBench
1405 Blue Dungeon Candle Blue Dungeon Candle item sprite BlueDungeonCandle
1406 Green Dungeon Candle Green Dungeon Candle item sprite GreenDungeonCandle
1407 Pink Dungeon Candle Pink Dungeon Candle item sprite PinkDungeonCandle
1408 Blue Dungeon Vase Blue Dungeon Vase item sprite BlueDungeonVase
1409 Green Dungeon Vase Green Dungeon Vase item sprite GreenDungeonVase
1410 Pink Dungeon Vase Pink Dungeon Vase item sprite PinkDungeonVase
1411 Blue Dungeon Door Blue Dungeon Door item sprite BlueDungeonDoor
1412 Green Dungeon Door Green Dungeon Door item sprite GreenDungeonDoor
1413 Pink Dungeon Door Pink Dungeon Door item sprite PinkDungeonDoor
1414 Blue Dungeon Bookcase Blue Dungeon Bookcase item sprite BlueDungeonBookcase
1415 Green Dungeon Bookcase Green Dungeon Bookcase item sprite GreenDungeonBookcase
1416 Pink Dungeon Bookcase Pink Dungeon Bookcase item sprite PinkDungeonBookcase
1417 Catacomb Catacomb item sprite Catacomb
1418 Dungeon Shelf Dungeon Shelf item sprite DungeonShelf
1419 Skellington J Skellingsworth Skellington J Skellingsworth item sprite SkellingtonJSkellingsworth
1420 The Cursed Man The Cursed Man item sprite TheCursedMan
1421 The Eye Sees the End The Eye Sees the End item sprite TheEyeSeestheEnd
1422 Something Evil is Watching You Something Evil is Watching You item sprite SomethingEvilisWatchingYou
1423 The Twins Have Awoken The Twins Have Awoken item sprite TheTwinsHaveAwoken
1424 The Screamer The Screamer item sprite TheScreamer
1425 Goblins Playing Poker Goblins Playing Poker item sprite GoblinsPlayingPoker
1426 Dryadisque Dryadisque item sprite Dryadisque
1427 Sunflowers Sunflowers item sprite Sunflowers
1428 Terrarian Gothic Terrarian Gothic item sprite TerrarianGothic
1429 Beanie Beanie item sprite Beanie
1430 Imbuing Station Imbuing Station item sprite ImbuingStation
1431 Star in a Bottle Star in a Bottle item sprite StarinaBottle
1432 Empty Bullet Empty Bullet item sprite EmptyBullet
1433 Impact Impact item sprite Impact
1434 Powered by Birds Powered by Birds item sprite PoweredbyBirds
1435 The Destroyer The Destroyer item sprite TheDestroyer
1436 The Persistency of Eyes The Persistency of Eyes item sprite ThePersistencyofEyes
1437 Unicorn Crossing the Hallows Unicorn Crossing the Hallows item sprite UnicornCrossingtheHallows
1438 Great Wave Great Wave item sprite GreatWave
1439 Starry Night Starry Night item sprite StarryNight
1440 Guide Picasso Guide Picasso item sprite GuidePicasso
1441 The Guardian's Gaze The Guardian's Gaze item sprite TheGuardiansGaze
1442 Father of Someone Father of Someone item sprite FatherofSomeone
1443 Nurse Lisa Nurse Lisa item sprite NurseLisa
1444 Shadowbeam Staff Shadowbeam Staff item sprite ShadowbeamStaff
1445 Inferno Fork Inferno Fork item sprite InfernoFork
1446 Spectre Staff Spectre Staff item sprite SpectreStaff
1447 Wooden Fence Wooden Fence item sprite WoodenFence
1448 Lead Fence Lead Fence item sprite LeadFence
1449 Bubble Machine Bubble Machine item sprite BubbleMachine
1450 Bubble Wand Bubble Wand item sprite BubbleWand
1451 Marching Bones Banner Marching Bones Banner item sprite MarchingBonesBanner
1452 Necromantic Sign Necromantic Sign item sprite NecromanticSign
1453 Rusted Company Standard Rusted Company Standard item sprite RustedCompanyStandard
1454 Ragged Brotherhood Sigil Ragged Brotherhood Sigil item sprite RaggedBrotherhoodSigil
1455 Molten Legion Flag Molten Legion Flag item sprite MoltenLegionFlag
1456 Diabolic Sigil Diabolic Sigil item sprite DiabolicSigil
1457 Obsidian Platform Obsidian Platform item sprite ObsidianPlatform
1458 Obsidian Door Obsidian Door item sprite ObsidianDoor
1459 Obsidian Chair Obsidian Chair item sprite ObsidianChair
1460 Obsidian Table Obsidian Table item sprite ObsidianTable
1461 Obsidian Work Bench Obsidian Work Bench item sprite ObsidianWorkBench
1462 Obsidian Vase Obsidian Vase item sprite ObsidianVase
1463 Obsidian Bookcase Obsidian Bookcase item sprite ObsidianBookcase
1464 Hellbound Banner Hellbound Banner item sprite HellboundBanner
1465 Hell Hammer Banner Hell Hammer Banner item sprite HellHammerBanner
1466 Helltower Banner Helltower Banner item sprite HelltowerBanner
1467 Lost Hopes of Man Banner Lost Hopes of Man Banner item sprite LostHopesofManBanner
1468 Obsidian Watcher Banner Obsidian Watcher Banner item sprite ObsidianWatcherBanner
1469 Lava Erupts Banner Lava Erupts Banner item sprite LavaEruptsBanner
1470 Blue Dungeon Bed Blue Dungeon Bed item sprite BlueDungeonBed
1471 Green Dungeon Bed Green Dungeon Bed item sprite GreenDungeonBed
1472 Pink Dungeon Bed Pink Dungeon Bed item sprite PinkDungeonBed
1473 Obsidian Bed Obsidian Bed item sprite ObsidianBed
1474 Waldo Waldo item sprite Waldo
1475 Darkness Darkness item sprite Darkness
1476 Dark Soul Reaper Dark Soul Reaper item sprite DarkSoulReaper
1477 Land Land item sprite Land
1478 Trapped Ghost Trapped Ghost item sprite TrappedGhost
1479 Demon's Eye Demon's Eye item sprite DemonsEye
1480 Finding Gold Finding Gold item sprite FindingGold
1481 First Encounter First Encounter item sprite FirstEncounter
1482 Good Morning Good Morning item sprite GoodMorning
1483 Underground Reward Underground Reward item sprite UndergroundReward
1484 Through the Window Through the Window item sprite ThroughtheWindow
1485 Place Above the Clouds Place Above the Clouds item sprite PlaceAbovetheClouds
1486 Do Not Step on the Grass Do Not Step on the Grass item sprite DoNotStepontheGrass
1487 Cold Waters in the White Land Cold Waters in the White Land item sprite ColdWatersintheWhiteLand
1488 Lightless Chasms Lightless Chasms item sprite LightlessChasms
1489 The Land of Deceiving Looks The Land of Deceiving Looks item sprite TheLandofDeceivingLooks
1490 Daylight Daylight item sprite Daylight
1491 Secret of the Sands Secret of the Sands item sprite SecretoftheSands
1492 Deadland Comes Alive Deadland Comes Alive item sprite DeadlandComesAlive
1493 Evil Presence Evil Presence item sprite EvilPresence
1494 Sky Guardian Sky Guardian item sprite SkyGuardian
1495 American Explosive American Explosive item sprite AmericanExplosive
1496 Discover Discover item sprite Discover
1497 Hand Earth Hand Earth item sprite HandEarth
1498 Old Miner Old Miner item sprite OldMiner
1499 Skelehead Skelehead item sprite Skelehead
1500 Facing the Cerebral Mastermind Facing the Cerebral Mastermind item sprite FacingtheCerebralMastermind
1501 Lake of Fire Lake of Fire item sprite LakeofFire
1502 Trio Super Heroes Trio Super Heroes item sprite TrioSuperHeroes
1503 Spectre Hood Spectre Hood item sprite SpectreHood
1504 Spectre Robe Spectre Robe item sprite SpectreRobe
1505 Spectre Pants Spectre Pants item sprite SpectrePants
1506 Spectre Pickaxe Spectre Pickaxe item sprite SpectrePickaxe
1507 Spectre Hamaxe Spectre Hamaxe item sprite SpectreHamaxe
1508 Ectoplasm Ectoplasm item sprite Ectoplasm
1509 Gothic Chair Gothic Chair item sprite GothicChair
1510 Gothic Table Gothic Table item sprite GothicTable
1511 Gothic Work Bench Gothic Work Bench item sprite GothicWorkBench
1512 Gothic Bookcase Gothic Bookcase item sprite GothicBookcase
1513 Paladin's Hammer Paladin's Hammer item sprite PaladinsHammer
1514 SWAT Helmet SWAT Helmet item sprite SWATHelmet
1515 Bee Wings Bee Wings item sprite BeeWings
1516 Giant Harpy Feather Giant Harpy Feather item sprite GiantHarpyFeather
1517 Bone Feather Bone Feather item sprite BoneFeather
1518 Fire Feather Fire Feather item sprite FireFeather
1519 Ice Feather Ice Feather item sprite IceFeather
1520 Broken Bat Wing Broken Bat Wing item sprite BrokenBatWing
1521 Tattered Bee Wing Tattered Bee Wing item sprite TatteredBeeWing
1522 Large Amethyst Large Amethyst item sprite LargeAmethyst
1523 Large Topaz Large Topaz item sprite LargeTopaz
1524 Large Sapphire Large Sapphire item sprite LargeSapphire
1525 Large Emerald Large Emerald item sprite LargeEmerald
1526 Large Ruby Large Ruby item sprite LargeRuby
1527 Large Diamond Large Diamond item sprite LargeDiamond
1528 Jungle Chest Jungle Chest item sprite JungleChest
1529 Corruption Chest Corruption Chest item sprite CorruptionChest
1530 Crimson Chest Crimson Chest item sprite CrimsonChest
1531 Hallowed Chest Hallowed Chest item sprite HallowedChest
1532 Frozen Chest Frozen Chest item sprite FrozenChest
1533 Jungle Key Jungle Key item sprite JungleKey
1534 Corruption Key Corruption Key item sprite CorruptionKey
1535 Crimson Key Crimson Key item sprite CrimsonKey
1536 Hallowed Key Hallowed Key item sprite HallowedKey
1537 Frozen Key Frozen Key item sprite FrozenKey
1538 Imp Face Imp Face item sprite ImpFace
1539 Ominous Presence Ominous Presence item sprite OminousPresence
1540 Shining Moon Shining Moon item sprite ShiningMoon
1541 Living Gore Living Gore item sprite LivingGore
1542 Flowing Magma Flowing Magma item sprite FlowingMagma
1543 Spectre Paintbrush Spectre Paintbrush item sprite SpectrePaintbrush
1544 Spectre Paint Roller Spectre Paint Roller item sprite SpectrePaintRoller
1545 Spectre Paint Scraper Spectre Paint Scraper item sprite SpectrePaintScraper
1546 Shroomite Headgear Shroomite Headgear item sprite ShroomiteHeadgear
1547 Shroomite Mask Shroomite Mask item sprite ShroomiteMask
1548 Shroomite Helmet Shroomite Helmet item sprite ShroomiteHelmet
