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Light sources are items that produce light. Some are brighter than others, and produce varying colors of light. Note that several weapons and armor types also generate light, but are not listed on this page.

Primary light sources[edit | edit source]

These items are intended to provide light as a primary function.

Portable[edit | edit source]

The following items are portable light sources that can provide light while being carried. Torches and Candles may also be placed as Furniture, and Glowsticks can be thrown. Water Candles will increase enemy spawn rates in the vicinity, while Peace Candles will do the opposite.

Item Emits light when Waterproof Mechanism House
Torch.png Torch  Held, dropped, placed No Yes Yes
Cursed Torch.png Cursed Torch  Held, dropped, placed Yes Yes Yes
Candle.png Candle  Held, dropped, placed Yes (placed)
No (held)
Yes Yes
Glowstick.png Glowstick  Held, dropped, thrown Yes No No
Sticky Glowstick.png Sticky Glowstick  Held, dropped, thrown Yes No No
Bouncy Glowstick.png Bouncy Glowstick Desktop Version Held, dropped, thrown Yes No No
Spelunker Glowstick.png Spelunker Glowstick Desktop Version Held, dropped, thrown Yes No No
Mining Helmet.png Mining Helmet  Equipped in helmet slot Yes No No
Jellyfish Necklace.png Jellyfish Necklace  Equipped in accessory slot while underwater Yes No No
Flare Gun.png Flare Gun  Held, when a Flare is available Yes No No
Flare.png Blue Flare.png Flare / Blue Flare Fired from Flare Gun Yes No No

Furniture[edit | edit source]

The following provide light primarily as placed background Furniture.

Item Waterproof Mechanism House
Fireplace.png Fireplace Desktop Version Yes Yes Yes
Tiki Torch.png Tiki Torch  No Yes Yes
Lamp Post.png Lamp Post  Yes Yes No
Heart Lantern.png Heart Lantern  No Yes Yes
Star in a Bottle.png Star in a Bottle  Yes Yes Yes
Firefly in a Bottle.png Firefly in a Bottle  No No Yes
Lightning Bug in a Bottle.png Lightning Bug in a Bottle  No No Yes
Candelabra.png Candelabra  Yes Yes Yes
Copper Chandelier.png Chandelier  Yes Yes Yes
Chain Lantern.png Lantern  Yes Yes Yes
Mushroom Lamp.png Lamp Desktop VersionConsole VersionMobile only.png No Yes Yes
Skull Lantern.png Skull Lantern  No No Yes
Jack 'O Lantern.png Jack 'O Lantern  No Yes Yes

Novelty lights[edit | edit source]

These placeable items provide a low amount of colored light, and are primarily intended as decoration, rather than providing functional light.

Item Source Waterproof Mechanism House
Disco Ball.png Disco Ball  Merchant Yes Yes No
Lava Lamp.png Lava Lamp Desktop Version Party Girl Yes No No
Blue Light.png Christmas lights  Santa Claus Yes Yes Yes
Wire Bulb.png Wire Bulb Desktop Version Mechanic Yes Yes No

Light Pets[edit | edit source]

These items summon a secondary floating light-emitting character that follows the player. They are infinitely reusable, cost no mana, remain indefinitely, and work in liquids. Light Pets have their own equipment slot in the player's inventory.

Item Brightness
Shadow Orb (item).png Shadow Orb (item)  65%
Crimson Heart (item).png Crimson Heart (item) Desktop Version 65%
Magic Lantern.png Magic Lantern Desktop Version 65%
Fairy Bell.png Fairy Bell  80%
Creeper Egg.png Creeper Egg Desktop Version 80%
Wisp in a Bottle.png Wisp in a Bottle  120%
Suspicious Looking Tentacle.png Suspicious Looking Tentacle Desktop Version 120%

Buffs[edit | edit source]

The following Buffs provide light as a result of a Potion or Magic item.

Item Brightness Source item Duration Waterproof
Shine.png Shine  100% Shine Potion.png Shine Potion 5 minutes Yes
Basilisk Mount (buff).png Basilisk Mount Desktop Version 20% Ancient Horn.png Ancient Horn Desktop Version Infinite (when below 27' underground) Yes
Rudolph Mount (buff).png Rudolph  20% Reindeer Bells.png Reindeer Bells Infinite Yes
Leaf Crystal.png Leaf Crystal  10% Chlorophyte armor.png Chlorophyte armor Infinite Yes

Incidental light sources[edit | edit source]

The following items produce varying amounts of light, even though lighting is not their primary function (so they don't count as a light source for NPC housing).

Furniture[edit | edit source]

Item Brightness Source Waterproof Mechanism
Crystal Shard.png Crystal Shard  20% Underground Hallow Yes No
Campfire (placed).gif Campfire  125% 20×Wood.png + 5×Torch.png No Yes
Furnace (placed).gif Furnace  80% 20×Stone Block.png + 4×Wood.png + 3×Torch.png Yes No
Hellforge (placed).gif Hellforge  80% The Underworld Yes No
Adamantite Forge (placed).gif Adamantite Forge  80% 30×Adamantite Ore.png + 1×Hellforge.png Yes No
Titanium Forge (placed).gif Titanium Forge  80% 30×Titanium Ore.png + 1×Hellforge.png Yes No
Glass Kiln (placed).gif Glass Kiln Desktop VersionConsole VersionMobile only.png XX% 30×Torch.png + 18×Iron Bar.png/Lead Bar.png Yes No
Lihzahrd Furnace (placed).gif Lihzahrd Furnace Desktop VersionConsole VersionMobile only.png XX% Jungle Temple Yes No
Lihzahrd Altar.png Lihzahrd Altar  10% [1] Jungle Temple Yes No

