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Journey Mode/Research list

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This page lists all individual required numbers of items needed to research for duplication.

ID Item Research
1Iron Pickaxe1
2Dirt Block100
3Stone Block100
4Iron Broadsword1
6Iron Shortsword1
7Iron Hammer1
10Iron Axe1
11Iron Ore100
12Copper Ore100
13Gold Ore100
14Silver Ore100
15Copper Watch1
16Silver Watch1
17Gold Watch1
18Depth Meter1
19Gold Bar25
20Copper Bar25
21Silver Bar25
22Iron Bar25
24Wooden Sword1
25Wooden Door1
26Stone Wall400
28Lesser Healing Potion30
29Life Crystal10
30Dirt Wall400
32Wooden Table1
34Wooden Chair1
35Iron Anvil1
36Work Bench1
39Wooden Bow1
40Wooden Arrow99
41Flaming Arrow99
43Suspicious Looking Eye3
44Demon Bow1
45War Axe of the Night1
46Light's Bane1
47Unholy Arrow99
49Band of Regeneration1
50Magic Mirror1
51Jester's Arrow99
52Angel Statue1
53Cloud in a Bottle1
54Hermes Boots1
55Enchanted Boomerang1
56Demonite Ore100
57Demonite Bar25
59Corrupt Seeds25
60Vile Mushroom25
61Ebonstone Block100
62Grass Seeds25
66Purification Powder99
67Vile Powder99
68Rotten Chunk25
69Worm Tooth25
70Worm Food3
71Copper Coin100
72Silver Coin100
73Gold Coin100
74Platinum Coin100
75Fallen Star50
76Copper Greaves1
77Iron Greaves1
78Silver Greaves1
79Gold Greaves1
80Copper Chainmail1
81Iron Chainmail1
82Silver Chainmail1
83Gold Chainmail1
84Grappling Hook1
86Shadow Scale25
87Piggy Bank1
88Mining Helmet1
89Copper Helmet1
90Iron Helmet1
91Silver Helmet1
92Gold Helmet1
93Wood Wall400
94Wood Platform200
95Flintlock Pistol1
97Musket Ball99
99Iron Bow1
100Shadow Greaves1
101Shadow Scalemail1
102Shadow Helmet1
103Nightmare Pickaxe1
104The Breaker1
106Copper Chandelier1
107Silver Chandelier1
108Gold Chandelier1
109Mana Crystal10
110Lesser Mana Potion30
111Band of Starpower1
112Flower of Fire1
113Magic Missile1
114Dirt Rod1
115Shadow Orb1
117Meteorite Bar25
120Molten Fury1
121Fiery Greatsword1
122Molten Pickaxe1
123Meteor Helmet1
124Meteor Suit1
125Meteor Leggings1
126Bottled Water30
127Space Gun1
128Rocket Boots1
129Gray Brick100
130Gray Brick Wall400
131Red Brick100
132Red Brick Wall400
133Clay Block100
134Blue Brick100
135Blue Brick Wall400
136Chain Lantern1
137Green Brick100
138Green Brick Wall400
139Pink Brick100
140Pink Brick Wall400
141Gold Brick100
142Gold Brick Wall400
143Silver Brick100
144Silver Brick Wall400
145Copper Brick100
146Copper Brick Wall400
148Water Candle1
151Necro Helmet1
152Necro Breastplate1
153Necro Greaves1
156Cobalt Shield1
157Aqua Scepter1
158Lucky Horseshoe1
159Shiny Red Balloon1
161Spiky Ball99
162Ball O' Hurt1
163Blue Moon1
165Water Bolt1
169Sand Block100
172Ash Block100
175Hellstone Bar25
176Mud Block100
183Glowing Mushroom100
185Ivy Whip1
186Breathing Reed1
188Healing Potion30
189Mana Potion30
190Blade of Grass1
191Thorn Chakram1
192Obsidian Brick100
193Obsidian Skull1
194Mushroom Grass Seeds25
195Jungle Grass Seeds25
196Wooden Hammer1
197Star Cannon1
198Blue Phaseblade1
199Red Phaseblade1
200Green Phaseblade1
201Purple Phaseblade1
202White Phaseblade1
203Yellow Phaseblade1
204Meteor Hamaxe1
205Empty Bucket1
206Water Bucket1
207Lava Bucket1
208Jungle Rose1
211Feral Claws1
212Anklet of the Wind1
213Staff of Regrowth1
214Hellstone Brick100
215Whoopie Cushion1
217Molten Hamaxe1
219Phoenix Blaster1
222Clay Pot1
223Nature's Gift1
226Lesser Restoration Potion30
227Restoration Potion30
228Jungle Hat1
229Jungle Shirt1
230Jungle Pants1
231Molten Helmet1
232Molten Breastplate1
233Molten Greaves1
234Meteor Shot99
235Sticky Bomb99
236Black Lens1
238Wizard Hat1
239Top Hat1
240Tuxedo Shirt1
241Tuxedo Pants1
242Summer Hat1
243Bunny Hood1
244Plumber's Hat1
245Plumber's Shirt1
246Plumber's Pants1
247Hero's Hat1
248Hero's Shirt1
249Hero's Pants1
250Fish Bowl1
251Archaeologist's Hat1
252Archaeologist's Jacket1
253Archaeologist's Pants1
254Black Thread5
255Green Thread5
256Ninja Hood1
257Ninja Shirt1
258Ninja Pants1
260Red Hat1
263Robot Hat1
264Gold Crown1
265Hellfire Arrow99
267Guide Voodoo Doll1
268Diving Helmet1
269Familiar Shirt1
270Familiar Pants1
271Familiar Wig1
272Demon Scythe1
273Night's Edge1
274Dark Lance1
278Silver Bullet99
279Throwing Knife99
284Wooden Boomerang1
286Sticky Glowstick100
287Poisoned Knife99
288Obsidian Skin Potion20
289Regeneration Potion20
290Swiftness Potion20
291Gills Potion20
292Ironskin Potion20
293Mana Regeneration Potion20
294Magic Power Potion20
295Featherfall Potion20
296Spelunker Potion20
297Invisibility Potion20
298Shine Potion20
299Night Owl Potion20
300Battle Potion20
301Thorns Potion20
302Water Walking Potion20
303Archery Potion20
304Hunter Potion20
305Gravitation Potion20
306Gold Chest1
307Daybloom Seeds25
308Moonglow Seeds25
309Blinkroot Seeds25
310Deathweed Seeds25
311Waterleaf Seeds25
312Fireblossom Seeds25
319Shark Fin25
322Mime Mask1
323Antlion Mandible5
324Illegal Gun Parts1
325The Doctor's Shirt1
326The Doctor's Pants1
327Golden Key3
328Shadow Chest1
329Shadow Key1
330Obsidian Brick Wall400
331Jungle Spores25
337Red Banner1
338Green Banner1
339Blue Banner1
340Yellow Banner1
341Lamp Post1
342Tiki Torch1
344Chinese Lantern1
345Cooking Pot1
347Skull Lantern1
348Trash Can1
350Pink Vase1
357Bowl of Soup10
359Grandfather Clock1
360Armor Statue1
361Goblin Battle Standard3
362Tattered Cloth25
364Cobalt Ore100
365Mythril Ore100
366Adamantite Ore100
369Hallowed Seeds25
370Ebonsand Block100
371Cobalt Hat1
372Cobalt Helmet1
373Cobalt Mask1
374Cobalt Breastplate1
375Cobalt Leggings1
376Mythril Hood1
377Mythril Helmet1
378Mythril Hat1
379Mythril Chainmail1
380Mythril Greaves1
381Cobalt Bar25
382Mythril Bar25
383Cobalt Chainsaw1
384Mythril Chainsaw1
385Cobalt Drill1
386Mythril Drill1
387Adamantite Chainsaw1
388Adamantite Drill1
389Dao of Pow1
390Mythril Halberd1
391Adamantite Bar25
392Glass Wall400
394Diving Gear1
396Obsidian Horseshoe1
397Obsidian Shield1
398Tinkerer's Workshop1
399Cloud in a Balloon1
400Adamantite Headgear1
401Adamantite Helmet1
402Adamantite Mask1
403Adamantite Breastplate1
404Adamantite Leggings1
405Spectre Boots1
406Adamantite Glaive1
408Pearlsand Block100
409Pearlstone Block100
410Mining Shirt1
411Mining Pants1
412Pearlstone Brick100
413Iridescent Brick100
414Mudstone Brick100
415Cobalt Brick100
416Mythril Brick100
417Pearlstone Brick Wall400
418Iridescent Brick Wall400
419Mudstone Brick Wall400
420Cobalt Brick Wall400
421Mythril Brick Wall400
422Holy Water99
423Unholy Water99
424Silt Block200
425Fairy Bell1
426Breaker Blade1
427Blue Torch100
428Red Torch100
429Green Torch100
430Purple Torch100
431White Torch100
432Yellow Torch100
433Demon Torch100
434Clockwork Assault Rifle1
435Cobalt Repeater1
436Mythril Repeater1
437Dual Hook1
438Star Statue1
439Sword Statue1
440Slime Statue1
441Goblin Statue1
442Shield Statue1
443Bat Statue1
444Fish Statue1
445Bunny Statue1
446Skeleton Statue1
447Reaper Statue1
448Woman Statue1
449Imp Statue1
450Gargoyle Statue1
451Gloom Statue1
452Hornet Statue1
453Bomb Statue1
454Crab Statue1
455Hammer Statue1
456Potion Statue1
457Spear Statue1
458Cross Statue1
459Jellyfish Statue1
460Bow Statue1
461Boomerang Statue1
462Boot Statue1
463Chest Statue1
464Bird Statue1
465Axe Statue1
466Corrupt Statue1
467Tree Statue1
468Anvil Statue1
469Pickaxe Statue1
470Mushroom Statue1
471Eyeball Statue1
472Pillar Statue1
473Heart Statue1
474Pot Statue1
475Sunflower Statue1
476King Statue1
477Queen Statue1
478Piranha Statue1
479Planked Wall400
480Wooden Beam50
481Adamantite Repeater1
482Adamantite Sword1
483Cobalt Sword1
484Mythril Sword1
485Moon Charm1
487Crystal Ball1
488Disco Ball1
489Sorcerer Emblem1
490Warrior Emblem1
491Ranger Emblem1
492Demon Wings1
493Angel Wings1
494Magical Harp1
495Rainbow Rod1
496Ice Rod1
497Neptune's Shell1
499Greater Healing Potion30
500Greater Mana Potion30
501Pixie Dust25
502Crystal Shard25
503Clown Hat1
504Clown Shirt1
505Clown Pants1
509Red Wrench1
510Wire Cutter1
511Active Stone Block100
512Inactive Stone Block100
514Laser Rifle1
515Crystal Bullet99
516Holy Arrow99
517Magic Dagger1
518Crystal Storm1
519Cursed Flames1
520Soul of Light25
521Soul of Night25
522Cursed Flame25
523Cursed Torch100
524Adamantite Forge1
525Mythril Anvil1
526Unicorn Horn5
527Dark Shard1
528Light Shard1
529Red Pressure Plate5
531Spell Tome1
532Star Cloak1
535Philosopher's Stone1
536Titan Glove1
537Cobalt Naginata1
539Dart Trap5
541Green Pressure Plate5
542Gray Pressure Plate5
543Brown Pressure Plate5
544Mechanical Eye3
545Cursed Arrow99
546Cursed Bullet99
547Soul of Fright25
548Soul of Might25
549Soul of Sight25
551Hallowed Plate Mail1
552Hallowed Greaves1
553Hallowed Helmet1
554Cross Necklace1
555Mana Flower1
556Mechanical Worm3
557Mechanical Skull3
558Hallowed Headgear1
559Hallowed Mask1
560Slime Crown3
561Light Disc1
562Music Box (Overworld Day)1
563Music Box (Eerie)1
564Music Box (Night)1
565Music Box (Title)1
566Music Box (Underground)1
567Music Box (Boss 1)1
568Music Box (Jungle)1
569Music Box (Corruption)1
570Music Box (Underground Corruption)1
571Music Box (The Hallow)1
572Music Box (Boss 2)1
573Music Box (Underground Hallow)1
574Music Box (Boss 3)1
575Soul of Flight25
576Music Box1
577Demonite Brick100
578Hallowed Repeater1
581Inlet Pump1
582Outlet Pump1
5831 Second Timer1
5843 Second Timer1
5855 Second Timer1
586Candy Cane Block100
587Candy Cane Wall400
588Santa Hat1
589Santa Shirt1
590Santa Pants1
591Green Candy Cane Block100
592Green Candy Cane Wall400
593Snow Block100
594Snow Brick100
595Snow Brick Wall400
596Blue Light25
597Red Light25
598Green Light25
599Blue Presentn/a
600Green Presentn/a
601Yellow Presentn/a
602Snow Globe3
604Adamantite Beam100
605Adamantite Beam Wall400
606Demonite Brick Wall400
607Sandstone Brick100
608Sandstone Brick Wall400
609Ebonstone Brick100
610Ebonstone Brick Wall400
611Red Stucco100
612Yellow Stucco100
613Green Stucco100
614Gray Stucco100
615Red Stucco Wall400
616Yellow Stucco Wall400
617Green Stucco Wall400
618Gray Stucco Wall400
620Rich Mahogany100
622Ebonwood Wall400
623Rich Mahogany Wall400
624Pearlwood Wall400
625Ebonwood Chest1
626Rich Mahogany Chest1
627Pearlwood Chest1
628Ebonwood Chair1
629Rich Mahogany Chair1
630Pearlwood Chair1
631Ebonwood Platform200
632Rich Mahogany Platform200
633Pearlwood Platform200
634Bone Platform200
635Ebonwood Work Bench1
636Rich Mahogany Work Bench1
637Pearlwood Work Bench1
638Ebonwood Table1
639Rich Mahogany Table1
640Pearlwood Table1
641Ebonwood Piano1
642Rich Mahogany Piano1
643Pearlwood Piano1
644Ebonwood Bed1
645Rich Mahogany Bed1
646Pearlwood Bed1
647Ebonwood Dresser1
648Rich Mahogany Dresser1
649Pearlwood Dresser1
650Ebonwood Door1
651Rich Mahogany Door1
652Pearlwood Door1
653Ebonwood Sword1
654Ebonwood Hammer1
655Ebonwood Bow1
656Rich Mahogany Sword1
657Rich Mahogany Hammer1
658Rich Mahogany Bow1
659Pearlwood Sword1
660Pearlwood Hammer1
661Pearlwood Bow1
662Rainbow Brick100
663Rainbow Brick Wall400
664Ice Block100
665Red's Wings1
666Red's Helmet1
667Red's Breastplate1
668Red's Leggings1
670Ice Boomerang1
673Boreal Wood Work Bench1
674True Excalibur1
675True Night's Edge1
677Boreal Wood Table1
678Red Potion10
679Tactical Shotgun1
680Ivy Chest1
681Frozen Chest1
683Unholy Trident1
684Frost Helmet1
685Frost Breastplate1
686Frost Leggings1
687Tin Helmet1
688Tin Chainmail1
689Tin Greaves1
690Lead Helmet1
691Lead Chainmail1
692Lead Greaves1
693Tungsten Helmet1
694Tungsten Chainmail1
695Tungsten Greaves1
696Platinum Helmet1
697Platinum Chainmail1
698Platinum Greaves1
699Tin Ore100
700Lead Ore100
701Tungsten Ore100
702Platinum Ore100
703Tin Bar25
704Lead Bar25
705Tungsten Bar25
706Platinum Bar25
707Tin Watch1
708Tungsten Watch1
709Platinum Watch1
710Tin Chandelier1
711Tungsten Chandelier1
712Platinum Chandelier1
713Platinum Candle1
714Platinum Candelabra1
715Platinum Crown1
716Lead Anvil1
717Tin Brick100
718Tungsten Brick100
719Platinum Brick100
720Tin Brick Wall400
721Tungsten Brick Wall400
722Platinum Brick Wall400
723Beam Sword1
724Ice Blade1
725Ice Bow1
726Frost Staff1
727Wood Helmet1
728Wood Breastplate1
729Wood Greaves1
730Ebonwood Helmet1
731Ebonwood Breastplate1
732Ebonwood Greaves1
733Rich Mahogany Helmet1
734Rich Mahogany Breastplate1
735Rich Mahogany Greaves1
736Pearlwood Helmet1
737Pearlwood Breastplate1
738Pearlwood Greaves1
739Amethyst Staff1
740Topaz Staff1
741Sapphire Staff1
742Emerald Staff1
743Ruby Staff1
744Diamond Staff1
745Grass Wall400
746Jungle Wall400
747Flower Wall400
749Butterfly Wings1
750Cactus Wall400
752Cloud Wall400
754Rune Hat1
755Rune Robe1
756Mushroom Spear1
757Terra Blade1