1549 Shroomite Breastplate Shroomite Breastplate item sprite ShroomiteBreastplate
1550 Shroomite Leggings Shroomite Leggings item sprite ShroomiteLeggings
1551 Autohammer Autohammer item sprite Autohammer
1552 Shroomite Bar Shroomite Bar item sprite ShroomiteBar
1553 S.D.M.G. S.D.M.G. item sprite SDMG
1554 Cenx's Tiara Cenx's Tiara item sprite CenxsTiara
1555 Cenx's Breastplate Cenx's Breastplate item sprite CenxsBreastplate
1556 Cenx's Leggings Cenx's Leggings item sprite CenxsLeggings
1557 Crowno's Mask Crowno's Mask item sprite CrownosMask
1558 Crowno's Breastplate Crowno's Breastplate item sprite CrownosBreastplate
1559 Crowno's Leggings Crowno's Leggings item sprite CrownosLeggings
1560 Will's Helmet Will's Helmet item sprite WillsHelmet
1561 Will's Breastplate Will's Breastplate item sprite WillsBreastplate
1562 Will's Leggings Will's Leggings item sprite WillsLeggings
1563 Jim's Helmet Jim's Helmet item sprite JimsHelmet
1564 Jim's Breastplate Jim's Breastplate item sprite JimsBreastplate
1565 Jim's Leggings Jim's Leggings item sprite JimsLeggings
1566 Aaron's Helmet Aaron's Helmet item sprite AaronsHelmet
1567 Aaron's Breastplate Aaron's Breastplate item sprite AaronsBreastplate
1568 Aaron's Leggings Aaron's Leggings item sprite AaronsLeggings
1569 Vampire Knives Vampire Knives item sprite VampireKnives
1570 Broken Hero Sword Broken Hero Sword item sprite BrokenHeroSword
1571 Scourge of the Corruptor Scourge of the Corruptor item sprite ScourgeoftheCorruptor
1572 Staff of the Frost Hydra Staff of the Frost Hydra item sprite StaffoftheFrostHydra
1573 The Creation of the Guide The Creation of the Guide item sprite TheCreationoftheGuide
1574 The Merchant The Merchant item sprite TheMerchant
1575 Crowno Devours His Lunch Crowno Devours His Lunch item sprite CrownoDevoursHisLunch
1576 Rare Enchantment Rare Enchantment item sprite RareEnchantment
1577 Glorious Night Glorious Night item sprite GloriousNight
1578 Sweetheart Necklace Sweetheart Necklace item sprite SweetheartNecklace
1579 Flurry Boots Flurry Boots item sprite FlurryBoots
1580 D-Town's Helmet D-Town's Helmet item sprite DTownsHelmet
1581 D-Town's Breastplate D-Town's Breastplate item sprite DTownsBreastplate
1582 D-Town's Leggings D-Town's Leggings item sprite DTownsLeggings
1583 D-Town's Wings D-Town's Wings item sprite DTownsWings
1584 Will's Wings Will's Wings item sprite WillsWings
1585 Crowno's Wings Crowno's Wings item sprite CrownosWings
1586 Cenx's Wings Cenx's Wings item sprite CenxsWings
1587 Cenx's Dress Cenx's Dress item sprite CenxsDress
1588 Cenx's Dress Pants Cenx's Dress Pants item sprite CenxsDressPants
1589 Palladium Column Palladium Column item sprite PalladiumColumn
1590 Palladium Column Wall Palladium Column Wall item sprite PalladiumColumnWall
1591 Bubblegum Block Bubblegum Block item sprite BubblegumBlock
1592 Bubblegum Block Wall Bubblegum Block Wall item sprite BubblegumBlockWall
1593 Titanstone Block Titanstone Block item sprite TitanstoneBlock
1594 Titanstone Block Wall Titanstone Block Wall item sprite TitanstoneBlockWall
1595 Magic Cuffs Magic Cuffs item sprite MagicCuffs
1596 Music Box (Snow) Music Box (Snow) item sprite MusicBoxSnow
1597 Music Box (Space) Music Box (Space) item sprite MusicBoxSpace
1598 Music Box (Crimson) Music Box (Crimson) item sprite MusicBoxCrimson
1599 Music Box (Boss 4) Music Box (Boss 4) item sprite MusicBoxBoss4
1600 Music Box (Alt Overworld Day) Music Box (Alt Overworld Day) item sprite MusicBoxAltOverworldDay
1601 Music Box (Rain) Music Box (Rain) item sprite MusicBoxRain
1602 Music Box (Ice) Music Box (Ice) item sprite MusicBoxIce
1603 Music Box (Desert) Music Box (Desert) item sprite MusicBoxDesert
1604 Music Box (Ocean) Music Box (Ocean) item sprite MusicBoxOcean
1605 Music Box (Dungeon) Music Box (Dungeon) item sprite MusicBoxDungeon
1606 Music Box (Plantera) Music Box (Plantera) item sprite MusicBoxPlantera
1607 Music Box (Boss 5) Music Box (Boss 5) item sprite MusicBoxBoss5
1608 Music Box (Temple) Music Box (Temple) item sprite MusicBoxTemple
1609 Music Box (Eclipse) Music Box (Eclipse) item sprite MusicBoxEclipse
1610 Music Box (Mushrooms) Music Box (Mushrooms) item sprite MusicBoxMushrooms
1611 Butterfly Dust Butterfly Dust item sprite ButterflyDust
1612 Ankh Charm Ankh Charm item sprite AnkhCharm
1613 Ankh Shield Ankh Shield item sprite AnkhShield
1614 Blue Flare Blue Flare item sprite BlueFlare
1615 Angler Fish Banner Angler Fish Banner item sprite AnglerFishBanner
1616 Angry Nimbus Banner Angry Nimbus Banner item sprite AngryNimbusBanner
1617 Anomura Fungus Banner Anomura Fungus Banner item sprite AnomuraFungusBanner
1618 Antlion Banner Antlion Banner item sprite AntlionBanner
1619 Arapaima Banner Arapaima Banner item sprite ArapaimaBanner
1620 Armored Skeleton Banner Armored Skeleton Banner item sprite ArmoredSkeletonBanner
1621 Cave Bat Banner Cave Bat Banner item sprite BatBanner
1622 Bird Banner Bird Banner item sprite BirdBanner
1623 Black Recluse Banner Black Recluse Banner item sprite BlackRecluseBanner
1624 Blood Feeder Banner Blood Feeder Banner item sprite BloodFeederBanner
1625 Blood Jelly Banner Blood Jelly Banner item sprite BloodJellyBanner
1626 Blood Crawler Banner Blood Crawler Banner item sprite BloodCrawlerBanner
1627 Bone Serpent Banner Bone Serpent Banner item sprite BoneSerpentBanner
1628 Bunny Banner Bunny Banner item sprite BunnyBanner
1629 Chaos Elemental Banner Chaos Elemental Banner item sprite ChaosElementalBanner
1630 Mimic Banner Mimic Banner item sprite MimicBanner
1631 Clown Banner Clown Banner item sprite ClownBanner
1632 Corrupt Bunny Banner Corrupt Bunny Banner item sprite CorruptBunnyBanner
1633 Corrupt Goldfish Banner Corrupt Goldfish Banner item sprite CorruptGoldfishBanner
1634 Crab Banner Crab Banner item sprite CrabBanner
1635 Crimera Banner Crimera Banner item sprite CrimeraBanner
1636 Crimson Axe Banner Crimson Axe Banner item sprite CrimsonAxeBanner
1637 Cursed Hammer Banner Cursed Hammer Banner item sprite CursedHammerBanner
1638 Demon Banner Demon Banner item sprite DemonBanner
1639 Demon Eye Banner Demon Eye Banner item sprite DemonEyeBanner
1640 Derpling Banner Derpling Banner item sprite DerplingBanner
1641 Eater of Souls Banner Eater of Souls Banner item sprite EaterofSoulsBanner
1642 Enchanted Sword Banner Enchanted Sword Banner item sprite EnchantedSwordBanner
1643 Zombie Eskimo Banner Zombie Eskimo Banner item sprite ZombieEskimoBanner
1644 Face Monster Banner Face Monster Banner item sprite FaceMonsterBanner
1645 Floaty Gross Banner Floaty Gross Banner item sprite FloatyGrossBanner
1646 Flying Fish Banner Flying Fish Banner item sprite FlyingFishBanner
1647 Flying Snake Banner Flying Snake Banner item sprite FlyingSnakeBanner
1648 Frankenstein Banner Frankenstein Banner item sprite FrankensteinBanner
1649 Fungi Bulb Banner Fungi Bulb Banner item sprite FungiBulbBanner
1650 Fungo Fish Banner Fungo Fish Banner item sprite FungoFishBanner
1651 Gastropod Banner Gastropod Banner item sprite GastropodBanner
1652 Goblin Thief Banner Goblin Thief Banner item sprite GoblinThiefBanner
1653 Goblin Sorcerer Banner Goblin Sorcerer Banner item sprite GoblinSorcererBanner
1654 Goblin Peon Banner Goblin Peon Banner item sprite GoblinPeonBanner
1655 Goblin Scout Banner Goblin Scout Banner item sprite GoblinScoutBanner
1656 Goblin Warrior Banner Goblin Warrior Banner item sprite GoblinWarriorBanner
1657 Goldfish Banner Goldfish Banner item sprite GoldfishBanner
1658 Harpy Banner Harpy Banner item sprite HarpyBanner
1659 Hellbat Banner Hellbat Banner item sprite HellbatBanner
1660 Herpling Banner Herpling Banner item sprite HerplingBanner
1661 Hornet Banner Hornet Banner item sprite HornetBanner
1662 Ice Elemental Banner Ice Elemental Banner item sprite IceElementalBanner
1663 Icy Merman Banner Icy Merman Banner item sprite IcyMermanBanner
1664 Fire Imp Banner Fire Imp Banner item sprite FireImpBanner
1665 Blue Jellyfish Banner Blue Jellyfish Banner item sprite JellyfishBanner
1666 Jungle Creeper Banner Jungle Creeper Banner item sprite JungleCreeperBanner
1667 Lihzahrd Banner Lihzahrd Banner item sprite LihzahrdBanner
1668 Man Eater Banner Man Eater Banner item sprite ManEaterBanner
1669 Meteor Head Banner Meteor Head Banner item sprite MeteorHeadBanner
1670 Moth Banner Moth Banner item sprite MothBanner
1671 Mummy Banner Mummy Banner item sprite MummyBanner
1672 Mushi Ladybug Banner Mushi Ladybug Banner item sprite MushiLadybugBanner
1673 Parrot Banner Parrot Banner item sprite ParrotBanner
1674 Pigron Banner Pigron Banner item sprite PigronBanner
1675 Piranha Banner Piranha Banner item sprite PiranhaBanner
1676 Pirate Deckhand Banner Pirate Deckhand Banner item sprite PirateBanner
1677 Pixie Banner Pixie Banner item sprite PixieBanner
1678 Raincoat Zombie Banner Raincoat Zombie Banner item sprite RaincoatZombieBanner
1679 Reaper Banner Reaper Banner item sprite ReaperBanner
1680 Shark Banner Shark Banner item sprite SharkBanner
1681 Skeleton Banner Skeleton Banner item sprite SkeletonBanner
1682 Dark Caster Banner Dark Caster Banner item sprite SkeletonMageBanner
1683 Blue Slime Banner Blue Slime Banner item sprite SlimeBanner
1684 Snow Flinx Banner Snow Flinx Banner item sprite SnowFlinxBanner
1685 Wall Creeper Banner Wall Creeper Banner item sprite SpiderBanner
