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Lifeform Analyzer

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Desktop versionConsole versionMobile version Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
Lifeform Analyzer
  • Lifeform Analyzer item sprite
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TooltipDisplays the name of rare creatures around you
RarityRarity level: 1
Research1 required

The Lifeform Analyzer is an informational accessory that displays the name of rare enemies and undiscovered NPCs (see list below) around the player. It is purchased from the Traveling Merchant for 50000*5.

It is one of the three parts necessary to make the R.E.K. 3000, with the others being the Tally Counter and the Radar, and as such is a required ingredient in making the Cell Phone.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used in[edit | edit source]

List of creatures detected[edit | edit source]

If multiple rare creatures are detected nearby, the Lifeform Analyzer will report the name of the creature with the highest rarity.

Enemies Rarity
Blood Eel Blood EelDesktop Version
Bone Lee Bone Lee
Dreadnautilus DreadnautilusDesktop Version
Clown Clown Desktop Version
Cochineal Beetle Cochineal Beetle Desktop Version
Cyan Beetle Cyan Beetle Desktop Version
Dungeon Slime Dungeon Slime
Gnome GnomeDesktop Version
Goblin Scout Goblin Scout
Goblin Summoner Goblin SummonerDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions Desktop Version
Hemogoblin Shark Hemogoblin SharkDesktop Version
Lac Beetle Lac Beetle Desktop Version
Lost Girl Lost Girl
Martian Probe Martian ProbeDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions
Medusa MedusaDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions Desktop Version
Mothron MothronDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions Desktop Version
Nymph Nymph
Paladin Paladin
Pinky Pinky
Pirate Captain Pirate Captain Desktop Version
Rainbow Slime Rainbow Slime
Tortured Soul Tortured SoulDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions
Undead Miner Undead Miner Desktop Version
Wandering Eye Fish Wandering Eye FishDesktop Version
Zombie Merman Zombie MermanDesktop Version
Doctor Bones Doctor Bones 2
Eyezor Eyezor 2 Desktop Version
Ice Golem Ice Golem 2
Moth Moth 2
Rune Wizard Rune Wizard 2
Sand Elemental Sand ElementalDesktop VersionConsole Version 2
Sea Snail Sea Snail Desktop Version
Skeleton Commando Skeleton Commando 2
Skeleton Sniper Skeleton Sniper 2
Tactical Skeleton Tactical Skeleton 2
Squid Squid Desktop Version
The Bride The BrideDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions 2
The Groom The Groom 2
Mimic Mimic 4
Ice Mimic Ice Mimic 4 Desktop Version
Tim Tim 4
Hallowed Mimic Hallowed MimicDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions 5 Desktop Version / 2 Console VersionMobile Version
Corrupt Mimic Corrupt MimicDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions 5 Desktop Version / 2 Console VersionMobile Version
Crimson Mimic Crimson MimicDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions 5 Desktop Version / 2 Console VersionMobile Version
Jungle Mimic Jungle MimicDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions 5 Desktop Version / 2 Console VersionMobile Version

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This content is transcluded from Informational Accessories/note.Desktop, Console, and Mobile Versions Unlike most accessories, informational accessories such as the Lifeform Analyzer do not need to be equipped in an accessory slot. The Lifeform Analyzer may be carried in the player's inventory without loss of functionality, unless equipped to a social slot. Additionally, the info it provides will be shared with nearby players of the same team in multiplayer. Keep in mind modifiers will no longer apply to the player when not equipped, however.
  • Despite Mimics having a rarity of 4 on the Lifeform Analyzer, they are one of the more commonly found "rare" enemies, when compared to the other rarity 4 enemy, Tim. Other enemies such as the Rainbow Slime only spawn somewhat frequently during very specific conditions, making them much harder to find than enemies with a higher rarity.
  • The Hunter Potion can be used to find the exact location of targets detected by the Lifeform Analyzer.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Console VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version Despite being very rare, Sea Snails are not detected by the Lifeform Analyzer.

History[edit | edit source]