758Grenade Launcher1
759Rocket Launcher1
760Proximity Mine Launcher1
761Fairy Wings1
762Slime Block100
763Flesh Block100
764Mushroom Wall400
765Rain Cloud100
766Bone Block100
767Frozen Slime Block100
768Bone Block Wall400
769Slime Block Wall400
770Flesh Block Wall400
771Rocket I99
772Rocket II99
773Rocket III99
774Rocket IV99
775Asphalt Block100
776Cobalt Pickaxe1
777Mythril Pickaxe1
778Adamantite Pickaxe1
780Green Solution99
781Blue Solution99
782Purple Solution99
783Dark Blue Solution99
784Red Solution99
785Harpy Wings1
786Bone Wings1
788Nettle Burst1
789Ankh Banner1
790Snake Banner1
791Omega Banner1
792Crimson Helmet1
793Crimson Scalemail1
794Crimson Greaves1
795Blood Butcherer1
796Tendon Bow1
797Flesh Grinder1
798Deathbringer Pickaxe1
799Blood Lust Cluster1
800The Undertaker1
801The Meatball1
802The Rotted Fork1
803Eskimo Hood1
804Eskimo Coat1
805Eskimo Pants1
806Living Wood Chair1
807Cactus Chair1
808Bone Chair1
809Flesh Chair1
810Mushroom Chair1
811Bone Work Bench1
812Cactus Work Bench1
813Flesh Work Bench1
814Mushroom Work Bench1
815Slime Work Bench1
816Cactus Door1
817Flesh Door1
818Mushroom Door1
819Living Wood Door1
820Bone Door1
821Flame Wings1
822Frozen Wings1
823Spectre Wings1
824Sunplate Block100
825Disc Wall400
826Skyware Chair1
827Bone Table1
828Flesh Table1
829Living Wood Table1
830Skyware Table1
831Living Wood Chest1
832Living Wood Wand1
833Purple Ice Block100
834Pink Ice Block100
835Red Ice Block100
836Crimstone Block100
837Skyware Door1
838Skyware Chest1
839Steampunk Hat1
840Steampunk Shirt1
841Steampunk Pants1
842Bee Hat1
843Bee Shirt1
844Bee Pants1
845World Banner1
846Sun Banner1
847Gravity Banner1
848Pharaoh's Mask1
850Blue Wrench1
851Green Wrench1
852Blue Pressure Plate5
853Yellow Pressure Plate5
854Discount Card1
855Lucky Coin1
856Unicorn on a Stick1
857Sandstorm in a Bottle1
858Boreal Wood Sofa1
859Beach Ball1
860Charm of Myths1
861Moon Shell1
862Star Veil1
863Water Walking Boots1
865Princess Dress1
866Pharaoh's Robe1
867Green Cap1
868Mushroom Cap1
869Tam O' Shanter1
870Mummy Mask1
871Mummy Shirt1
872Mummy Pants1
873Cowboy Hat1
874Cowboy Jacket1
875Cowboy Pants1
876Pirate Hat1
877Pirate Shirt1
878Pirate Pants1
879Viking Helmet1
880Crimtane Ore100
881Cactus Sword1
882Cactus Pickaxe1
883Ice Brick100
884Ice Brick Wall400
885Adhesive Bandage1
886Armor Polish1
889Fast Clock1
893Trifold Map1
894Cactus Helmet1
895Cactus Breastplate1
896Cactus Leggings1
897Power Glove1
898Lightning Boots1
899Sun Stone1
900Moon Stone1
901Armor Bracing1
902Medicated Bandage1
903The Plan1
904Countercurse Mantra1
905Coin Gun1
906Lava Charm1
907Obsidian Water Walking Boots1
908Lava Waders1
909Pure Water Fountain1
910Desert Water Fountain1
912Shadewood Door1
913Shadewood Platform200
914Shadewood Chest1
915Shadewood Chair1
916Shadewood Work Bench1
917Shadewood Table1
918Shadewood Dresser1
919Shadewood Piano1
920Shadewood Bed1
921Shadewood Sword1
922Shadewood Hammer1
923Shadewood Bow1
924Shadewood Helmet1
925Shadewood Breastplate1
926Shadewood Greaves1
927Shadewood Wall400
930Flare Gun1
932Bone Wand1
933Leaf Wand1
934Flying Carpet1
935Avenger Emblem1
936Mechanical Glove1
937Land Mine5
938Paladin's Shield1
939Web Slinger1
940Jungle Water Fountain1
941Icy Water Fountain1
942Corrupt Water Fountain1
943Crimson Water Fountain1
944Hallowed Water Fountain1
945Blood Water Fountain1
947Chlorophyte Ore100
948Steampunk Wings1
950Ice Skates1
951Snowball Launcher1
952Web Covered Chest1
953Climbing Claws1
954Ancient Iron Helmet1
955Ancient Gold Helmet1
956Ancient Shadow Helmet1
957Ancient Shadow Scalemail1
958Ancient Shadow Greaves1
959Ancient Necro Helmet1
960Ancient Cobalt Helmet1
961Ancient Cobalt Breastplate1
962Ancient Cobalt Leggings1
963Black Belt1
968Marshmallow on a Stick10
969Cooked Marshmallow10
970Red Rocket5
971Green Rocket5
972Blue Rocket5
973Yellow Rocket5
974Ice Torch100
975Shoe Spikes1
976Tiger Climbing Gear1
978Pink Eskimo Hood1
979Pink Eskimo Coat1
980Pink Eskimo Pants1
981Pink Thread5
982Mana Regeneration Band1
983Sandstorm in a Balloon1
984Master Ninja Gear1
985Rope Coil10
987Blizzard in a Bottle1
988Frostburn Arrow99
989Enchanted Sword1
990Pickaxe Axe1
991Cobalt Waraxe1
992Mythril Waraxe1
993Adamantite Waraxe1
994Eater's Bone1
996Meat Grinder1
1000Confetti Gun5
1001Chlorophyte Mask1
1002Chlorophyte Helmet1
1003Chlorophyte Headgear1
1004Chlorophyte Plate Mail1
1005Chlorophyte Greaves1
1006Chlorophyte Bar25
1007Red Dye3
1008Orange Dye3
1009Yellow Dye3
1010Lime Dye3
1011Green Dye3
1012Teal Dye3
1013Cyan Dye3
1014Sky Blue Dye3
1015Blue Dye3
1016Purple Dye3
1017Violet Dye3
1018Pink Dye3
1019Red and Black Dye3
1020Orange and Black Dye3
1021Yellow and Black Dye3
1022Lime and Black Dye3
1023Green and Black Dye3
1024Teal and Black Dye3
1025Cyan and Black Dye3
1026Sky Blue and Black Dye3
1027Blue and Black Dye3
1028Purple and Black Dye3
1029Violet and Black Dye3
1030Pink and Black Dye3
1031Flame Dye3
1032Flame and Black Dye3
1033Green Flame Dye3
1034Green Flame and Black Dye3
1035Blue Flame Dye3
1036Blue Flame and Black Dye3
1037Silver Dye3
1038Bright Red Dye3
1039Bright Orange Dye3
1040Bright Yellow Dye3
1041Bright Lime Dye3
1042Bright Green Dye3
1043Bright Teal Dye3
1044Bright Cyan Dye3
1045Bright Sky Blue Dye3
1046Bright Blue Dye3
1047Bright Purple Dye3
1048Bright Violet Dye3
1049Bright Pink Dye3
1050Black Dye3
1051Red and Silver Dye3
1052Orange and Silver Dye3
1053Yellow and Silver Dye3
1054Lime and Silver Dye3
1055Green and Silver Dye3
1056Teal and Silver Dye3
1057Cyan and Silver Dye3
1058Sky Blue and Silver Dye3
1059Blue and Silver Dye3
1060Purple and Silver Dye3
1061Violet and Silver Dye3
1062Pink and Silver Dye3
1063Intense Flame Dye3
1064Intense Green Flame Dye3
1065Intense Blue Flame Dye3
1066Rainbow Dye3
1067Intense Rainbow Dye3
1068Yellow Gradient Dye3
1069Cyan Gradient Dye3
1070Violet Gradient Dye3
1072Paint Roller1
1073Red Paint100
1074Orange Paint100
1075Yellow Paint100
1076Lime Paint100
1077Green Paint100
1078Teal Paint100
1079Cyan Paint100
1080Sky Blue Paint100
1081Blue Paint100
1082Purple Paint100
1083Violet Paint100
1084Pink Paint100
1085Deep Red Paint100
1086Deep Orange Paint100
1087Deep Yellow Paint100
1088Deep Lime Paint100
1089Deep Green Paint100
1090Deep Teal Paint100
1091Deep Cyan Paint100
1092Deep Sky Blue Paint100
1093Deep Blue Paint100
1094Deep Purple Paint100
1095Deep Violet Paint100
1096Deep Pink Paint100
1097Black Paint100
1098White Paint100
1099Gray Paint100
1100Paint Scraper1
1101Lihzahrd Brick100
1102Lihzahrd Brick Wall400
1103Slush Block200
1104Palladium Ore100
1105Orichalcum Ore100
1106Titanium Ore100
1107Teal Mushroom3
1108Green Mushroom3
1109Sky Blue Flower3
1110Yellow Marigold3
1111Blue Berries3
1112Lime Kelp3
1113Pink Prickly Pear3
1114Orange Bloodroot3
1115Red Husk3
1116Cyan Husk3
1117Violet Husk3
1118Purple Mucus3
1119Black Ink3
1120Dye Vat1
1121Bee Gun1
1122Possessed Hatchet1
1123Bee Keeper1
1125Honey Block100
1126Hive Wall400
1127Crispy Honey Block100
1128Honey Bucket1
1129Hive Wand1
1131Gravity Globe1
1132Honey Comb1
1134Bottled Honey30
1135Rain Hat1
1136Rain Coat1
1137Lihzahrd Door1
1138Dungeon Door1
1139Lead Door1
1140Iron Door1
1141Temple Key1
1142Lihzahrd Chest1
1143Lihzahrd Chair1
1144Lihzahrd Table1
1145Lihzahrd Work Bench1
1146Super Dart Trap5
1147Flame Trap5
1148Spiky Ball Trap5
1149Spear Trap5
1150Wooden Spike100
1151Lihzahrd Pressure Plate5
1152Lihzahrd Statue1
1153Lihzahrd Watcher Statue1
1154Lihzahrd Guardian Statue1
1155Wasp Gun1
1156Piranha Gun1
1157Pygmy Staff1
1158Pygmy Necklace1
1159Tiki Mask1
1160Tiki Shirt1
1161Tiki Pants1
1162Leaf Wings1
1163Blizzard in a Balloon1
1164Bundle of Balloons1
1165Bat Wings1
1166Bone Sword1
1167Hercules Beetle1
1168Smoke Bomb25
1169Bone Key1
1171Tiki Totem1
1172Lizard Egg1
1173Grave Marker2
1174Cross Grave Marker2
1178Leaf Blower1
1179Chlorophyte Bullet99
1180Parrot Cracker1
1181Strange Glowing Mushroom1
1183Wisp in a Bottle1
1184Palladium Bar25
1185Palladium Sword1
1186Palladium Pike1
1187Palladium Repeater1
1188Palladium Pickaxe1
1189Palladium Drill1
1190Palladium Chainsaw1
1191Orichalcum Bar25
1192Orichalcum Sword1
1193Orichalcum Halberd1
1194Orichalcum Repeater1
1195Orichalcum Pickaxe1
1196Orichalcum Drill1
1197Orichalcum Chainsaw1
1198Titanium Bar25
1199Titanium Sword1
1200Titanium Trident1
1201Titanium Repeater1
1202Titanium Pickaxe1
1203Titanium Drill1
1204Titanium Chainsaw1
1205Palladium Mask1
1206Palladium Helmet1
1207Palladium Headgear1
1208Palladium Breastplate1
1209Palladium Leggings1
1210Orichalcum Mask1
1211Orichalcum Helmet1
1212Orichalcum Headgear1
1213Orichalcum Breastplate1
1214Orichalcum Leggings1
1215Titanium Mask1
1216Titanium Helmet1
1217Titanium Headgear1
1218Titanium Breastplate1
1219Titanium Leggings1
1220Orichalcum Anvil1
1221Titanium Forge1
1222Palladium Waraxe1
1223Orichalcum Waraxe1
1224Titanium Waraxe1
1225Hallowed Bar25
1226Chlorophyte Claymore1
1227Chlorophyte Saber1
1228Chlorophyte Partisan1
1229Chlorophyte Shotbow1
1230Chlorophyte Pickaxe1
1231Chlorophyte Drill1
1232Chlorophyte Chainsaw1
1233Chlorophyte Greataxe1
1234Chlorophyte Warhammer1
1235Chlorophyte Arrow99
1236Amethyst Hook1
1237Topaz Hook1
1238Sapphire Hook1
1239Emerald Hook1
1240Ruby Hook1
1241Diamond Hook1
1242Amber Mosquito1
1243Umbrella Hat1
1244Nimbus Rod1
1245Orange Torch100
1246Crimsand Block100
1247Bee Cloak1
1248Eye of the Golem1
1249Honey Balloon1
1250Blue Horseshoe Balloon1
1251White Horseshoe Balloon1
1252Yellow Horseshoe Balloon1
1253Frozen Turtle Shell1
1254Sniper Rifle1
1255Venus Magnum1
1256Crimson Rod1
1257Crimtane Bar25
1259Flower Pow1
1260Rainbow Gun1
1261Stynger Bolt99
1262Chlorophyte Jackhammer1
1264Flower of Frost1
1266Magnet Sphere1
1267Purple Stained Glass400
1268Yellow Stained Glass400
1269Blue Stained Glass400
1270Green Stained Glass400
1271Red Stained Glass400
1272Multicolored Stained Glass400
1273Skeletron Hand1
1275Balla Hat1
1276Gangsta Hat1
1277Sailor Hat1
1278Eye Patch1
1279Sailor Shirt1
1280Sailor Pants1
1281Skeletron Mask1
1282Amethyst Robe1
1283Topaz Robe1
1284Sapphire Robe1
1285Emerald Robe1
1286Ruby Robe1
1287Diamond Robe1
1288White Tuxedo Shirt1
1289White Tuxedo Pants1
1290Panic Necklace1
1291Life Fruit10
1292Lihzahrd Altar1
1293Lihzahrd Power Cell3
1295Heat Ray1
1296Staff of Earth1
1297Golem Fist1
1298Water Chest1
1300Rifle Scope1
1301Destroyer Emblem1
1302High Velocity Bullet99
1303Jellyfish Necklace1
1304Zombie Arm1
1305The Axe1
1306Ice Sickle1
1307Clothier Voodoo Doll1
1308Poison Staff1
1309Slime Staff1
1310Poison Dart99
1311Eye Spring1
1312Toy Sled1
1313Book of Skulls1
1314KO Cannon1
1315Pirate Map3
1316Turtle Helmet1
1317Turtle Scale Mail1
1318Turtle Leggings1
1319Snowball Cannon1
1320Bone Pickaxe1
1321Magic Quiver1
1322Magma Stone1
1323Obsidian Rose1
1325Chain Knife1
1326Rod of Discord1
1327Death Sickle1
1328Turtle Shell3
1329Tissue Sample25
1331Bloody Spine3
1333Ichor Torch100
1334Ichor Arrow99
1335Ichor Bullet99
1336Golden Shower1
1337Bunny Cannon1
1338Explosive Bunny25
1339Vial of Venom25
1340Flask of Venom20
1341Venom Arrow99
1342Venom Bullet99
1343Fire Gauntlet1
1347Explosive Powder25
1348Gold Dust25
1349Party Bullet99
1350Nano Bullet99
1351Exploding Bullet99
1352Golden Bullet99
1353Flask of Cursed Flames20
1354Flask of Fire20
1355Flask of Gold20
1356Flask of Ichor20
1357Flask of Nanites20
1358Flask of Party20
1359Flask of Poison20
1360Eye of Cthulhu Trophy1
1361Eater of Worlds Trophy1
1362Brain of Cthulhu Trophy1
1363Skeletron Trophy1
1364Queen Bee Trophy1
1365Wall of Flesh Trophy1
1366Destroyer Trophy1
1367Skeletron Prime Trophy1
1368Retinazer Trophy1
1369Spazmatism Trophy1
1370Plantera Trophy1
1371Golem Trophy1
1372Blood Moon Rising1
1373The Hanged Man1
1374Glory of the Fire1
1375Bone Warp1
1376Wall Skeleton1
1377Hanging Skeleton1
1378Blue Slab Wall400
1379Blue Tiled Wall400
1380Pink Slab Wall400
1381Pink Tiled Wall400
1382Green Slab Wall400
1383Green Tiled Wall400
1384Blue Brick Platform25
1385Pink Brick Platform25
1386Green Brick Platform25
1387Metal Shelf25
1388Brass Shelf25
1389Wood Shelf25
1390Brass Lantern1
1391Caged Lantern1
1392Carriage Lantern1
1393Alchemy Lantern1
1394Diabolist Lamp1
1395Oil Rag Sconce1
1396Blue Dungeon Chair1
1397Blue Dungeon Table1
1398Blue Dungeon Work Bench1
1399Green Dungeon Chair1
1400Green Dungeon Table1
1401Green Dungeon Work Bench1
1402Pink Dungeon Chair1
1403Pink Dungeon Table1
1404Pink Dungeon Work Bench1
1405Blue Dungeon Candle1
1406Green Dungeon Candle1
1407Pink Dungeon Candle1
1408Blue Dungeon Vase1
1409Green Dungeon Vase1
1410Pink Dungeon Vase1