1686 Spore Zombie Banner Spore Zombie Banner item sprite SporeZombieBanner
1687 Swamp Thing Banner Swamp Thing Banner item sprite SwampThingBanner
1688 Giant Tortoise Banner Giant Tortoise Banner item sprite TortoiseBanner
1689 Toxic Sludge Banner Toxic Sludge Banner item sprite ToxicSludgeBanner
1690 Umbrella Slime Banner Umbrella Slime Banner item sprite UmbrellaSlimeBanner
1691 Unicorn Banner Unicorn Banner item sprite UnicornBanner
1692 Vampire Banner Vampire Banner item sprite VampireBanner
1693 Vulture Banner Vulture Banner item sprite VultureBanner
1694 Nymph Banner Nymph Banner item sprite NypmhBanner
1695 Werewolf Banner Werewolf Banner item sprite WerewolfBanner
1696 Wolf Banner Wolf Banner item sprite WolfBanner
1697 World Feeder Banner World Feeder Banner item sprite WorldFeederBanner
1698 Worm Banner Worm Banner item sprite WormBanner
1699 Wraith Banner Wraith Banner item sprite WraithBanner
1700 Wyvern Banner Wyvern Banner item sprite WyvernBanner
1701 Zombie Banner Zombie Banner item sprite ZombieBanner
1702 Glass Platform Glass Platform item sprite GlassPlatform
1703 Glass Chair Glass Chair item sprite GlassChair
1704 Golden Chair Golden Chair item sprite GoldenChair
1705 Golden Toilet Golden Toilet item sprite GoldenToilet
1706 Bar Stool Bar Stool item sprite BarStool
1707 Honey Chair Honey Chair item sprite HoneyChair
1708 Steampunk Chair Steampunk Chair item sprite SteampunkChair
1709 Glass Door Glass Door item sprite GlassDoor
1710 Golden Door Golden Door item sprite GoldenDoor
1711 Honey Door Honey Door item sprite HoneyDoor
1712 Steampunk Door Steampunk Door item sprite SteampunkDoor
1713 Glass Table Glass Table item sprite GlassTable
1714 Banquet Table Banquet Table item sprite BanquetTable
1715 Bar Bar item sprite Bar
1716 Golden Table Golden Table item sprite GoldenTable
1717 Honey Table Honey Table item sprite HoneyTable
1718 Steampunk Table Steampunk Table item sprite SteampunkTable
1719 Glass Bed Glass Bed item sprite GlassBed
1720 Golden Bed Golden Bed item sprite GoldenBed
1721 Honey Bed Honey Bed item sprite HoneyBed
1722 Steampunk Bed Steampunk Bed item sprite SteampunkBed
1723 Living Wood Wall Living Wood Wall item sprite LivingWoodWall
1724 Fart in a Jar Fart in a Jar item sprite FartinaJar
1725 Pumpkin Pumpkin item sprite Pumpkin
1726 Pumpkin Wall Pumpkin Wall item sprite PumpkinWall
1727 Hay Hay item sprite Hay
1728 Hay Wall Hay Wall item sprite HayWall
1729 Spooky Wood Spooky Wood item sprite SpookyWood
1730 Spooky Wood Wall Spooky Wood Wall item sprite SpookyWoodWall
1731 Pumpkin Helmet Pumpkin Helmet item sprite PumpkinHelmet
1732 Pumpkin Breastplate Pumpkin Breastplate item sprite PumpkinBreastplate
1733 Pumpkin Leggings Pumpkin Leggings item sprite PumpkinLeggings
1734 Candy Apple Candy Apple item sprite CandyApple
1735 Soul Cake Soul Cake item sprite SoulCake
1736 Nurse Hat Nurse Hat item sprite NurseHat
1737 Nurse Shirt Nurse Shirt item sprite NurseShirt
1738 Nurse Pants Nurse Pants item sprite NursePants
1739 Wizard's Hat Wizard's Hat item sprite WizardsHat
1740 Guy Fawkes Mask Guy Fawkes Mask item sprite GuyFawkesMask
1741 Dye Trader Robe Dye Trader Robe item sprite DyeTraderRobe
1742 Steampunk Goggles Steampunk Goggles item sprite SteampunkGoggles
1743 Cyborg Helmet Cyborg Helmet item sprite CyborgHelmet
1744 Cyborg Shirt Cyborg Shirt item sprite CyborgShirt
1745 Cyborg Pants Cyborg Pants item sprite CyborgPants
1746 Creeper Mask Creeper Mask item sprite CreeperMask
1747 Creeper Shirt Creeper Shirt item sprite CreeperShirt
1748 Creeper Pants Creeper Pants item sprite CreeperPants
1749 Cat Mask Cat Mask item sprite CatMask
1750 Cat Shirt Cat Shirt item sprite CatShirt
1751 Cat Pants Cat Pants item sprite CatPants
1752 Ghost Mask Ghost Mask item sprite GhostMask
1753 Ghost Shirt Ghost Shirt item sprite GhostShirt
1754 Pumpkin Mask Pumpkin Mask item sprite PumpkinMask
1755 Pumpkin Shirt Pumpkin Shirt item sprite PumpkinShirt
1756 Pumpkin Pants Pumpkin Pants item sprite PumpkinPants
1757 Robot Mask Robot Mask item sprite RobotMask
1758 Robot Shirt Robot Shirt item sprite RobotShirt
1759 Robot Pants Robot Pants item sprite RobotPants
1760 Unicorn Mask Unicorn Mask item sprite UnicornMask
1761 Unicorn Shirt Unicorn Shirt item sprite UnicornShirt
1762 Unicorn Pants Unicorn Pants item sprite UnicornPants
1763 Vampire Mask Vampire Mask item sprite VampireMask
1764 Vampire Shirt Vampire Shirt item sprite VampireShirt
1765 Vampire Pants Vampire Pants item sprite VampirePants
1766 Witch Hat Witch Hat item sprite WitchHat
1767 Leprechaun Hat Leprechaun Hat item sprite LeprechaunHat
1768 Leprechaun Shirt Leprechaun Shirt item sprite LeprechaunShirt
1769 Leprechaun Pants Leprechaun Pants item sprite LeprechaunPants
1770 Pixie Shirt Pixie Shirt item sprite PixieShirt
1771 Pixie Pants Pixie Pants item sprite PixiePants
1772 Princess Hat Princess Hat item sprite PrincessHat
1773 Princess Dress Princess Dress item sprite PrincessDressNew
1774 Goodie Bag Goodie Bag item sprite GoodieBag
1775 Witch Dress Witch Dress item sprite WitchDress
1776 Witch Boots Witch Boots item sprite WitchBoots
1777 Bride of Frankenstein Mask Bride of Frankenstein Mask item sprite BrideofFrankensteinMask
1778 Bride of Frankenstein Dress Bride of Frankenstein Dress item sprite BrideofFrankensteinDress
1779 Karate Tortoise Mask Karate Tortoise Mask item sprite KarateTortoiseMask
1780 Karate Tortoise Shirt Karate Tortoise Shirt item sprite KarateTortoiseShirt
1781 Karate Tortoise Pants Karate Tortoise Pants item sprite KarateTortoisePants
1782 Candy Corn Rifle Candy Corn Rifle item sprite CandyCornRifle
1783 Candy Corn Candy Corn item sprite CandyCorn
1784 Jack 'O Lantern Launcher Jack 'O Lantern Launcher item sprite JackOLanternLauncher
1785 Explosive Jack 'O Lantern Explosive Jack 'O Lantern item sprite ExplosiveJackOLantern
1786 Sickle Sickle item sprite Sickle
1787 Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie item sprite PumpkinPie
1788 Scarecrow Hat Scarecrow Hat item sprite ScarecrowHat
1789 Scarecrow Shirt Scarecrow Shirt item sprite ScarecrowShirt
1790 Scarecrow Pants Scarecrow Pants item sprite ScarecrowPants
1791 Cauldron Cauldron item sprite Cauldron
1792 Pumpkin Chair Pumpkin Chair item sprite PumpkinChair
1793 Pumpkin Door Pumpkin Door item sprite PumpkinDoor
1794 Pumpkin Table Pumpkin Table item sprite PumpkinTable
1795 Pumpkin Work Bench Pumpkin Work Bench item sprite PumpkinWorkBench
1796 Pumpkin Platform Pumpkin Platform item sprite PumpkinPlatform
1797 Tattered Fairy Wings Tattered Fairy Wings item sprite TatteredFairyWings
1798 Spider Egg Spider Egg item sprite SpiderEgg
1799 Magical Pumpkin Seed Magical Pumpkin Seed item sprite MagicalPumpkinSeed
1800 Bat Hook Bat Hook item sprite BatHook
1801 Bat Scepter Bat Scepter item sprite BatScepter
1802 Raven Staff Raven Staff item sprite RavenStaff
1803 Jungle Key Mold Jungle Key Mold item sprite JungleKeyMold
1804 Corruption Key Mold Corruption Key Mold item sprite CorruptionKeyMold
1805 Crimson Key Mold Crimson Key Mold item sprite CrimsonKeyMold
1806 Hallowed Key Mold Hallowed Key Mold item sprite HallowedKeyMold
1807 Frozen Key Mold Frozen Key Mold item sprite FrozenKeyMold
1808 Hanging Jack 'O Lantern Hanging Jack 'O Lantern item sprite HangingJackOLantern
1809 Rotten Egg Rotten Egg item sprite RottenEgg
1810 Unlucky Yarn Unlucky Yarn item sprite UnluckyYarn
1811 Black Fairy Dust Black Fairy Dust item sprite BlackFairyDust
1812 Jackelier Jackelier item sprite Jackelier
1813 Jack 'O Lantern Jack 'O Lantern item sprite JackOLantern
1814 Spooky Chair Spooky Chair item sprite SpookyChair
1815 Spooky Door Spooky Door item sprite SpookyDoor
1816 Spooky Table Spooky Table item sprite SpookyTable
1817 Spooky Work Bench Spooky Work Bench item sprite SpookyWorkBench
1818 Spooky Platform Spooky Platform item sprite SpookyPlatform
1819 Reaper Hood Reaper Hood item sprite ReaperHood
1820 Reaper Robe Reaper Robe item sprite ReaperRobe
1821 Fox Mask Fox Mask item sprite FoxMask
1822 Fox Shirt Fox Shirt item sprite FoxShirt
1823 Fox Pants Fox Pants item sprite FoxPants
1824 Cat Ears Cat Ears item sprite CatEars
1825 Bloody Machete Bloody Machete item sprite BloodyMachete
1826 The Horseman's Blade The Horseman's Blade item sprite TheHorsemansBlade
1827 Bladed Glove Bladed Glove item sprite BladedGlove
1828 Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin Seed item sprite PumpkinSeed
1829 Spooky Hook Spooky Hook item sprite SpookyHook
1830 Spooky Wings Spooky Wings item sprite SpookyWings
1831 Spooky Twig Spooky Twig item sprite SpookyTwig
1832 Spooky Helmet Spooky Helmet item sprite SpookyHelmet
1833 Spooky Breastplate Spooky Breastplate item sprite SpookyBreastplate
1834 Spooky Leggings Spooky Leggings item sprite SpookyLeggings
1835 Stake Launcher Stake Launcher item sprite StakeLauncher
1836 Stake Stake item sprite Stake
1837 Cursed Sapling Cursed Sapling item sprite CursedSapling
1838 Space Creature Mask Space Creature Mask item sprite SpaceCreatureMask
1839 Space Creature Shirt Space Creature Shirt item sprite SpaceCreatureShirt
1840 Space Creature Pants Space Creature Pants item sprite SpaceCreaturePants
1841 Wolf Mask Wolf Mask item sprite WolfMask
1842 Wolf Shirt Wolf Shirt item sprite WolfShirt
