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Lamia is a Hardmode enemy that can only be found in the Underground Desert biome. When found in regular Underground Deserts, it has pale blonde hair and has a chance to drop the Sun Mask. Corruption/Crimson Underground Deserts will spawn an alternate variant having much darker hair than its regular counterpart. The "corrupted" version has a chance to drop the Moon Mask. Desktop VersionConsole VersionBoth variants have a rare chance to drop a piece of the Lamia clothes. Unlike other Underground Desert enemies, the Lamia doesn't have a Hallowed counterpart.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Greek mythology, Lamia was a queen of Libya who was turned into a child-devouring monster by Hera, the Goddess of Women and Marriage. Lamias, portrayed as vicious snake women, have become a staple of fantasy media.
  • The Lamia Banner appears to portray the darker version of the Lamia found in Corruption or Crimson Underground Deserts.

History[edit | edit source]