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  • Queen Bee Larva.gif

The item(s) described on this page exist as functional game items, but are only naturally generated and cannot be collected.

The Larva is an object that summons Queen Bee, a boss, when destroyed via any tool, weapon, or projectile. They are found naturally-placed inside the Underground Jungle's Bee Hives.

Larvae are very fragile. Similar to Pots and Grass, a Larva is destroyed with a single hit — not only from weapons or damaging tools, but also from Hooks, even if latched from below the blocks it is placed on. Players should be careful around them if they are not yet ready to fight the Queen Bee.

Larvae are created during world generation, and each world has a limited number of them, except for the seed For the worthy and Not the bees!, where they generate anywhere overtime. Once all Larvae in a world have been destroyed, Queen Bee can still be summoned via the Abeemination, a crafted item, although that too is not renewable, making the Queen Bee a finite boss per world.

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