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Magic Quiver

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Magic Quiver
  • Magic Quiver item sprite
  • Magic Quiver equipped
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TooltipIncreases damage by 10% and greatly increases arrow speed
20% chance to not consume arrow
RarityRarity Level: 4
Sell5 Gold Coin
Not to be confused with Endless Quiver.

The Magic Quiver is a Hardmode accessory that increases arrow damage by 10%, roughly doubles the velocity of arrows and gives a 20% chance not to consume arrows. It is a rare drop from Skeleton Archers in the Underground and Cavern biomes, with a 1.25% chance.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The extra arrow speed does not work on certain high velocity arrows, like Ichor Arrows.
  • The arrow damage boost multiplies with the ranged damage boost and adds with the Shroomite Headgear's. Due to this, it could sometimes do more ranged damage than having the Ranger Emblem equipped.
  • Even though the tooltip states "Increases damage by 10%", it only increases arrow damage.

History[edit | edit source]