1411Blue Dungeon Door1
1412Green Dungeon Door1
1413Pink Dungeon Door1
1414Blue Dungeon Bookcase1
1415Green Dungeon Bookcase1
1416Pink Dungeon Bookcase1
1418Dungeon Shelf25
1419Skellington J Skellingsworth1
1420The Cursed Man1
1421The Eye Sees the End1
1422Something Evil is Watching You1
1423The Twins Have Awoken1
1424The Screamer1
1425Goblins Playing Poker1
1428Terrarian Gothic1
1430Imbuing Station1
1431Star in a Bottle1
1432Empty Bullet100
1434Powered by Birds1
1435The Destroyer1
1436The Persistency of Eyes1
1437Unicorn Crossing the Hallows1
1438Great Wave1
1439Starry Night1
1440Guide Picasso1
1441The Guardian's Gaze1
1442Father of Someone1
1443Nurse Lisa1
1444Shadowbeam Staff1
1445Inferno Fork1
1446Spectre Staff1
1447Wooden Fence400
1448Lead Fence400
1449Bubble Machine1
1450Bubble Wand1
1451Marching Bones Banner1
1452Necromantic Sign1
1453Rusted Company Standard1
1454Ragged Brotherhood Sigil1
1455Molten Legion Flag1
1456Diabolic Sigil1
1457Obsidian Platform200
1458Obsidian Door1
1459Obsidian Chair1
1460Obsidian Table1
1461Obsidian Work Bench1
1462Obsidian Vase1
1463Obsidian Bookcase1
1464Hellbound Banner1
1465Hell Hammer Banner1
1466Helltower Banner1
1467Lost Hopes of Man Banner1
1468Obsidian Watcher Banner1
1469Lava Erupts Banner1
1470Blue Dungeon Bed1
1471Green Dungeon Bed1
1472Pink Dungeon Bed1
1473Obsidian Bed1
1476Dark Soul Reaper1
1478Trapped Ghost1
1479Demon's Eye1
1480Finding Gold1
1481First Encounter1
1482Good Morning1
1483Underground Reward1
1484Through the Window1
1485Place Above the Clouds1
1486Do Not Step on the Grass1
1487Cold Waters in the White Land1
1488Lightless Chasms1
1489The Land of Deceiving Looks1
1491Secret of the Sands1
1492Deadland Comes Alive1
1493Evil Presence1
1494Sky Guardian1
1495American Explosive1
1497Hand Earth1
1498Old Miner1
1500Facing the Cerebral Mastermind1
1501Lake of Fire1
1502Trio Super Heroes1
1503Spectre Hood1
1504Spectre Robe1
1505Spectre Pants1
1506Spectre Pickaxe1
1507Spectre Hamaxe1
1509Gothic Chair1
1510Gothic Table1
1511Gothic Work Bench1
1512Gothic Bookcase1
1513Paladin's Hammer1
1514SWAT Helmet1
1515Bee Wings1
1516Giant Harpy Feather1
1517Bone Feather1
1518Fire Feather1
1519Ice Feather1
1520Broken Bat Wing1
1521Tattered Bee Wing1
1522Large Amethyst1
1523Large Topaz1
1524Large Sapphire1
1525Large Emerald1
1526Large Ruby1
1527Large Diamond1
1528Jungle Chest1
1529Corruption Chest1
1530Crimson Chest1
1531Hallowed Chest1
1532Ice Chest1
1533Jungle Key1
1534Corruption Key1
1535Crimson Key1
1536Hallowed Key1
1537Frozen Key1
1538Imp Face1
1539Ominous Presence1
1540Shining Moon1
1541Living Gore1
1542Flowing Magma1
1543Spectre Paintbrush1
1544Spectre Paint Roller1
1545Spectre Paint Scraper1
1546Shroomite Headgear1
1547Shroomite Mask1
1548Shroomite Helmet1
1549Shroomite Breastplate1
1550Shroomite Leggings1
1552Shroomite Bar25
1554Cenx's Tiara1
1555Cenx's Breastplate1
1556Cenx's Leggings1
1557Crowno's Mask1
1558Crowno's Breastplate1
1559Crowno's Leggings1
1560Will's Helmet1
1561Will's Breastplate1
1562Will's Leggings1
1563Jim's Helmet1
1564Jim's Breastplate1
1565Jim's Leggings1
1566Aaron's Helmet1
1567Aaron's Breastplate1
1568Aaron's Leggings1
1569Vampire Knives1
1570Broken Hero Sword1
1571Scourge of the Corruptor1
1572Staff of the Frost Hydra1
1573The Creation of the Guide1
1574The Merchant1
1575Crowno Devours His Lunch1
1576Rare Enchantment1
1577Glorious Night1
1578Sweetheart Necklace1
1579Flurry Boots1
1580D-Town's Helmet1
1581D-Town's Breastplate1
1582D-Town's Leggings1
1583D-Town's Wings1
1584Will's Wings1
1585Crowno's Wings1
1586Cenx's Wings1
1587Cenx's Dress1
1588Cenx's Dress Pants1
1589Palladium Column100
1590Palladium Column Wall400
1591Bubblegum Block100
1592Bubblegum Block Wall400
1593Titanstone Block100
1594Titanstone Block Wall400
1595Magic Cuffs1
1596Music Box (Snow)1
1597Music Box (Space Night)1
1598Music Box (Crimson)1
1599Music Box (Boss 4)1
1600Music Box (Alt Overworld Day)1
1601Music Box (Rain)1
1602Music Box (Ice)1
1603Music Box (Desert)1
1604Music Box (Ocean Day)1
1605Music Box (Dungeon)1
1606Music Box (Plantera)1
1607Music Box (Boss 5)1
1608Music Box (Temple)1
1609Music Box (Eclipse)1
1610Music Box (Mushrooms)1
1611Butterfly Dust1
1612Ankh Charm1
1613Ankh Shield1
1614Blue Flare99
1615Angler Fish Banner1
1616Angry Nimbus Banner1
1617Anomura Fungus Banner1
1618Antlion Banner1
1619Arapaima Banner1
1620Armored Skeleton Banner1
1621Cave Bat Banner1
1622Bird Banner1
1623Black Recluse Banner1
1624Blood Feeder Banner1
1625Blood Jelly Banner1
1626Blood Crawler Banner1
1627Bone Serpent Banner1
1628Bunny Banner1
1629Chaos Elemental Banner1
1630Mimic Banner1
1631Clown Banner1
1632Corrupt Bunny Banner1
1633Corrupt Goldfish Banner1
1634Crab Banner1
1635Crimera Banner1
1636Crimson Axe Banner1
1637Cursed Hammer Banner1
1638Demon Banner1
1639Demon Eye Banner1
1640Derpling Banner1
1641Eater of Souls Banner1
1642Enchanted Sword Banner1
1643Frozen Zombie Banner1
1644Face Monster Banner1
1645Floaty Gross Banner1
1646Flying Fish Banner1
1647Flying Snake Banner1
1648Frankenstein Banner1
1649Fungi Bulb Banner1
1650Fungo Fish Banner1
1651Gastropod Banner1
1652Goblin Thief Banner1
1653Goblin Sorcerer Banner1
1654Goblin Peon Banner1
1655Goblin Scout Banner1
1656Goblin Warrior Banner1
1657Goldfish Banner1
1658Harpy Banner1
1659Hellbat Banner1
1660Herpling Banner1
1661Hornet Banner1
1662Ice Elemental Banner1
1663Icy Merman Banner1
1664Fire Imp Banner1
1665Blue Jellyfish Banner1
1666Jungle Creeper Banner1
1667Lihzahrd Banner1
1668Man Eater Banner1
1669Meteor Head Banner1
1670Moth Banner1
1671Mummy Banner1
1672Mushi Ladybug Banner1
1673Parrot Banner1
1674Pigron Banner1
1675Piranha Banner1
1676Pirate Deckhand Banner1
1677Pixie Banner1
1678Raincoat Zombie Banner1
1679Reaper Banner1
1680Shark Banner1
1681Skeleton Banner1
1682Dark Caster Banner1
1683Blue Slime Banner1
1684Snow Flinx Banner1
1685Wall Creeper Banner1
1686Spore Zombie Banner1
1687Swamp Thing Banner1
1688Giant Tortoise Banner1
1689Toxic Sludge Banner1
1690Umbrella Slime Banner1
1691Unicorn Banner1
1692Vampire Banner1
1693Vulture Banner1
1694Nymph Banner1
1695Werewolf Banner1
1696Wolf Banner1
1697World Feeder Banner1
1698Worm Banner1
1699Wraith Banner1
1700Wyvern Banner1
1701Zombie Banner1
1702Glass Platform200
1703Glass Chair1
1704Golden Chair1
1705Golden Toilet1
1706Bar Stool1
1707Honey Chair1
1708Steampunk Chair1
1709Glass Door1
1710Golden Door1
1711Honey Door1
1712Steampunk Door1
1713Glass Table1
1714Banquet Table1
1716Golden Table1
1717Honey Table1
1718Steampunk Table1
1719Glass Bed1
1720Golden Bed1
1721Honey Bed1
1722Steampunk Bed1
1723Living Wood Wall400
1724Fart in a Jar1
1726Pumpkin Wall400
1728Hay Wall400
1729Spooky Wood100
1730Spooky Wood Wall400
1731Pumpkin Helmet1
1732Pumpkin Breastplate1
1733Pumpkin Leggings1
1734Candy Applen/a
1735Soul Caken/a
1736Nurse Hat1
1737Nurse Shirt1
1738Nurse Pants1
1739Wizard's Hat1
1740Guy Fawkes Mask1
1741Dye Trader Robe1
1742Steampunk Goggles1
1743Cyborg Helmet1
1744Cyborg Shirt1
1745Cyborg Pants1
1746Creeper Mask1
1747Creeper Shirt1
1748Creeper Pants1
1749Cat Mask1
1750Cat Shirt1
1751Cat Pants1
1752Ghost Mask1
1753Ghost Shirt1
1754Pumpkin Mask1
1755Pumpkin Shirt1
1756Pumpkin Pants1
1757Robot Mask1
1758Robot Shirt1
1759Robot Pants1
1760Unicorn Mask1
1761Unicorn Shirt1
1762Unicorn Pants1
1763Vampire Mask1
1764Vampire Shirt1
1765Vampire Pants1
1766Witch Hat1
1767Leprechaun Hat1
1768Leprechaun Shirt1
1769Leprechaun Pants1
1770Pixie Shirt1
1771Pixie Pants1
1772Princess Hat1
1773Princess Dress1
1774Goodie Bag10
1775Witch Dress1
1776Witch Boots1
1777Bride of Frankenstein Mask1
1778Bride of Frankenstein Dress1
1779Karate Tortoise Mask1
1780Karate Tortoise Shirt1
1781Karate Tortoise Pants1
1782Candy Corn Rifle1
1783Candy Corn99
1784Jack 'O Lantern Launcher1
1785Explosive Jack 'O Lantern99
1787Pumpkin Pie10
1788Scarecrow Hat1
1789Scarecrow Shirt1
1790Scarecrow Pants1
1792Pumpkin Chair1
1793Pumpkin Door1
1794Pumpkin Table1
1795Pumpkin Work Bench1
1796Pumpkin Platform200
1797Tattered Fairy Wings1
1798Spider Egg1
1799Magical Pumpkin Seed1
1800Bat Hook1
1801Bat Scepter1
1802Raven Staff1
1803Jungle Key Moldn/a
1804Corruption Key Moldn/a
1805Crimson Key Moldn/a
1806Hallowed Key Moldn/a
1807Frozen Key Moldn/a
1808Hanging Jack 'O Lantern1
1809Rotten Egg99
1810Unlucky Yarn1
1811Black Fairy Dust1
1813Jack 'O Lantern1
1814Spooky Chair1
1815Spooky Door1
1816Spooky Table1
1817Spooky Work Bench1
1818Spooky Wood Platform200
1819Reaper Hood1
1820Reaper Robe1
1821Fox Mask1
1822Fox Shirt1
1823Fox Pants1
1824Cat Ears1
1825Bloody Machete1
1826The Horseman's Blade1
1827Bladed Glove1
1828Pumpkin Seed25
1829Spooky Hook1
1830Spooky Wings1
1831Spooky Twig1
1832Spooky Helmet1
1833Spooky Breastplate1
1834Spooky Leggings1
1835Stake Launcher1
1837Cursed Sapling1
1838Space Creature Mask1
1839Space Creature Shirt1
1840Space Creature Pants1
1841Wolf Mask1
1842Wolf Shirt1
1843Wolf Pants1
1844Pumpkin Moon Medallion3
1845Necromantic Scroll1
1846Jacking Skeletron1
1847Bitter Harvest1
1848Blood Moon Countess1
1849Hallow's Eve1
1850Morbid Curiosity1
1851Treasure Hunter Shirt1
1852Treasure Hunter Pants1
1853Dryad Coverings1
1854Dryad Loincloth1
1855Mourning Wood Trophy1
1856Pumpking Trophy1
1857Jack 'O Lantern Mask1
1858Sniper Scope1
1859Heart Lantern1
1860Jellyfish Diving Gear1
1861Arctic Diving Gear1
1862Frostspark Boots1
1863Fart in a Balloon1
1864Papyrus Scarab1
1865Celestial Stone1
1867Candy Canen/a
1868Sugar Plumn/a
1870Red Ryder1
1871Festive Wings1
1872Pine Tree Block100
1873Christmas Tree1
1874Star Topper 11
1875Star Topper 21
1876Star Topper 31
1877Bow Topper1
1878White Garland1
1879White and Red Garland1
1880Red Garland1
1881Red and Green Garland1
1882Green Garland1
1883Green and White Garland1
1884Multicolored Bulb1
1885Red Bulb1
1886Yellow Bulb1
1887Green Bulb1
1888Red and Green Bulb1
1889Yellow and Green Bulb1
1890Red and Yellow Bulb1
1891White Bulb1
1892White and Red Bulb1
1893White and Yellow Bulb1
1894White and Green Bulb1
1895Multicolored Lights1
1896Red Lights1
1897Green Lights1
1898Blue Lights1
1899Yellow Lights1
1900Red and Yellow Lights1
1901Red and Green Lights1
1902Yellow and Green Lights1
1903Blue and Green Lights1
1904Red and Blue Lights1
1905Blue and Yellow Lights1
1906Giant Bow1
1907Reindeer Antlers1
1909Candy Cane Sword1
1910Elf Melter1
1911Christmas Pudding10
1913Star Anise99
1914Reindeer Bells1
1915Candy Cane Hook1
1916Christmas Hook1
1917Candy Cane Pickaxe1
1918Fruitcake Chakram1
1919Sugar Cookie10
1920Gingerbread Cookie10
1921Hand Warmer1
1924Pine Door1
1925Pine Chair1
1926Pine Table1
1927Dog Whistle1
1928Christmas Tree Sword1
1929Chain Gun1
1931Blizzard Staff1
1932Mrs. Claus Hat1
1933Mrs. Claus Shirt1
1934Mrs. Claus Heels1
1935Parka Hood1
1936Parka Coat1
1937Parka Pants1
1938Snow Hat1
1939Ugly Sweater1
1940Tree Mask1
1941Tree Shirt1
1942Tree Trunks1
1943Elf Hat1
1944Elf Shirt1
1945Elf Pants1
1946Snowman Cannon1
1947North Pole1
1948Christmas Tree Wallpaper400
1949Ornament Wallpaper400
1950Candy Cane Wallpaper400
1951Festive Wallpaper400
1952Stars Wallpaper400
1953Squiggles Wallpaper400
1954Snowflake Wallpaper400
1955Krampus Horn Wallpaper400
1956Bluegreen Wallpaper400
1957Grinch Finger Wallpaper400
1958Naughty Present3
1959Baby Grinch's Mischief Whistle1
1960Ice Queen Trophy1
1961Santa-NK1 Trophy1
1962Everscream Trophy1
1963Music Box (Pumpkin Moon)1
1964Music Box (Alt Underground)1
1965Music Box (Frost Moon)1
1966Brown Paint100
1967Shadow Paint100
1968Negative Paint100
1969Team Dye3
1970Amethyst Gemspark Block100
1971Topaz Gemspark Block100
1972Sapphire Gemspark Block100
1973Emerald Gemspark Block100
1974Ruby Gemspark Block100
1975Diamond Gemspark Block100
1976Amber Gemspark Block100
1977Life Hair Dye1
1978Mana Hair Dye1
1979Depth Hair Dye1
1980Money Hair Dye1
1981Time Hair Dye1
1982Team Hair Dye1
1983Biome Hair Dye1
1984Party Hair Dye1
1985Rainbow Hair Dye1
1986Speed Hair Dye1
1987Angel Halo1
1990Hair Dye Remover1
1991Bug Net1
1993Firefly in a Bottle1
1994Monarch Butterfly5
1995Purple Emperor Butterfly5
1996Red Admiral Butterfly5
1997Ulysses Butterfly5
1998Sulphur Butterfly5
1999Tree Nymph Butterfly5
2000Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly5
2001Julia Butterfly5
2004Lightning Bug5
2005Lightning Bug in a Bottle1
2007Glowing Snail5
2008Fancy Gray Wallpaper400
2009Ice Floe Wallpaper400
2010Music Wallpaper400
2011Purple Rain Wallpaper400
2012Rainbow Wallpaper400
2013Sparkle Stone Wallpaper400
2014Starlit Heaven Wallpaper400
2016Blue Jay5
2020Cactus Bookcase1