1843 Wolf Pants Wolf Pants item sprite WolfPants
1844 Pumpkin Moon Medallion Pumpkin Moon Medallion item sprite PumpkinMoonMedallion
1845 Necromantic Scroll Necromantic Scroll item sprite NecromanticScroll
1846 Jacking Skeletron Jacking Skeletron item sprite JackingSkeletron
1847 Bitter Harvest Bitter Harvest item sprite BitterHarvest
1848 Blood Moon Countess Blood Moon Countess item sprite BloodMoonCountess
1849 Hallow's Eve Hallow's Eve item sprite HallowsEve
1850 Morbid Curiosity Morbid Curiosity item sprite MorbidCuriosity
1851 Treasure Hunter Shirt Treasure Hunter Shirt item sprite TreasureHunterShirt
1852 Treasure Hunter Pants Treasure Hunter Pants item sprite TreasureHunterPants
1853 Dryad Coverings Dryad Coverings item sprite DryadCoverings
1854 Dryad Loincloth Dryad Loincloth item sprite DryadLoincloth
1855 Mourning Wood Trophy Mourning Wood Trophy item sprite MourningWoodTrophy
1856 Pumpking Trophy Pumpking Trophy item sprite PumpkingTrophy
1857 Jack 'O Lantern Mask Jack 'O Lantern Mask item sprite JackOLanternMask
1858 Sniper Scope Sniper Scope item sprite SniperScope
1859 Heart Lantern Heart Lantern item sprite HeartLantern
1860 Jellyfish Diving Gear Jellyfish Diving Gear item sprite JellyfishDivingGear
1861 Arctic Diving Gear Arctic Diving Gear item sprite ArcticDivingGear
1862 Frostspark Boots Frostspark Boots item sprite FrostsparkBoots
1863 Fart in a Balloon Fart in a Balloon item sprite FartInABalloon
1864 Papyrus Scarab Papyrus Scarab item sprite PapyrusScarab
1865 Celestial Stone Celestial Stone item sprite CelestialStone
1866 Hoverboard Hoverboard item sprite Hoverboard
1867 Candy Cane Candy Cane item sprite CandyCane
1868 Sugar Plum Sugar Plum item sprite SugarPlum
1869 Present Present item sprite Present
1870 Red Ryder Red Ryder item sprite RedRyder
1871 Festive Wings Festive Wings item sprite FestiveWings
1872 Pine Tree Block Pine Tree Block item sprite PineTreeBlock
1873 Christmas Tree Christmas Tree item sprite ChristmasTree
1874 Star Topper 1 Star Topper 1 item sprite StarTopper1
1875 Star Topper 2 Star Topper 2 item sprite StarTopper2
1876 Star Topper 3 Star Topper 3 item sprite StarTopper3
1877 Bow Topper Bow Topper item sprite BowTopper
1878 White Garland White Garland item sprite WhiteGarland
1879 White and Red Garland White and Red Garland item sprite WhiteAndRedGarland
1880 Red Garland Red Garland item sprite RedGardland
1881 Red and Green Garland Red and Green Garland item sprite RedAndGreenGardland
1882 Green Garland Green Garland item sprite GreenGardland
1883 Green and White Garland Green and White Garland item sprite GreenAndWhiteGarland
1884 Multicolored Bulb Multicolored Bulb item sprite MulticoloredBulb
1885 Red Bulb Red Bulb item sprite RedBulb
1886 Yellow Bulb Yellow Bulb item sprite YellowBulb
1887 Green Bulb Green Bulb item sprite GreenBulb
1888 Red and Green Bulb Red and Green Bulb item sprite RedAndGreenBulb
1889 Yellow and Green Bulb Yellow and Green Bulb item sprite YellowAndGreenBulb
1890 Red and Yellow Bulb Red and Yellow Bulb item sprite RedAndYellowBulb
1891 White Bulb White Bulb item sprite WhiteBulb
1892 White and Red Bulb White and Red Bulb item sprite WhiteAndRedBulb
1893 White and Yellow Bulb White and Yellow Bulb item sprite WhiteAndYellowBulb
1894 White and Green Bulb White and Green Bulb item sprite WhiteAndGreenBulb
1895 Multicolored Lights Multicolored Lights item sprite MulticoloredLights
1896 Red Lights Red Lights item sprite RedLights
1897 Green Lights Green Lights item sprite GreenLights
1898 Blue Lights Blue Lights item sprite BlueLights
1899 Yellow Lights Yellow Lights item sprite YellowLights
1900 Red and Yellow Lights Red and Yellow Lights item sprite RedAndYellowLights
1901 Red and Green Lights Red and Green Lights item sprite RedAndGreenLights
1902 Yellow and Green Lights Yellow and Green Lights item sprite YellowAndGreenLights
1903 Blue and Green Lights Blue and Green Lights item sprite BlueAndGreenLights
1904 Red and Blue Lights Red and Blue Lights item sprite RedAndBlueLights
1905 Blue and Yellow Lights Blue and Yellow Lights item sprite BlueAndYellowLights
1906 Giant Bow Giant Bow item sprite GiantBow
1907 Reindeer Antlers Reindeer Antlers item sprite ReindeerAntlers
1908 Holly Holly item sprite Holly
1909 Candy Cane Sword Candy Cane Sword item sprite CandyCaneSword
1910 Elf Melter Elf Melter item sprite EldMelter
1911 Christmas Pudding Christmas Pudding item sprite ChristmasPudding
1912 Eggnog Eggnog item sprite Eggnog
1913 Star Anise Star Anise item sprite StarAnise
1914 Reindeer Bells Reindeer Bells item sprite ReindeerBells
1915 Candy Cane Hook Candy Cane Hook item sprite CandyCaneHook
1916 Christmas Hook Christmas Hook item sprite ChristmasHook
1917 Candy Cane Pickaxe Candy Cane Pickaxe item sprite CnadyCanePickaxe
1918 Fruitcake Chakram Fruitcake Chakram item sprite FruitcakeChakram
1919 Sugar Cookie Sugar Cookie item sprite SugarCookie
1920 Gingerbread Cookie Gingerbread Cookie item sprite GingerbreadCookie
1921 Hand Warmer Hand Warmer item sprite HandWarmer
1922 Coal Coal item sprite Coal
1923 Toolbox Toolbox item sprite Toolbox
1924 Pine Door Pine Door item sprite PineDoor
1925 Pine Chair Pine Chair item sprite PineChair
1926 Pine Table Pine Table item sprite PineTable
1927 Dog Whistle Dog Whistle item sprite DogWhistle
1928 Christmas Tree Sword Christmas Tree Sword item sprite ChristmasTreeSword
1929 Chain Gun Chain Gun item sprite ChainGun
1930 Razorpine Razorpine item sprite Razorpine
1931 Blizzard Staff Blizzard Staff item sprite BlizzardStaff
1932 Mrs. Claus Hat Mrs. Claus Hat item sprite MrsClauseHat
1933 Mrs. Claus Shirt Mrs. Claus Shirt item sprite MrsClauseShirt
1934 Mrs. Claus Heels Mrs. Claus Heels item sprite MrsClauseHeels
1935 Parka Hood Parka Hood item sprite ParkaHood
1936 Parka Coat Parka Coat item sprite ParkaCoat
1937 Parka Pants Parka Pants item sprite ParkaPants
1938 Snow Hat Snow Hat item sprite SnowHat
1939 Ugly Sweater Ugly Sweater item sprite UglySweater
1940 Tree Mask Tree Mask item sprite TreeMask
1941 Tree Shirt Tree Shirt item sprite TreeShirt
1942 Tree Trunks Tree Trunks item sprite TreeTrunks
1943 Elf Hat Elf Hat item sprite ElfHat
1944 Elf Shirt Elf Shirt item sprite ElfShirt
1945 Elf Pants Elf Pants item sprite ElfPants
1946 Snowman Cannon Snowman Cannon item sprite SnowmanCannon
1947 North Pole North Pole item sprite NorthPole
1948 Christmas Tree Wallpaper Christmas Tree Wallpaper item sprite ChristmasTreeWallpaper
1949 Ornament Wallpaper Ornament Wallpaper item sprite OrnamentWallpaper
1950 Candy Cane Wallpaper Candy Cane Wallpaper item sprite CandyCaneWallpaper
1951 Festive Wallpaper Festive Wallpaper item sprite FestiveWallpaper
1952 Stars Wallpaper Stars Wallpaper item sprite StarsWallpaper
1953 Squiggles Wallpaper Squiggles Wallpaper item sprite SquigglesWallpaper
1954 Snowflake Wallpaper Snowflake Wallpaper item sprite SnowflakeWallpaper
1955 Krampus Horn Wallpaper Krampus Horn Wallpaper item sprite KrampusHornWallpaper
1956 Bluegreen Wallpaper Bluegreen Wallpaper item sprite BluegreenWallpaper
1957 Grinch Finger Wallpaper Grinch Finger Wallpaper item sprite GrinchFingerWallpaper
1958 Naughty Present Naughty Present item sprite NaughtyPresent
1959 Baby Grinch's Mischief Whistle Baby Grinch's Mischief Whistle item sprite BabyGrinchMischiefWhistle
1960 Ice Queen Trophy Ice Queen Trophy item sprite IceQueenTrophy
1961 Santa-NK1 Trophy Santa-NK1 Trophy item sprite SantaNK1Trophy
1962 Everscream Trophy Everscream Trophy item sprite EverscreamTrophy
1963 Music Box (Pumpkin Moon) Music Box (Pumpkin Moon) item sprite MusicBoxPumpkinMoon
1964 Music Box (Alt Underground) Music Box (Alt Underground) item sprite MusicBoxAltUnderground
1965 Music Box (Frost Moon) Music Box (Frost Moon) item sprite MusicBoxFrostMoon
1966 Brown Paint Brown Paint item sprite BrownPaint
1967 Shadow Paint Shadow Paint item sprite ShadowPaint
1968 Negative Paint Negative Paint item sprite NegativePaint
1969 Team Dye Team Dye item sprite TeamDye
1970 Amethyst Gemspark Block Amethyst Gemspark Block item sprite AmethystGemsparkBlock
1971 Topaz Gemspark Block Topaz Gemspark Block item sprite TopazGemsparkBlock
1972 Sapphire Gemspark Block Sapphire Gemspark Block item sprite SapphireGemsparkBlock
1973 Emerald Gemspark Block Emerald Gemspark Block item sprite EmeraldGemsparkBlock
1974 Ruby Gemspark Block Ruby Gemspark Block item sprite RubyGemsparkBlock
1975 Diamond Gemspark Block Diamond Gemspark Block item sprite DiamondGemsparkBlock
1976 Amber Gemspark Block Amber Gemspark Block item sprite AmberGemsparkBlock
1977 Life Hair Dye Life Hair Dye item sprite LifeHairDye
1978 Mana Hair Dye Mana Hair Dye item sprite ManaHairDye
1979 Depth Hair Dye Depth Hair Dye item sprite DepthHairDye
1980 Money Hair Dye Money Hair Dye item sprite MoneyHairDye
1981 Time Hair Dye Time Hair Dye item sprite TimeHairDye
1982 Team Hair Dye Team Hair Dye item sprite TeamHairDye
1983 Biome Hair Dye Biome Hair Dye item sprite BiomeHairDye
1984 Party Hair Dye Party Hair Dye item sprite PartyHairDye
1985 Rainbow Hair Dye Rainbow Hair Dye item sprite RainbowHairDye
1986 Speed Hair Dye Speed Hair Dye item sprite SpeedHairDye
1987 Angel Halo Angel Halo item sprite AngelHalo
1988 Fez Fez item sprite Fez
1989 Womannequin Womannequin item sprite Womannquin
