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There are currently 3 types of liquids in Terraria, each with varying properties: Water, Lava, and Honey. Water is the least movement-restricting, lava is the second most restrictive, and honey is the most restrictive. Similarly, each liquid flows at different speeds. Water flows the fastest, lava the second slowest, and honey the slowest. If no items that alter how the player moves through a liquid or how the liquid interacts with the player are equipped or used, each one will produce different effects:

  • Water does not provide any buffs or debuffs, but if the player should stay submerged too long, they will drown. Water can extinguish players inflicted with On Fire!.
  • Lava will deal direct damage to the player and inflict the On Fire! debuff. The player cannot drown in lava.
  • Honey will provide the player with a honey life regeneration buff. This effect has infinite duration as long as the player is standing in the honey. If the player should step out of the honey, this buff will last for an additional 30 seconds. Like water, the player will drown in honey if submerged for too long.
In-game graphic of a waterfall. Notice the half block.

Liquids in Terraria vary individually but have these common properties:

  • Players entering/exiting liquids will make a splashing sound and appropriate animation.
  • The Breath Meter will appear for any players fully submerged in water or honey, and players may drown without appropriate action/equipment/buffs. Players fully submerged in lava will not drown, but will take contact damage without an Obsidian Skin Potion or Lava Charm/Lava Waders
  • While in liquids players will find their movement slowed. This movement penalty can be negated by equipping Fishron Wings, Neptune's Shell, Moon Shell, or Celestial Shell. However, this only applies to water. The player will have no vertical advantage in lava, and honey and lava will always slow down the player regardless of items that allow swifter liquid movement.
  • Liquids will form an appropriate waterfall effect when a half block is retaining the pool. This effect is purely graphical and players cannot interact with the falling liquid.
  • Liquids can often be found dripping from ceilings. This dripping liquid effect is purely visual, and has no functional use. The effect can be created by the player using Magic Droppers.
  • Liquids are considered minor crafting stations.
  • When the different liquids come into contact with each other, they create the contact-created blocks Honey Block, Crispy Honey Block, and Obsidian. Some of each liquid will be consumed, but this does not require a full block of either liquid to produce a block.
  • Liquids can be collected in Buckets, and carried in the player's inventory, portable storage (such as a safe), or stored in a chest.
  • Liquids can be stored temporarily within Bubbles. Upon exiting the world, the liquid will be freed, allowing it to fall (care should be taken to remove lava from Bubbles before exiting the world).
  • With a sufficient number of connected tiles, all liquids can be fished in. 75 connected tiles of liquid are required (1,000 for oceans, 50 for honey) in order for fishing to work. However, lava requires the Hotline fishing rod in order to fish from it.
  • Due to the mechanics of moving liquids, it is possible for their volume to increase (whether intentionally or unintentionally). Please see Guide:Liquids for details.
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