2021Ebonwood Bookcase1
2022Flesh Bookcase1
2023Honey Bookcase1
2024Steampunk Bookcase1
2025Glass Bookcase1
2026Rich Mahogany Bookcase1
2027Pearlwood Bookcase1
2028Spooky Bookcase1
2029Skyware Bookcase1
2030Lihzahrd Bookcase1
2031Frozen Bookcase1
2032Cactus Lantern1
2033Ebonwood Lantern1
2034Flesh Lantern1
2035Honey Lantern1
2036Steampunk Lantern1
2037Glass Lantern1
2038Rich Mahogany Lantern1
2039Pearlwood Lantern1
2040Frozen Lantern1
2041Lihzahrd Lantern1
2042Skyware Lantern1
2043Spooky Lantern1
2044Frozen Door1
2045Cactus Candle1
2046Ebonwood Candle1
2047Flesh Candle1
2048Glass Candle1
2049Frozen Candle1
2050Rich Mahogany Candle1
2051Pearlwood Candle1
2052Lihzahrd Candle1
2053Skyware Candle1
2054Pumpkin Candle1
2055Cactus Chandelier1
2056Ebonwood Chandelier1
2057Flesh Chandelier1
2058Honey Chandelier1
2059Frozen Chandelier1
2060Rich Mahogany Chandelier1
2061Pearlwood Chandelier1
2062Lihzahrd Chandelier1
2063Skyware Chandelier1
2064Spooky Chandelier1
2065Glass Chandelier1
2066Cactus Bed1
2067Flesh Bed1
2068Frozen Bed1
2069Lihzahrd Bed1
2070Skyware Bed1
2071Spooky Bed1
2072Cactus Bathtub1
2073Ebonwood Bathtub1
2074Flesh Bathtub1
2075Glass Bathtub1
2076Frozen Bathtub1
2077Rich Mahogany Bathtub1
2078Pearlwood Bathtub1
2079Lihzahrd Bathtub1
2080Skyware Bathtub1
2081Spooky Bathtub1
2082Cactus Lamp1
2083Ebonwood Lamp1
2084Flesh Lamp1
2085Glass Lamp1
2086Frozen Lamp1
2087Rich Mahogany Lamp1
2088Pearlwood Lamp1
2089Lihzahrd Lamp1
2090Skyware Lamp1
2091Spooky Lamp1
2092Cactus Candelabra1
2093Ebonwood Candelabra1
2094Flesh Candelabra1
2095Honey Candelabra1
2096Steampunk Candelabra1
2097Glass Candelabra1
2098Rich Mahogany Candelabra1
2099Pearlwood Candelabra1
2100Frozen Candelabra1
2101Lihzahrd Candelabra1
2102Skyware Candelabra1
2103Spooky Candelabra1
2104Brain of Cthulhu Mask1
2105Wall of Flesh Mask1
2106Twin Mask1
2107Skeletron Prime Mask1
2108Queen Bee Mask1
2109Plantera Mask1
2110Golem Mask1
2111Eater of Worlds Mask1
2112Eye of Cthulhu Mask1
2113Destroyer Mask1
2114Blacksmith Rack1
2115Carpentry Rack1
2116Helmet Rack1
2117Spear Rack1
2118Sword Rack1
2119Stone Slab100
2120Sandstone Slab100
2122Mallard Duck5
2124Honey Bathtub1
2125Steampunk Bathtub1
2126Living Wood Bathtub1
2127Shadewood Bathtub1
2128Bone Bathtub1
2129Honey Lamp1
2130Steampunk Lamp1
2131Living Wood Lamp1
2132Shadewood Lamp1
2133Golden Lamp1
2134Bone Lamp1
2135Living Wood Bookcase1
2136Shadewood Bookcase1
2137Golden Bookcase1
2138Bone Bookcase1
2139Living Wood Bed1
2140Bone Bed1
2141Living Wood Chandelier1
2142Shadewood Chandelier1
2143Golden Chandelier1
2144Bone Chandelier1
2145Living Wood Lantern1
2146Shadewood Lantern1
2147Golden Lantern1
2148Bone Lantern1
2149Living Wood Candelabra1
2150Shadewood Candelabra1
2151Golden Candelabra1
2152Bone Candelabra1
2153Living Wood Candle1
2154Shadewood Candle1
2155Golden Candle1
2156Black Scorpion5
2158Bubble Wallpaper400
2159Copper Pipe Wallpaper400
2160Ducky Wallpaper400
2161Frost Core3
2162Bunny Cage1
2163Squirrel Cage1
2164Mallard Duck Cage1
2165Duck Cage1
2166Bird Cage1
2167Blue Jay Cage1
2168Cardinal Cage1
2169Waterfall Wall400
2170Lavafall Wall400
2171Crimson Seeds25
2172Heavy Work Bench1
2173Copper Plating100
2174Snail Cage1
2175Glowing Snail Cage1
2176Shroomite Digging Claw1
2177Ammo Box1
2178Monarch Butterfly Jar1
2179Purple Emperor Butterfly Jar1
2180Red Admiral Butterfly Jar1
2181Ulysses Butterfly Jar1
2182Sulphur Butterfly Jar1
2183Tree Nymph Butterfly Jar1
2184Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly Jar1
2185Julia Butterfly Jar1
2186Scorpion Cage1
2187Black Scorpion Cage1
2188Venom Staff1
2189Spectre Mask1
2190Frog Cage1
2191Mouse Cage1
2192Bone Welder1
2193Flesh Cloning Vat1
2194Glass Kiln1
2195Lihzahrd Furnace1
2196Living Loom1
2197Sky Mill1
2198Ice Machine1
2199Beetle Helmet1
2200Beetle Scale Mail1
2201Beetle Shell1
2202Beetle Leggings1
2203Steampunk Boiler1
2204Honey Dispenser1
2206Penguin Cage1
2207Worm Cage1
2209Super Mana Potion30
2210Ebonwood Fence400
2211Rich Mahogany Fence400
2212Pearlwood Fence400
2213Shadewood Fence400
2214Brick Layer1
2215Extendo Grip1
2216Paint Sprayer1
2217Portable Cement Mixer1
2218Beetle Husk25
2219Celestial Magnet1
2220Celestial Emblem1
2221Celestial Cuffs1
2222Peddler's Hat1
2223Pulse Bow1
2224Large Dynasty Lantern1
2225Dynasty Lamp1
2226Dynasty Lantern1
2227Large Dynasty Candle1
2228Dynasty Chair1
2229Dynasty Work Bench1
2230Dynasty Chest1
2231Dynasty Bed1
2232Dynasty Bathtub1
2233Dynasty Bookcase1
2234Dynasty Cup1
2235Dynasty Bowl1
2236Dynasty Candle1
2237Dynasty Clock1
2238Golden Clock1
2239Glass Clock1
2240Honey Clock1
2241Steampunk Clock1
2242Fancy Dishes1
2243Glass Bowl1
2244Wine Glass1
2245Living Wood Piano1
2246Flesh Piano1
2247Frozen Piano1
2248Frozen Table1
2249Honey Chest1
2250Steampunk Chest1
2251Honey Work Bench1
2252Frozen Work Bench1
2253Steampunk Work Bench1
2254Glass Piano1
2255Honey Piano1
2256Steampunk Piano1
2257Honey Cup1
2259Dynasty Table1
2260Dynasty Wood100
2261Red Dynasty Shingles100
2262Blue Dynasty Shingles100
2263White Dynasty Wall400
2264Blue Dynasty Wall400
2265Dynasty Door1
2267Pad Thai10
2271Arcane Rune Wall400
2272Water Gun1
2274Ultrabright Torch100
2275Magic Hat1
2276Diamond Ring1
2279Gypsy Robe1
2280Beetle Wings1
2281Tiger Skin1
2282Leopard Skin1
2283Zebra Skin1
2284Crimson Cloak1
2285Mysterious Cape1
2286Red Cape1
2287Winter Cape1
2288Frozen Chair1
2289Wood Fishing Pole1
2291Reinforced Fishing Pole1
2292Fiberglass Fishing Pole1
2293Fisher of Souls1
2294Golden Fishing Rod1
2295Mechanic's Rod1
2296Sitting Duck's Fishing Pole1
2299Atlantic Cod3
2301Red Snapper3
2302Neon Tetra3
2303Armored Cavefish3
2305Crimson Tigerfish3
2306Frost Minnow3
2307Princess Fish3
2308Golden Carp3
2309Specular Fish3
2311Variegated Lardfish3
2312Flarefin Koi3
2313Double Cod3
2317Chaos Fish3
2322Mining Potion20
2323Heartreach Potion20
2324Calming Potion20
2325Builder Potion20
2326Titan Potion20
2327Flipper Potion20
2328Summoning Potion20
2329Dangersense Potion20
2330Purple Clubberfish1
2331Obsidian Swordfish1
2333Iron Fence400
2334Wooden Crate10
2335Iron Crate10
2336Golden Crate10
2337Old Shoe1
2339Tin Can1
2340Minecart Track100
2341Reaver Shark1
2342Sawtooth Shark1
2344Ammo Reservation Potion20
2345Lifeforce Potion20
2346Endurance Potion20
2347Rage Potion20
2348Inferno Potion20
2349Wrath Potion20
2350Recall Potion20
2351Teleportation Potion20
2352Love Potion20
2353Stink Potion20
2354Fishing Potion20
2355Sonar Potion20
2356Crate Potion20
2357Shiverthorn Seeds25
2359Warmth Potion20
2360Fish Hook1
2361Bee Headgear1
2362Bee Breastplate1
2363Bee Greaves1
2364Hornet Staff1
2365Imp Staff1
2366Queen Spider Staff1
2367Angler Hat1
2368Angler Vest1
2369Angler Pants1
2370Spider Mask1
2371Spider Breastplate1
2372Spider Greaves1
2373High Test Fishing Line1
2374Angler Earring1
2375Tackle Box1
2376Blue Dungeon Piano1
2377Green Dungeon Piano1
2378Pink Dungeon Piano1
2379Golden Piano1
2380Obsidian Piano1
2381Bone Piano1
2382Cactus Piano1
2383Spooky Piano1
2384Skyware Piano1
2385Lihzahrd Piano1
2386Blue Dungeon Dresser1
2387Green Dungeon Dresser1
2388Pink Dungeon Dresser1
2389Golden Dresser1
2390Obsidian Dresser1
2391Bone Dresser1
2392Cactus Dresser1
2393Spooky Dresser1
2394Skyware Dresser1
2395Honey Dresser1
2396Lihzahrd Dresser1
2398Ebonwood Sofa1
2399Rich Mahogany Sofa1
2400Pearlwood Sofa1
2401Shadewood Sofa1
2402Blue Dungeon Sofa1
2403Green Dungeon Sofa1
2404Pink Dungeon Sofa1
2405Golden Sofa1
2406Obsidian Sofa1
2407Bone Sofa1
2408Cactus Sofa1
2409Spooky Sofa1
2410Skyware Sofa1
2411Honey Sofa1
2412Steampunk Sofa1
2413Mushroom Sofa1
2414Glass Sofa1
2415Pumpkin Sofa1
2416Lihzahrd Sofa1
2417Seashell Hairpin1
2418Mermaid Adornment1
2419Mermaid Tail1
2420Zephyr Fish1
2422Hotline Fishing Hook1
2423Frog Leg1
2425Cooked Fish10
2426Cooked Shrimp10
2428Fuzzy Carrot1
2429Scaly Truffle1
2430Slimy Saddle1
2431Bee Wax25
2432Copper Plating Wall400
2433Stone Slab Wall400
2435Coralstone Block100
2436Blue Jellyfish3
2437Green Jellyfish3
2438Pink Jellyfish3
2439Blue Jellyfish Jar1
2440Green Jellyfish Jar1
2441Pink Jellyfish Jar1
2442Life Preserver1
2443Ship's Wheel1
2444Compass Rose1
2445Wall Anchor1
2446Goldfish Trophy1
2447Bunnyfish Trophy1
2448Swordfish Trophy1
2449Sharkteeth Trophy1
2451Bumblebee Tuna2
2456Dynamite Fish2
2457Eater of Plankton2
2458Fallen Starfish2
2459The Fish of Cthulhu2
2465Mirage Fish2
2466Mutant Flinxfin2
2470Tundra Trout2
2471Unicorn Fish2
2472Guide Voodoo Fish2
2474Zombie Fish2
2475Amanita Fungifin2
2477Bloody Manowar2
2480Cap'n Tunabeard2
2482Demonic Hellfish2
2485Infected Scabbardfish2
2488Tropical Barracuda2
2489King Slime Trophy1
2490Ship in a Bottle1
2491Hardy Saddle1
2492Pressure Plate Track5
2493King Slime Mask1
2494Fin Wings1
2495Treasure Map1
2496Seaweed Planter1
2497Pillagin Me Pixels1
2498Fish Costume Mask1
2499Fish Costume Shirt1
2500Fish Costume Finskirt1
2501Ginger Beard1
2502Honeyed Goggles1
2503Boreal Wood100
2504Palm Wood100
2505Boreal Wood Wall400
2506Palm Wood Wall400
2507Boreal Wood Fence400
2508Palm Wood Fence400
2509Boreal Wood Helmet1
2510Boreal Wood Breastplate1
2511Boreal Wood Greaves1
2512Palm Wood Helmet1
2513Palm Wood Breastplate1
2514Palm Wood Greaves1
2515Palm Wood Bow1
2516Palm Wood Hammer1
2517Palm Wood Sword1
2518Palm Wood Platform200
2519Palm Wood Bathtub1
2520Palm Wood Bed1
2521Palm Wood Bench1
2522Palm Wood Candelabra1
2523Palm Wood Candle1
2524Palm Wood Chair1
2525Palm Wood Chandelier1
2526Palm Wood Chest1
2527Palm Wood Sofa1
2528Palm Wood Door1
2529Palm Wood Dresser1
2530Palm Wood Lantern1
2531Palm Wood Piano1
2532Palm Wood Table1
2533Palm Wood Lamp1
2534Palm Wood Work Bench1
2535Optic Staff1
2536Palm Wood Bookcase1
2537Mushroom Bathtub1
2538Mushroom Bed1
2539Mushroom Bench1
2540Mushroom Bookcase1
2541Mushroom Candelabra1
2542Mushroom Candle1
2543Mushroom Chandelier1
2544Mushroom Chest1
2545Mushroom Dresser1
2546Mushroom Lantern1
2547Mushroom Lamp1
2548Mushroom Piano1
2549Mushroom Platform200
2550Mushroom Table1
2551Spider Staff1
2552Boreal Wood Bathtub1
2553Boreal Wood Bed1
2554Boreal Wood Bookcase1
2555Boreal Wood Candelabra1
2556Boreal Wood Candle1
2557Boreal Wood Chair1
2558Boreal Wood Chandelier1
2559Boreal Wood Chest1
2560Boreal Wood Clock1
2561Boreal Wood Door1
2562Boreal Wood Dresser1
2563Boreal Wood Lamp1
2564Boreal Wood Lantern1
2565Boreal Wood Piano1
2566Boreal Wood Platform200
2567Slime Bathtub1
2568Slime Bed1
2569Slime Bookcase1
2570Slime Candelabra1
2571Slime Candle1
2572Slime Chair1
2573Slime Chandelier1
2574Slime Chest1
2575Slime Clock1
2576Slime Door1
2577Slime Dresser1
2578Slime Lamp1
2579Slime Lantern1
2580Slime Piano1
2581Slime Platform200
2582Slime Sofa1
2583Slime Table1
2584Pirate Staff1
2585Slime Hook1
2586Sticky Grenade99
2587Tartar Sauce1
2588Duke Fishron Mask1
2589Duke Fishron Trophy1
2590Molotov Cocktail99
2591Bone Clock1
2592Cactus Clock1
2593Ebonwood Clock1
2594Frozen Clock1
2595Lihzahrd Clock1
2596Living Wood Clock1
2597Rich Mahogany Clock1
2598Flesh Clock1
2599Mushroom Clock1
2600Obsidian Clock1
2601Palm Wood Clock1
2602Pearlwood Clock1
2603Pumpkin Clock1
2604Shadewood Clock1
2605Spooky Clock1
2606Skyware Clock1
2607Spider Fang25
2608Falcon Blade1
2609Fishron Wings1
2610Slime Gun1
2612Green Dungeon Chest1
2613Pink Dungeon Chest1
2614Blue Dungeon Chest1
2615Bone Chest1
2616Cactus Chest1
2617Flesh Chest1
2618Obsidian Chest1
2619Pumpkin Chest1
2620Spooky Chest1
2621Tempest Staff1
2622Razorblade Typhoon1
2623Bubble Gun1
2627Steampunk Platform200
2628Skyware Platform200
2629Living Wood Platform200
2630Honey Platform200
2631Skyware Work Bench1
2632Glass Work Bench1
2633Living Wood Work Bench1
2634Flesh Sofa1
2635Frozen Sofa1
2636Living Wood Sofa1
2637Pumpkin Dresser1
2638Steampunk Dresser1
2639Glass Dresser1
2640Flesh Dresser1
2641Pumpkin Lantern1
2642Obsidian Lantern1
2643Pumpkin Lamp1
2644Obsidian Lamp1
2645Blue Dungeon Lamp1
2646Green Dungeon Lamp1
2647Pink Dungeon Lamp1
2648Honey Candle1
2649Steampunk Candle1
2650Spooky Candle1
2651Obsidian Candle1
2652Blue Dungeon Chandelier1
2653Green Dungeon Chandelier1
2654Pink Dungeon Chandelier1
2655Steampunk Chandelier1
2656Pumpkin Chandelier1
2657Obsidian Chandelier1
2658Blue Dungeon Bathtub1
2659Green Dungeon Bathtub1
2660Pink Dungeon Bathtub1
2661Pumpkin Bathtub1
2662Obsidian Bathtub1
2663Golden Bathtub1
2664Blue Dungeon Candelabra1
2665Green Dungeon Candelabra1
2666Pink Dungeon Candelabra1
2667Obsidian Candelabra1
2668Pumpkin Candelabra1
2669Pumpkin Bed1
2670Pumpkin Bookcase1
2671Pumpkin Piano1
2672Shark Statue1
2673Truffle Worm3