1990 Hair Dye Remover Hair Dye Remover item sprite HairDyeRemover
1991 Bug Net Bug Net item sprite BugNet
1992 Firefly Firefly item sprite Firefly
1993 Firefly in a Bottle Firefly in a Bottle item sprite FireflyinaBottle
1994 Monarch Butterfly Monarch Butterfly item sprite MonarchButterfly
1995 Purple Emperor Butterfly Purple Emperor Butterfly item sprite PurpleEmperorButterfly
1996 Red Admiral Butterfly Red Admiral Butterfly item sprite RedAdmiralButterfly
1997 Ulysses Butterfly Ulysses Butterfly item sprite UlyssesButterfly
1998 Sulphur Butterfly Sulphur Butterfly item sprite SulphurButterfly
1999 Tree Nymph Butterfly Tree Nymph Butterfly item sprite TreeNymphButterfly
2000 Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly item sprite ZebraSwallowtailButterfly
2001 Julia Butterfly Julia Butterfly item sprite JuliaButterfly
2002 Worm Worm item sprite Worm
2003 Mouse Mouse item sprite Mouse
2004 Lightning Bug Lightning Bug item sprite LightningBug
2005 Lightning Bug in a Bottle Lightning Bug in a Bottle item sprite LightningBuginaBottle
2006 Snail Snail item sprite Snail
2007 Glowing Snail Glowing Snail item sprite GlowingSnail
2008 Fancy Gray Wallpaper Fancy Gray Wallpaper item sprite FancyGreyWallpaper
2009 Ice Floe Wallpaper Ice Floe Wallpaper item sprite IceFloeWallpaper
2010 Music Wallpaper Music Wallpaper item sprite MusicWallpaper
2011 Purple Rain Wallpaper Purple Rain Wallpaper item sprite PurpleRainWallpaper
2012 Rainbow Wallpaper Rainbow Wallpaper item sprite RainbowWallpaper
2013 Sparkle Stone Wallpaper Sparkle Stone Wallpaper item sprite SparkleStoneWallpaper
2014 Starlit Heaven Wallpaper Starlit Heaven Wallpaper item sprite StarlitHeavenWallpaper
2015 Bird Bird item sprite Bird
2016 Blue Jay Blue Jay item sprite BlueJay
2017 Cardinal Cardinal item sprite Cardinal
2018 Squirrel Squirrel item sprite Squirrel
2019 Bunny Bunny item sprite Bunny
2020 Cactus Bookcase Cactus Bookcase item sprite CactusBookcase
2021 Ebonwood Bookcase Ebonwood Bookcase item sprite EbonwoodBookcase
2022 Flesh Bookcase Flesh Bookcase item sprite FleshBookcase
2023 Honey Bookcase Honey Bookcase item sprite HoneyBookcase
2024 Steampunk Bookcase Steampunk Bookcase item sprite SteampunkBookcase
2025 Glass Bookcase Glass Bookcase item sprite GlassBookcase
2026 Rich Mahogany Bookcase Rich Mahogany Bookcase item sprite RichMahoganyBookcase
2027 Pearlwood Bookcase Pearlwood Bookcase item sprite PearlwoodBookcase
2028 Spooky Bookcase Spooky Bookcase item sprite SpookyBookcase
2029 Skyware Bookcase Skyware Bookcase item sprite SkywareBookcase
2030 Lihzahrd Bookcase Lihzahrd Bookcase item sprite LihzahrdBookcase
2031 Frozen Bookcase Frozen Bookcase item sprite FrozenBookcase
2032 Cactus Lantern Cactus Lantern item sprite CactusLantern
2033 Ebonwood Lantern Ebonwood Lantern item sprite EbonwoodLantern
2034 Flesh Lantern Flesh Lantern item sprite FleshLantern
2035 Honey Lantern Honey Lantern item sprite HoneyLantern
2036 Steampunk Lantern Steampunk Lantern item sprite SteampunkLantern
2037 Glass Lantern Glass Lantern item sprite GlassLantern
2038 Rich Mahogany Lantern Rich Mahogany Lantern item sprite RichMahoganyLantern
2039 Pearlwood Lantern Pearlwood Lantern item sprite PearlwoodLantern
2040 Frozen Lantern Frozen Lantern item sprite FrozenLantern
2041 Lihzahrd Lantern Lihzahrd Lantern item sprite LihzahrdLantern
2042 Skyware Lantern Skyware Lantern item sprite SkywareLantern
2043 Spooky Lantern Spooky Lantern item sprite SpookyLantern
2044 Frozen Door Frozen Door item sprite FrozenDoor
2045 Cactus Candle Cactus Candle item sprite CactusCandle
2046 Ebonwood Candle Ebonwood Candle item sprite EbonwoodCandle
2047 Flesh Candle Flesh Candle item sprite FleshCandle
2048 Glass Candle Glass Candle item sprite GlassCandle
2049 Frozen Candle Frozen Candle item sprite FrozenCandle
2050 Rich Mahogany Candle Rich Mahogany Candle item sprite RichMahoganyCandle
2051 Pearlwood Candle Pearlwood Candle item sprite PearlwoodCandle
2052 Lihzahrd Candle Lihzahrd Candle item sprite LihzahrdCandle
2053 Skyware Candle Skyware Candle item sprite SkywareCandle
2054 Pumpkin Candle Pumpkin Candle item sprite PumpkinCandle
2055 Cactus Chandelier Cactus Chandelier item sprite CactusChandelier
2056 Ebonwood Chandelier Ebonwood Chandelier item sprite EbonwoodChandelier
2057 Flesh Chandelier Flesh Chandelier item sprite FleshChandelier
2058 Honey Chandelier Honey Chandelier item sprite HoneyChandelier
2059 Frozen Chandelier Frozen Chandelier item sprite FrozenChandelier
2060 Rich Mahogany Chandelier Rich Mahogany Chandelier item sprite RichMahoganyChandelier
2061 Pearlwood Chandelier Pearlwood Chandelier item sprite PearlwoodChandelier
2062 Lihzahrd Chandelier Lihzahrd Chandelier item sprite LihzahrdChandelier
2063 Skyware Chandelier Skyware Chandelier item sprite SkywareChandelier
2064 Spooky Chandelier Spooky Chandelier item sprite SpookyChandelier
2065 Glass Chandelier Glass Chandelier item sprite GlassChandelier
2066 Cactus Bed Cactus Bed item sprite CactusBed
2067 Flesh Bed Flesh Bed item sprite FleshBed
2068 Frozen Bed Frozen Bed item sprite FrozenBed
2069 Lihzahrd Bed Lihzahrd Bed item sprite LihzahrdBed
2070 Skyware Bed Skyware Bed item sprite SkywareBed
2071 Spooky Bed Spooky Bed item sprite SpookyBed
2072 Cactus Bathtub Cactus Bathtub item sprite CactusBathtub
2073 Ebonwood Bathtub Ebonwood Bathtub item sprite EbonwoodBathtub
2074 Flesh Bathtub Flesh Bathtub item sprite FleshBathtub
2075 Glass Bathtub Glass Bathtub item sprite GlassBathtub
2076 Frozen Bathtub Frozen Bathtub item sprite FrozenBathtub
2077 Rich Mahogany Bathtub Rich Mahogany Bathtub item sprite RichMahoganyBathtub
2078 Pearlwood Bathtub Pearlwood Bathtub item sprite PearlwoodBathtub
2079 Lihzahrd Bathtub Lihzahrd Bathtub item sprite LihzahrdBathtub
2080 Skyware Bathtub Skyware Bathtub item sprite SkywareBathtub
2081 Spooky Bathtub Spooky Bathtub item sprite SpookyBathtub
2082 Cactus Lamp Cactus Lamp item sprite CactusLamp
2083 Ebonwood Lamp Ebonwood Lamp item sprite EbonwoodLamp
2084 Flesh Lamp Flesh Lamp item sprite FleshLamp
2085 Glass Lamp Glass Lamp item sprite GlassLamp
2086 Frozen Lamp Frozen Lamp item sprite FrozenLamp
2087 Rich Mahogany Lamp Rich Mahogany Lamp item sprite RichMahoganyLamp
2088 Pearlwood Lamp Pearlwood Lamp item sprite PearlwoodLamp
2089 Lihzahrd Lamp Lihzahrd Lamp item sprite LihzahrdLamp
2090 Skyware Lamp Skyware Lamp item sprite SkywareLamp
2091 Spooky Lamp Spooky Lamp item sprite SpookyLamp
2092 Cactus Candelabra Cactus Candelabra item sprite CactusCandelabra
2093 Ebonwood Candelabra Ebonwood Candelabra item sprite EbonwoodCandelabra
2094 Flesh Candelabra Flesh Candelabra item sprite FleshCandelabra
2095 Honey Candelabra Honey Candelabra item sprite HoneyCandelabra
2096 Steampunk Candelabra Steampunk Candelabra item sprite SteampunkCandelabra
2097 Glass Candelabra Glass Candelabra item sprite GlassCandelabra
2098 Rich Mahogany Candelabra Rich Mahogany Candelabra item sprite RichMahoganyCandelabra
2099 Pearlwood Candelabra Pearlwood Candelabra item sprite PearlwoodCandelabra
2100 Frozen Candelabra Frozen Candelabra item sprite FrozenCandelabra
2101 Lihzahrd Candelabra Lihzahrd Candelabra item sprite LihzahrdCandelabra
2102 Skyware Candelabra Skyware Candelabra item sprite SkywareCandelabra
2103 Spooky Candelabra Spooky Candelabra item sprite SpookyCandelabra
2104 Brain of Cthulhu Mask Brain of Cthulhu Mask item sprite BrainMask
2105 Wall of Flesh Mask Wall of Flesh Mask item sprite FleshMask
2106 Twin Mask Twin Mask item sprite TwinMask
2107 Skeletron Prime Mask Skeletron Prime Mask item sprite SkeletronPrimeMask
2108 Queen Bee Mask Queen Bee Mask item sprite BeeMask
2109 Plantera Mask Plantera Mask item sprite PlanteraMask
2110 Golem Mask Golem Mask item sprite GolemMask
2111 Eater of Worlds Mask Eater of Worlds Mask item sprite EaterMask
2112 Eye of Cthulhu Mask Eye of Cthulhu Mask item sprite EyeMask
2113 Destroyer Mask Destroyer Mask item sprite DestroyerMask
2114 Blacksmith Rack Blacksmith Rack item sprite BlacksmithRack
2115 Carpentry Rack Carpentry Rack item sprite CarpentryRack
2116 Helmet Rack Helmet Rack item sprite HelmetRack
2117 Spear Rack Spear Rack item sprite SpearRack
2118 Sword Rack Sword Rack item sprite SwordRack
2119 Stone Slab Stone Slab item sprite StoneSlab
2120 Sandstone Slab Sandstone Slab item sprite SandstoneSlab
2121 Frog Frog item sprite Frog
2122 Mallard Duck Mallard Duck item sprite MallardDuck
2123 Duck Duck item sprite Duck
2124 Honey Bathtub Honey Bathtub item sprite HoneyBathtub
2125 Steampunk Bathtub Steampunk Bathtub item sprite SteampunkBathtub
2126 Living Wood Bathtub Living Wood Bathtub item sprite LivingWoodBathtub
2127 Shadewood Bathtub Shadewood Bathtub item sprite ShadewoodBathtub
2128 Bone Bathtub Bone Bathtub item sprite BoneBathtub
2129 Honey Lamp Honey Lamp item sprite HoneyLamp
2130 Steampunk Lamp Steampunk Lamp item sprite SteampunkLamp
2131 Living Wood Lamp Living Wood Lamp item sprite LivingWoodLamp
2132 Shadewood Lamp Shadewood Lamp item sprite ShadewoodLamp
2133 Golden Lamp Golden Lamp item sprite GoldenLamp
2134 Bone Lamp Bone Lamp item sprite BoneLamp
2135 Living Wood Bookcase Living Wood Bookcase item sprite LivingWoodBookcase
