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Lesion Block

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Lesion Block
  • Lesion Block item sprite
  • Lesion Block placed
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
PlaceableYes (1 wide × 1 high)
Use time15 (Very fast)
Rarity0*Rarity level: 0
Research100 required

Lesion Blocks are Hardmode blocks crafted from two Ebonstone at a Meat Grinder. They are used to craft Lesion furniture and Lesion Block Walls. Lesion Blocks will not spread The Corruption. Crafting all items requires 155 Lesion Blocks (310 Ebonstone).

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lesions are abnormal skin growths or wounds; which more often than not resemble rotting flesh, thus fitting the rotted theme of The Corruption.
    • The word 'lesion' is derived from the Latin word 'læssio' meaning 'injury.'

History[edit | edit source]