2674Apprentice Bait5
2675Journeyman Bait5
2676Master Bait5
2677Amber Gemspark Wall400
2678Offline Amber Gemspark Wall400
2679Amethyst Gemspark Wall400
2680Offline Amethyst Gemspark Wall400
2681Diamond Gemspark Wall400
2682Offline Diamond Gemspark Wall400
2683Emerald Gemspark Wall400
2684Offline Emerald Gemspark Wall400
2685Ruby Gemspark Wall400
2686Offline Ruby Gemspark Wall400
2687Sapphire Gemspark Wall400
2688Offline Sapphire Gemspark Wall400
2689Topaz Gemspark Wall400
2690Offline Topaz Gemspark Wall400
2691Tin Plating Wall400
2692Tin Plating100
2693Waterfall Block100
2694Lavafall Block100
2695Confetti Block100
2696Confetti Wall400
2697Midnight Confetti Block100
2698Midnight Confetti Wall400
2699Weapon Rack1
2700Fireworks Box1
2701Living Fire Block100
2702'0' Statue1
2703'1' Statue1
2704'2' Statue1
2705'3' Statue1
2706'4' Statue1
2707'5' Statue1
2708'6' Statue1
2709'7' Statue1
2710'8' Statue1
2711'9' Statue1
2712'A' Statue1
2713'B' Statue1
2714'C' Statue1
2715'D' Statue1
2716'E' Statue1
2717'F' Statue1
2718'G' Statue1
2719'H' Statue1
2720'I' Statue1
2721'J' Statue1
2722'K' Statue1
2723'L' Statue1
2724'M' Statue1
2725'N' Statue1
2726'O' Statue1
2727'P' Statue1
2728'Q' Statue1
2729'R' Statue1
2730'S' Statue1
2731'T' Statue1
2732'U' Statue1
2733'V' Statue1
2734'W' Statue1
2735'X' Statue1
2736'Y' Statue1
2737'Z' Statue1
2738Firework Fountain1
2739Booster Track5
2741Grasshopper Cage1
2742Music Box (Underground Crimson)1
2743Cactus Table1
2744Cactus Platform200
2745Boreal Wood Sword1
2746Boreal Wood Hammer1
2747Boreal Wood Bow1
2748Glass Chest1
2749Xeno Staff1
2750Meteor Staff1
2751Living Cursed Fire Block100
2752Living Demon Fire Block100
2753Living Frost Fire Block100
2754Living Ichor Block100
2755Living Ultrabright Fire Block100
2756Gender Change Potion20
2757Vortex Helmet1
2758Vortex Breastplate1
2759Vortex Leggings1
2760Nebula Helmet1
2761Nebula Breastplate1
2762Nebula Leggings1
2763Solar Flare Helmet1
2764Solar Flare Breastplate1
2765Solar Flare Leggings1
2766Solar Tablet Fragment10
2767Solar Tablet3
2768Drill Containment Unit1
2769Cosmic Car Key1
2770Mothron Wings1
2771Brain Scrambler1
2774Vortex Drill1
2776Vortex Pickaxe1
2779Nebula Drill1
2781Nebula Pickaxe1
2784Solar Flare Drill1
2786Solar Flare Pickaxe1
2787Honeyfall Block100
2788Honeyfall Wall400
2789Chlorophyte Brick Wall400
2790Crimtane Brick Wall400
2791Shroomite Plating Wall400
2792Chlorophyte Brick100
2793Crimtane Brick100
2794Shroomite Plating100
2795Laser Machinegun1
2796Electrosphere Launcher1
2798Laser Drill1
2799Mechanical Ruler1
2800Anti-Gravity Hook1
2801Moon Mask1
2802Sun Mask1
2803Martian Costume Mask1
2804Martian Costume Shirt1
2805Martian Costume Pants1
2806Martian Uniform Helmet1
2807Martian Uniform Torso1
2808Martian Uniform Pants1
2809Martian Astro Clock1
2810Martian Bathtub1
2811Martian Bed1
2812Martian Hover Chair1
2813Martian Chandelier1
2814Martian Chest1
2815Martian Door1
2816Martian Dresser1
2817Martian Holobookcase1
2818Martian Hover Candle1
2819Martian Lamppost1
2820Martian Lantern1
2821Martian Piano1
2822Martian Platform200
2823Martian Sofa1
2824Martian Table1
2825Martian Table Lamp1
2826Martian Work Bench1
2827Wooden Sink1
2828Ebonwood Sink1
2829Rich Mahogany Sink1
2830Pearlwood Sink1
2831Bone Sink1
2832Flesh Sink1
2833Living Wood Sink1
2834Skyware Sink1
2835Shadewood Sink1
2836Lihzahrd Sink1
2837Blue Dungeon Sink1
2838Green Dungeon Sink1
2839Pink Dungeon Sink1
2840Obsidian Sink1
2841Metal Sink1
2842Glass Sink1
2843Golden Sink1
2844Honey Sink1
2845Steampunk Sink1
2846Pumpkin Sink1
2847Spooky Sink1
2848Frozen Sink1
2849Dynasty Sink1
2850Palm Wood Sink1
2851Mushroom Sink1
2852Boreal Wood Sink1
2853Slime Sink1
2854Cactus Sink1
2855Martian Sink1
2856Solar Cultist Hood1
2857Lunar Cultist Hood1
2858Solar Cultist Robe1
2859Lunar Cultist Robe1
2860Martian Conduit Plating100
2861Martian Conduit Wall400
2862HiTek Sunglasses1
2863Martian Hair Dye1
2864Martian Dye3
2865Castle Marsberg1
2866Martia Lisa1
2867The Truth Is Up There1
2868Smoke Block100
2869Living Flame Dye3
2870Living Rainbow Dye3
2871Shadow Dye3
2872Negative Dye3
2873Living Ocean Dye3
2874Brown Dye3
2875Brown and Black Dye3
2876Bright Brown Dye3
2877Brown and Silver Dye3
2878Wisp Dye3
2879Pixie Dye3
2880Influx Waver1
2882Charged Blaster Cannon1
2883Chlorophyte Dye3
2884Unicorn Wisp Dye3
2885Infernal Wisp Dye3
2886Vicious Powder99
2887Vicious Mushroom25
2888The Bee's Knees1
2889Gold Bird3
2890Gold Bunny3
2891Gold Butterfly3
2892Gold Frog3
2893Gold Grasshopper3
2894Gold Mouse3
2895Gold Worm3
2896Sticky Dynamite99
2897Angry Trapper Banner1
2898Armored Viking Banner1
2899Black Slime Banner1
2900Blue Armored Bones Banner1
2901Blue Cultist Archer Banner1
2902Lunatic Devotee Banner1
2903Blue Cultist Fighter Bannern/a
2904Bone Lee Banner1
2905Clinger Banner1
2906Cochineal Beetle Banner1
2907Corrupt Penguin Banner1
2908Corrupt Slime Banner1
2909Corruptor Banner1
2910Crimslime Banner1
2911Cursed Skull Banner1
2912Cyan Beetle Banner1
2913Devourer Banner1
2914Diabolist Banner1
2915Doctor Bones Banner1
2916Dungeon Slime Banner1
2917Dungeon Spirit Banner1
2918Elf Archer Banner1
2919Elf Copter Banner1
2920Eyezor Banner1
2921Flocko Banner1
2922Ghost Banner1
2923Giant Bat Banner1
2924Giant Cursed Skull Banner1
2925Giant Flying Fox Banner1
2926Gingerbread Man Banner1
2927Goblin Archer Banner1
2928Green Slime Banner1
2929Headless Horseman Banner1
2930Hell Armored Bones Banner1
2931Hellhound Banner1
2932Hoppin' Jack Banner1
2933Ice Bat Banner1
2934Ice Golem Banner1
2935Ice Slime Banner1
2936Ichor Sticker Banner1
2937Illuminant Bat Banner1
2938Illuminant Slime Banner1
2939Jungle Bat Banner1
2940Jungle Slime Banner1
2941Krampus Banner1
2942Lac Beetle Banner1
2943Lava Bat Banner1
2944Lava Slime Banner1
2945Martian Brainscrambler Banner1
2946Martian Drone Banner1
2947Martian Engineer Banner1
2948Martian Gigazapper Banner1
2949Martian Gray Grunt Banner1
2950Martian Officer Banner1
2951Martian Ray Gunner Banner1
2952Martian Scutlix Gunner Banner1
2953Martian Tesla Turret Banner1
2954Mister Stabby Banner1
2955Mother Slime Banner1
2956Necromancer Banner1
2957Nutcracker Banner1
2958Paladin Banner1
2959Penguin Banner1
2960Pinky Banner1
2961Poltergeist Banner1
2962Possessed Armor Banner1
2963Present Mimic Banner1
2964Purple Slime Banner1
2965Ragged Caster Banner1
2966Rainbow Slime Banner1
2967Raven Banner1
2968Red Slime Banner1
2969Rune Wizard Banner1
2970Rusty Armored Bones Banner1
2971Scarecrow Banner1
2972Scutlix Banner1
2973Skeleton Archer Banner1
2974Skeleton Commando Banner1
2975Skeleton Sniper Banner1
2976Slimer Banner1
2977Snatcher Banner1
2978Snow Balla Banner1
2979Snowman Gangsta Banner1
2980Spiked Ice Slime Banner1
2981Spiked Jungle Slime Banner1
2982Splinterling Banner1
2983Squid Banner1
2984Tactical Skeleton Banner1
2985The Groom Banner1
2986Tim Banner1
2987Undead Miner Banner1
2988Undead Viking Banner1
2989White Cultist Archer Bannern/a
2990White Cultist Caster Bannern/a
2991White Cultist Fighter Bannern/a
2992Yellow Slime Banner1
2993Yeti Banner1
2994Zombie Elf Banner1
2996Vine Rope100
2997Wormhole Potion20
2998Summoner Emblem1
2999Bewitching Table1
3000Alchemy Table1
3001Strange Brew30
3002Spelunker Glowstick100
3003Bone Arrow99
3004Bone Torch100
3005Vine Rope Coil10
3006Life Drain1
3007Dart Pistol1
3008Dart Rifle1
3009Crystal Dart99
3010Cursed Dart99
3011Ichor Dart99
3012Chain Guillotines1
3013Fetid Baghnakhs1
3014Clinger Staff1
3015Putrid Scent1
3016Flesh Knuckles1
3017Flower Boots1
3019Hellwing Bow1
3020Tendon Hook1
3021Thorn Hook1
3022Illuminant Hook1
3023Worm Hook1
3024Skiphs' Blood3
3025Purple Ooze Dye3
3026Reflective Silver Dye3
3027Reflective Gold Dye3
3028Blue Acid Dye3
3029Daedalus Stormbow1
3030Flying Knife1
3031Bottomless Water Bucket1
3032Super Absorbant Sponge1
3033Gold Ring1
3034Coin Ring1
3035Greedy Ring1
3036Fish Finder1
3037Weather Radio1
3038Hades Dye3
3039Twilight Dye3
3040Acid Dye3
3041Glowing Mushroom Dye3
3042Phase Dye3
3043Magic Lantern1
3044Music Box (Lunar Boss)1
3045Rainbow Torch100
3046Cursed Campfire1
3047Demon Campfire1
3048Frozen Campfire1
3049Ichor Campfire1
3050Rainbow Campfire1
3051Crystal Vile Shard1
3052Shadowflame Bow1
3053Shadowflame Hex Doll1
3054Shadowflame Knife1
3056Cold Snap1
3057Cursed Saint1
3059The Season1
3060Bone Rattle1
3061Architect Gizmo Pack1
3062Crimson Heart1
3064Enchanted Sundial1
3065Star Wrath1
3066Smooth Marble Block100
3067Hellstone Brick Wall400
3068Guide to Plant Fiber Cordage1
3069Wand of Sparking1
3070Gold Bird Cage1
3071Gold Bunny Cage1
3072Gold Butterfly Jar1
3073Gold Frog Cage1
3074Gold Grasshopper Cage1
3075Gold Mouse Cage1
3076Gold Worm Cage1
3077Silk Rope100
3078Web Rope100
3079Silk Rope Coil10
3080Web Rope Coil10
3081Marble Block100
3082Marble Wall400
3083Smooth Marble Wall400
3085Golden Lock Box10
3086Granite Block100
3087Smooth Granite Block100
3088Granite Wall400
3089Smooth Granite Wall400
3090Royal Gel1
3091Key of Night1
3092Key of Light1
3093Herb Bag2
3095Tally Counter1
3097Shield of Cthulhu1
3098Butcher's Chainsaw1
3100Meteorite Brick100
3101Meteorite Brick Wall400
3102Metal Detector1
3103Endless Quiver1
3104Endless Musket Pouch1
3105Toxic Flask1
3106Psycho Knife1
3107Nail Gun1
3109Night Vision Helmet1
3110Celestial Shell1
3111Pink Gel5
3112Bouncy Glowstick100
3113Pink Slime Block100
3114Pink Torch100
3115Bouncy Bomb99
3116Bouncy Grenade99
3117Peace Candle1
3118Lifeform Analyzer1
3119DPS Meter1
3120Fisherman's Pocket Guide1
3121Goblin Tech1
3122R.E.K. 30001
3124Cell Phone1
3125Granite Chest1
3126Meteorite Clock1
3127Marble Clock1
3128Granite Clock1
3129Meteorite Door1
3130Marble Door1
3131Granite Door1
3132Meteorite Dresser1
3133Marble Dresser1
3134Granite Dresser1
3135Meteorite Lamp1
3136Marble Lamp1
3137Granite Lamp1
3138Meteorite Lantern1
3139Marble Lantern1
3140Granite Lantern1
3141Meteorite Piano1
3142Marble Piano1
3143Granite Piano1
3144Meteorite Platform200
3145Marble Platform200
3146Granite Platform200
3147Meteorite Sink1
3148Marble Sink1
3149Granite Sink1
3150Meteorite Sofa1
3151Marble Sofa1
3152Granite Sofa1
3153Meteorite Table1
3154Marble Table1
3155Granite Table1
3156Meteorite Work Bench1
3157Marble Work Bench1
3158Granite Work Bench1
3159Meteorite Bathtub1
3160Marble Bathtub1
3161Granite Bathtub1
3162Meteorite Bed1
3163Marble Bed1
3164Granite Bed1
3165Meteorite Bookcase1
3166Marble Bookcase1
3167Granite Bookcase1
3168Meteorite Candelabra1
3169Marble Candelabra1
3170Granite Candelabra1
3171Meteorite Candle1
3172Marble Candle1
3173Granite Candle1
3174Meteorite Chair1
3175Marble Chair1
3176Granite Chair1
3177Meteorite Chandelier1
3178Marble Chandelier1
3179Granite Chandelier1
3180Meteorite Chest1
3181Marble Chest1
3182Magic Water Dropper1
3183Golden Bug Net1
3184Magic Lava Dropper1
3185Magic Honey Dropper1
3186Empty Dropper1
3187Gladiator Helmet1
3188Gladiator Breastplate1
3189Gladiator Leggings1
3190Reflective Dye3
3191Enchanted Nightcrawler5
3195Grub Soup10
3196Bomb Fish99
3197Frost Daggerfish99
3198Sharpening Station1
3199Ice Mirror1
3200Sailfish Boots1
3201Tsunami in a Bottle1
3202Target Dummy1
3203Corrupt Crate10
3204Crimson Crate10
3205Dungeon Crate10
3206Sky Crate10
3207Hallowed Crate10
3208Jungle Crate10
3209Crystal Serpent1
3212Shark Tooth Necklace1
3213Money Trough1
3215Daybloom Planter Box25
3216Moonglow Planter Box25
3217Deathweed Planter Box25
3218Deathweed Planter Box25
3219Blinkroot Planter Box25
3220Waterleaf Planter Box25
3221Shiverthorn Planter Box25
3222Fireblossom Planter Box25
3223Brain of Confusion1
3224Worm Scarf1
3225Balloon Pufferfish1
3226Lazure's Valkyrie Circlet1
3227Lazure's Valkyrie Cloak1
3228Lazure's Barrier Platform1
3229Golden Cross Grave Marker2
3230Golden Tombstone2
3231Golden Grave Marker2
3232Golden Gravestone2
3233Golden Headstone2
3234Crystal Block100
3235Music Box (Martian Madness)1
3236Music Box (Pirate Invasion)1
3237Music Box (Hell)1
3238Crystal Block Wall400
3239Trap Door1
3240Tall Gate1
3241Sharkron Balloon1
3242Tax Collector's Hat1
3243Tax Collector's Suit1
3244Tax Collector's Pants1
3245Bone Glove1
3246Clothier's Jacket1
3247Clothier's Pants1
3248Dye Trader's Turban1
3249Deadly Sphere Staff1
3250Green Horseshoe Balloon1
3251Amber Horseshoe Balloon1
3252Pink Horseshoe Balloon1
3253Lava Lamp1
3254Enchanted Nightcrawler Cage1
3255Buggy Cage1
3256Grubby Cage1
3257Sluggy Cage1
3258Slap Hand1
3259Twilight Hair Dye1
3260Blessed Apple1
3261Spectre Bar25
3262Code 11
3263Buccaneer Bandana1
3264Buccaneer Tunic1
3265Buccaneer Pantaloons1