2136 Shadewood Bookcase Shadewood Bookcase item sprite ShadewoodBookcase
2137 Golden Bookcase Golden Bookcase item sprite GoldenBookcase
2138 Bone Bookcase Bone Bookcase item sprite BoneBookcase
2139 Living Wood Bed Living Wood Bed item sprite LivingWoodBed
2140 Bone Bed Bone Bed item sprite BoneBed
2141 Living Wood Chandelier Living Wood Chandelier item sprite LivingWoodChandelier
2142 Shadewood Chandelier Shadewood Chandelier item sprite ShadewoodChandelier
2143 Golden Chandelier Golden Chandelier item sprite GoldenChandelier
2144 Bone Chandelier Bone Chandelier item sprite BoneChandelier
2145 Living Wood Lantern Living Wood Lantern item sprite LivingWoodLantern
2146 Shadewood Lantern Shadewood Lantern item sprite ShadewoodLantern
2147 Golden Lantern Golden Lantern item sprite GoldenLantern
2148 Bone Lantern Bone Lantern item sprite BoneLantern
2149 Living Wood Candelabra Living Wood Candelabra item sprite LivingWoodCandelabra
2150 Shadewood Candelabra Shadewood Candelabra item sprite ShadewoodCandelabra
2151 Golden Candelabra Golden Candelabra item sprite GoldenCandelabra
2152 Bone Candelabra Bone Candelabra item sprite BoneCandelabra
2153 Living Wood Candle Living Wood Candle item sprite LivingWoodCandle
2154 Shadewood Candle Shadewood Candle item sprite ShadewoodCandle
2155 Golden Candle Golden Candle item sprite GoldenCandle
2156 Black Scorpion Black Scorpion item sprite BlackScorpion
2157 Scorpion Scorpion item sprite Scorpion
2158 Bubble Wallpaper Bubble Wallpaper item sprite BubbleWallpaper
2159 Copper Pipe Wallpaper Copper Pipe Wallpaper item sprite CopperPipeWallpaper
2160 Ducky Wallpaper Ducky Wallpaper item sprite DuckyWallpaper
2161 Frost Core Frost Core item sprite FrostCore
2162 Bunny Cage Bunny Cage item sprite BunnyCage
2163 Squirrel Cage Squirrel Cage item sprite SquirrelCage
2164 Mallard Duck Cage Mallard Duck Cage item sprite MallardDuckCage
2165 Duck Cage Duck Cage item sprite DuckCage
2166 Bird Cage Bird Cage item sprite BirdCage
2167 Blue Jay Cage Blue Jay Cage item sprite BlueJayCage
2168 Cardinal Cage Cardinal Cage item sprite CardinalCage
2169 Waterfall Wall Waterfall Wall item sprite WaterfallWall
2170 Lavafall Wall Lavafall Wall item sprite LavafallWall
2171 Crimson Seeds Crimson Seeds item sprite CrimsonSeeds
2172 Heavy Work Bench Heavy Work Bench item sprite HeavyWorkBench
2173 Copper Plating Copper Plating item sprite CopperPlating
2174 Snail Cage Snail Cage item sprite SnailCage
2175 Glowing Snail Cage Glowing Snail Cage item sprite GlowingSnailCage
2176 Shroomite Digging Claw Shroomite Digging Claw item sprite ShroomiteDiggingClaw
2177 Ammo Box Ammo Box item sprite AmmoBox
2178 Monarch Butterfly Jar Monarch Butterfly Jar item sprite MonarchButterflyJar
2179 Purple Emperor Butterfly Jar Purple Emperor Butterfly Jar item sprite PurpleEmperorButterflyJar
2180 Red Admiral Butterfly Jar Red Admiral Butterfly Jar item sprite RedAdmiralButterflyJar
2181 Ulysses Butterfly Jar Ulysses Butterfly Jar item sprite UlyssesButterflyJar
2182 Sulphur Butterfly Jar Sulphur Butterfly Jar item sprite SulphurButterflyJar
2183 Tree Nymph Butterfly Jar Tree Nymph Butterfly Jar item sprite TreeNymphButterflyJar
2184 Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly Jar Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly Jar item sprite ZebraSwallowtailButterflyJar
2185 Julia Butterfly Jar Julia Butterfly Jar item sprite JuliaButterflyJar
2186 Scorpion Cage Scorpion Cage item sprite ScorpionCage
2187 Black Scorpion Cage Black Scorpion Cage item sprite BlackScorpionCage
2188 Venom Staff Venom Staff item sprite VenomStaff
2189 Spectre Mask Spectre Mask item sprite SpectreMask
2190 Frog Cage Frog Cage item sprite FrogCage
2191 Mouse Cage Mouse Cage item sprite MouseCage
2192 Bone Welder Bone Welder item sprite BoneWelder
2193 Flesh Cloning Vat Flesh Cloning Vat item sprite FleshCloningVaat
2194 Glass Kiln Glass Kiln item sprite GlassKiln
2195 Lihzahrd Furnace Lihzahrd Furnace item sprite LihzahrdFurnace
2196 Living Loom Living Loom item sprite LivingLoom
2197 Sky Mill Sky Mill item sprite SkyMill
2198 Ice Machine Ice Machine item sprite IceMachine
2199 Beetle Helmet Beetle Helmet item sprite BeetleHelmet
2200 Beetle Scale Mail Beetle Scale Mail item sprite BeetleScaleMail
2201 Beetle Shell Beetle Shell item sprite BeetleShell
2202 Beetle Leggings Beetle Leggings item sprite BeetleLeggings
2203 Steampunk Boiler Steampunk Boiler item sprite SteampunkBoiler
2204 Honey Dispenser Honey Dispenser item sprite HoneyDispenser
2205 Penguin Penguin item sprite Penguin
2206 Penguin Cage Penguin Cage item sprite PenguinCage
2207 Worm Cage Worm Cage item sprite WormCage
2208 Terrarium Terrarium item sprite Terrarium
2209 Super Mana Potion Super Mana Potion item sprite SuperManaPotion
2210 Ebonwood Fence Ebonwood Fence item sprite EbonwoodFence
2211 Rich Mahogany Fence Rich Mahogany Fence item sprite RichMahoganyFence
2212 Pearlwood Fence Pearlwood Fence item sprite PearlwoodFence
2213 Shadewood Fence Shadewood Fence item sprite ShadewoodFence
2214 Brick Layer Brick Layer item sprite BrickLayer
2215 Extendo Grip Extendo Grip item sprite ExtendoGrip
2216 Paint Sprayer Paint Sprayer item sprite PaintSprayer
2217 Portable Cement Mixer Portable Cement Mixer item sprite PortableCementMixer
2218 Beetle Husk Beetle Husk item sprite BeetleHusk
2219 Celestial Magnet Celestial Magnet item sprite CelestialMagnet
2220 Celestial Emblem Celestial Emblem item sprite Pho
2221 Celestial Cuffs Celestial Cuffs item sprite CelestialCuffs
2222 Peddler's Hat Peddler's Hat item sprite PeddlersHat
2223 Pulse Bow Pulse Bow item sprite PulseBow
2224 Large Dynasty Lantern Large Dynasty Lantern item sprite DynastyChandelier
2225 Dynasty Lamp Dynasty Lamp item sprite DynastyLamp
2226 Dynasty Lantern Dynasty Lantern item sprite DynastyLantern
2227 Large Dynasty Candle Large Dynasty Candle item sprite DynastyCandelabra
2228 Dynasty Chair Dynasty Chair item sprite DynastyChair
2229 Dynasty Work Bench Dynasty Work Bench item sprite DynastyWorkBench
2230 Dynasty Chest Dynasty Chest item sprite DynastyChest
2231 Dynasty Bed Dynasty Bed item sprite DynastyBed
2232 Dynasty Bathtub Dynasty Bathtub item sprite DynastyBathtub
2233 Dynasty Bookcase Dynasty Bookcase item sprite DynastyBookcase
2234 Dynasty Cup Dynasty Cup item sprite DynastyCup
2235 Dynasty Bowl Dynasty Bowl item sprite DynastyBowl
2236 Dynasty Candle Dynasty Candle item sprite DynastyCandle
2237 Dynasty Clock Dynasty Clock item sprite DynastyClock
2238 Golden Clock Golden Clock item sprite GoldenClock
2239 Glass Clock Glass Clock item sprite GlassClock
2240 Honey Clock Honey Clock item sprite HoneyClock
2241 Steampunk Clock Steampunk Clock item sprite SteampunkClock
2242 Fancy Dishes Fancy Dishes item sprite FancyDishes
2243 Glass Bowl Glass Bowl item sprite GlassBowl
2244 Wine Glass Wine Glass item sprite WineGlass
2245 Living Wood Piano Living Wood Piano item sprite LivingWoodPiano
2246 Flesh Piano Flesh Piano item sprite FleshPiano
2247 Frozen Piano Frozen Piano item sprite FrozenPiano
2248 Frozen Table Frozen Table item sprite FrozenTable
2249 Honey Chest Honey Chest item sprite HoneyChest
2250 Steampunk Chest Steampunk Chest item sprite SteampunkChest
2251 Honey Work Bench Honey Work Bench item sprite HoneyWorkBench
2252 Frozen Work Bench Frozen Work Bench item sprite FrozenWorkBench
2253 Steampunk Work Bench Steampunk Work Bench item sprite SteampunkWorkBench
2254 Glass Piano Glass Piano item sprite GlassPiano
2255 Honey Piano Honey Piano item sprite HoneyPiano
2256 Steampunk Piano Steampunk Piano item sprite SteampunkPiano
2257 Honey Cup Honey Cup item sprite HoneyCup
2258 Chalice Chalice item sprite SteampunkCup
2259 Dynasty Table Dynasty Table item sprite DynastyTable
2260 Dynasty Wood Dynasty Wood item sprite DynastyWood
2261 Red Dynasty Shingles Red Dynasty Shingles item sprite RedDynastyShingles
2262 Blue Dynasty Shingles Blue Dynasty Shingles item sprite BlueDynastyShingles
2263 White Dynasty Wall White Dynasty Wall item sprite WhiteDynastyWall
2264 Blue Dynasty Wall Blue Dynasty Wall item sprite BlueDynastyWall
2265 Dynasty Door Dynasty Door item sprite DynastyDoor
2266 Sake Sake item sprite Sake
2267 Pad Thai Pad Thai item sprite PadThai
2268 Pho Pho item sprite Pho
2269 Revolver Revolver item sprite Revolver
2270 Gatligator Gatligator item sprite Gatligator
2271 Arcane Rune Wall Arcane Rune Wall item sprite ArcaneRuneWall
2272 Water Gun Water Gun item sprite WaterGun
2273 Katana Katana item sprite Katana
2274 Ultrabright Torch Ultrabright Torch item sprite UltrabrightTorch
2275 Magic Hat Magic Hat item sprite MagicHat
2276 Diamond Ring Diamond Ring item sprite DiamondRing
2277 Gi Gi item sprite Gi
2278 Kimono Kimono item sprite Kimono
2279 Gypsy Robe Gypsy Robe item sprite GypsyRobe
2280 Beetle Wings Beetle Wings item sprite BeetleWings
2281 Tiger Skin Tiger Skin item sprite TigerSkin
2282 Leopard Skin Leopard Skin item sprite LeopardSkin
2283 Zebra Skin Zebra Skin item sprite ZebraSkin
2284 Crimson Cloak Crimson Cloak item sprite CrimsonCloak
2285 Mysterious Cape Mysterious Cape item sprite MysteriousCape
2286 Red Cape Red Cape item sprite RedCape
2287 Winter Cape Winter Cape item sprite WinterCape
2288 Frozen Chair Frozen Chair item sprite FrozenChair
