Mana Sickness

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Mana Sickness
Mana Sickness.png
Type Debuff
Effects Reduces your magic damage
Tooltip Magic Damage reduced by 25%
Internal Buff ID: 94

Mana Sickness is a debuff that reduces the player's magic damage by 25% after they drink any Mana Potion. The percentage of damage reduction is reduced by 5% every second, wearing off after 5 seconds have passed.

Desktop only.png If the player drinks additional Mana Potions while the debuff is active, the duration will be increased by 5 seconds for every drink, increasing the damage reduction accordingly up to a maximum of 50% at 10 seconds. Automatically drinking Mana Potions with the Mana Flower will also cause the debuff.

The damage reduction appears to affect total magic damage, which means if you have +100% damage from buffs and items, the total damage with the debuff will be 200% * 0.75 = 150%.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Up to 50% lowered magic damage when applied twice.
  • 1.2.3: Introduced.
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