3266Obsidian Outlaw Hat1
3267Obsidian Longcoat1
3268Obsidian Pants1
3269Medusa Head1
3270Item Frame1
3271Sandstone Block100
3272Hardened Sand Block100
3273Sandstone Wall400
3274Hardened Ebonsand Block100
3275Hardened Crimsand Block100
3276Ebonsandstone Block100
3277Crimsandstone Block100
3278Wooden Yoyo1
3284Code 21
3287Red's Throw1
3288Valkyrie Yoyo1
3292The Eye of Cthulhu1
3293Red String1
3294Orange String1
3295Yellow String1
3296Lime String1
3297Green String1
3298Teal String1
3299Cyan String1
3300Sky Blue String1
3301Blue String1
3302Purple String1
3303Violet String1
3304Pink String1
3305Brown String1
3306White String1
3307Rainbow String1
3308Black String1
3309Black Counterweight1
3310Blue Counterweight1
3311Green Counterweight1
3312Purple Counterweight1
3313Red Counterweight1
3314Yellow Counterweight1
3318Treasure Bag3
3319Treasure Bag3
3320Treasure Bag3
3321Treasure Bag3
3322Treasure Bag3
3323Treasure Bag3
3324Treasure Bag3
3325Treasure Bag3
3326Treasure Bag3
3327Treasure Bag3
3328Treasure Bag3
3329Treasure Bag3
3330Treasure Bag3
3331Treasure Bagn/a
3332Treasure Bag3
3333Hive Pack1
3334Yoyo Glove1
3335Demon Heart1
3336Spore Sac1
3337Shiny Stone1
3338Hardened Pearlsand Block100
3339Pearlsandstone Block100
3340Hardened Sand Wall400
3341Hardened Ebonsand Wall400
3342Hardened Crimsand Wall400
3343Hardened Pearlsand Wall400
3344Ebonsandstone Wall400
3345Crimsandstone Wall400
3346Pearlsandstone Wall400
3347Desert Fossil200
3348Desert Fossil Wall400
3349Exotic Scimitar1
3350Paintball Gun1
3351Classy Cane1
3352Stylish Scissors1
3353Mechanical Cart1
3354Mechanical Wheel Piece1
3355Mechanical Wagon Piece1
3356Mechanical Battery Piece1
3357Lunatic Cultist Trophy1
3358Martian Saucer Trophy1
3359Flying Dutchman Trophy1
3360Living Mahogany Wand1
3361Rich Mahogany Leaf Wand1
3362Fallen Tuxedo Shirt1
3363Fallen Tuxedo Pants1
3366Yoyo Bag1
3367Shrimpy Truffle1
3369Confetti Cannon1
3370Music Box (The Towers)1
3371Music Box (Goblin Invasion)1
3372Lunatic Cultist Mask1
3373Moon Lord Mask1
3374Fossil Helmet1
3375Fossil Plate1
3376Fossil Greaves1
3377Amber Staff1
3378Bone Javelin99
3379Bone Throwing Knife99
3380Sturdy Fossil100
3381Stardust Helmet1
3382Stardust Plate1
3383Stardust Leggings1
3384Portal Gun1
3385Strange Plant3
3386Strange Plant3
3387Strange Plant3
3388Strange Plant3
3390Goblin Summoner Banner1
3391Salamander Banner1
3392Giant Shelly Banner1
3393Crawdad Banner1
3394Fritz Banner1
3395Creature From The Deep Banner1
3396Dr. Man Fly Banner1
3397Mothron Banner1
3398Severed Hand Bannern/a
3399The Possessed Banner1
3400Butcher Banner1
3401Psycho Banner1
3402Deadly Sphere Banner1
3403Nailhead Banner1
3404Poisonous Spore Bannern/a
3405Medusa Banner1
3406Hoplite Banner1
3407Granite Elemental Banner1
3408Granite Golem Banner1
3409Blood Zombie Banner1
3410Drippler Banner1
3411Tomb Crawler Banner1
3412Dune Splicer Banner1
3413Antlion Swarmer Banner1
3414Antlion Charger Banner1
3415Ghoul Banner1
3416Lamia Banner1
3417Desert Spirit Banner1
3418Basilisk Banner1
3419Sand Poacher Banner1
3420Stargazer Banner1
3421Milkyway Weaver Banner1
3422Flow Invader Banner1
3423Twinkle Popper Banner1
3424Small Star Cell Bannern/a
3425Star Cell Banner1
3426Corite Banner1
3427Sroller Banner1
3428Crawltipede Banner1
3429Drakomire Rider Banner1
3430Drakomire Banner1
3431Selenian Banner1
3432Predictor Banner1
3433Brain Suckler Banner1
3434Nebula Floater Banner1
3435Evolution Beast Banner1
3436Alien Larva Banner1
3437Alien Queen Banner1
3438Alien Hornet Banner1
3439Vortexian Banner1
3440Storm Diver Banner1
3441Pirate Captain Banner1
3442Pirate Deadeye Banner1
3443Pirate Corsair Banner1
3444Pirate Crossbower Banner1
3445Martian Walker Banner1
3446Red Devil Banner1
3447Pink Jellyfish Banner1
3448Green Jellyfish Banner1
3449Dark Mummy Banner1
3450Light Mummy Banner1
3451Angry Bones Banner1
3452Ice Tortoise Banner1
3453Damage Boostern/a
3454Life Boostern/a
3455Mana Boostern/a
3456Vortex Fragment25
3457Nebula Fragment25
3458Solar Fragment25
3459Stardust Fragment25
3461Luminite Brick100
3464Stardust Drill1
3466Stardust Pickaxe1
3467Luminite Bar25
3468Solar Wings1
3469Vortex Booster1
3470Nebula Mantle1
3471Stardust Wings1
3472Luminite Brick Wall400
3473Solar Eruption1
3474Stardust Cell Staff1
3475Vortex Beater1
3476Nebula Arcanum1
3477Blood Water99
3478Wedding Veil1
3479Wedding Dress1
3480Platinum Bow1
3481Platinum Hammer1
3482Platinum Axe1
3483Platinum Shortsword1
3484Platinum Broadsword1
3485Platinum Pickaxe1
3486Tungsten Bow1
3487Tungsten Hammer1
3488Tungsten Axe1
3489Tungsten Shortsword1
3490Tungsten Broadsword1
3491Tungsten Pickaxe1
3492Lead Bow1
3493Lead Hammer1
3494Lead Axe1
3495Lead Shortsword1
3496Lead Broadsword1
3497Lead Pickaxe1
3498Tin Bow1
3499Tin Hammer1
3500Tin Axe1
3501Tin Shortsword1
3502Tin Broadsword1
3503Tin Pickaxe1
3504Copper Bow1
3505Copper Hammer1
3506Copper Axe1
3507Copper Shortsword1
3508Copper Broadsword1
3509Copper Pickaxe1
3510Silver Bow1
3511Silver Hammer1
3512Silver Axe1
3513Silver Shortsword1
3514Silver Broadsword1
3515Silver Pickaxe1
3516Gold Bow1
3517Gold Hammer1
3518Gold Axe1
3519Gold Shortsword1
3520Gold Broadsword1
3521Gold Pickaxe1
3522Solar Flare Hamaxe1
3523Vortex Hamaxe1
3524Nebula Hamaxe1
3525Stardust Hamaxe1
3526Solar Dye3
3527Nebula Dye3
3528Vortex Dye3
3529Stardust Dye3
3530Void Dye3
3531Stardust Dragon Staff1
3533Shifting Sands Dye3
3534Mirage Dye3
3535Shifting Pearlsands Dye3
3536Vortex Monolith1
3537Nebula Monolith1
3538Stardust Monolith1
3539Solar Monolith1
3541Last Prism1
3542Nebula Blaze1
3544Super Healing Potion30
3547Bouncy Dynamite99
3548Happy Grenade99
3549Ancient Manipulator1
3550Flame and Silver Dye3
3551Green Flame and Silver Dye3
3552Blue Flame and Silver Dye3
3553Reflective Copper Dye3
3554Reflective Obsidian Dye3
3555Reflective Metal Dye3
3556Midnight Rainbow Dye3
3557Black and White Dye3
3558Bright Silver Dye3
3559Silver and Black Dye3
3560Red Acid Dye3
3561Gel Dye3
3562Pink Gel Dye3
3563Red Squirrel5
3564Gold Squirrel3
3565Red Squirrel Cage1
3566Gold Squirrel Cage1
3567Luminite Bullet99
3568Luminite Arrow99
3569Lunar Portal Staff1
3570Lunar Flare1
3571Rainbow Crystal Staff1
3572Lunar Hook1
3573Solar Fragment Block100
3574Vortex Fragment Block100
3575Nebula Fragment Block100
3576Stardust Fragment Block100
3577Suspicious Looking Tentacle1
3578Yoraiz0r's Uniform1
3579Yoraiz0r's Skirt1
3580Yoraiz0r's Spell1
3581Yoraiz0r's Scowl1
3582Jim's Wings1
3583Yoraiz0r's Recolored Goggles1
3584Living Leaf Wall400
3585Skiphs' Mask1
3586Skiphs' Skin1
3587Skiphs' Bear Butt1
3588Skiphs' Paws1
3589Loki's Helmet1
3590Loki's Breastplate1
3591Loki's Greaves1
3592Loki's Wings1
3593Sand Slime Banner1
3594Sea Snail Banner1
3595Moon Lord Trophy1
3596Not a Kid, nor a Squid1
3597Burning Hades Dye3
3598Grim Dye3
3599Loki's Dye3
3600Shadowflame Hades Dye3
3601Celestial Sigil3
3602Logic Gate Lamp (Off)5
3603Logic Gate (AND)5
3604Logic Gate (OR)5
3605Logic Gate (NAND)5
3606Logic Gate (NOR)5
3607Logic Gate (XOR)5
3608Logic Gate (XNOR)5
3609Conveyor Belt (Clockwise)100
3610Conveyor Belt (Counter Clockwise)100
3611The Grand Design1
3612Yellow Wrench1
3613Logic Sensor (Day)5
3614Logic Sensor (Night)5
3615Logic Sensor (Player Above)5
3616Junction Box25
3617Announcement Box1
3618Logic Gate Lamp (On)5
3619Mechanical Lens1
3620Actuation Rod1
3621Red Team Block100
3622Red Team Platform200
3623Static Hook1
3625Multicolor Wrench1
3626Pink Weighted Pressure Plate5
3627Engineering Helmet1
3628Companion Cube1
3629Wire Bulb5
3630Orange Weighted Pressure Plate5
3631Purple Weighted Pressure Plate5
3632Cyan Weighted Pressure Plate5
3633Green Team Block100
3634Blue Team Block100
3635Yellow Team Block100
3636Pink Team Block100
3637White Team Block100
3638Green Team Platform200
3639Blue Team Platform200
3640Yellow Team Platform200
3641Pink Team Platform200
3642White Team Platform200
3643Large Amber1
3644Ruby Gem Lock1
3645Sapphire Gem Lock1
3646Emerald Gem Lock1
3647Topaz Gem Lock1
3648Amethyst Gem Lock1
3649Diamond Gem Lock1
3650Amber Gem Lock1
3651Squirrel Statue1
3652Butterfly Statue1
3653Worm Statue1
3654Firefly Statue1
3655Scorpion Statue1
3656Snail Statue1
3657Grasshopper Statue1
3658Mouse Statue1
3659Duck Statue1
3660Penguin Statue1
3661Frog Statue1
3662Buggy Statue1
3663Logic Gate Lamp (Faulty)5
3664Portal Gun Station1
3665Trapped Chest1
3666Trapped Gold Chest1
3667Trapped Shadow Chest1
3668Trapped Ebonwood Chest1
3669Trapped Rich Mahogany Chest1
3670Trapped Pearlwood Chest1
3671Trapped Ivy Chest1
3672Trapped Frozen Chest1
3673Trapped Living Wood Chest1
3674Trapped Skyware Chest1
3675Trapped Shadewood Chest1
3676Trapped Web Covered Chest1
3677Trapped Lihzahrd Chest1
3678Trapped Water Chest1
3679Trapped Jungle Chest1
3680Trapped Corruption Chest1
3681Trapped Crimson Chest1
3682Trapped Hallowed Chest1
3683Trapped Ice Chest1
3684Trapped Dynasty Chest1
3685Trapped Honey Chest1
3686Trapped Steampunk Chest1
3687Trapped Palm Wood Chest1
3688Trapped Mushroom Chest1
3689Trapped Boreal Wood Chest1
3690Trapped Slime Chest1
3691Trapped Green Dungeon Chest1
3692Trapped Pink Dungeon Chest1
3693Trapped Blue Dungeon Chest1
3694Trapped Bone Chest1
3695Trapped Cactus Chest1
3696Trapped Flesh Chest1
3697Trapped Obsidian Chest1
3698Trapped Pumpkin Chest1
3699Trapped Spooky Chest1
3700Trapped Glass Chest1
3701Trapped Martian Chest1
3702Trapped Meteorite Chest1
3703Trapped Granite Chest1
3704Trapped Marble Chest1
3707Teal Pressure Pad5
3708Wall Creeper Statue1
3709Unicorn Statue1
3710Drippler Statue1
3711Wraith Statue1
3712Bone Skeleton Statue1
3713Undead Viking Statue1
3714Medusa Statue1
3715Harpy Statue1
3716Pigron Statue1
3717Hoplite Statue1
3718Granite Golem Statue1
3719Armed Zombie Statue1
3720Blood Zombie Statue1
3721Angler Tackle Bag1
3723Ultrabright Campfire1
3724Bone Campfire1
3725Pixel Boxn/a
3726Liquid Sensor (Water)5
3727Liquid Sensor (Lava)5
3728Liquid Sensor (Honey)5
3729Liquid Sensor (Any)5
3730Bundled Party Balloons1
3731Balloon Animal1
3732Party Hat1
3733Silly Sunflower Petals1
3734Silly Sunflower Tops1
3735Silly Sunflower Bottoms1
3736Silly Pink Balloon100
3737Silly Purple Balloon100
3738Silly Green Balloon100
3739Blue Streamer100
3740Green Streamer100
3741Pink Streamer100
3742Silly Balloon Machine1
3743Silly Tied Balloon (Pink)1
3744Silly Tied Balloon (Purple)1
3745Silly Tied Balloon (Green)1
3747Party Center1
3748Silly Tied Bundle of Balloons1
3749Party Present1
3750Slice of Cake3
3751Cog Wall400
3752Sandfall Wall400
3753Snowfall Wall400
3754Sandfall Block100
3755Snowfall Block100
3756Snow Cloud100
3757Pedguin's Hood1
3758Pedguin's Jacket1
3759Pedguin's Trousers1
3760Silly Pink Balloon Wall400
3761Silly Purple Balloon Wall400
3762Silly Green Balloon Wall400
37630x33's Aviators1
3764Blue Phasesaber1
3765Red Phasesaber1
3766Green Phasesaber1
3767Purple Phasesaber1
3768White Phasesaber1
3769Yellow Phasesaber1
3770Djinn's Curse1
3771Ancient Horn1
3772Mandible Blade1
3773Ancient Headdress1
3774Ancient Garments1
3775Ancient Slacks1
3776Forbidden Mask1
3777Forbidden Robes1
3778Forbidden Treads1
3779Spirit Flame1
3780Sand Elemental Banner1
3781Pocket Mirror1
3782Magic Sand Dropper1
3783Forbidden Fragment3
3784Lamia Tail1
3785Lamia Wraps1
3786Lamia Mask1
3787Sky Fracture1
3788Onyx Blaster1
3789Sand Shark Banner1
3790Bone Biter Banner1
3791Flesh Reaver Banner1
3792Crystal Thresher Banner1
3793Angry Tumbler Banner1
3794Ancient Cloth5
3795Desert Spirit Lamp1
3796Music Box (Sandstorm)1
3797Apprentice's Hat1
3798Apprentice's Robe1
3799Apprentice's Trousers1
3800Squire's Great Helm1
3801Squire's Plating1
3802Squire's Greaves1
3803Huntress's Wig1
3804Huntress's Jerkin1
3805Huntress's Pants1
3806Monk's Bushy Brow Bald Cap1
3807Monk's Shirt1
3808Monk's Pants1
3809Apprentice's Scarf1
3810Squire's Shield1
3811Huntress's Buckler1
3812Monk's Belt1
3813Defender's Forge1
3814War Table1
3815War Table Banner1
3816Eternia Crystal Stand1
3817Defender Medal50
3818Flameburst Rod1
3819Flameburst Cane1
3820Flameburst Staff1
3821Ale Tosser1
3822Etherian Manan/a
3823Brand of the Inferno1
3824Ballista Rod1
3825Ballista Cane1
3826Ballista Staff1
3827Flying Dragon1
3828Eternia Crystal3
3829Lightning Aura Rod1
3830Lightning Aura Cane1
3831Lightning Aura Staff1
3832Explosive Trap Rod1
3833Explosive Trap Cane1
3834Explosive Trap Staff1
3835Sleepy Octopod1
3836Ghastly Glaive1
3837Etherian Goblin Bomber Banner1
3838Etherian Goblin Banner1
3839Old One's Skeleton Banner1
3840Drakin Banner1
3841Kobold Glider Banner1
3842Kobold Banner1
3843Wither Beast Banner1
3844Etherian Wyvern Banner1