2289 Wood Fishing Pole Wood Fishing Pole item sprite WoodFishingPole
2290 Bass Bass item sprite Bass
2291 Reinforced Fishing Pole Reinforced Fishing Pole item sprite ReinforcedFishingPole
2292 Fiberglass Fishing Pole Fiberglass Fishing Pole item sprite FiberglassFishingPole
2293 Fisher of Souls Fisher of Souls item sprite FisherofSouls
2294 Golden Fishing Rod Golden Fishing Rod item sprite GoldenFishingRod
2295 Mechanic's Rod Mechanic's Rod item sprite MechanicsRod
2296 Sitting Duck's Fishing Pole Sitting Duck's Fishing Pole item sprite SittingDucksFishingRod
2297 Trout Trout item sprite Trout
2298 Salmon Salmon item sprite Salmon
2299 Atlantic Cod Atlantic Cod item sprite AtlanticCod
2300 Tuna Tuna item sprite Tuna
2301 Red Snapper Red Snapper item sprite RedSnapper
2302 Neon Tetra Neon Tetra item sprite NeonTetra
2303 Armored Cavefish Armored Cavefish item sprite ArmoredCavefish
2304 Damselfish Damselfish item sprite Damselfish
2305 Crimson Tigerfish Crimson Tigerfish item sprite CrimsonTigerfish
2306 Frost Minnow Frost Minnow item sprite FrostMinnow
2307 Princess Fish Princess Fish item sprite PrincessFish
2308 Golden Carp Golden Carp item sprite GoldenCarp
2309 Specular Fish Specular Fish item sprite SpecularFish
2310 Prismite Prismite item sprite Prismite
2311 Variegated Lardfish Variegated Lardfish item sprite VariegatedLardfish
2312 Flarefin Koi Flarefin Koi item sprite FlarefinKoi
2313 Double Cod Double Cod item sprite DoubleCod
2314 Honeyfin Honeyfin item sprite Honeyfin
2315 Obsidifish Obsidifish item sprite Obsidifish
2316 Shrimp Shrimp item sprite Shrimp
2317 Chaos Fish Chaos Fish item sprite ChaosFish
2318 Ebonkoi Ebonkoi item sprite Ebonkoi
2319 Hemopiranha Hemopiranha item sprite Hemopiranha
2320 Rockfish Rockfish item sprite Rockfish
2321 Stinkfish Stinkfish item sprite Stinkfish
2322 Mining Potion Mining Potion item sprite MiningPotion
2323 Heartreach Potion Heartreach Potion item sprite HeartreachPotion
2324 Calming Potion Calming Potion item sprite CalmingPotion
2325 Builder Potion Builder Potion item sprite BuilderPotion
2326 Titan Potion Titan Potion item sprite TitanPotion
2327 Flipper Potion Flipper Potion item sprite FlipperPotion
2328 Summoning Potion Summoning Potion item sprite SummoningPotion
2329 Dangersense Potion Dangersense Potion item sprite TrapsightPotion
2330 Purple Clubberfish Purple Clubberfish item sprite PurpleClubberfish
2331 Obsidian Swordfish Obsidian Swordfish item sprite ObsidianSwordfish
2332 Swordfish Swordfish item sprite Swordfish
2333 Iron Fence Iron Fence item sprite IronFence
2334 Wooden Crate Wooden Crate item sprite WoodenCrate
2335 Iron Crate Iron Crate item sprite IronCrate
2336 Golden Crate Golden Crate item sprite GoldenCrate
2337 Old Shoe Old Shoe item sprite OldShoe
2338 Seaweed Seaweed item sprite FishingSeaweed
2339 Tin Can Tin Can item sprite TinCan
2340 Minecart Track Minecart Track item sprite MinecartTrack
2341 Reaver Shark Reaver Shark item sprite ReaverShark
2342 Sawtooth Shark Sawtooth Shark item sprite SawtoothShark
2343 Minecart Minecart item sprite Minecart
2344 Ammo Reservation Potion Ammo Reservation Potion item sprite AmmoReservationPotion
2345 Lifeforce Potion Lifeforce Potion item sprite LifeforcePotion
2346 Endurance Potion Endurance Potion item sprite EndurancePotion
2347 Rage Potion Rage Potion item sprite RagePotion
2348 Inferno Potion Inferno Potion item sprite InfernoPotion
2349 Wrath Potion Wrath Potion item sprite WrathPotion
2350 Recall Potion Recall Potion item sprite RecallPotion
2351 Teleportation Potion Teleportation Potion item sprite TeleportationPotion
2352 Love Potion Love Potion item sprite LovePotion
2353 Stink Potion Stink Potion item sprite StinkPotion
2354 Fishing Potion Fishing Potion item sprite FishingPotion
2355 Sonar Potion Sonar Potion item sprite SonarPotion
2356 Crate Potion Crate Potion item sprite CratePotion
2357 Shiverthorn Seeds Shiverthorn Seeds item sprite ShiverthornSeeds
2358 Shiverthorn Shiverthorn item sprite Shiverthorn
2359 Warmth Potion Warmth Potion item sprite WarmthPotion
2360 Fish Hook Fish Hook item sprite FishHook
2361 Bee Headgear Bee Headgear item sprite BeeHeadgear
2362 Bee Breastplate Bee Breastplate item sprite BeeBreastplate
2363 Bee Greaves Bee Greaves item sprite BeeGreaves
2364 Hornet Staff Hornet Staff item sprite HornetStaff
2365 Imp Staff Imp Staff item sprite ImpStaff
2366 Queen Spider Staff Queen Spider Staff item sprite QueenSpiderStaff
2367 Angler Hat Angler Hat item sprite AnglerHat
2368 Angler Vest Angler Vest item sprite AnglerVest
2369 Angler Pants Angler Pants item sprite AnglerPants
2370 Spider Mask Spider Mask item sprite SpiderMask
2371 Spider Breastplate Spider Breastplate item sprite SpiderBreastplate
2372 Spider Greaves Spider Greaves item sprite SpiderGreaves
2373 High Test Fishing Line High Test Fishing Line item sprite HighTestFishingLine
2374 Angler Earring Angler Earring item sprite AnglerEarring
2375 Tackle Box Tackle Box item sprite TackleBox
2376 Blue Dungeon Piano Blue Dungeon Piano item sprite BlueDungeonPiano
2377 Green Dungeon Piano Green Dungeon Piano item sprite GreenDungeonPiano
2378 Pink Dungeon Piano Pink Dungeon Piano item sprite PinkDungeonPiano
2379 Golden Piano Golden Piano item sprite GoldenPiano
2380 Obsidian Piano Obsidian Piano item sprite ObsidianPiano
2381 Bone Piano Bone Piano item sprite BonePiano
2382 Cactus Piano Cactus Piano item sprite CactusPiano
2383 Spooky Piano Spooky Piano item sprite SpookyPiano
2384 Skyware Piano Skyware Piano item sprite SkywarePiano
2385 Lihzahrd Piano Lihzahrd Piano item sprite LihzahrdPiano
2386 Blue Dungeon Dresser Blue Dungeon Dresser item sprite BlueDungeonDresser
2387 Green Dungeon Dresser Green Dungeon Dresser item sprite GreenDungeonDresser
2388 Pink Dungeon Dresser Pink Dungeon Dresser item sprite PinkDungeonDresser
2389 Golden Dresser Golden Dresser item sprite GoldenDresser
2390 Obsidian Dresser Obsidian Dresser item sprite ObsidianDresser
2391 Bone Dresser Bone Dresser item sprite BoneDresser
2392 Cactus Dresser Cactus Dresser item sprite CactusDresser
2393 Spooky Dresser Spooky Dresser item sprite SpookyDresser
2394 Skyware Dresser Skyware Dresser item sprite SkywareDresser
2395 Honey Dresser Honey Dresser item sprite HoneyDresser
2396 Lihzahrd Dresser Lihzahrd Dresser item sprite LihzahrdDresser
2397 Sofa Sofa item sprite Sofa
2398 Ebonwood Sofa Ebonwood Sofa item sprite EbonwoodSofa
2399 Rich Mahogany Sofa Rich Mahogany Sofa item sprite RichMahoganySofa
2400 Pearlwood Sofa Pearlwood Sofa item sprite PearlwoodSofa
2401 Shadewood Sofa Shadewood Sofa item sprite ShadewoodSofa
2402 Blue Dungeon Sofa Blue Dungeon Sofa item sprite BlueDungeonSofa
2403 Green Dungeon Sofa Green Dungeon Sofa item sprite GreenDungeonSofa
2404 Pink Dungeon Sofa Pink Dungeon Sofa item sprite PinkDungeonSofa
2405 Golden Sofa Golden Sofa item sprite GoldenSofa
2406 Obsidian Sofa Obsidian Sofa item sprite ObsidianSofa
2407 Bone Sofa Bone Sofa item sprite BoneSofa
2408 Cactus Sofa Cactus Sofa item sprite CactusSofa
2409 Spooky Sofa Spooky Sofa item sprite SpookySofa
2410 Skyware Sofa Skyware Sofa item sprite SkywareSofa
2411 Honey Sofa Honey Sofa item sprite HoneySofa
2412 Steampunk Sofa Steampunk Sofa item sprite SteampunkSofa
2413 Mushroom Sofa Mushroom Sofa item sprite MushroomSofa
2414 Glass Sofa Glass Sofa item sprite GlassSofa
2415 Pumpkin Sofa Pumpkin Sofa item sprite PumpkinSofa
2416 Lihzahrd Sofa Lihzahrd Sofa item sprite LihzahrdSofa
2417 Seashell Hairpin Seashell Hairpin item sprite SeashellHairpin
2418 Mermaid Adornment Mermaid Adornment item sprite MermaidAdornment
2419 Mermaid Tail Mermaid Tail item sprite MermaidTail
2420 Zephyr Fish Zephyr Fish item sprite ZephyrFish
2421 Fleshcatcher Fleshcatcher item sprite Fleshcatcher
2422 Hotline Fishing Hook Hotline Fishing Hook item sprite HotlineFishingHook
2423 Frog Leg Frog Leg item sprite FrogLeg
2424 Anchor Anchor item sprite Anchor
2425 Cooked Fish Cooked Fish item sprite CookedFish
2426 Cooked Shrimp Cooked Shrimp item sprite CookedShrimp
2427 Sashimi Sashimi item sprite Sashimi
2428 Fuzzy Carrot Fuzzy Carrot item sprite FuzzyCarrot
2429 Scaly Truffle Scaly Truffle item sprite ScalyTruffle
2430 Slimy Saddle Slimy Saddle item sprite SlimySaddle
2431 Bee Wax Bee Wax item sprite BeeWax
2432 Copper Plating Wall Copper Plating Wall item sprite CopperPlatingWall
2433 Stone Slab Wall Stone Slab Wall item sprite StoneSlabWall
2434 Sail Sail item sprite Sail
2435 Coralstone Block Coralstone Block item sprite CoralstoneBlock
2436 Blue Jellyfish Blue Jellyfish item sprite BlueJellyfish
2437 Green Jellyfish Green Jellyfish item sprite GreenJellyfish
2438 Pink Jellyfish Pink Jellyfish item sprite PinkJellyfish
2439 Blue Jellyfish Jar Blue Jellyfish Jar item sprite BlueJellyfishJar
2440 Green Jellyfish Jar Green Jellyfish Jar item sprite GreenJellyfishJar
2441 Pink Jellyfish Jar Pink Jellyfish Jar item sprite PinkJellyfishJar
2442 Life Preserver Life Preserver item sprite LifePreserver
2443 Ship's Wheel Ship's Wheel item sprite ShipsWheel
2444 Compass Rose Compass Rose item sprite CompassRose
2445 Wall Anchor Wall Anchor item sprite WallAnchor
2446 Goldfish Trophy Goldfish Trophy item sprite GoldfishTrophy
2447 Bunnyfish Trophy Bunnyfish Trophy item sprite BunnyfishTrophy
