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TypeEtherian Enemy
EnvironmentOld One's Army
AI TypeAttacker AI
DamageT2: 60 / 120 Desktop VersionConsole Version
T3: 80 / 160 Desktop VersionConsole Version
Max LifeT2: 260 / 520 Desktop VersionConsole Version
T3: 800 / 1600 Desktop VersionConsole Version
DefenseT2: 26
T3: 32
KB ResistT2: 80% / 82 Desktop VersionConsole Version%
T3: 90% / 91 Desktop VersionConsole Version
Immune toConfused.png
BannerKobold Banner.pngKobold BannerDesktop Version
Desktop version Desktop-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop version of Terraria.

The Kobold is an enemy only found in tiers 2 and 3 of the Old One's Army event, spawning from the Mysterious Portal. When it gets near the player or Eternia Crystal, it will show a speech bubble with an exclamation mark, light its fuse, and begin dashing towards the nearest target. When it reaches a target or its fuse time runs out, it will detonate, damaging any target caught in the explosion. The detonation will not destroy tiles, similarly to the Grenade.

Like other members of the Old One's Army, if a Kobold's target is too far away or obstructed, it will enter an ethereal state, allowing it to float upwards and pass through tiles. Kobolds are also unaffected by Teleporters or Lava, and will take half damage from Traps.

The Kobold requires 200 kills to be awarded with its corresponding banner, as opposed to the usual 50 kills.

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