3845Etherian Javelin Thrower Banner1
3846Etherian Lightning Bug Banner1
3852Tome of Infinite Wisdom1
3854Phantom Phoenix1
3855Gato Egg1
3856Creeper Egg1
3857Dragon Egg1
3858Sky Dragon's Fury1
3859Aerial Bane1
3860Treasure Bag3
3863Betsy Mask1
3864Dark Mage Mask1
3865Ogre Mask1
3866Betsy Trophy1
3867Dark Mage Trophy1
3868Ogre Trophy1
3869Music Box (Old One's Army)1
3870Betsy's Wrath1
3871Valhalla Knight's Helm1
3872Valhalla Knight's Breastplate1
3873Valhalla Knight's Greaves1
3874Dark Artist's Hat1
3875Dark Artist's Robes1
3876Dark Artist's Leggings1
3877Red Riding Hood1
3878Red Riding Dress1
3879Red Riding Leggings1
3880Shinobi Infiltrator's Helmet1
3881Shinobi Infiltrator's Torso1
3882Shinobi Infiltrator's Pants1
3883Betsy's Wings1
3884Crystal Chest1
3885Golden Chest1
3886Trapped Crystal Chest1
3887Trapped Golden Chest1
3888Crystal Door1
3889Crystal Chair1
3890Crystal Candle1
3891Crystal Lantern1
3892Crystal Lamp1
3893Crystal Candelabra1
3894Crystal Chandelier1
3895Crystal Bathtub1
3896Crystal Sink1
3897Crystal Bed1
3898Crystal Clock1
3899Sunplate Clock1
3900Blue Dungeon Clock1
3901Green Dungeon Clock1
3902Pink Dungeon Clock1
3903Crystal Platform200
3904Golden Platform200
3905Dynasty Wood Platform200
3906Lihzahrd Platform200
3907Flesh Platform200
3908Frozen Platform200
3909Crystal Work Bench1
3910Golden Work Bench1
3911Crystal Dresser1
3912Dynasty Dresser1
3913Frozen Dresser1
3914Living Wood Dresser1
3915Crystal Piano1
3916Dynasty Piano1
3917Crystal Bookcase1
3918Crystal Sofa1
3919Dynasty Sofa1
3920Crystal Table1
3921Arkhalis' Hood1
3922Arkhalis' Bodice1
3923Arkhalis' Tights1
3924Arkhalis' Lightwings1
3925Leinfors' Hair Protector1
3926Leinfors' Excessive Style1
3927Leinfors' Fancypants1
3928Leinfors' Prehensile Cloak1
3929Leinfors' Luxury Shampoo1
3930Celebration Mk21
3931Spider Bathtub1
3932Spider Bed1
3933Spider Bookcase1
3934Spider Dresser1
3935Spider Candelabra1
3936Spider Candle1
3937Spider Chair1
3938Spider Chandelier1
3939Spider Chest1
3940Spider Clock1
3941Spider Door1
3942Spider Lamp1
3943Spider Lantern1
3944Spider Piano1
3945Spider Platform200
3946Spider Sink1
3947Spider Sofa1
3948Spider Table1
3949Spider Work Bench1
3950Trapped Spider Chest1
3951Iron Brick100
3952Iron Brick Wall400
3953Lead Brick100
3954Lead Brick Wall400
3955Lesion Block100
3956Lesion Block Wall400
3957Lesion Platform200
3958Lesion Bathtub1
3959Lesion Bed1
3960Lesion Bookcase1
3961Lesion Candelabra1
3962Lesion Candle1
3963Lesion Chair1
3964Lesion Chandelier1
3965Lesion Chest1
3966Lesion Clock1
3967Lesion Door1
3968Lesion Dresser1
3969Lesion Lamp1
3970Lesion Lantern1
3971Lesion Piano1
3972Lesion Sink1
3973Lesion Sofa1
3974Lesion Table1
3975Lesion Work Bench1
3976Trapped Lesion Chest1
3977Hat Rack1
3979Pearlwood Crate10
3980Mythril Crate10
3981Titanium Crate10
3982Defiled Crate10
3983Hematic Crate10
3984Stockade Crate10
3985Azure Crate10
3986Divine Crate10
3987Bramble Crate10
3988Dead Man's Chest1
3989Golf Ball1
3990Amphibian Boots1
3991Arcane Flower1
3992Berserker's Glove1
3993Fairy Boots1
3994Frog Flipper1
3995Frog Gear1
3996Frog Webbing1
3997Frozen Shield1
3998Hero Shield1
3999Magma Skull1
4000Magnet Flower1
4001Mana Cloak1
4002Molten Quiver1
4003Molten Skull Rose1
4004Obsidian Skull Rose1
4005Recon Scope1
4006Stalker's Quiver1
4007Stinger Necklace1
4008Ultrabright Helmet1
4011Apple Pie10
4012Banana Split10
4013BBQ Ribs10
4014Bunny Stew10
4016Chicken Nugget10
4017Chocolate Chip Cookie10
4018Cream Soda10
4020Fried Egg10
4022Golden Delight10
4024Grilled Squirrel10
4026Ice Cream10
4030Potato Chips10
4031Roasted Bird10
4032Roasted Duck10
4033Sauteed Frog Legs10
4034Seafood Dinner10
4035Shrimp Po' Boy10
4038Molten Charm1
4039Golf Club (Iron)1
4040Golf Cup1
4041Blue Flower Seeds25
4042Magenta Flower Seeds25
4043Pink Flower Seeds25
4044Red Flower Seeds25
4045Yellow Flower Seeds25
4046Violet Flower Seeds25
4047White Flower Seeds25
4048Tall Grass Seeds25
4049Lawn Mower1
4050Crimstone Brick100
4051Smooth Sandstone100
4052Crimstone Brick Wall400
4053Smooth Sandstone Wall400
4054Blood Moon Monolith1
4055Dunerider Boots1
4056Ancient Chisel1
4057Rain Song1
4059Fossil Pickaxe1
4060Super Star Shooter1
4061Storm Spear1
4062Thunder Zapper1
4063Drum Set1
4064Picnic Table1
4065Fancy Picnic Table1
4066Desert Minecart1
4068Pink Fairy3
4069Green Fairy3
4070Blue Fairy3
4071Junonia Shell1
4072Lightning Whelk Shell1
4073Tulip Shell1
4074Pin Wheel1
4075Weather Vane1
4076Void Vault1
4077Music Box (Ocean Night)1
4078Music Box (Slime Rain)1
4079Music Box (Space Day)1
4080Music Box (Town Day)1
4081Music Box (Town Night)1
4082Music Box (Windy Day)1
4083White Pin Flag1
4084Red Pin Flag1
4085Green Pin Flag1
4086Blue Pin Flag1
4087Yellow Pin Flag1
4088Purple Pin Flag1
4089Golf Tee1
4090Shell Pile100
4091Anti-Portal Block100
4092Golf Club (Putter)1
4093Golf Club (Wedge)1
4094Golf Club (Driver)1
4095Golf Whistle1
4096Ebonwood Toilet1
4097Rich Mahogany Toilet1
4098Pearlwood Toilet1
4099Living Wood Toilet1
4100Cactus Toilet1
4101Bone Toilet1
4102Flesh Toilet1
4103Mushroom Toilet1
4104Skyware Toilet1
4105Shadewood Toilet1
4106Lihzahrd Toilet1
4107Blue Dungeon Toilet1
4108Green Dungeon Toilet1
4109Pink Dungeon Toilet1
4110Obsidian Toilet1
4111Frozen Toilet1
4112Glass Toilet1
4113Honey Toilet1
4114Steampunk Toilet1
4115Pumpkin Toilet1
4116Spooky Toilet1
4117Dynasty Toilet1
4118Palm Wood Toilet1
4119Boreal Wood Toilet1
4120Slime Toilet1
4121Martian Toilet1
4122Granite Toilet1
4123Marble Toilet1
4124Crystal Toilet1
4125Spider Toilet1
4126Lesion Toilet1
4127Diamond Toilet1
4128Maid Bonnet1
4129Maid Dress1
4130Maid Shoes1
4131Void Bag1
4132Pink Maid Bonnet1
4133Pink Maid Dress1
4134Pink Maid Shoes1
4135Country Club Cap1
4136Country Club Vest1
4137Country Club Trousers1
4138Country Club Visor1
4139Spider Nest Block100
4140Spider Nest Wall400
4141Meteor Toilet1
4142Decay Chamber1
4145Solar Bathtub1
4146Solar Bed1
4147Solar Bookcase1
4148Solar Dresser1
4149Solar Candelabra1
4150Solar Candle1
4151Solar Chair1
4152Solar Chandelier1
4153Solar Chest1
4154Solar Clock1
4155Solar Door1
4156Solar Lamp1
4157Solar Lantern1
4158Solar Piano1
4159Solar Platform200
4160Solar Sink1
4161Solar Sofa1
4162Solar Table1
4163Solar Work Bench1
4164Trapped Solar Chest1
4165Solar Toilet1
4166Vortex Bathtub1
4167Vortex Bed1
4168Vortex Bookcase1
4169Vortex Dresser1
4170Vortex Candelabra1
4171Vortex Candle1
4172Vortex Chair1
4173Vortex Chandelier1
4174Vortex Chest1
4175Vortex Clock1
4176Vortex Door1
4177Vortex Lamp1
4178Vortex Lantern1
4179Vortex Piano1
4180Vortex Platform200
4181Vortex Sink1
4182Vortex Sofa1
4183Vortex Table1
4184Vortex Work Bench1
4185Trapped Vortex Chest1
4186Vortex Toilet1
4187Nebula Bathtub1
4188Nebula Bed1
4189Nebula Bookcase1
4190Nebula Dresser1
4191Nebula Candelabra1
4192Nebula Candle1
4193Nebula Chair1
4194Nebula Chandelier1
4195Nebula Chest1
4196Nebula Clock1
4197Nebula Door1
4198Nebula Lamp1
4199Nebula Lantern1
4200Nebula Piano1
4201Nebula Platform200
4202Nebula Sink1
4203Nebula Sofa1
4204Nebula Table1
4205Nebula Work Bench1
4206Trapped Nebula Chest1
4207Nebula Toilet1
4208Stardust Bathtub1
4209Stardust Bed1
4210Stardust Bookcase1
4211Stardust Dresser1
4212Stardust Candelabra1
4213Stardust Candle1
4214Stardust Chair1
4215Stardust Chandelier1
4216Stardust Chest1
4217Stardust Clock1
4218Stardust Door1
4219Stardust Lamp1
4220Stardust Lantern1
4221Stardust Piano1
4222Stardust Platform200
4223Stardust Sink1
4224Stardust Sofa1
4225Stardust Table1
4226Stardust Work Bench1
4227Trapped Stardust Chest1
4228Stardust Toilet1
4229Solar Brick100
4230Vortex Brick100
4231Nebula Brick100
4232Stardust Brick100
4233Solar Brick Wall400
4234Vortex Brick Wall400
4235Nebula Brick Wall400
4236Stardust Brick Wall400
4237Music Box (Day Remix)1
4238Cracked Blue Brick100
4239Cracked Green Brick100
4240Cracked Pink Brick100
4241Wild Flower Seeds25
4242Black Golf Ball1
4243Blue Golf Ball1
4244Brown Golf Ball1
4245Cyan Golf Ball1
4246Green Golf Ball1
4247Lime Golf Ball1
4248Orange Golf Ball1
4249Pink Golf Ball1
4250Purple Golf Ball1
4251Red Golf Ball1
4252Sky Blue Golf Ball1
4253Teal Golf Ball1
4254Violet Golf Ball1
4255Yellow Golf Ball1
4256Amber Robe1
4257Amber Hook1
4258Orange Phaseblade1
4259Orange Phasesaber1
4260Orange Stained Glass400
4261Orange Pressure Plate5
4262Snake Charmer's Flute1
4263Magic Conch1
4264Golf Cart Keys1
4265Golf Chest1
4266Trapped Golf Chest1
4267Sandstone Chest1
4268Trapped Sandstone Chest1
4269Sanguine Staff1
4270Blood Thorn1
4271Bloody Tear3
4272Drippler Crippler1
4273Vampire Frog Staff1
4274Gold Goldfish3
4275Gold Fish Bowl1
4276Bast Statue1
4277Gold Starry Block100
4278Blue Starry Block100
4279Gold Starry Wall400
4280Blue Starry Wall400
4281Finch Staff1
4285Blood Orange5
4288Dragon Fruit5
4297Star Fruit5
4298Sandstone Bathtub1
4299Sandstone Bed1
4300Sandstone Bookcase1
4301Sandstone Dresser1
4302Sandstone Candelabra1
4303Sandstone Candle1
4304Sandstone Chair1
4305Sandstone Chandelier1
4306Sandstone Clock1
4307Sandstone Door1
4308Sandstone Lamp1
4309Sandstone Lantern1
4310Sandstone Piano1
4311Sandstone Platform200
4312Sandstone Sink1
4313Sandstone Sofa1
4314Sandstone Table1
4315Sandstone Work Bench1
4316Sandstone Toilet1
4318Void Monolith1
4319Arrow Sign1
4320Painted Arrow Sign1
4321Master Gamer's Jacket1
4322Master Gamer's Pants1
4323Star Princess Crown1
4324Star Princess Dress1
4325Chum Caster1
4327Black Dragonfly Jar1
4328Blue Dragonfly Jar1
4329Green Dragonfly Jar1
4330Orange Dragonfly Jar1
4331Red Dragonfly Jar1
4332Yellow Dragonfly Jar1
4333Gold Dragonfly Jar1
4334Black Dragonfly5
4335Blue Dragonfly5
4336Green Dragonfly5
4337Orange Dragonfly5
4338Red Dragonfly5
4339Yellow Dragonfly5
4340Gold Dragonfly3
4341Step Stool1
4342Dragonfly Statue1
4343Paper Airplane1
4344White Paper Airplane1
4345Can Of Worms2
4346Encumbering Stone1
4347Gray Zapinator1
4348Orange Zapinator1
4349Green Moss25
4350Brown Moss25
4351Red Moss25
4352Blue Moss25
4353Purple Moss25
4354Lava Moss25
4355Boulder Statue1
4356Music Box (Journey's Beginning)1
4357Music Box (Storm)1
4358Music Box (Graveyard)1
4360Seagull Statue1
4362Gold Ladybug3
4364Maggot Cage1
4365Celestial Wand1
4366Eucalyptus Sap1
4367Blue Kite1
4368Blue and Yellow Kite1
4369Red Kite1
4370Red and Yellow Kite1
4371Yellow Kite1
4376Rat Cage1
4377Krypton Moss25
4378Xenon Moss25
4379Wyvern Kite1
4380Ladybug Cage1
4381Blood Rain Bow1
4382Advanced Combat Techniques1
4383Desert Torch100
4384Coral Torch100
4385Corrupt Torch100
4386Crimson Torch100
4387Hallowed Torch100
4388Jungle Torch100
4389Argon Moss25
4390Rolling Cactus5
4391Thin Ice100
4392Echo Block100
4393Scarab Fish2
4394Scorpio Fish2
4396Owl Cage1
4397Owl Statue1
4398Pupfish Bowl1
4399Gold Ladybug Cage1
4402Rock Lobster3
4403Lobster Tail10
4404Inner Tube1
4405Frozen Crate10
4406Boreal Crate10
4407Oasis Crate10
4408Mirage Crate10
4409Spectre Goggles1
4411Shucked Oyster10
4412White Pearl5
4413Black Pearl5
4414Pink Pearl5
4415Stone Door1
4416Stone Platform200
4417Oasis Water Fountain1
4418Water Strider5
4419Gold Water Strider3
4420Lawn Flamingo1
4421Music Box (Underground Jungle)1
4423Scarab Bomb99
4424Wrought Iron Fence400
4425Shark Bait1
4426Bee Minecart1
4427Ladybug Minecart1
4428Pigron Minecart1
4429Sunflower Minecart1
4430Potted Forest Cedar1
4431Potted Jungle Cedar1
4432Potted Hallow Cedar1
4433Potted Forest Tree1
4434Potted Jungle Tree1
4435Potted Hallow Tree1
4436Potted Forest Palm1
4437Potted Jungle Palm1
4438Potted Hallow Palm1
4439Potted Forest Bamboo1
4440Potted Jungle Bamboo1
4441Potted Hallow Bamboo1
4442Scarab Fishing Rod1
4443Demonic Hellcart1
4444Witch's Broom1
4445Cluster Rocket I99
4446Cluster Rocket II99
4447Wet Rocket99
4448Lava Rocket99
4449Honey Rocket99
4450Shroom Minecart1
4451Amethyst Minecart1
4452Topaz Minecart1
4453Sapphire Minecart1
4454Emerald Minecart1
4455Ruby Minecart1
4456Diamond Minecart1
4457Mini Nuke I99
4458Mini Nuke II99
4459Dry Rocket99
4460Sandcastle Bucket1
4461Turtle Cage1
4462Jungle Turtle Cage1
4465Jungle Turtle5
4466Turtle Statue1
4467Amber Minecart1
4468Beetle Minecart1
4469Meowmere Minecart1
4470Party Wagon1
4471The Dutchman1
4472Steampunk Minecart1
4473Grebe Cage1
4474Seagull Cage1
4475Water Strider Cage1
4476Gold Water Strider Cage1
4477Lesser Luck Potion20
4478Luck Potion20
4479Greater Luck Potion20
4481Seahorse Cage1
4482Gold Seahorse3
4483Gold Seahorse Cage1
44841/2 Second Timer1
44851/4 Second Timer1
4486Ebonstone Wall400
4487Mud Wall400
4488Pearlstone Wall400
4489Snow Wall400
4490Amethyst Stone Wall400
4491Topaz Stone Wall400