2448 Swordfish Trophy Swordfish Trophy item sprite SwordfishTrophy
2449 Sharkteeth Trophy Sharkteeth Trophy item sprite SharkteethTrophy
2450 Batfish Batfish item sprite Batfish
2451 Bumblebee Tuna Bumblebee Tuna item sprite BumblebeeTuna
2452 Catfish Catfish item sprite Catfish
2453 Cloudfish Cloudfish item sprite Cloudfish
2454 Cursedfish Cursedfish item sprite Cursedfish
2455 Dirtfish Dirtfish item sprite Dirtfish
2456 Dynamite Fish Dynamite Fish item sprite DynamiteFish
2457 Eater of Plankton Eater of Plankton item sprite EaterofPlankton
2458 Fallen Starfish Fallen Starfish item sprite FallenStarfish
2459 The Fish of Cthulhu The Fish of Cthulhu item sprite TheFishofCthulu
2460 Fishotron Fishotron item sprite Fishotron
2461 Harpyfish Harpyfish item sprite Harpyfish
2462 Hungerfish Hungerfish item sprite Hungerfish
2463 Ichorfish Ichorfish item sprite Ichorfish
2464 Jewelfish Jewelfish item sprite Jewelfish
2465 Mirage Fish Mirage Fish item sprite MirageFish
2466 Mutant Flinxfin Mutant Flinxfin item sprite MutantFlinxfin
2467 Pengfish Pengfish item sprite Pengfish
2468 Pixiefish Pixiefish item sprite Pixiefish
2469 Spiderfish Spiderfish item sprite Spiderfish
2470 Tundra Trout Tundra Trout item sprite TundraTrout
2471 Unicorn Fish Unicorn Fish item sprite UnicornFish
2472 Guide Voodoo Fish Guide Voodoo Fish item sprite GuideVoodooFish
2473 Wyverntail Wyverntail item sprite Wyverntail
2474 Zombie Fish Zombie Fish item sprite ZombieFish
2475 Amanitia Fungifin Amanitia Fungifin item sprite AmanitiaFungifin
2476 Angelfish Angelfish item sprite Angelfish
2477 Bloody Manowar Bloody Manowar item sprite BloodyManowar
2478 Bonefish Bonefish item sprite Bonefish
2479 Bunnyfish Bunnyfish item sprite Bunnyfish
2480 Cap'n Tunabeard Cap'n Tunabeard item sprite CapnTunabeard
2481 Clownfish Clownfish item sprite Clownfish
2482 Demonic Hellfish Demonic Hellfish item sprite DemonicHellfish
2483 Derpfish Derpfish item sprite Derpfish
2484 Fishron Fishron item sprite Fishron
2485 Infected Scabbardfish Infected Scabbardfish item sprite InfectedScabbardfish
2486 Mudfish Mudfish item sprite Mudfish
2487 Slimefish Slimefish item sprite Slimefish
2488 Tropical Barracuda Tropical Barracuda item sprite TropicalBarracuda
2489 King Slime Trophy King Slime Trophy item sprite KingSlimeTrophy
2490 Ship in a Bottle Ship in a Bottle item sprite ShipInABottle
2491 Hardy Saddle Hardy Saddle item sprite HardySaddle
2492 Pressure Plate Track Pressure Plate Track item sprite PressureTrack
2493 King Slime Mask King Slime Mask item sprite KingSlimeMask
2494 Fin Wings Fin Wings item sprite FinWings
2495 Treasure Map Treasure Map item sprite TreasureMap
2496 Seaweed Planter Seaweed Planter item sprite SeaweedPlanter
2497 Pillagin Me Pixels Pillagin Me Pixels item sprite PillaginMePixels
2498 Fish Costume Mask Fish Costume Mask item sprite FishCostumeMask
2499 Fish Costume Shirt Fish Costume Shirt item sprite FishCostumeShirt
2500 Fish Costume Finskirt Fish Costume Finskirt item sprite FishCostumeFinskirt
2501 Ginger Beard Ginger Beard item sprite GingerBeard
2502 Honeyed Goggles Honeyed Goggles item sprite HoneyedGoggles
2503 Boreal Wood Boreal Wood item sprite BorealWood
2504 Palm Wood Palm Wood item sprite PalmWood
2505 Boreal Wood Wall Boreal Wood Wall item sprite BorealWoodWall
2506 Palm Wood Wall Palm Wood Wall item sprite PalmWoodWall
2507 Boreal Wood Fence Boreal Wood Fence item sprite BorealWoodFence
2508 Palm Wood Fence Palm Wood Fence item sprite PalmWoodFence
2509 Boreal Wood Helmet Boreal Wood Helmet item sprite BorealWoodHelmet
2510 Boreal Wood Breastplate Boreal Wood Breastplate item sprite BorealWoodBreastplate
2511 Boreal Wood Greaves Boreal Wood Greaves item sprite BorealWoodGreaves
2512 Palm Wood Helmet Palm Wood Helmet item sprite PalmWoodHelmet
2513 Palm Wood Breastplate Palm Wood Breastplate item sprite PalmWoodBreastplate
2514 Palm Wood Greaves Palm Wood Greaves item sprite PalmWoodGreaves
2515 Palm Wood Bow Palm Wood Bow item sprite PalmWoodBow
2516 Palm Wood Hammer Palm Wood Hammer item sprite PalmWoodHammer
2517 Palm Wood Sword Palm Wood Sword item sprite PalmWoodSword
2518 Palm Wood Platform Palm Wood Platform item sprite PalmWoodPlatform
2519 Palm Wood Bathtub Palm Wood Bathtub item sprite PalmWoodBathtub
2520 Palm Wood Bed Palm Wood Bed item sprite PalmWoodBed
2521 Palm Wood Bench Palm Wood Bench item sprite PalmWoodBench
2522 Palm Wood Candelabra Palm Wood Candelabra item sprite PalmWoodCandelabra
2523 Palm Wood Candle Palm Wood Candle item sprite PalmWoodCandle
2524 Palm Wood Chair Palm Wood Chair item sprite PalmWoodChair
2525 Palm Wood Chandelier Palm Wood Chandelier item sprite PalmWoodChandelier
2526 Palm Wood Chest Palm Wood Chest item sprite PalmWoodChest
2527 Palm Wood Sofa Palm Wood Sofa item sprite PalmWoodSofa
2528 Palm Wood Door Palm Wood Door item sprite PalmWoodDoor
2529 Palm Wood Dresser Palm Wood Dresser item sprite PalmWoodDresser
2530 Palm Wood Lantern Palm Wood Lantern item sprite PalmWoodLantern
2531 Palm Wood Piano Palm Wood Piano item sprite PalmWoodPiano
2532 Palm Wood Table Palm Wood Table item sprite PalmWoodTable
2533 Palm Wood Lamp Palm Wood Lamp item sprite PalmWoodLamp
2534 Palm Wood Work Bench Palm Wood Work Bench item sprite PalmWoodWorkBench
2535 Optic Staff Optic Staff item sprite OpticStaff
2536 Palm Wood Bookcase Palm Wood Bookcase item sprite PalmWoodBookcase
2537 Mushroom Bathtub Mushroom Bathtub item sprite MushroomBathtub
2538 Mushroom Bed Mushroom Bed item sprite MushroomBed
2539 Mushroom Bench Mushroom Bench item sprite MushroomBench
2540 Mushroom Bookcase Mushroom Bookcase item sprite MushroomBookcase
2541 Mushroom Candelabra Mushroom Candelabra item sprite MushroomCandelabra
2542 Mushroom Candle Mushroom Candle item sprite MushroomCandle
2543 Mushroom Chandelier Mushroom Chandelier item sprite MushroomChandelier
2544 Mushroom Chest Mushroom Chest item sprite MushroomChest
2545 Mushroom Dresser Mushroom Dresser item sprite MushroomDresser
2546 Mushroom Lantern Mushroom Lantern item sprite MushroomLantern
2547 Mushroom Lamp Mushroom Lamp item sprite MushroomLamp
2548 Mushroom Piano Mushroom Piano item sprite MushroomPiano
2549 Mushroom Platform Mushroom Platform item sprite MushroomPlatform
2550 Mushroom Table Mushroom Table item sprite MushroomTable
2551 Spider Staff Spider Staff item sprite SpiderStaff
2552 Boreal Wood Bathtub Boreal Wood Bathtub item sprite BorealWoodBathtub
2553 Boreal Wood Bed Boreal Wood Bed item sprite BorealWoodBed
2554 Boreal Wood Bookcase Boreal Wood Bookcase item sprite BorealWoodBookcase
2555 Boreal Wood Candelabra Boreal Wood Candelabra item sprite BorealWoodCandelabra
2556 Boreal Wood Candle Boreal Wood Candle item sprite BorealWoodCandle
2557 Boreal Wood Chair Boreal Wood Chair item sprite BorealWoodChair
2558 Boreal Wood Chandelier Boreal Wood Chandelier item sprite BorealWoodChandelier
2559 Boreal Wood Chest Boreal Wood Chest item sprite BorealWoodChest
2560 Boreal Wood Clock Boreal Wood Clock item sprite BorealWoodClock
2561 Boreal Wood Door Boreal Wood Door item sprite BorealWoodDoor
2562 Boreal Wood Dresser Boreal Wood Dresser item sprite BorealWoodDresser
2563 Boreal Wood Lamp Boreal Wood Lamp item sprite BorealWoodLamp
2564 Boreal Wood Lantern Boreal Wood Lantern item sprite BorealWoodLantern
2565 Boreal Wood Piano Boreal Wood Piano item sprite BorealWoodPiano
2566 Boreal Wood Platform Boreal Wood Platform item sprite BorealWoodPlatform
2567 Slime Bathtub Slime Bathtub item sprite SlimeBathtub
2568 Slime Bed Slime Bed item sprite SlimeBed
2569 Slime Bookcase Slime Bookcase item sprite SlimeBookcase
2570 Slime Candelabra Slime Candelabra item sprite SlimeCandelabra
2571 Slime Candle Slime Candle item sprite SlimeCandle
2572 Slime Chair Slime Chair item sprite SlimeChair
2573 Slime Chandelier Slime Chandelier item sprite SlimeChandelier
2574 Slime Chest Slime Chest item sprite SlimeChest
2575 Slime Clock Slime Clock item sprite SlimeClock
2576 Slime Door Slime Door item sprite SlimeDoor
2577 Slime Dresser Slime Dresser item sprite SlimeDresser
2578 Slime Lamp Slime Lamp item sprite SlimeLamp
2579 Slime Lantern Slime Lantern item sprite SlimeLantern
2580 Slime Piano Slime Piano item sprite SlimePiano
2581 Slime Platform Slime Platform item sprite SlimePlatform
2582 Slime Sofa Slime Sofa item sprite SlimeSofa
2583 Slime Table Slime Table item sprite SlimeTable
2584 Pirate Staff Pirate Staff item sprite PirateStaff
2585 Slime Hook Slime Hook item sprite SlimeHook
2586 Sticky Grenade Sticky Grenade item sprite StickyGrenade
2587 Tartar Sauce Tartar Sauce item sprite TartarSauce
2588 Duke Fishron Mask Duke Fishron Mask item sprite DukeFishronMask
2589 Duke Fishron Trophy Duke Fishron Trophy item sprite DukeFishronTrophy
2590 Molotov Cocktail Molotov Cocktail item sprite MolotovCocktail
2591 Bone Clock Bone Clock item sprite BoneClock
2592 Cactus Clock Cactus Clock item sprite CactusClock
2593 Ebonwood Clock Ebonwood Clock item sprite EbonwoodClock
2594 Frozen Clock Frozen Clock item sprite FrozenClock
2595 Lihzahrd Clock Lihzahrd Clock item sprite LihzahrdClock
2596 Living Wood Clock Living Wood Clock item sprite LivingWoodClock
2597 Rich Mahogany Clock Rich Mahogany Clock item sprite RichMahoganyClock
2598 Flesh Clock