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King Slime
King Slime.png
Tipo Boss
Ambiente Foresta
IA King Slime AI
Danno 40
Vite Massime 2000
Difesa 10
Monete 1 Gold Coin
Oggetto (Quantità) Perc.
Ninja Hood.png Cappuccio Ninja 33.33%
Ninja Shirt.png Camicia Ninja 33.33%
Ninja Pants.png Pantaloni Ninja 33.33%
Lesser Healing Potion.png Pozione cura minore (5-15) 100%
Slime Banner.png Bandiera Slime 0.5%
Slimy Saddle.png Sella Viscida 3.33%
Slime Gun.png Pistola Slime 50%
Slime Hook.png Gancio di slime 50%
King Slime Trophy.png Trofeo Re Slime 10%
King Slime Mask.png Maschera Re Slime 14.29%

Re Slime è un boss che ha la forma di uno slime gigante: è pressappoco 5 volte più largo di uno Slime Arcobaleno (il più largo tra gli slime ordinari). È evocato con la Corona Slime, ma raramente e solo alle estremità della mappa può apparire anche da solo. Quando subisce danni, evoca altri slime blu ordinari. Droppa sempre un pezzo del set di abiti Ninja quando sconfitto.

All'evocazione del Re Slime, apparirà un messaggio che comunica: "King Slime has awoken!". Alla sconfitta invece "King Slime has been defeated!"

È immune al debuff Avvelenato.

Apparizione Casuale[edit | edit source]

Il Re Slime ha una probabilità di 1 su 300 di apparire al posto di uno slime normale se il giocatore si trova nei 2/3 esterni della mappa (molto a sinistra o a destra).

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While a large and resilient enemy and Boss music plays while fighting it, it is not a required step to advance the game. King Slime can be encountered regardless of the current level of advancement, and defeating it does not provide access to any critical items. It also does not travel or fire through blocks, which creates shielding or trapping possibilities that don't exist when battling other bosses. Therefore, some players consider it a mini- or non-Boss.
  • Like other slimes, King Slime vanishes if the player travels far enough from the enemy (for instance, if teleporting away using the Magic Mirror, or if it is trapped and you walk away).
  • There can only be one King Slime spawned at a time in any given world. Attempting to spawn another using the Slime Crown will not work, with no other penalty.
  • If King Slime is spawned in a Chasm, he has a chance of getting lost and stuck in one of the Chasms in The Corruption or Crimson.
  • King Slime appears to become smaller as it gets lower on health. (This can appear glitched on multiplayer Console servers with lag.)
  • Killing King Slime can be a good way to farm gel, and a good source for Flamethrower ammo.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • King Slime behaves exactly like a normal slime, except that he jumps much higher and further, and spawns other slimes after being hurt by the player. Due to its predictable nature, it is easy for a new player to defeat the boss with even lower tier weapons. The only thing a new player should worry about is dodging the King Slime as it jumps about, as he deals a relatively large amount of damage per hit. To finish the boss quickly, projectiles such as Boomerangs, Shurikens, Spiky Balls, or Bows and Arrows are recommended.
  • Digging a pit two blocks wide and three blocks deep is an excellent tactic for fighting the King Slime, which is too large to fit in such a small pit. Placing wood platforms on top of the pit has the added benefit of keeping the smaller slimes out.
  • King Slime's absolute highest jump can clear a 17-block-high wall, so if you're planning on trapping him somewhere, make your walls at least 18 blocks high.
  • Fighting the King Slime with magic is relatively easy, due to the fact that the blue slimes it spawns drop stars, which refill 100 mana.
  • Advanced players can build an arena for farming Tattered Cloth, Slime Staff, and Ninja clothes. Build a base on where Goblin scouts are spotted, make sure that there are no pools of water on either side of that point and there are no caverns below, because goldfish, slimes and goblin scouts may spawn on those crevices. Have a lava moat on each side of your base, while making sure that the lava is low enough not to destroy any items dropping in it. Have Battle Potion consumed and equip a Water Candle to increase chances of King Slime and Goblin Scout to spawn.
  • A strategy using the Crimson Rod (or Nimbus Rod if you have access to one, because it's essentially the same thing but deals three times more damage) involves digging a pit low enough to conceal the player. Place a cloud above the pit and it will damage king slime as well as destroy any slimes that fall into the pit with the player. If done right the player will not have to do anything else.
  • A great way to take the King Slime out very easily is to find above or exactly his jump height, then stand upon a platform. Afterwards you can fire anything at the boss to take him out fairly quickly without taking any damage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Ninja
  • Given the presence of the ninja inside, the king slime may be a reference to Ninja Gaiden, in which one of the first bosses is a slime-like creature that devours you.
  • The King Slime is the only slime that doesn't use the slime AI.
  • It is one of the few pre-hardmode bosses that doesn't have a hardmode robotic counterpart.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop 1.0.5:
    • Now floats in liquids and doesn't make a splash sound when hitting water.
    • Only one King Slime may spawn at a time now.

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