4492Sapphire Stone Wall400
4493Emerald Stone Wall400
4494Ruby Stone Wall400
4495Diamond Stone Wall400
4496Green Mossy Wall400
4497Brown Mossy Wall400
4498Red Mossy Wall400
4499Blue Mossy Wall400
4500Purple Mossy Wall400
4501Rocky Dirt Wall400
4502Old Stone Wall400
4503Spider Wall400
4504Corrupt Grass Wall400
4505Hallowed Grass Wall400
4506Ice Wall400
4507Obsidian Wall400
4508Crimson Grass Wall400
4509Crimstone Wall400
4510Cave Dirt Wall400
4511Rough Dirt Wall400
4512Craggy Stone Wall400
4513Corrupt Growth Wall400
4514Corrupt Mass Wall400
4515Corrupt Pustule Wall400
4516Corrupt Tendril Wall400
4517Crimson Crust Wall400
4518Crimson Scab Wall400
4519Crimson Teeth Wall400
4520Crimson Blister Wall400
4521Layered Dirt Wall400
4522Crumbling Dirt Wall400
4523Cracked Dirt Wall400
4524Wavy Dirt Wall400
4525Hallowed Prism Wall400
4526Hallowed Cavern Wall400
4527Hallowed Shard Wall400
4528Hallowed Crystalline Wall400
4529Lichen Stone Wall400
4530Leafy Jungle Wall400
4531Ivy Stone Wall400
4532Jungle Vine Wall400
4533Ember Wall400
4534Cinder Wall400
4535Magma Wall400
4536Smouldering Stone Wall400
4537Worn Stone Wall400
4538Stalactite Stone Wall400
4539Mottled Stone Wall400
4540Fractured Stone Wall400
4541The Bride Banner1
4542Zombie Merman Banner1
4543Wandering Eye Fish Banner1
4544Blood Squid Banner1
4545Blood Eel Banner1
4546Hemogoblin Shark Banner1
4547Large Bamboo100
4548Large Bamboo Wall400
4549Demon Horns1
4550Bamboo Leaf1
4551Slice of Hell Cake1
4552Fog Machine1
4553Plasma Lamp1
4554Marble Column50
4555Chef Hat1
4556Chef Uniform1
4557Chef Pants1
4558Star Hairpin1
4559Heart Hairpin1
4560Bunny Ears1
4561Devil Horns1
4563Fake Unicorn Horn1
4565Bamboo Wall400
4566Bamboo Bathtub1
4567Bamboo Bed1
4568Bamboo Bookcase1
4569Bamboo Dresser1
4570Bamboo Candelabra1
4571Bamboo Candle1
4572Bamboo Chair1
4573Bamboo Chandelier1
4574Bamboo Chest1
4575Bamboo Clock1
4576Bamboo Door1
4577Bamboo Lamp1
4578Bamboo Lantern1
4579Bamboo Piano1
4580Bamboo Platform200
4581Bamboo Sink1
4582Bamboo Sofa1
4583Bamboo Table1
4584Bamboo Work Bench1
4585Trapped Bamboo Chest1
4586Bamboo Toilet1
4587Worn Golf Club (Iron)1
4588Worn Golf Club (Putter)1
4589Worn Golf Club (Wedge)1
4590Worn Golf Club (Driver)1
4591Fancy Golf Club (Iron)1
4592Fancy Golf Club (Putter)1
4593Fancy Golf Club (Wedge)1
4594Fancy Golf Club (Driver)1
4595Premium Golf Club (Iron)1
4596Premium Golf Club (Putter)1
4597Premium Golf Club (Wedge)1
4598Premium Golf Club (Driver)1
4599Bronze Golf Trophy1
4600Silver Golf Trophy1
4601Gold Golf Trophy1
4602Dreadnautilus Banner1
4603Birdie Rattle1
4604Exotic Chew Toy1
4605Bedazzled Nectar1
4606Music Box (Jungle Night)1
4607Desert Tiger Staff1
4608Chum Bucket25
4609Garden Gnome1
4610Bone Serpent Kite1
4611World Feeder Kite1
4612Bunny Kite1
4613Pigron Kite1
4614Apple Juice10
4615Grape Juice10
4617Frozen Banana Daiquiri10
4618Peach Sangria10
4619Piña Colada10
4620Tropical Smoothie10
4621Bloody Moscato10
4622Smoothie of Darkness10
4623Prismatic Punch10
4624Fruit Juice10
4625Fruit Salad10
4626Andrew Sphinx1
4627Watchful Antlion1
4628Burning Spirit1
4629Jaws of Death1
4630The Sands of Slime1
4631Snakes, I Hate Snakes1
4632Life Above the Sand1
4634Prehistory Preserved1
4635Ancient Tablet1
4637Visiting the Pyramids1
4638Bandage Boy1
4639Divine Eye1
4640Amethyst Stone Block100
4641Topaz Stone Block100
4642Sapphire Stone Block100
4643Emerald Stone Block100
4644Ruby Stone Block100
4645Diamond Stone Block100
4646Amber Stone Block100
4647Amber Stone Wall400
4648Man Eater Kite1
4649Blue Jellyfish Kite1
4650Pink Jellyfish Kite1
4651Shark Kite1
4652Superhero Mask1
4653Superhero Costume1
4654Superhero Tights1
4655Pink Fairy Jar1
4656Green Fairy Jar1
4657Blue Fairy Jar1
4658The Rolling Greens1
4659Study of a Ball at Rest1
4661The Duplicity of Reflections1
4662Fogbound Dye3
4663Bloodbath Dye3
4664Pretty Pink Dress1
4665Pretty Pink Stockings1
4666Pretty Pink Ribbon1
4667Bamboo Fence400
4668Illuminant Paint100
4669Sand Shark Kite1
4670Corrupt Bunny Kite1
4671Crimson Bunny Kite1
4672Leather Whip1
4674Goldfish Kite1
4675Angry Trapper Kite1
4676Koi Kite1
4677Crawltipede Kite1
4679Morning Star1
4680Dark Harvest1
4681Spectrum Kite1
4682Release Doves5
4683Wandering Eye Kite1
4684Unicorn Kite1
4685Gravedigger Hat1
4686Gravedigger Coat1
4687Angry Dandelion Banner1
4688Gnome Banner1
4689Desert Campfire1
4690Coral Campfire1
4691Corrupt Campfire1
4692Crimson Campfire1
4693Hallowed Campfire1
4694Jungle Campfire1
4695Soul of Light in a Bottle1
4696Soul of Night in a Bottle1
4697Soul of Flight in a Bottle1
4698Soul of Sight in a Bottle1
4699Soul of Might in a Bottle1
4700Soul of Fright in a Bottle1
4701Mud Bud1
4702Release Lantern5
4703Quad-Barrel Shotgun1
4704Funeral Hat1
4705Funeral Coat1
4706Funeral Pants1
4707Tragic Umbrella1
4708Victorian Goth Hat1
4709Victorian Goth Dress1
4710Tattered Wood Sign1
4711Gravedigger's Shovel1
4712Desert Chest1
4713Trapped Desert Chest1
4714Desert Key1
4715Stellar Tune1
4716Mollusk Whistle1
4717Boreal Beam50
4718Rich Mahogany Beam50
4719Granite Column50
4720Sandstone Column50
4721Mushroom Beam50
4726Ghost Manifestation1
4727Wicked Undead1
4728Bloody Goblet1
4729Still Life1
4730Ghostar’s Infinity Eight1
4731Terra Toilet1
4732Ghostar’s Soul Jar1
4733Ghostar’s Garb1
4734Ghostar’s Tights1
4735Ball O' Fuse Wire1
4736Full Moon Squeaky Toy1
4737Ornate Shadow Key1
4738Dr. Man Fly Mask1
4739Dr. Man Fly's Lab Coat1
4740Butcher Mask1
4741Butcher's Bloodstained Apron1
4742Butcher's Bloodstained Pants1
4744Hunter Cloak1
4745Coffin Minecart1
4746Safeman's Blanket Cape1
4747Safeman's Sunny Day1
4748Safeman's Sun Dress1
4749Safeman's Pink Leggings1
4750FoodBarbarian's Tattered Dragon Wings1
4751FoodBarbarian's Horned Helm1
4752FoodBarbarian's Wild Wolf Spaulders1
4753FoodBarbarian's Savage Greaves1
4754Grox The Great's Wings1
4755Grox The Great's Horned Cowl1
4756Grox The Great's Chestplate1
4757Grox The Great's Greaves1
4758Blade Staff1
4759Squirrel Hook1
4760Sergeant United Shield1
4761Rock Golem Head1
4762Critter Shampoo1
4763Digging Molecart1
4765Tree Globe1
4766World Globe1
4767Guide To Critter Companionship1
4768Dog Ears1
4769Dog Tail1
4770Fox Ears1
4771Fox Tail1
4772Lizard Ears1
4773Lizard Tail1
4774Panda Ears1
4775Bunny Tail1
4776Fairy Glowstick100
4777Lightning Carrot1
4778Prismatic Dye3
4779Mushroom Hat1
4780Mushroom Vest1
4781Mushroom Pants1
4782Treasure Bag3
4783Empress of Light Trophy1
4784Empress of Light Mask1
4785Dusty Rawhide Saddle1
4786Royal Gilded Saddle1
4787Black Studded Saddle1
4788Jousting Lance1
4789Shadow Jousting Lance1
4790Hallowed Jousting Lance1
4791Pogo Stick1
4792The Black Spot1
4793Hexxed Branch1
4794Toy Tank1
4795Goat Skull1
4796Dark Mage's Tome1
4797Royal Delight1
4798Suspicious Grinning Eye1
4799Writhing Remains1
4800Brain in a Jar1
4801Possessed Skull1
4802Sparkling Honey1
4803Deactivated Probe1
4804Pair of Eyeballs1
4805Robotic Skull1
4806Plantera Seedling1
4807Guardian Golem1
4808Pork of the Sea1
4809Tablet Fragment1
4810Piece of Moon Squid1
4811Jewel of Light1
4812Pumpkin Scented Candle1
4813Shrub Star1
4814Frozen Crown1
4815Cosmic Skateboard1
4816Ogre's Club1
4817Betsy's Egg1
4818Combat Wrench1
4819Demon Conch1
4820Bottomless Lava Bucket1
4821Lavaproof Bug Net1
4822Flame Waker Boots1
4823Empress Wings1
4824Wet Bomb99
4825Lava Bomb99
4826Honey Bomb99
4827Dry Bomb99
4828Superheated Blood1
4829Cat License1
4830Dog License1
4831Amethyst Squirrel5
4832Topaz Squirrel5
4833Sapphire Squirrel5
4834Emerald Squirrel5
4835Ruby Squirrel5
4836Diamond Squirrel5
4837Amber Squirrel5
4838Amethyst Bunny5
4839Topaz Bunny5
4840Sapphire Bunny5
4841Emerald Bunny5
4842Ruby Bunny5
4843Diamond Bunny5
4844Amber Bunny5
4845Hell Butterfly5
4846Hell Butterfly Jar1
4848Lavafly in a Bottle1
4849Magma Snail5
4850Magma Snail Cage1
4851Topaz Gemcorn5
4852Amethyst Gemcorn5
4853Sapphire Gemcorn5
4854Emerald Gemcorn5
4855Ruby Gemcorn5
4856Diamond Gemcorn5
4857Amber Gemcorn5
4858Hanging Pot1
4859Hanging Daybloom1
4860Hanging Moonglow1
4861Hanging Waterleaf1
4862Hanging Shiverthorn1
4863Hanging Blinkroot1
4864Hanging Corrupt Deathweed1
4865Hanging Crimson Deathweed1
4866Hanging Fireblossom1
4867Hanging Brazier1
4868Mini Volcano1
4869Large Volcano1
4870Potion of Return20
4871Sakura Sapling25
4872Lava Absorbant Sponge1
4873Hallowed Hood1
4874Hellfire Treads1
4875Jungle Pylon1
4876Forest Pylon1
4877Obsidian Crate10
4878Hellstone Crate10
4879Obsidian Lock Box10
4880Lava Serpent Bowl1
4881Lavaproof Fishing Hook1
4882Amethyst Bunny Cage1
4883Topaz Bunny Cage1
4884Sapphire Bunny Cage1
4885Emerald Bunny Cage1
4886Ruby Bunny Cage1
4887Diamond Bunny Cage1
4888Amber Bunny Cage1
4889Amethyst Squirrel Cage1
4890Topaz Squirrel Cage1
4891Sapphire Squirrel Cage1
4892Emerald Squirrel Cage1
4893Ruby Squirrel Cage1
4894Diamond Squirrel Cage1
4895Amber Squirrel Cage1
4896Ancient Hallowed Mask1
4897Ancient Hallowed Helmet1
4898Ancient Hallowed Headgear1
4899Ancient Hallowed Hood1
4900Ancient Hallowed Plate Mail1
4901Ancient Hallowed Greaves1
4902Potted Magma Palm1
4903Potted Brimstone Bush1
4904Potted Fire Brambles1
4905Potted Lava Bulb1
4906Potted Ember Tendrils1
4907Yellow Willow Sapling25
4908Dirt Bomb99
4909Sticky Dirt Bomb99
4910Bunny License1
4911Cool Whip1
4915Tungsten Bullet99
4916Hallow Pylon1
4917Cavern Pylon1
4918Ocean Pylon1
4919Desert Pylon1
4920Snow Pylon1
4921Mushroom Pylon1
4922Cavern Water Fountain1
4924Eye of Cthulhu Relic1
4925Eater of Worlds Relic1
4926Brain of Cthulhu Relic1
4927Skeletron Relic1
4928Queen Bee Relic1
4929King Slime Relic1
4930Wall of Flesh Relic1
4931Twins Relic1
4932Destroyer Relic1
4933Skeletron Prime Relic1
4934Plantera Relic1
4935Golem Relic1
4936Duke Fishron Relic1
4937Lunatic Cultist Relic1
4938Moon Lord Relic1
4939Martian Saucer Relic1
4940Flying Dutchman Relic1
4941Mourning Wood Relic1
4942Pumpking Relic1
4943Ice Queen Relic1
4944Everscream Relic1
4945Santa-NK1 Relic1
4946Dark Mage Relic1
4947Ogre Relic1
4948Betsy Relic1
4949Empress of Light Relic1
4950Queen Slime Relic1
4951Universal Pylon1
4954Celestial Starboard1
4955Rabbit Perch1
4957Treasure Bag3
4958Queen Slime Trophy1
4959Queen Slime Mask1
4960Regal Delicacy1
4961Prismatic Lacewing3
4962Stone Accent Slab100
4963Truffle Worm Cage1
4964Prismatic Lacewing Jar1
4965Rock Golem Banner1
4966Blood Mummy Banner1
4967Spore Skeleton Banner1
4968Spore Bat Banner1
4969Antlion Larva Banner1
4970Vicious Bunny Banner1
4971Vicious Goldfish Banner1
4972Vicious Penguin Banner1
4973Corrupt Mimic Banner1
4974Crimson Mimic Banner1
4975Hallowed Mimic Banner1
4976Moss Hornet Banner1
4977Wandering Eye Banner1
4978Fledgling Wings1
4979Music Box (Queen Slime)1
4980Hook of Dissonance1
4981Gelatinous Pillion1
4982Crystal Assassin Hood1
4983Crystal Assassin Shirt1
4984Crystal Assassin Pants1
4985Music Box (Empress Of Light)1
4986Sparkle Slime Balloon50
4987Volatile Gelatin1
4988Gelatin Crystal3
4989Soaring Insignia1
4990Music Box (Duke Fishron)1
4991Music Box (Morning Rain)1
4992Music Box (Alt Title)1
4993Chippy's Couch1
4994Blue Graduation Cap1
4995Maroon Graduation Cap1
4996Black Graduation Cap1
4997Blue Graduation Gown1
4998Maroon Graduation Gown1
4999Black Graduation Gown1
5000Terraspark Boots1
5001Moon Lord Legs1
5002Ocean Crate10
5003Seaside Crate10
5004Badger's Hat1
5006Music Box (Underground Desert)1
5007Dead Man's Sweater1
5010Treasure Magnet1
5012Flaming Mace1
5014Otherworldly Music Box (Rain)1
5015Otherworldly Music Box (Overworld Day)1
5016Otherworldly Music Box (Night)1
5017Otherworldly Music Box (Underground)1
5018Otherworldly Music Box (Desert)1
5019Otherworldly Music Box (Ocean)1
5020Otherworldly Music Box (Mushrooms)1
5021Otherworldly Music Box (Dungeon)1
5022Otherworldly Music Box (Space)1
5023Otherworldly Music Box (Underworld)1
5024Otherworldly Music Box (Snow)1
5025Otherworldly Music Box (Corruption)1
5026Otherworldly Music Box (Underground Corruption)1
5027Otherworldly Music Box (Crimson)1
5028Otherworldly Music Box (Underground Crimson)1
5029Otherworldly Music Box (Ice)1
5030Otherworldly Music Box (Underground Hallow)1
5031Otherworldly Music Box (Eerie)1
5032Otherworldly Music Box (Boss 2)1
5033Otherworldly Music Box (Boss 1)1
5034Otherworldly Music Box (Invasion)1
5035Otherworldly Music Box (The Towers)1
5036Otherworldly Music Box (Lunar Boss)1
5037Otherworldly Music Box (Plantera)1
5038Otherworldly Music Box (Jungle)1
5039Otherworldly Music Box (Wall of Flesh)1
5040Otherworldly Music Box (Hallow)1
5041Carton of Milk10
5043Torch God's Favor1
5044Music Box (Journey's End)1