Accessories[edit | edit source]

Item Emits Light When
Rocket Boots.png Rocket Boots  Flying
Jetpack.png Jetpack, Vortex Booster, and Lazure's Barrier Platform Flying
Flame Wings.png Butterfly, Fairy, Flame and Frozen Wings Flying
Mothron Wings.png Mothron Wings and Yoraiz0r's Spell Desktop Version Idle & Flying

Blocks[edit | edit source]

Any corresponding walls will also give off light, except for Offline Gemspark Walls. This may not be noticeable if both are used in the same area, as the blocks tend to outshine the walls.

Block Wall Source Mechanism
Demonite Ore.png Demonite Ore  N/A Cavern, early bosses (Corruption worlds) No
Demonite Brick.png Demonite Brick  Demonite Brick Wall.png Demonite Brick Wall Link:Ebonstone Block + 1×Link:Demonite Ore No
Crimtane Ore.png Crimtane Ore  N/A Cavern, early bosses (Crimson worlds) No
Crimtane Brick.png Crimtane Brick Desktop Version Crimtane Brick Wall.png Crimtane Brick Wall Desktop Version Link:Stone Block + 1×Link:Crimtane Ore No
Meteorite.png Meteorite  N/A Meteorite biome No
Meteorite Brick.png Meteorite Brick Desktop Version Meteorite Brick Wall.png Meteorite Brick Wall Desktop Version Link:Stone Block + 1×Link:Meteorite No
Shroomite Plating.png Shroomite Plating Desktop Version Shroomite Plating Wall.png Shroomite Plating Wall Desktop Version Link:Shroomite Bar + 15×Link:Stone Block No
Emerald Gemspark Block.png Gemspark Block Desktop VersionConsole VersionMobile only.png Emerald Gemspark Wall.png
Offline Emerald Gemspark Wall.png
Gemspark Wall
Offline Gemspark Wall
20×Link:Glass + 1×link:Gem Yes (block) No (wall)
Lavafall Block.png Lavafall Block Desktop VersionConsole VersionMobile only.png Lavafall Wall.png Lavafall Wall Link:Glass No
Living Fire Block.png Living Fire Block Desktop VersionConsole VersionMobile only.png N/A The Underworld No
Rainbow Brick v2.gif Rainbow Brick [1]  Rainbow Brick Wall.gif Rainbow Brick Wall Rainbow Slimes No
Martian Conduit Plating.png Martian Conduit Plating Desktop Version Martian Conduit Wall.png Martian Conduit Wall Desktop Version Martian Madness No
Solar Fragment Block.png Solar Fragment Block Desktop Version N/A Link:Solar Fragment + 5×Link:Stone Block No
Vortex Fragment Block.png Vortex Fragment Block Desktop Version N/A Link:Vortex Fragment + 5×Link:Stone Block No
Nebula Fragment Block.png Nebula Fragment Block Desktop Version N/A Link:Nebula Fragment + 5×Link:Stone Block No
Stardust Fragment Block.png Stardust Fragment Block Desktop Version N/A Link:Stardust Fragment + 5×Link:Stone Block No

Growable[edit | edit source]

These can be spawned given the right conditions, which occur naturally and can also be induced by the player.

Item Brightness Grows on Emits light when Waterproof
Blinkroot.png Blinkroot  0%-100% Dirt, Mud, or in a Clay Pot Blooming (random) Yes
Fireblossom.png Fireblossom  70% Ash, or in a Clay Pot Blooming (at dusk) Yes
Moonglow.png Moonglow  30% Jungle Grass, or in a Clay Pot Blooming (at night) Yes
Shiverthorn.png Shiverthorn Desktop VersionConsole VersionMobile only.png 75% Snow, Ice or in a Clay Pot Blooming (after a period of time) Yes
Jungle Spores.png Jungle Spores  75% Jungle Grass in Underground Jungle Always Yes
Mushroom grass.png Mushroom grass  48%-52% Mud Always Yes
Mushroom plants.png Glowing Mushrooms  48%-52% Mushroom Grass Always Yes
Terraria mushroom tree.png Giant Glowing Mushroom  48%-52% Mushroom Grass Always Yes
Moss Fire.png Fire Moss  35% Stone in the lava layer Always Yes

Other[edit | edit source]

Item Brightness Source Emits light when Waterproof
Lava Bucket.png Lava  10%-50% Lower Cavern and below As liquid No (spawns Obsidian on contact)
Teleporter.png Teleporter  10% Sold From Steampunker When flashing Yes
Plantera's Bulb.png Plantera's Bulb  20%-25% Underground Jungle Always Yes

On world generation only[edit | edit source]

These are produced only on World creation, and can not be picked up, used, or placed by players.

Item Brightness Found in Waterproof
Demon Altar.png Demon Altar  0%-10% Underground Corruption Yes
Crimson Altar.png Crimson Altar  0%-10% Underground Crimson Yes
Shadow Orb.png Shadow Orb  0%-10% Underground Corruption Yes
Crimson Heart.png Crimson Heart  0%-10% Underground Crimson Yes
  1. 1.0 1.1 Lihzahrd Altar and Rainbow Brick appear to emit no light when using the "retro" and "trippy" lighting settings.
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