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Magic Cuffs

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Magic Cuffs
  • Magic Cuffs item sprite
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TooltipIncreases maximum mana by 20
Restores mana when damaged
RarityRarity Level: 2
Sell2 Gold Coin

Magic Cuffs are an accessory that increases maximum mana by 20 and restores mana when damaged. Mana restored is equal to the damage of the attack before factoring armor, but will always be at least 10. Therefore, an attack that deals 7 damage while wearing 20 armor (thus having taken 10 points of damage negation) will restore 17 mana. Damage from drowning and debuffs does not trigger this effect, while damage from falling will. The mana restored from damage due to these cuffs will not stack with the mana restored from damage due to the Celestial Cuffs.

The Arcane modifier adds another 20 mana, totaling to 40 extra mana. Due to its effects, it can remain useful well into Hardmode and is extremely valuable to magic players.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Used in[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Magic Cuffs work extremely well with the Spectre Armor, as damage will restore your mana, allowing you to attack more often and thus heal yourself as well as effectively converting damage input into health.
  • It works well in boss fights in general, as the constant damage output will keep your mana near-full, allowing you to continuously attack. One must monitor their health while doing so though, as mage-style players tend to have low defense. A Mana Flower should not be used, due to Mana Sickness undermining your DPS.
  • It is recommended when battling Hardmode enemies, due to their high damage output.
  • Having a dart trap in your arena rigged to shoot you will give you back mana if you lack in mana potions. Note that the dart itself may not do much damage, but that spamming the dart trap will slowly kill you, not only from the [small] base damage but also due to the poison if you lack a Bezoar or other accessory that can negate poison.
    • Spikes or Wooden Spikes can also accomplish this, without the risk of poison.
    • Taking damage from Exploding Bullets fired rapidly at any nearby hard surface will quickly refill one's mana. The knockback from the explosions can be negated by grappling to this surface or by equipping a Cobalt Shield or similar accessory.

History[edit | edit source]